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Make It REAL (Give Me Your Heart); Dorian and Ray fan fiction
Topic Started: May 7 2010, 07:57 PM (56,958 Views)
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Make It Real
by cher62

Smooth- Santana feat. Rob Thomas (Dorian and Ray)
Run Time=5:33

Dorian and Ray (OLTL) share a passion for each other that neither seemed to be able to deny.

Chapter 1
Kelly's friend from London, Reed, has left out the front door when Dorian hears noises from the patio again. "Oh NO! What good is having security?" She slowly enters the living room, picks up a fireplace poker and maneuvers to the patio. "If there is someone out there, you're gonna get hurt! I'm warning you!" She raises the fireplace poker and announces, "I have a weapon and I'm not afraid to use it!" She gives a fierce look as she glances around her with rapid movement. Her cell phone rings. She jumps and shouts, "Ugh!" before she regains her composure and spots the phone laying on the desk in her living room. She slowly backs her way into the living room and closes the patio door behind her.

She picks up the phone. "Mayor Lord here" she answers authoritatively while carefully watching the patio door and the bushes that move slightly in the mostly still night. "Shaun!" She inches her way to the patio door to make sure it is locked. "I called. Yes, that's right I called. I know.... Melinda. Thank you. I do miss her...." She smiles slightly at Shaun's condolences. It has seemed as though most had little thought of her feelings regarding Melinda's death. "Family is very important to me, which brings me to Kelly. Wait! Wait! I'm watching my back. Why are you worried about me? Shaun, we need to discuss the current crisis that is befalling the Cramer women. You'll come by then? Good. What?" Her face turns pale with the mention of a name. "Why would he ask you to look after me? He has nothing to do with me OR his niece! He's concerned? Why would he be concerned about... You told him she moved out!? Nevermind! Well, I would certainly hope that you would protect my family at my request and it has nothing to do with Mr. Montez!" Dorian slams down the phone. "Dammit! I hope he is still willing to stop by!" She paces, mutters, pokes. "Ray Montez asked him to keep an eye on me?" She forces the fireplace poker back in it's place. "If Mr. Montez wanted to make sure that I was protected... " she stops mid-sentence. "I can protect myself!" She races to a painting on the wall, removes the artwork to reveal a safe, which she promptly opens to reveal a Beretta. She cradles the weapon in her hand as if it were a lover.

Shaun's apartment:

He is on the phone. "Hey listen man, I know we sorta became buddies but I can't do your spying for you when it comes to Mayor Lord."

In Colombia in a house atop a hill with expensive furniture, Ray Montez is on the phone with his friend from Llanview.

Ray: Understood. I need your help. I need someone I can trust.

Shaun: I don't know.

Ray: After that election, well whatever you want to call it where I saw her marry that, that woman, well, what's she gotten herself into? You never did inform me why Langston left her mother. It's not like Dorian to let her leave. (Keeps talking over Shaun's attempts to explain.) And my niece is living with her boyfriend?! That is not going to work!

Shaun: It's working all right. It's got me working overtime trying to keep up with those damn crazy women. Look man if you are so worried, I suggest you catch the next plane over here. (There is silence.) Ray?

Ray: You know that I can't. You know why. Shaun, I, I can't thank you enough for watching out for Dorian and Langston while I am here, occupied with the care of my daughter.

Shaun: Hey no problem. I guess. (Sighs) I feel for ya man. Things looking any better on the Lola front?

Ray: Some. I wish there were more improvement so that I could.... well, one day at a time. Please find out what is going on with Langston and why she is no longer with Dorian.

Shaun: You can call her, you know.

Ray: Too difficult.

Shaun: Yeah I know. I think you should reconsider. While I have you on the phone, I suppose I should tell you about something that I let kinda slip on the phone with Mayor Lord. She sorta lost her cool.

Ray (smiles briefly at the thought of Dorian yelling at him before he frowns with concern): What happened?

Shaun: I told her you were worried about her and Langston.

Ray (laughs): It made her angry, um, very angry.

Shaun: You think that's funny?

Ray: She still has the same passion for me that I have for her. It indeed pleases me. Maybe one day, my friend, maybe one day.

Shaun: Yeah, sooner rather than later. Hey man I gotta go. Don't forget to take care of yourself while you're worried about that daughter of yours.

Ray: Back atcha. I pray that no harm comes to you my friend from the woman you are trying to protect. (Ray grins.) Hasta la vista.

Shaun hangs up and leaves.



