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The House of Cramer; Chapters 72-88
Topic Started: Apr 26 2006, 09:55 PM (1,570 Views)
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Chapter 72

At the Banner Sun newspaper, late afternoon

Cassie is in the newspaper morgue searching on the computer through archives of articles dated around the time of Ace's birth and Kelly's miscarriage. She sees there is mention of a medical helicopter crash in Pine Valley during a storm and the pilot is Paul Cramer.

Cassie reads, "Two babies born, one dies, one lives.... Erica Kane's daughter, Bianca Montgomery, gave birth to the daughter of her rapist, Michael Cambias.... According to Cramer, the incubator carrying Montgomery's newborn was thrown from the chopper into the river when the plane crashed." (Cassie gasps.) She reads Paul's comments: "It's a tragedy but we got some good news out of it for a mother and her family. I delivered Babe's baby girl but another baby died. I was barely able to get the disabled helicopter on the ground in one piece. I tried to be a hero and I failed." The rescue squad pulled a portable incubator from the river. It was found about ten miles south of the crash site. A hospital spokesperson confirms the incubator was one from Pine Valley Hospital. The rescue squad has changed the search status to recovery instead of rescue as it is believed the baby could never have survived the raging river."

Cassie mutters, "Two baby girls? Or was it? Could he have?"

Todd overhears and replies, "Yes he could have."

Cassie (turns around): What are you doing here? (Closes the archive site.) Thought you were out on the Santi story.

Todd: I'm taking a break. Christy said you were in here.

Cassie: Good ol' Christy.

Todd (sits beside her): Angling for your job back?

Cassie: No. I just needed to do some research, an extensive search.

Todd: On your missing cousin, Paul Cramer?

Cassie: It's none of your business.

Todd (laughs): Just like a Cramer. You're searching through the archives at my newspaper, Cassie! So you interested in what I know about your cousin Paul and the night of the flood and storm?

Cassie: You've piqued my interest.

Todd: Move back to Llanview. Come back to the Banner-Sun.

Cassie (smiles): Are you crazy? Never mind. And, you haven't told Blair what you know about Paul. Same ol' Todd. I thought being sealed up in a crypt and left for dead might have changed your disposition. How many times have you come back from the dead, anyway?

Todd: Some people think death is too good for me. I keep rising up from the ashes to prove'm right. I like mysteries. The one involving Paul wasn't a challenge and let's face it your cousin, that'd be Kelly, isn't exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer. So you want to know or not?

Cassie: How will I know that you're telling me the truth?

Todd: Right. There is no evidence to suggest I have knowledge of the commission of a crime or its cover up. But, you can take a chance that I'm giving you the goods or gamble that I'm selling you a bill of goods. You can check it out for yourself. Oh that's right! Paul isn't around. (Grins) You'd never get the truth from him anyway.

Cassie: Forget it, Todd!

Todd (gets up): Your loss.

Cassie (calls him as he walks away; he stops): Why do you want me to work for the Banner Sun?

Todd: The Queen of the Cramer Coven obsesses about you like nobody's business; leaves her less time to bother me and Blair. I live a happy life without her bitchy interference.

Cassie (smirks): That isn't exactly an incentive for me to stay in Llanview but I'm encouraged that you're showing signs of honesty.

Todd: Besides, Blair misses you. You're her best friend, next to me of course. Think about it. Oh yeah, Auntie Darkness ever saying anything to you about her search for the missing Santi millions? Paul and David were her cohorts.

Cassie: And Natalie. All I know is the millions were never found, if they exist at all.

Todd: Ever wonder why your mom would marry a mobster? We talked you know? Papa Santi and me....while we were in Canada.

Cassie: Blair said he kidnapped you.

Todd: He left me with so many fond memories of his time with your mother (fakes crying) So, so lovely.

Cassie: Stop it!

Todd: He also left me with a map.

Cassie: What are you saying?

Todd: Stick around. Oh and Cassie, I want you to work for the Banner-Sun because you're good. (He leaves.)

Cassie (reopens file): Todd, I don't have time for your riddles. (Again focuses on the article about her cousin, Paul) What if Paul stole the so-called unrecovered baby from it's mother? Darn! Doesn't work. It would have been a girl. There's gotta be a connection. How can I prove it?

LaBoulaie, evening

Alexandra is showing Margaret to the door. They have dined together with Adriana and Starr, who are upstairs in Adriana's bedroom. Margaret asks, "Are you sure about the speech and interview?" Alexandra answers, "Absolutely. It's not as if I've never done either before in my life." Margaret responds, "Get some rest," before she leaves.

