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Truth Before Dawn; Chapter 97
Topic Started: Mar 4 2018, 04:17 PM (359 Views)
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Chapter 97

St James Episcopal Church
It is Christmas Eve.

Andrew is dressed in white robe, black clergy collar with cross and kneeling at the altar. Dorothy enters through the main doors of the chapel. From the side door near the altar, a woman approaches him, but keeps a respectful distance. She waits. The reverend must sense her presence. He stands and remarks, "Carol?" The young woman responds, "Lisa is done rehearsing with the little ones down stairs. She's released them." Andrew smiles and replies. "I'm looking forward to seeing them this evening. Thank you, Carol." The woman looks at Dorothy, who has stopped in the aisle. Andrew turns and sees her. To Carol he says, "You'll excuse me please." He rubs the woman's hand before she leaves. Next, Andrew greets, "Dorothy."

Dorothy (is emotional as tears fill her eyes): I-I I'm sorry. (shrugs) I froze. Still getting used to being inside a church. Brings things up. (Sighs. Wipes her eyes)

Andrew (approaches her): Yes, I remember. And I'm glad to see you here. I'm sorry. I usually have a handkerchief.

Dorothy: No. Please. I'm fine. It's because you're here.

Andrew: I'm the reason you're crying?

Dorothy: No. NO! I'm not making any sense. I felt I could come. I knew you would be here.

Andrew: You give me too much credit. I think God had something to do with it.

Dorothy (sits in a pew. Andrew joins her): I needed time to adjust before, well. (She looks around at the church decorations in preparation for the Christmas program. Shakes her head) Anyway, I was thinking, thinking about returning for services if that's OK?

Andrew: You don't need my permission, Dorothy.

Dorothy: Yeah, you're right. (swallows hard) The family is expected for evening services.

Andrew: I've known you long enough to know that you make up your own mind about things.

Dorothy: Agreed.

Andrew: So why don't you tell me why you're here?

Dorothy: I did--mostly. (Andrew nods for her to continue) Earlier in the rectory, you left when I mentioned Cassie. Did I cross a line or cause a problem between us?

Andrew: Correction. It wasn't anything you said. I left because the children would be arriving for practice.

Dorothy: Oh, I guess I put my foot in my mouth, again.

Andrew: It's OK. I like it when we get rid of the pretense and we're honest. We're getting to know each other and Cassie and our family with River was, is a major part of my life.

Dorothy: I am curious as a friend.

Andrew: The story--Cassie and I met, fell in love and then soon after had complications when she couldn't have a baby. There's lots of other stuff in there involving Dorian and I'd rather not get into it. I've worked long and hard on forgiveness.

Dorothy: I'm sorry. That can be tough on a relationship.

Andrew: It was complicated. And then, later, well, we later found out she'd be unable to carry a child full-term. We both thought for awhile that things were better after the adoption of River. But a child doesn't repair the relationship between parents when they've grown a part.

Dorothy: So you and Cassie fell out of love?

Andrew: Cassie felt that I became too involved with one of our parishioners. She started working at the Banner. (pauses) Cassie had, had an affair, Dorothy. She had an affair with Kevin Buchanan.

Dorothy (mouth agape): Wow. Kevin. I guess that means that you're not a fan. Is that why you're here instead of at Llanfair with River?

Andrew: As I said there's a church program and I am usually here at the church on Christmas Eve. As for Kevin--shall we say, we've had our differences.

Dorothy: Wait, Kevin had an affair with Senator Graham's daughter, right? Dad wrote a series of stories about the police corruption and a mob connection. Isn't that around the time Cassie flipped and was sent to a sanitarium in Switzerland by Dorian?

Andrew: The long and short of it.

Dorothy: Well from where I'm sitting she lost out. You're a good man.

Andrew: I'd like to think so.

Dorothy: Are you lonely?

Andrew: I have River.

Dorothy: I see.

Andrew: What do you see?

Dorothy: Why God brought me here. (She smiles) How do you feel about her coming back to Llanview?

Andrew (with a grin): Are you going to cause me to question God's judgment in sending you to the church? It's Christmas. My son needs his mother.

Dorothy: How about River's father? What does he need?

Andrew: Me..... I-I don't know.


Philadelphia International Airport

"That's Cassie's flight!" Dorian says as she leaps with joy.

Blair: Oh! OK! OK! Let's calm down! (Blair squeezes Dorian's arm.)

Herb: My little girl.

Kevin: Cass.

Dorian glares at Kevin without a word as if he has no right to be at the airport. Herb notices and kisses Dorian's cheek to add a little sweetness to the sting. Dorian reacts. "What was that for?"