The door bell is ringing at LaBoulaie. Dorian is talking on the phone to security and screams. "Of course!" as she races to the door. "Langston!" she says as she opens the door and hugs her daughter. "Why didn't you use your key?"

Langston: It didn't work!

Dorian shakes her head. "Right! My fault. As a measure of security all the locks were changed."

Langston frowns. "Why is there so much security around here? Mitch Laurence is behind bars."

Dorian places her arm around Langston as they walk into the living room. Langston sits on the sofa while Dorian pours water into a glass and sips it. Dorian turns and smiles. "I am the mayor of Llanview now and it's something that is a part of my role as the leader of the city."

Langston: I'm not sure I believe that but you obviously don't want to tell me the truth.

Dorian sits. "The truth is that I've missed my daughter and I would feel better if she were staying home with her mother."

Langston: I miss you too. I want to move back home.

Dorian (surprised): What?

Langston: Well I, I, I, I would if Starr didn't, well if she didn't need me right now. I saw Kelly at the hospital so I assume you know about Todd Manning. (Dorian smiles) Who is in stable condition by the way.

Dorian: Thank heavens for his children and Blair.

Langston: Starr needs me right now.

Dorian: Really? Is that it?

Langston: What's that suppose to mean?

Dorian: You're keeping the truth from me about something and I feel a distance between us. I don't like it.

Langston moves from the sofa. "I, I just stopped by to see how you were doing." Dorian follows her and is standing in back of her. She places her hands on her daughter's shoulders and whispers, "I am here for you no matter what. I love you." Langston turns and hugs her mother. "I love you, too," she says before grabbing her purse from the sofa. "I have to go back to the hospital to check on Starr."

Dorian calls, "Langston!" Langston stops to look at her mother. "Whatever it is, it will follow you unless you deal with it."

Langston: I know. Look, is anyone else here in the house?

Dorian: Not at the moment. You are here. But you can't look me in the eyes and continue lying so you're going to leave.

Langston: I'll be back. Soon. I promise. (Langston gives her mother a quick hug and then turns to leave.)

Langston opens the door to Shaun. She quickly says goodbye and exits.

Dorian is staring at Shaun with folded arms. Shaun has a raised brow and retorts, "Whatever it is, I didn't do it."
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In Bogota, Colombia
Posted Image
Chapter 2
Ray opens the door to a beautiful dark-haired woman with sharp features. Her name is Consuela Diaz. Ray very matter of factly gestures an invitation for her to step inside. She smiles. He closes the door and says, "Let's be direct here."

Consuela: In other words, show my proof or leave?

Ray (walks around her): I'd be a gentleman and invite you to stay, but I'm not going to pretend I'm happy to have you here.

Consuela: Vanessa was right. You have lost all your charm.

Ray: Vanessa is a liar. And what she told you about Lola and her mother is also a lie.

Consuela: Is it?

Ray: Your sister is on her way to prison. She will do anything to get out of this jam including using Lola!

Consuela: Ray, you may not believe me when I tell you that she loves Lola.

Ray: That would be a correct assumption.

Consuela (angered): How quickly you forget she was her only parent while you were rotting away in prison!

Ray: Enough!

Consuela: And I, I consider Lola to be my niece! (Takes a deep breath to calm herself) Now, may I ask how is she?

Ray: I will not discuss my daughter with you and I want nothing more to do with the spider woman you call your sister! She is lying about my daughter, who is just a young girl, a girl she claims to love! (He gives a very serious look.) One would hope that Vanessa does not meet with unfortunate circumstances while she is behind bars.

Consuela (ice cold stare): You would do anything to protect your daughter. But you cannot protect everyone that you love.

Ray: Well, well, well. Is that a threat Señorita Diaz?

Consuela: I want my sister out of detainment. She faces prison on false charges.

Ray: Why don't you ask THAT guy for his assistance?

Consuela: We aren't together anymore.

Ray: I see. Good, for you I mean.

Consuela (steps toward him): I come to you.

Ray (he steps back): To further the lies of your sister and to make an empty threat toward my loved ones.

Consuela: Please Ray.

Ray: I could not even free myself --an innocent man.

Consuela: We both know that had more to do with your enemies.

Ray: What exactly does Vanessa want?

Consuela: It will cost money to free her.

Ray: And what will I get in return?

Consuela: Silence.
At the dinner table

Dorian has spent some time bringing Shaun up to date with her concerns for Kelly's safety, as well as the past threats from Mitch Laurence. Dorian pours wine into Shaun's glass.