Alexandra (sighs and is about to head up the stairs when the phone rings. She goes into the living room to answer.): Dorian... Yes, Margaret just left. I'm fine, sweetheart. You seemed tired when I saw you today at the hospital. I don't want you to worry so much.... Well is it David? All right...when you're ready. Dorian, I told you at the hospital that I'm not here to disrupt your life. No. I ordered Cassie to leave! She was hovering too much. Adriana and Starr are upstairs. We just had dinner. Adriana didn't touch a thing. I know. You just spoke with her. I agree. Yes, she is a little testy. It's like you said, it's a good thing that she hardly knew her brother, makes it easier. Reporters? A few. No, David's not home yet...Dorian? He called to say that he got caught up in a traffic jam from the university where he was interviewing students following the political speech and he wanted to make sure Adriana was home safe and sound. Don't worry, he should be home soon. No. I'm going to read a little and then rest. You go to your business meeting. How about this--I won't be waiting up for you? Good-bye, doll.

After Alexandra hangs up, David enters through the front door.

David (yells upstairs): DORIAN! (Starr darts at the top of the stairs. Folds arms, "Oh it's you!" then disappears.) Nice to see you too, little Blair. (He notices Alexandra by the living room desk.)

Alexandra: That was just her on the phone. She has a business dinner.

David: I hope the business dinner isn't with tall, dark and handsome. (He joins her in the living room, pours himself a whiskey.)

Alexandra: You're jealous? How delightful! Though who am I to speak, Dorian doesn't seem like the type who would...

David (sips drink): Bite your tongue!

Alexandra: We don't know each other David, not very well yet, but...

David (interrupts, sits across from her): Me? Cheat on Dorian? Not and live to tell about it! You've met the women in this house. I'd be dead if I ever did anything to hurt Dorian!

Alexandra: COUNT on it.

David (finishes his drink and then leaves to pour another one): I mean, why would I cheat on Dorian? (Looks at her) Blair stop by?

Alexandra (frowns): No, I expect her shortly. Starr's upstairs with Adriana.

David (drinks and mutters): She made it known!

Alexandra: Something wrong?

David (sits on the sofa): The usual. Work and having to hear the governor and Kevin go on and on during some political rally at the university, making false promises. I wasn't in the mood.

Alexandra: I can tell. I'd like to talk to Kevin about his views on women's issues. Did you see Kelly?

David (chokes on drink): Why would I see Kelly?

Alexandra: You all right? (He spits out: "Fine.") I just thought since you were at the university...

David: NO. Kelly and I aren't really close...anymore...since she move out.

Alexandra: The two of you seemed ...

David (interrupts): There's nothing going on between me and Kelly.

Alexandra (long pause): You and Kelly.

David (drinks): I love Dorian. Dorian say when she'd be home?

Alexandra (suspicious look): No.

David (stands): I'm going upstairs to give her a call on her cell phone. You gonna be OK down here?

Alexandra: You needn't concern yourself with me. (Gives him a stare.) It's Dorian who should be your top priority.

David: Right. You'll excuse me.

Alexandra: David, if it's that important to you, she's at the Palace.

David: Thanks, Alex. (Leaves)

Alexandra (has a worried look): I hope I did the right thing.
At Llanfair, late evening

Kelly, Kevin, Harrison, Jessica, Antonio, Natalie and Viki have all had dinner together. Jessica and Antonio are preparing to leave with Jamie. Jessica pulls Kelly to the side of the room and asks, "You gonna be OK?" She smiles, gives her a hug and replies, "Thanks. I think so. You should talk to Antonio like we agreed you should do." Jessica remarks, "I will. Promise. I was worried after..." Kelly interrupts, "I know, when I saw David at the Coffee House. It's like I told you. I was so, so wrong about that whole thing." Jessica responds, "I'm glad. That would have been a huge mistake and you could have ruined your relationship with Dorian." Jessica glances at Antonio who nods toward the door. Soon they leave. Kelly goes into the library and discovers Kevin and Natalie. Harrison and Viki are on the patio.

Natalie asks, "So how are things going at the university?"

Kelly (looks uncomfortable): Pretty well. It was almost a total disaster today when Karen showed up late for some reason.

Kevin: Golly gee, great! Am I getting blamed for that, too?

Kelly: I think I'm going to go upstairs and check on Ace. (She leaves.)

Natalie: Was it something you said or the way that I looked?