Herb: To distract you and remind you there is nothing more important than Cassie's mental health. Blair gives Dorian and Herb a suspicious look before her attention is diverted by the line of travelers debarking the plane. Cassie comes into direct view of her loved ones. Blair calls, "Cassie!" with a wave. Cassie briefly smiles at her cousin, before it fades into a look of anxiety. Next, her eyes are immediately drawn to Kevin who beams. Blair frowns. Dorian sighs on the verge of tears. Herb rubs his ex-wife's shoulder as he watches his daughter.

"Sweetheat," Kevin says as he approaches Cassie ahead of the others. Herb holds Dorian to restrain her from interfering. Kevin hugs his wife. "Welcome home, Mrs. Buchanan." He grabs her carry on luggage. They stare at each other before she replies, "I hope so, Kevin. I've missed you so much. I mean I hope that we can get it all back. Everything that was taken away." She turns and greets, "Mother."

Dorian hugs her but frowns. Cassie leaves Dorian's arms to hug her father and then her cousin before she looks at Dorian again.

Cassie: Mother, I heard about Mel. He's safe now isn't he?

Dorian (caresses Cassie's cheek before she squeezes her limp hand): Yes. Come, you can see for yourself. He's at the penthouse with Melinda and Kelly right now.

Cassie: Aunt Melinda's here?

Dorian: Yes but that's another, long story. Mel and the rest of the family will be leaving the penthouse and waiting for you at LaBoulaie.

Kevin: Dorian!

Dorian: No Kevin!

Kevin: You can ride with me, Cass. We have a lot of catching up to do. (He nuzzles against her cheek before he kisses her. He takes her hand.) I'm sure Dorian you can understand--

Dorian: Understand Kevin?

Kevin: Yes. (he looks at Herb and Blair before continuing) after being without Mel for so long. My wife and I--we've got a lot of catching up to do. Besides, we've already talked about Cassie's first day back. Herb, can you help me out here?

Dorian (folds arms): We agreed that you wouldn't make decisions for our daughter!

Herb: It's what I recall as well, Kevin.

Cassie (looks at her dad and then her mother): It is my decision. If it's alright with you daddy, mother, I'd like to go home with Kevin.

Blair: But Cass.

Cassie: Blair, it's been a long flight and I'm really,really tired. I want to rest before we all meet at the church for services.

Herb (interjects as Dorian readies to speak): Of course we understand.

Dorian: Speak for yourself!

Herb: We will see you at St. James, kitten.

Cassie: Thank you, Daddy. I knew you'd understand. Mother?

Dorian (glances at Herb, who raises a brow): Whatever you want.

Cassie: Thank you. It is what I want.

Blair (takes Cassie's hand and gives a squeeze): It's been a long time. We've all missed you, Cassie, that's all.

Cassie (gives a reassuring smile before she turns to Kevin): Shall we go? The rest of my things are in baggage claim.

Kevin: Well then, let's go get them.

Cassie hugs her mother, father and cousin before she and Kevin walk away. Dorian, Herb and Blair watch. Dorian observes, "Something's wrong." Blair replies, "I don't know. She's probably tired. Come on. Starr should be done with practice." Dorian doesn't move. "He's brainwashed her against me!" Herb warns, "Don't go there angel."

Dorian: Don't go where, Herb? This is your fault!

Herb: My fault?! How?

Dorian: How? I never should have let you talk me into backing out of that annulment as her legal guardian!

Herb: It's what Cassie wanted and you did it because it was the right thing to do so KNOCK IT OFF! (heads turn in the airport as Herb and Dorian shout)

Blair: I'm just going to leave you two to have it out. (Herb and Dorian both respond: GO!) Well all righty then! (Throws hands up)

Dorian: Something's wrong. She didn't even ask about River. (Dorian sighs and walks away from Blair and Herb)

Blair: Herb, I think you know Dorian well enough to not take what she says personally when she's going off like that. She's just pissed off at Kevin for cheating on Cassie.

Herb: Don't apologize for your aunt. She wouldn't like it. But I appreciate your effort to try and smooth things over for her.

Blair: I wouldn't have bothered if I didn't see with my own two eyes how much you care. (They exchange a knowing look)

Herb: And you're right Blair, I know Dorian well enough to take everything she says personally as intended. What worries me is that we're talking about my little girl's sanity. She's not the same girl I saw in Switzerland.


Carriage House at Llanfair

Viki is ending her call with Kevin. "Yes." She looks around. "The Christmas decorations are perfect darling. Perfect. River? Yes, River is waiting in the main house. Lois is feeding him cookies." (She turns and sees Carl standing at the door.) "We will see you when you arrive from the airport," Viki adds before she says good-bye to her son and greets her visitor. There is snow in back of him. "Mr. Parks."