Shaun: Thank you. So your family (sips wine) they all moved out including Langston? That's a bitch! Sorry, excuse me ma'am.

Dorian: Yes, it was a BITCH, no excuse me necessary. (Looks away slightly, swallows, and then back again.) How's your veal?

Shaun: Fine. So why didn't you tell someone about the badass reverend? You could have told me, you know?

Dorian: Somehow Mr. Laurence, through his minions, managed to lace strychnine
in our holiday beverage. From his hospital bed and under police custody, he somehow accessed a cell phone and called to inform me of their impending death. The girls, Addie, Langston, Starr and Blair, were about to drink the beverage.

Shaun: Ya kidding me. Right at that moment when he called?

Dorian: If I hadn't gotten a call from him telling me what he'd done, they'd all have been dead.

Shaun: That puts things in check why you did what you did. I understand.

Dorian: No I am not sure that you do. I'm not sure anyone understands how hard it was for me to watch my family leave me. And because of all that, Langston is living with her boyfriend, which as much as I respect the young man-

Shaun: Markko.

Dorian: I do not condone that situation. She's too young. She is in high school.

Shaun: Langston's a writer, right?

Dorian: She's very gifted. But I can't push the issue with Markko and we are already far apart both emotionally and physically.

Shaun: Yeah, I'm starting to learn about teenagers from being around Destiny.

Dorian: Shaun something is wrong with Langston.

Shaun: Like what?

Dorian: I don't know.

Shaun: She's a teenager. Don't they always have something wrong with them?

Dorian: Yes but something is different. (She points to her chest.) I can feel it.

Shaun: You and the Cramer Women are a handful. (Takes a bite from his veal)

Dorian (smiles): Are we too much for you? (Sips wine)

Shaun: Dr. Lord it is my pleasure to be here for you and your family.

Dorian: Thank you. (Pauses) For a moment I thought that you were going to reconsider.

Shaun: Reconsider. Is that why you offered me dinner?

Dorian: I offered you dinner because I like you. (Shaun smiles.) Is that a crime?

Shaun: No. Not at all, Mayor Lord.

Dorian: Right. As long as you're working for me doesn't conflict with the obligations you have with Mr. Montez.

Shaun: Uh-huh. Why do you have to be like this about that man?

Dorian: That man. THAT MAN! Explain to me how I am being toward THAT man!

Shaun: You know, pretend that you don't care so that you don't allow yourself to feel the pain of losing him? Look, I've been there and more importantly I saw the two of you together and what things were like the day after he left.

Dorian: Is that what I’m doing -- pretending that I don't care? (Stands) Is that Mr. Montez's assessment --that I don't care?

Shaun: Mayor Lord, the man is crazy for you. And from the looks of it you feel the same way. (cuts into his veal.)

"Excuse me." Dorian takes her plate and walks a way from the table.
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Crazy For You - Adele
Run Time=3:32

Dorian is crazy for Ray and Ray is mad for Dorian but Dorian is married to David and David and Dorian love each other. Something's gotta give and it soon does.
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I really enjoyed the new chapter and can't wait to see what happens next. Will Ray end up back in Llanview? Fanfic is so much better than the actual show these days.
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The way I look at it, they never should have been parted. That said, I will find a way to reunite them. It's what fans want. I'm not sure where it will be, how it will happen or where they will end up. I mean I have some rough ideas but I'm ironing out the details. I want to show more of what is happening in Colombia with Ray. Mayor Lord may even get involved with someone else. We'll see.
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In Bogota, Colombia
Posted Image
Chapter 3
In one swift motion Lola stands and throws the plate of food across the room. The food, notably the green spinach and red spaghetti, splatters against the walls. Attendants rush to Lola's side and grab her arms. She screams loudly before a nurse rushes toward her and tries to calm her. Other teens, about ten of them, begin to react to Lola and protest the food being served. "Stop the Slop! Stop the Slop!" the teenagers chant. Lola grins and continues to scream and escalate the others before she receives a shot in the arm, which quiets the room as her peers watch Lola be escorted to her room.

Dr Ricardo Reyes, enters the day room and the nurse, Silvia De Armes, gives him a cautious look.
Silvia: You had better phone her father.
Dr. Reyes: He will not be pleased.
Silvia looks at her watch. "He may be on his way for a visit. I'd better go check on her." The doctor watches as a maid cleans the messy wall covered in food.

The doorbell rings incessantly before Dorian answers it. She is surprised.