Kevin: Don't take it personal. I don't. (He drinks Scotch.)

Natalie: I suppose after a few of those, everything pretty much rolls off your shoulders.

Kevin: Don't feel a thing.

Natalie: Anesthe, anesthetic... what's the word? (Laughs.)

Kevin (grins): Anesthetized. See I didn't have any problem saying it. Means I haven't had enough of these. (Stands to get more to drink.)

Natalie (looks worried): She's not worth it, you know.

Kevin: Don't know who you're talking about.

Natalie: Kelly. You were right about Paul.

Kevin (turns with a surprised look): I didn't want him to hurt anyone else I loved.

Natalie: He was blackmailing you.

Kevin: Indirectly. Mostly his sister. She was never honest with me about what was going on between the two of them.

Natalie: Kevin, do you think it had something to do with Ace?

Kevin (drinks): Ace?

Natalie (sighs): She never bothered to even tell you THAT much. Sorry I mentioned anything. I wasn't sure what you knew.

Kevin: When it comes to Kelly, it's been nothing but lies. I could stand hearing the truth for a change.

On the patio, Harrison approaches Viki who is staring through the patio doors at her children in the library. She is rubbing her arms. He rubs her shoulders and asks, "You cold? We can go back inside."

Viki turns, looks at him, moves away from his touch. She responds, "I am fine."

Harrison: The coolness is toward me.

Viki: Harrison--no.

Harrison: You're being polite. I know pontificating when I hear it.

Viki: I am just not ready to get involved with anyone right now.

Harrison: Especially me. I thought we were past that.

Viki: I am sorry. I thought I might be ready but truthfully, I am not.

Harrison: You warned me. I just didn't take the hint. I thought you were worth pursuing. Still do.

Viki: I hope this does not mean we cannot continue to be cordial.

Harrison: Cordial? Is there someone else?

Viki: Me.

Harrison: I don't understand.

Viki: After so much recent tragedy and so many changes, I want to steady the course for awhile.

Harrison: You're cutting yourself off from living life.

Viki: On the contrary, and I hope that it does not sound rude, but I am allowing myself to live life as I please.

Chapter 73

The Palace Restaurant, nighttime

Dorian is dining with Adam Chandler at a table. She is smiling but her eyes convey that she is miles away.

Adam: Your eyes are easily those most striking of any woman I've ever met!

Dorian: I assure you the contribution to the hospital will be put to good use. (The waitress comes by with drinks.)

Adam (waves hand): Contribution--I gave up talking about that minutes ago! I'm smitten! I've moved on to shamelessly flirting with you, a married woman but I don't care! (Sips wine.) A toast. (Dorian raises her glass.) To living a good life with the finest of people! (They clink glasses.) Ah! Ones with magnificence, beauty, grace. (Laughs.)

Dorian: Oh Adam! You are being a shameless flirt! You are tonic for the soul, tonight. No one would ever suspect you're hurting over your wife leaving with your daughter. You cover so well.

Adam: Almost as well as you do my dear. You seemed reluctant about meeting with me tonight. I sensed that it was personal.

Dorian: I am sorry for the change in meeting time. And, I assure you it wasn't the company as much as the location.

Adam: The Palace? It has one of the finest restaurants in the area!

Dorian: It's the people or person, who resides here. I just didn't want to run the risk of facing the individual quite yet.

Adam: Oh, I'm sorry! I'm sorry! We should leave, immediately!

Dorian: No. I decided that it's fine. Why should I avoid the inevitable? If it should happen, then I'll deal with it.

Adam (smiles): One of the reasons we get along so well (Laughs.) Courage! Salute. (They clink glasses again.)

David walks into restaurant and hears laughter. He frowns and mutters, "I thought this was business." He moves out of obvious view and then calls Dorian on his cell phone. She glimpses the number, recognizes it's David and she doesn't answer. He glances back at the table and notices that she is continuing in conversation with Adam. He hangs up and calls again. At the table, Adam asks, "Aren't you going to answer that?" She smiles and replies, "NO."

David, with a look of annoyance, approaches the table. Adam stands to shake David's hand.

David (shakes hand with Adam): Excuse me for interrupting your important business meeting. (Dorian sips her wine, glances at Adam, which seems to anger David.) Dorian, we need to talk. (Adam sits, smirks and watches David and Dorian.)

Dorian: Adam are we finished?

Adam: Ah, but I hoped that we could continue. Perhaps another time.

Dorian: David, can this wait?