Carl: I was directed, directed to find you here.

Viki: Carriage House.

Carl: The, uh, phone call... Cassandra Buchanan arriving today? She gonna be staying here?

Viki: The Carriage House. Seems you have the answers to your own questions so why bother to ask?

Carl (walks from the doorway and snow): Right. So I'll invite myself inside while I'm at it.

Viki: Why are you here? To harass me? Wolfe is dead!

Carl: I'm aware. So are you doing the same as me? (Viki frowns) Answering your own, your own questions. (closes the door behind him)

Viki: Is that supposed to be an attempt at humor? You have failed!

Carl: I guess so. I couldn't even elicit a smile for my effort.

Viki: Your humor is lost on me. (Viki proceeds to walk around him)

Carl: Please. (Viki stops.) I want. OK this is hard for me.

Viki: Are you expecting something from me? To care about your difficulties? Say whatever it is and leave!

Carl: Understood. Understood. Your reaction I mean. I'm not used to... well, what happened... a while... what I did.

Viki: What you did? What you did to me? You are talking about my arrest.

Carl: I am... sorry... Sorry for the ... I was just doing my job.

Viki: An apology?

Carl: Yes. That in a way. Something like that if you'll accept it. (Viki stares and appears taken aback. She walks toward and then sits on the sofa) OK, I didn't expect that reaction (He joins her on the sofa)

Viki: What did you expect?

Carl: I don't know. I just figured it was something I needed to do. I had a job to do, to save lives, to catch a man before he caused harm to others. You were last seen with him. Nothing else mattered.

Viki: You feel the need to explain for some reason. This is about your friend. Javier, is that his name? I am sorry for your loss.

Carl: I can't talk about it. I just wanted to take the time to be less of an asshole. I could have gone about it differently.

Viki: Less of a.... and that somehow involves me? Gee I am flattered.

Carl: Good--that's a start. Well, do you accept my apology for going over the line and causing you unnecessary emotional distress?

Viki: I.... I am sorry.... I cannot.
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So excited!!!!! Truth Before Dawn! Love this story!!!
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I'm going to give it a shot divafan. Hell it's been 20 years since I first started--20 YEARS!!! Now that's just sad. LOL
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Tribute to Robin Strasser
"I've worked with many a fine actress in the course of my journey, but none more remarkable than Ms. Strasser. Brilliant and utterly brave, with the work ethic of a warrior. I would love to come back and work with her again." - A Martinez, OLTL Examiner, 12/09
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Chapter 98
Carlotta's House

The nearby train can be heard in the background as Cristian is boxing cooked dishes that his mother is handing him to take to St. Jude's Catholic Church. "Mami, I'll take this to the car and be right back OK?" Carlotta nods and smiles and says, "gracias," before her son opens the door to an attractive woman who is a stranger to him but not his mother. He turns and asks, "Mami?"

Carlotta (approaches): Felicia. Please come in! (Cristian moves to the side so that she can move past him and out of the snow.)

Cristian (shakes her hand with awkwardness as he is carrying a heavy box): Mami mentioned you to me. I am sorry for your loss. Your ex-husband, I mean. I-I have to get this to the car.

Felicia: Of course! I appreciate the kind words. (waves good-bye)

Carlotta: You go! I'll take the cake, Cristian. (Smiles at her son and rubs him on the back as he leaves. She closes the door with a shake from the cold and then returns to her counter to pour coffee): How do you like your coffee Felicia?

Felicia (takes off her fur and hesitates as to where to put it): Black is fine. (Carlotta offers her the coffee cup, takes her coat and next leaves to hang it up in the living room.)

Carlotta (upon return): Nice coat.

Felicia: Fur Salon at Saks. Thank you. (sips from cup of coffee) Good.

Carlotta: Is it fake or real?

Felicia (frowns): If you don't know I won't tell.

Carlotta: Stupid question. I'm sure that it is real. I hung it up in the closet so that it wouldn't ... well the smells from my cooking in the kitchen. (Carlotta notices Felicia looking at Christmas cookies on her counter. She leaves to get the tray and then offers some cookies to Felicia)

Felicia (takes one, takes a bite. She moans.): Thank you. (She pats Carlotta's hand) Not just for the cookies, delicioso, but also for inviting me into your home and to the midnight mass at St. Jude's.

Carlotta: Ningún problema! You are a guest in this town who has suffered the sudden loss of a former spouse. Quite frankly, I am surprised that you are still here.