Langston: You forgot to give me a key.
Dorian (moves aside so that her daughter can enter): You didn't stay much past an hello. How's Starr?
Langston (enters): Better with Mr. Manning out of the woods. (is in the foyer and glances up the stairs) This place seems so quiet. Where is everyone?
Dorian: The boys are with Moe and Noelle. Blair is out with Eli and Kelly is at The Palace with some strange man, who flew from London to see her.
Langston: And I'm never here.
Dorian: No, you're not. (Dorian walks into the living room.)
Langston (follows her mother): Are you mad at me?
Dorian: My darling daughter, I love you but I cannot help you if you refuse to tell me what's bothering you.
Langston: What if I told you that I was afraid?
Dorian: Of what Langston? Nothing will ever cause me to turn against you.
Langston: I don't want you to be disappointed in me.
Dorian: So what if I am disappointed in the choices you've made. I am your mother. We will both move on. I can deal with anything. We both can.
Langston: You had such high hopes for me, you know?
Dorian (approaches her): We all make mistakes in our lives. (brushes her hair from her face.) I will never desert you.
Langston: Like I abandoned you? (Dorian moves away from her.) I'm sorry.
Dorian: At least you were safe--when all that happened.
Langston: I guess you could say that.
Dorian: Langston are you in some kind of trouble?
Langston: No, no. Nothing like that.
Dorian: I want you back home Langston. You are my daughter.
Langston: I came to tell you that I've decided to move back home.
Dorian: What?
Langston: We are both alone. I've missed my mother.
Dorian hugs her, tightly.
In Bogota, Colombia
Posted Image
Ray is walking down the hallway and a nurse is running behind him. "Mr. Montez!" Ray opens the door to Dr. Reyes' office. "My daughter has been sedated! I thought that we agreed that we would cut back on the medications!" The nurse at the door in back of Ray apologizes. The doctor nods and she closes the door. Dr. Reyes gestures for Ray to sit. Ray lifts his chin with a defiant look.
Ray: Lola had been getting better and now this?!
Dr. Reyes: There are things too horrific for Lola to deal with so she has engaged in divertive tactics to escape the truth of what happened with her mother's death.
Ray: What has she told you of her mother's murder?
Dr. Reyes: Not much more than you've shared.
Ray: My, my, my daughter is not in her right frame of mind. She may say things that she doesn't mean.
Dr. Reyes: Things that you are afraid to hear, Mr. Montez?
Ray: We are talking about Lola.
Dr. Reyes: Yes, of course. As I've kept you abreast of all developments, we've only discussed that night to the point of her opening the door and discovering her mother with another man in bed and then she doesn't remember.
Ray: It was your suggestion that we reduce the medications.
Dr. Reyes: We gave her a mild sedative to calm her down after the disruption in the group room.
Ray (paces): Why was my daughter so agitated?
Dr. Reyes: Believe it or not, the food.
Ray: What?
Dr. Reyes: I don't believe it was the food, really as much as it was for attention.
Ray (sighs): I, I know that I should have been here earlier. I was detained.
Dr. Reyes: Mr. Montez, we've discussed the medication but perhaps it's time that we also discuss the amount of time you spend with your daughter.
Ray: Are you saying that my presence is interfering with her care?
Dr. Reyes: Yes.
Ray (stunned look): I, I, I, I'll have to think about that. I moved here to be with her, to focus on her care.
Dr. Reyes: I understand. So does Lola. Lola is very manipulative. My suggestion is that you take more time for yourself.
Ray: Leave her?
Dr. Reyes: No, no. I'm not suggesting that at all. But I'm going to suggest we try a 72 hour period without visitation if you are agreeable.
Ray: I don't know. I can't do that.
Dr. Reyes: There are issues of dependency that are interfering with her care. We would of course discuss that you will be away, perhaps on business.
Ray: You feel that it would help my daughter.
Dr. Reyes: It will allow Lola to focus on herself without the distraction of how to manipulate her father. She will no doubt attempt to talk you out of your plans to leave.
Ray: I don't want her to think that I am abandoning her.
Dr. Reyes: We will make that clear.
Ray: When can I see her?
Dr. Reyes: Tomorrow we will have a session.
Ray (turns to leave): Tomorrow. I will see you then, tomorrow.
In Lola's room, she turns in her sleep. In her mind's eyes, there is the image of a butcher knife, the sound of screaming and the splatter of blood. She stirs, mutters in her sleep but does not awaken.
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OMG! I am so LOVING this. I loved the dialogue between Langston and Dorian, especially when she acknowledged that she "abandoned" Dorian; and Ray, what can I say :D! I can't wait to read the next chapter!
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Posted Image
Bogota, Colombia