David: Wait? (Frowns) No! (Glances at Adam) It's important! (Turns so that he is facing Dorian and gives expression to show urgency.)

Dorian (stands, sighs): Since you appear to be in such desperate need, I suppose I should leave. Adam (gives him a generous smile with a nod.)

Adam (immediately stands): As always a pleasure. We shall meet again to discuss ever-important business. (Glances at David) Soon I hope!

David anxiously escorts Dorian from the table. She turns on him in the hallway with a glare. "How embarrassing!"

David: Embarrassing? Embarrassing was the two of you flirting back and forth at the table with me having to witness it! Add to that, I practically had to beg you to leave!

Dorian: Why are you here?

David: Obviously to tear my wife away from the claws of that lecherous scoundrel, whose own wife probably had very good reason for leaving him!

Dorian (raises brow): Are you sure you weren't here to meet someone else and MUCH to your surprise found me here, instead?

David: What's that supposed to mean? Your mother told me where to find you! And, I'm glad she did! If I had to stay in there another second, I think I was gonna throw up!

The elevator opens. Kelly and Kevin, who's carrying Ace, exit.

Kevin (steps off the elevator): I don't like my son living in a hotel.

Kelly: I'm only staying at the Palace until I can find a place of my own.

Kelly and Dorian see each other and exchange a meaningful look. Kelly immediately recognizes that Dorian is hurt. Kelly glances at David and she utters, "You told her?"

Kevin asks, "What?"

Adam walks out of the restaurant and he pauses at seeing Ace. A photographer with a Banner-Sun press badge appears and suggests, "Mr. Chandler, how about a picture of you with Mr. Buchanan?"

Adam looks closely at Ace while shaking hands with Kevin, who is still holding him. Kelly is at Kevin's side. She is staring at Dorian.

David suggests, "We should leave." He guides Dorian but she doesn't budge. She remains frozen. Stepping out of the staged photo shoot, Kelly finally approaches her aunt. Dorian gives her a piercing stare and then slaps her so hard it brings tears to Kelly's eyes as she staggers. The photographer quickly takes pictures. Dorian looks at David and tells him: "Now, I'm ready to leave, ALONE."

Kevin rushes toward Kelly and gives her Ace. He confronts the photographer to asks for pictures and is easily angered at the refusal. Kevin snatches the camera and tears out the film. Simultaneously, David chases Dorian. Adam presses the elevator button and steps into it as it opens, Dorian joins him. The elevator closes before David reaches it. David curses and repeatedly presses the elevator button. Then he stops, searches and mutters, "The stairs...the stairs." He locates the stairway and runs to catch the elevator before it opens on the ground floor.

Kevin gets into an argument with the photographer. He yells to Kelly, "Take Ace to your room!" She quickly takes another elevator.

Dorian and Adam are on the ground floor and a nearly out of breath David meets them. "Let me ... explain!"

Adam interjects, "I think you've done enough!" He has his arms around Dorian.

David sees red and demands, "Get your hands off my wife!" David grabs Adam's arm from Dorian and follows it with a punch to his jaw. Adam quickly recovers and socks David in the eye. Dorian screams, "David!" but they continue punching. Photographers and reporters appear on the scene. A valet quickly pulls Adam's car to the driveway entrance. Adam rushes Dorian outside the front doors to the hotel and into the awaiting car. "Dorian!" David calls. Journalists and on-lookers block his passage.

Upstairs, Kevin is knocking on Kelly's door. He yells, "It's me! Let me in!"

Kelly opens the door. Kevin walks in and she quickly closes it. She gestures with her finger to her lips and whispers, "Ssh! I don't want to upset Ace." (Ace begins to cry.) Kelly leaves to get him out of the crib. She carries him back to where Kevin is waiting. He demands, "What just happened out there? And, what kind of secret are you keeping from me about my son?"

Chapter 74

The Palace, nighttime

The scene picks up where it left off in Kelly's hotel room.

Upstairs, Kevin is knocking on Kelly's door. He yells, "It's me! Let me in!"

Kelly opens the door. Kevin walks in and she quickly closes it. She gestures with her finger to her lips and whispers, "Ssh! I don't want to upset Ace." (Ace begins to cry.) Kelly leaves to get him out of the crib. She carries him back to where Kevin is waiting. He demands, "What just happened out there? And, what kind of secret are you keeping from me about my son?"

Kelly (is soothing Ace to attempt to quiet him): I don't want to talk, (wipes her eyes) about this in front of Ace.

Kevin (exclaims): In front of Ace?