Felicia: Instead of New York, you mean? The medical examiner has not released Javier's body.

Carlotta: Why? I thought the cause of death was established as a heart embolism. Well perhaps these things take time. Are you worried?

Felicia (spills coffee): What have I done?

Carlotta: No es gran cosa! (Carlotta retrieves a cloth that Felicia uses to blot the coffee stains on her designer suit)

Felicia (stops blotting and sits): I have friends and as you know my family is still in Argentina. Papi called. I just can't leave, Carlotta. We weren't together anymore. Jav wanted me back. It's not what I wanted! I, I was there with him when he...

Carlotta: You seem to have regrets. (sips coffee)

Felicia: I don't know if that is the word I would use to describe how I feel.

Carlotta: Father Gregory is a wonderful and generous man. You will find comfort in the church.

Felicia: Carlotta, how do you do it?

Carlotta: What?

Felicia: We both came from nothing. You lost your husband. You don't have much but you have more than I have.

Carlotta (surprised): I have nothing compared to you!

Felicia: You do.

Carlotta: Felicia you are a very beautiful woman, your, your fur coat. I'm stunned that your would--

Felicia: You have love, faith. The fur is fake.

Carlotta: I see. It's not the material things I speak of but the other riches that are missing from your life.

Felicia: It's Christmas Eve. Present company excluded, I am alone.

Carlotta: It's not your fault, mija. Your Javier just died.

Felicia: Si, he was my ex-husband.

Carlotta: You are in Llanview because of him.

Felicia: Carlotta I feel as though it is my fault he is dead!

Carlotta: What do you mean?

Felicia: I always wanted what I couldn't have and then once I had it, I didn't want it anymore.

Carlotta: You were divorced, mija. We are an odd pair. Si. You see me as happy and I want more. (she looks around her kitchen) better things, a man would be nice.

Felicia: Things can be bought but then they lose luster. Men, well men come and go.

Carlotta (chuckles): In my life they stay gone! But, but I have met someone. (sips coffee)

Felicia's phone rings. She looks at the caller ID. It is Carl.



Snow covers the Llanfair mansion, tucked away amongst the tall trees. The snow and Christmas lights lined along the estate welcome visitors to the holiday season. Viki opens the doors to her family home and almost simultaneously River leaps into his mother's arms. Cassie squeezes her son tightly. "Oh River! River! River!" She is crying. River kisses Cassie's cheek and says, "I've missed you Mommy! Don't ever leave! Promise?" Cassie looks at her son and hooks his pinky. "Swear." Kevin takes his wife's coat and musses his stepson's hair. Cassie looks at Viki and asks, "Is Andrew here?"

As they walk into the living room, Viki answers, "No--Andrew is at St. James."

Cassie: Of course he is--the Christmas program is this evening. I'll say my hellos to him later at the church. (River grabs his mother's hand to show her the Christmas tree and presents.)

Kevin (kisses his mother's brow and watches River and Cassie on the floor underneath the tree as they sort through gifts): I finally got her back, Mom and I'm not gonna mess this up.

Viki: I have faith in you darling. Should I ask?

Kevin: Depends.

Viki: How was Dorian at the airport?

Kevin: About like you'd expect. She went nuts when Cassie said she wanted to be at Llanfair instead of LaBoulaie.

Viki: I suspect Dorian just wanted to spend some time with her daughter.

Kevin: Why--when she shipped her off to Switzerland.

Viki: Kevin, you had an affair.

Kevin: So did you. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that.

Viki: I was wrong to hurt our family.

Kevin: And I made a mistake. I never wanted to lose my wife.

Viki: You never intended that to be the outcome. Herb was there?

Kevin: Yeah, him and Blair but that didn't keep Dorian from spouting off at the mouth with her opinions.

Cassie (returns holding River's hand): River says that he has hidden special gifts for me at the Carriage House and I have gifts with my belongings.

Viki: Of course you'd like to settle in. You must be tired after your long flight.

Cassie: I am a little. Kevin, I'm glad that you reconsidered .... the Mill House. I have bad memories.

Kevin: Anything you want Cass.

Cassie: No it should be what we want Kevin. It's about what's best for our marriage.

Kevin: You're right! I just want it understood, Mom, that the Carriage House is temporary.

Viki: It doesn't have to be.

Kevin: No Mom--Joey was living there and it's just until we find another place.

Cassie (sighs): You said my things were taken to the Carriage House?

Kevin: Yep.

Cassie: I'd like to spend time with River and rest a little before we head over to the church this evening. You'll excuse me Viki. (She begins to leave with River before Viki stops her and gives her a hug)

Viki: At least for the holidays, please consider Llanfair your home and I am glad that you are here! Kevin and River were absolutely lost without you.