Chapter 4
Ray is at the bar that is in the entertainment room of his home. He is pouring scotch. He pauses slightly when he hears the sound of a jeep and switches the brand of alcohol. Within minutes he smiles as he witness his friend Milo Fuentes enter the room.
Ray: I heard your jeep. (hands him a drink)
Milo: Thanks! (raises his glass) This must be bad if you're pouring me a drink before I even enter your home.
Ray: The drink was for me. (Raises and then joins glasses.) But I will not lie. I have problems. (sips alcohol)
Milo: Legal? (sits at the bar)
Ray (offers him a cigar, which Milo takes and then lights): Shit Milo!
Milo: So tell me again why you're going to trust me (lets out a smoke) when I couldn't get you out of prison.
Ray: You are my oldest friend, a man that I trust. I am worried about Lola. (pours more Scotch into his glass)
Milo: What happened?
Ray (pulls out money from his pocket, slams the currency on the counter): It's yours.
Milo (suspicious look before he takes it): What'd she do?
Ray: Lola believes that she killed her mother.

Dorian is at a desk when Blair knocks on the door before entering the room. Dorian takes off her designer glasses.
Dorian: So you're home. (turns off her computer)
Blair (plops on the sofa and stretches out): Am I disturbing you?
Dorian: Would it matter? (She places papers into a folder) I have news!
Blair: Tell me something good. I have a headache.
Dorian: Squee! Langston's moving back home again!
Blair (has a slightly guilty look and then sits up): I came in here to talk to you about Kelly but Langston's moving into LaBoulaie? What? When?
Dorian (beaming): Tomorrow! (lightly claps her hands)
Blair: What brought this about or maybe I should say who?
Dorian: A who?
Blair: Well I mean, did you convince her it was the best thing to do? I mean you are her mother Dorian. I shoulda never insisted that she leave with us that night.
Dorian (shrugs): Or maybe you should have had faith in me and never left. You feel like some tea?
Blair: Shoulda, coulda, woulda, maybe. What's done is done, Dorian.
Dorian: I'll accept your apology. (They leave the room and moments later they are in the kitchen)
Blair: What made Langston decide to move back into LaBoulaie?
Kelly enters through the back door. She and Blair exchange a stare before Kelly exclaims (to Dorian) "How could you?" The tea kettle whistles and Dorian removes it from the stove as she asks, "How could I what?" Blair chuckles and places three cups on the counter.
Kelly (pounds her fist on the counter before Dorian can pour hot water into the cups): You hired someone to follow me!
Blair: Woohoo!
Dorian: His name is Shaun.
Kelly: Dorian I was out with a gentleman friend.
Blair: That didn't take long. (Dorian slaps Blair's hand before Blair takes her tea and sits at the kitchen table. Dorian offers Kelly tea; her niece responds with an incredulous look)
Dorian (to Blair): Did you know that a man was murdered at The Sun offices today?
Blair: No!
Kelly: And I suppose I'm not in the room while you're talking about me and refusing to answer my question!
Dorian: A man who said that he knew that my sister Melinda was murdered was killed himself.
Blair: God Dorian! Kelly were you at The Sun when it happened?
Kelly: Well yes. No. Well, yes I was there but not in the room when it happened.
Dorian: Indeed.
Blair: That explains it. Dorian hired Shaun so nothing would happen to her precious Kelly.
Dorian: Kelly could have been killed Blair! Besides which, I thought you two had reached a truce.
Blair: You told her about what happened in the elevator?
Kelly: I might have mentioned it. Big deal! Why is that a problem for you?
Dorian: Just stop it you two! Langston is moving back in tomorrow and I want her to feel at home, the warmth of all the Cramer women surrounding her as a family.
Kelly: Dorian that's great! (looks at Blair) What?
Blair (shrugs): What do you mean? Whaddaya look'n at me for?
Dorian: She had a funny look didn't she?
Blair: Why are you people attacking me?
Dorian: You know something about Langston and I want you to tell me right now!
Blair sips her tea.
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Fan ++
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Flove this! Cool pictures, too.
Posted Image
"I see Dorian as barely suppressed rage. She is fire and ice. She is a knockout. She is like Evita, but thinks she is Jackie O. She is like Anne Boleyn who can cause a man to dismantle a church, but next want her to lose her head." - Rileyanne, 11.24.09
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Oh I'm loving this! This is the way the interactions between Dorian and her girls should be! I can't wait to see the dynamic when Ray and Lola enter the picture. Also how Dorian helps Langston with her problem. Oh, I wish I could see all this played out on the show. I wonder if the producers ever read fanfiction. It would give them some clue as to how it should be done!
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Chapter 5
It is hours later and into the morning...
Posted Image
Ray: You're sauced.
Milo: I blame you my friend (He staggers to a sofa and collapses)
Ray: You will stay here for the night. And I will take your legal advice about Lola. Consuela has no proof of anything.
Milo: I don't remember, member what, what I said.
Ray: That's the gist of it.
Milo (closes his eyes): You need to call her.
Ray: Consuela? (Reaches underneath the bar and gets a blanket)
Milo: Hell no!
Ray: Go to sleep my friend. (Throws the blanket to Milo on the sofa)
Milo: That, that (yawns) lady. The one that keeps you from sleep. (Curls himself into the blanket.)
Ray reaches into his jacket and pulls out his cell phone. He looks at the photo of him kissing Dorian that Jack had taken--the one that hadn't been erased from her cellphone and that he'd managed to get her to send him.