Kelly (paces around the room with him): Ssh!

Kevin: How's your face?

Kelly (teary-eyed): Stings. (She bends to pick up an ice pack she laid on the table and places it to her cheekbone.)

Kevin: This has something to do with Vickers doesn't it? You sleep with him?

Kelly (stops): Of course, NOT. (She grimaces and throws the eye pack on the floor.) UGH! (Kisses Ace and whispers) It's going to be OK. (Presses his cheek to her red one; tears are running down her face)

Kevin (chuckles): Admit it. You lead him on, didn't you? I know how this works, remember?

Kelly: I seem to recall that we BOTH tried to resist hurting Joey! (Wipes eyes.)

Kevin: I'll accept the blame... for my part. So Kelly, tell me, did you succeed in breaking up Dorian's marriage?

Kelly (glimpses Ace, who is quieted; she trembles): It's all a mis, misunderstanding. Dorian's gonna, Dorian's just upset right now. (Looks at Kevin with resilience, wipes her eyes, takes a deep breath.) I'll explain it to her later, when things have, have calmed down. I'm not going to lose, lose...lose her.

Kevin: Maybe you shoulda thought about that before taking things too far with her husband.

Kelly (long pause, wipes eyes): I'm going to try and get him to sleep. You can stay, leave. I really don't care anymore Kevin!

Kelly leaves to place Ace down in his crib. Kevin joins her. For awhile, they both watch over Ace as he sleeps and it eases the tension between them.

Kelly (looks at Kevin): You love him, don't you?

Kevin: Of course I do.

Kelly: He looks like an angel when he sleeps.

Kevin: We need to talk.

Kelly (stares at him with a fearful expression): All right. We can talk in the other room. (They both leave. Kelly makes sure the monitor's on.)

When they are in the other room, Kelly picks up her ice pack and places it to her red cheek, grimaces, "OW! Thanks, thank you for getting the film from that photographer. I don't know what I would have done if I had to see a headline with a picture of me being slapped by Dorian."

Kevin (approaches, removes the ice pack): You'd better take an ibuprofen. It's starting to swell.

Kelly leaves for the bathroom and searches through her medicine cabinet. She is about to reach for the ibuprofen but takes her tranquilizers instead, drinks a glass of water and then rejoins Kevin in the room.

Kevin: Better?

Kelly: In a little while.

Kevin: Kelly, why was Paul blackmailing you and what did it have to do with Ace?

Kelly (sits down on a sofa, Kevin sits beside her. She sighs.): When you and Blair slept together, I was devastated.

Kevin: Kelly...

Kelly: Let me finish! (Kevin motions for her to continue.) Our baby seemed to be the only hope for our future. Just before he was born, I had, I had left town for awhile.

Kevin: Yeah I remember. You'd told me that you'd gone to Houston. But that was a lie.

Kelly: Yes it was a lie. I also told you that Ace, Ace was born on a farm.

Kevin: He wasn't? I thought the story seemed far-fetched. (Sighs, rubs brow.) So am I going to hear the truth?

Kelly: I was upset. (Starts to get choked up.) I, I went into to premature labor. Paul, Paul brought me to Pine Valley Hospital (Kevin questions, "What?" as she continues.) where I was admitted.

Kevin (stands): I'm confused!

Kelly (wipes eyes, says gently): Kevin, I gave birth to our son. Our baby, our baby was still born.

Kevin: NO. Why are you doing this to me?

Kelly (stands): Kevin, I know that I've lied to you before but I swear to you. I'm not lying now. (She is crying and touches his arm. He moves away from her and turns away.) I was devastated. When I woke up Paul was by my side. (Sobs with gasps) I, I just knew, I just knew that I couldn't go home without our child! (Wipes eyes.) Kevin, I'm so sorry.

Kevin (sits down, is on the verge of tears and in shock): Our baby, our baby's dead?

Kelly (sits beside him, wipes her eyes): While I, I was in the hospital, I had a dream that you visited me. (Gulps) You came to visit me. I told you the truth about the baby. You, you demanded a divorce.

Kevin (gives cold stare): Ace. Paul got him for you.

Kelly: Yes. (Kevin stands and screams, "Damn you!" Kelly stands beside him.) I asked him to help me! (Sobs) He told me Ace was unwanted and that he got him from some homeless woman!

Kevin (glimpses her with an expression of disbelief and contempt): And you believed him?

Kelly: I had just lost our baby, Kevin and was holding the most gentle creature in my arms. (Wipes eyes) I would have believed anything so that I wouldn't lose him.