Cassie (looks at Kevin and then River): And I was lost without them. I don't plan on allowing anything or anyone to separate me from them again.

Kevin hugs his mother. Viki frowns and watches as Cassie leaves with Kevin and River. She receives a call on her phone. It is Nora.

Club Indigo

RJ is stocking the bar. Hank rolls a dolley that has a crate of liquor. RJ helps his brother move the crate to the counter and then glimpses his watch.

Hank: Whew! Why are you, why are you stocking the bar and the place hasn't reopened yet?

RJ: It's gonna get inspected after Christmas.

Hank: In time for New Year's?

RJ: That's the plan.

Hank: I won't ask how you made that happen.

RJ: Then don't. Thanks for sticking around. Helping me out. (RJ glances at his watch)

Hank: He's coming back RJ. Relax, man. It's Christmas Eve. Josh is just spending some time with the Fosters. It's not like he's hopping a flight to Shytown.

RJ (shugs shoulders): Lunch and shopping in Downtown Llanview--no biggie. I guess I need to get over myself.

Hank: Yeah. Do that.

RJ: It's having the Littles around and this thing is new to me. RJ Gannon--a father.

Hank: You feel responsible for a life that you can't control or fully protect.

RJ: Yeah--that. Rachel tells me you and Nora were there for a visit.

Hank: Yeah. Nora--Hanukkah. It doesn't get any easier. Two attorneys for parents and Riki in prison for murder! Shit!

RJ: Hey! It was the drugs, man.

Hank: Doesn't help that she thought Bo was cheating on Nora with her legal assistant Georgie Phillips.

RJ (takes a break to talk to his brother): The Fosters have church obligations and will be leaving this afternoon for Chicago.

Hank: They're OK leaving you with their son?

RJ: Joshua had some say in that and I had to agree to take him to church. I'd like it if you spent time with me and your nephew.

Hank: I'm good.

RJ: Maybe so. Dorian wants to meet Joshua. Melinda and Cassie are in town and she wants to meet Joshua at St. James.

Hank: So you're going to church on Christmas Eve?

RJ: Isn't that what Llanviewites do? Yeah, you're right. (chuckles) Pray for me. Or maybe you are the one who needs the prayers.

Hank: It's Riki, seeing her locked up. Prentiss. I guess it's bearing down on me pretty heavily. I'm angry!

RJ: Prentiss's death was a shock so was learning that she was Sally's sister and Josh's aunt. Learning that I have a teenage son was an even greater surprise! I know that you and Prentiss had just started seeing each other. Words fail me.

Hank: I'm not looking for you to say anything, man.

RJ: If I could I'd do the time for Rachel, I would. I-I hurt for you and Nora. I've made some mistakes in my life.

Hank: Some?

RJ: Alright a lot of mistakes and one of them was hurting you, Nora, your family.

Hank (pauses): Shut the fuck up!

RJ: No.

Hank: You're my brother whether I like it or not. Sometimes I don't like it very much.

RJ: The feeling is mutual. Same family, same blood, same taste for the same women.

Hank: I don't know if I can ever put that behind me or that I should. That shit hurt man. I'm still angry about it. What'd I ever do to you but exist?

RJ (pauses): Be a better man. The type of man I've tried to be but kept falling short. After awhile I told myself why bother? But maybe in some cruel way not knowing about Josh was my payback. I lost years that I can never get back.

Hank: Nora and I were already having problems. Like always you took advantage. You have your child RJ and I've lost mine.

RJ: Rachel is behind bars Hank. She ain't dead and she has a reduced sentence. You have a nephew. Momma's grandson. (RJ turns away from his brother and places wine on the shelves above the bar.)

Hank: And Chester's boy, too. Don't forget the ol' man. (Hank takes a watch pendant out of his pocket and places it on the bar)

RJ (frowns): What are you doing with that? It's Rachel's.

Hank: Grandpa's railroad watch. You gave that to Rachel. We told her about Joshua. She wants him to have it.

RJ: I can't take that back, Hank.

Hank (places the watch into his hands): Riki knew that you would resist. She asked that I put it into your hands. She remembered what you told her, that you had intended to give it to your own child but gave it to her instead.

RJ: Rachel is like a daughter to me. I love her. She wouldn't want you to give up Hank.

Hank: I'm not. I'm entitled to be angry about how things turned out.

RJ: You're joining me and Joshua for church services. (RJ looks in back of Hank and sees that Jacara has entered the club.)
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hmm...Felicia is fascinating to me! Can't wait until the next chapter!!!
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