Posted Image

Ray wonders if Dorian is warm this night and if she is alone or lonely, like he is. He finds her name on his phone but resists the urge to call her. Instead, he pours another drink.

early morning

Blair sneaks down the stairs and enters the living room. She removes the painting from the wall. She does not hear the patio door as she opens the safe and prepares to retrieve the small handgun.

Shaun: Hold up!
Blair, wide-eyed and with a gun, turns to see Shaun.
Shaun: What the hell are you doing, Blair!
Blair (sigh): Dammit Shaun! I could have blown your head off!
Shaun: Lucky for me. You and I both know the gun isn't loaded. Why are you stealing it from your aunt's safe?
Blair tucks the gun in back of her pants at the waist before she moves to close the doors.
Blair: OK Shaun I'm going to level with you because I might need your help.
Shaun (folds arms): I work for Mayor Lord.
Blair: She's the one I'm trying to protect.
Shaun: From what Blair? I am not in the mood for your foolishness.
Blair: I'm not fool'n around, here! (Sighs. Moves toward him.) Kelly and Dorian cornered me last night about what's going on with Langston.
Shaun (unfolds arms): And?
Blair: I was forced to tell them that I suspect that she may have been cheating on Markko. In a way, I broke her confidence but I am worried about what all this is doing to Langston.
Shaun: Langston's fool'n around on Markko, huh? That's not good. You know who the guy is, doncha?
Blair: Yes. But I didn't breath a word of it to either of them because I didn't want Dorian to kill him. Well, not before Langston and Dorian have a talk about things and hopefully the Cramer women are able to concoct a plan to deal with him, which won't end up with anybody being dead.
Shaun: Maimed?
Blair: Not dead.
Shaun: So you're removing the guns from the house to protect your aunt from using a weapon.
Blair: Hiding them. I'm not getting rid of them. Look, it was kind of touch and go there for a moment but I got the gun out of the bedroom late last night.
Shaun: Are you sure Doctor Lord doesn't know about it?
Blair: I'm good at what I do Shaun.
Shaun: Forgive me. I bow to the master of duplicity.
Blair: It's only a matter of time before Dorian gets to the bottom of this with Langston and I don't want her to do something impulsive, you know like in the heat of the moment. Comprende?
Shaun: Blair, it's not like Dorian can't get another gun or use another weapon or as we well know she will do, hire a hit man.
Blair: Please Shaun, are you in on this with me or are you gonna sell me out?
Shaun (pauses): I'm in. Just one thing.
Blair (takes a deep breath and then walks to open the door): What's that?
Shaun: Who is the guy?
Blair opens the door to Dorian.
In Bogota
Mental Health Facility

Posted Image
Lola is making up her bed. Her roommate Kathy is exiting from the bathroom.
Kathy: The shower's ready.
Lola: Did you use up all the hot water this time?
Kathy: Stop being such a bitch!
Lola (is in her face and shoves her): Do you have a death wish?
The door to their room opens and the nurse asks, "Is everything OK?"
Kathy backs away from Lola, who still has a glare, and responds, "Yes." The nurse asks, "Lola?" Lola smiles politely and then sweetly replies, "Oh yes ma'am!" Lola grabs a towel as she adds, "I was just on my way into the shower." She heads to the bathroom.
The nurse approaches Kathy and asks, "Tell me what happened?"
Kathy: What always happens. Lola bullies people and gets away with it because her father has money. I'm sick of it! I'm gonna go eat breakfast. (The teen leaves the room). The nurse stares at the bathroom door and hears Lola singing in the shower, "Anything you want you can make it yours..."
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Chapter 6
Dorian: Blair. (walks through the doors) Shaun. Either of you want to tell me what's so (uses air quotes) "top secret" that it had to be done behind closed doors?

Blair:I'd love to Dorian but I've gotta check on Starr. With Langston moving in, I'm going to see how she's feeling about staying on with Cole. I mean we don't know what's going to happen in court with his attacking Todd. I would feel a lot better if her and Hope came back to LaBoulaie with Langston.

Dorian: Of course and Blair, you'll tell me if that young man needs any help?

Blair (has an annoyed expression): He has a mother.

Dorian: I'm aware of that.

Blair: I suppose you think he deserves a medal for what he did to Todd. Todd almost died Dorian.

Dorian: I feel badly for you, for the boys and Starr having gone through yet another ordeal because of TODD. I offer my support to Cole.

Blair has a disgusted look and leaves. Shaun stares at Dorian before he asks, "What are you up to?"

Dorian: What you thought I would be a softie because that rapist and murderer almost died? Did Blair remove the Beretta from the safe?

Shaun chuckles. "Yeah. Just like you thought she would."

Dorian: Did you get a name?

Shaun: No. You were at the door and she clammed up.

Dorian: Losey timing.

Shaun's cell phone rings. He sees that it's Ray. He excuses himself and steps on to the patio.

Shaun: Yo man, I called because I wanted to let you know that Langston is returning to the fold. (Listens) You all right man? (From the living room Dorian can be seen in the background, watching him through the glass doors. She has a smirk on her face.) What is she wearing? What the hell kind of question is that? Look, I can't really talk right now but I wanted to give you the news. OK, check you later. (Shaun hangs up and reenters the room.)

Dorian: Are you sure you're up for this job Shaun?

Shaun: Is there some reason that you are questioning my abilities?

Dorian: No. Nothing like that. I want to be sure that you'll be able to keep up with the demands, however. Kelly, for instance, is going to be very resistant.

Shaun: I kind of saw that last night.

Dorian: What can you tell me about Reed Wagner? (Is opening her desk drawer and gets a pen and paper.)

Shaun: Nothing much. I got a PI doing a background check.

Dorian: Good. (She writes down a hotel and a number.) And last of all and perhaps most importantly, I'll be leaving town this morning.

Shaun: What? Why? Something wrong?

Dorian: Mayoral business that requires my immediate attention.

Shaun (frowns): But, uh, Langston is moving back into LaBoulaie today. You're not going to be here?

Dorian: No I can't be here.

Shaun approaches her. "What's going on Mayor Lord?"

Dorian rips the paper with the number from the pad and then gives it to Shaun. "In addition to my cell phone, you can call me at this number at anytime. day or night."

Shaun (takes the paper): This is rather abrupt.

Dorian: Life is full of surprises. This was.... unexpected.... I don't anticipate any problems with Langston's return to LaBoulaie. We are having breakfast before I leave. I want to tell her personally of the circumstances. Of course, my plans could change depending on how things go at breakfast with my daughter.

Shaun: You didn't tell Blair you were leaving.

Dorian: And play 20 questions? Best that I leave and deal with the questions later.

Shaun: Mayor Lord does this involve David Vickers?

Dorian: Ha! Oh no, not David, never David ever again.

Shaun (knowing look): Say no more. I hope that it works out for you.

Dorian: Shaun, please, not a word to anyone.

Shaun: Of course.

Dorian leaves.
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I love the "what is she wearing" question! We all know that Ray appreciated Dorian's dramatic flair both in her lifestyle and in her wardrobe! Like in the cufflink scene when he noticed she had on a new ring. Can't wait to find out where Dorian's off to! I'm enjoying this so much more than the crap we are seeing on tv!
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Chapter 7
Markko/Langston/Starr/Cole's Apartment:

Markko is leaving their bedroom and Langston is following him. He is upset.

Langston: Markko please.
Markko: The prom is coming up. I had plans.
Langston: We are still on for the prom.
Markko: Lang are you breaking up with me?
Langston (moves toward him, caresses his face): I just need a break from everything and really and truly, I miss Dorian.
Markko: What have I done?
Langston: Nothing! This was supposed to have been temporary.
Starr enters the room with Hope. "Oops! Sorry!"
Langston (grabs her books): It's OK, Starr. I have to meet Dorian for breakfast.
Starr: So you're coming back to move your things afterschool today?
Langston (glances at Markko): That was the plan. (He looks away from her. She turns her attention to Starr.) Look are you sure you don't want me in court today?
Starr: No, no. You have things to work on with the play. (Starr glances at Markko and then back at Langston.) Hey, I can leave you two alone for a little while longer. I have to pack Hope's things to take her over to Aunt Viki's. (Starr leaves with Hope.)
Langston: I suppose she could tell things are tense between us.
Markko: Things are always tense between us.
Langston approaches Markko and gently kisses him on the lips. He still looks sullen. I'm trying to figure some things out," she says. "I'm sorry," she says before leaving.
Markko's cell phone rings. It's his professor, Robert Ford.

Buenos Dias Cafe

Dorian enters and immediately sees Carlotta moving from the kitchen with a plate of food. "Buenos días, Carlooootta!" Dorian exclaims with a a flamboyant wave. Carlotta smiles and continues to a table with her tray while Dorian slips into a booth in the corner of the restaurant.
Soon Carlotta approaches Dorian. Dorian stands and they exchange a kiss on the cheek before Dorian sits again.
Carlotta: Happy to see you Dorian.
Dorian (beams): It is a good morning isn't it?
Carlotta: Should I bring you the usual or are you meeting someone?
Dorian: You can bring me coffee--black. And yes, I am INDEED meeting someone!
Carlotta: You have a girlish grin on you face. Is it a man, Dorian?
Dorian: A man-me? Here, now, it's Langston. She is returning home to LaBoulaie so we are having a celebratory breakfast before she has to go to school.
Carlotta: I see. Congratulations. (Moves to leave the table before Dorian stops her.)
Dorian (looks to the door to make sure Langston is not on approach): Carlotta wait just a moment?
Carlotta: I don't have a time to talk right now. Breaksfast is my busiest time. (Dorian gives her a pleading look). Fine. Just a moment.
Dorian: Langston and Markko.
Carlotta: It's none of your business Dorian.
Dorian: There are problems? (Carlotta gives a telling expression) So you've noticed it too?
Carlotta (sits): They are both young.
Dorian: Have you heard anything? Is there a third party?
Carlotta: I think it has a lot to do with the hours Markko is working and school. They barely have anytime together.
Dorian: Yes, I know. They moved in together prematurely.
Carlotta stands. "Stay out of it Dorian is what I advise." Carlotta leaves the table and Langston enters the diner. Dorian and Langston hug before Langston settles into her seat.
Dorian (touches her wrist): You've been crying.
Langston: I've been doing a lot of that. But I'll be better. Stronger once I'm with family again.
Dorian: So how did it go with Markko?
Langston: He thinks that we are breaking up.
Dorian: Are you?
Langston: I don't know. I just want to get away from the pressures. I want to come home.
Dorian: Of course, darling. (Carlotta returns with Dorian's coffee and greets Langston. Carlotta takes their order and soon leaves the table.)
Langston: So mom why did you find it necessary to meet for breakfast when I'll see you later this evening at home?
Dorian: Because I may not be there.
Langston (shakes her head, frowns): Why?
Dorian: I plan to follow my heart Langston and risk getting hurt.(Gets slightly emotional) But I am worried about you, Kelly and all the Cramer women and I'm afraid to leave.
Langston: Follow you heart? David?
Dorian (shakes her head, with a stunned expression): David?
Langston: I told you to fly to London to be with him.
Dorian: And I didn't. I wouldn't. I couldn't. And I never will.
Langston: You mean because of Amelia and you having a chance at the office of mayor? You chose power over love and realized your mistake.
Dorian: I chose logic over stupidity and have come to realize I was right. Why would I fly across the ocean to be with a man who couldn't even say the words "I love you?"
Langston (the words seem to shock her): But you know that he does love you.
Dorian: Do I? Baby, you don't know that a man loves you when he doesn't show it. How would I know that when he never chooses to be around, when he never calls? I know because he says it to everyone else but me?
Langston: I know that you love him, too. But the timing just always seemed to be off.
Dorian (chuckles): Timing. Perhaps on some superficial level that was the reason. But if you love someone, you move heaven and earth to be with them.
Langston (the food is returned to the table by a waittress): So you're saying there is another reason you're not with David?
Dorian: I've come to realize that my heart is not with David.
Langston: You're scaring me a little. What are you talking about?
Dorian (sighs): Langston, I'm in love with your Uncle Ray.
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OMG, I'm loving this! Thank you so much Cheryl!

What a novel idea...a true romance for Dorian AND writing that stays true to her character. :P

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