Kevin (is angry): So a baby just fell from the sky, Kelly! (Walks away from her.) I can't believe this! You lying bitch! You lied about my baby! You lied to me about Ace and now you're lying to me again! Paul STOLE that baby, Kelly! He told you that he STOLE Ace and blackmailed you! Isn't that the truth!

Kelly: NO!

Kevin (shakes her): The TRUTH!

Kelly: Yes, yes! Ace, Ace was stolen from his mother! (Is sobbing.)

Kevin (maintains a stunned look and whispers): Why? Why now?

Kelly: I need you! You've got to help me keep Ace!

Kevin (stares at her): Dorian knows, doesn't she?

Kelly: Please Kevin! What are you going to do?

Ace begins to cry. Kelly leaves the room. Kevin slowly walks out the door.
Chapter 75

At LaBoulaie, nighttime

Cassie is heading up the stairs when Dorian barges through the front door. Adam closely follows. She insists Adam come with her into the kitchen to get ice for his protruding jaw and bloody lip.

Cassie (stops, turns around): Mother?

Dorian (says matter-of-factly while continuing to the kitchen): My daughter, Cassie. Cassie this is Adam Chandler. (Adam waves hello with a grimace) Cassie, lock the door and don't let HIM in!

Cassie (as she goes to the door): Mother, who?

Adam: That jealous ill-tempered savage who is married to this delicate, tempestuous flower!

Cassie frowns and shakes her head. "Mother, David has a key." She is about to lock the door, anyway, when David slips in. He yells, "Dorian!"

Cassie warns, "Keep your voice down! Grandmother needs her rest!" Notices his black eye and gasps. "David, who did this to you?"

David (looks like a man on a mission): Did a silver-haired, slimy fox with a puffy jaw and a fat lip slither through our foyer with Dorian attached at his hip? Mmm, my guess is he's in need of ice and in need of a good doctor! Dammit! (Walks toward the kitchen.)

Cassie (yells and follows): David, NO! (Hears someone at the front door, again. She stops, turns around.)

Blair (comes in next): Oh hi Cassie! Is Starr upstairs? (Notices her dumbfounded expression.) Cassie what is it?

Cassie: I, I can't believe this night! Mother, mother has some man...Adam, Adam Chandler in the kitchen with her! David is in the kitchen with them and they're gonna come to blows again over mother!

Blair (frowns): What?

Blair and Cassie rush into the kitchen just as David is about to throw a punch. Blair grabs David's arm while Cassie jumps and shoves a vociferous, resistant Adam from the kitchen and to the front door. He insists before a shove: "Tell you mother, she'll hear from me and SOON!" Cassie assures, "Right!" before she pushes him out the door, slams it and then heads back toward the kitchen. By now, Starr and Adriana are downstairs and search for the commotion.

In the background Phyllis Hyman sings, "When I Give My Love (This Time)."

When I give my love this time
Iím gonna make it last forever more

David is sitting at the kitchen table. Dorian gives David an ice pack. She orders, "Keep it on that eye!" Blair, who is standing next to him, glares, folds her arms and asks, "Dorian, you want me to stay?"

David (with ice pack on his eye): Leave. We need to talk.

Dorian: Blair. I'll be OK.

Cassie walks in, just as Blair is leaving. They both turn around and see Adriana and Starr, whom they order to go in the opposite direction so as to leave David and Dorian alone in the kitchen.

And when I give my love this time
Iím gonna give it all I got for sure

Dorian (removes the ice pack and examines his eye): You'll live. (She places it back on his eye.) What do you think you were doing by punching Adam?

David: Hey what about what he did to my eye? (She gives him an evil look.) I don't want another man to touch you. Ever.

Dorian (sits down): David, you were with my niece. In our bed! What's worse, Adriana walked in on the two of you!

David: I can understand if you don't believe me. (Removes ice pack. Dorian places it back on his eye.) I was going for sympathy with that move.

Dorian: Doesn't work when I want to inflict pain.

David: I messed up, baby. I knew you were worried about Kelly so I tried to support you and handle things for myself.

Dorian (starts to get more ticked): Handle things yourself? By sleeping with my niece, a woman who is emotionally unstable! David, how could you?

David: You're right it's reprehensible.

Dorian: Ha!

David: We're being honest here. And to show you how committed I am to make it right between the two of us, I'm gonna tell you the truth.

Dorian: Which is?

David: I led her on...BUT only a little. (Dorian stands, gasps. He stands, too.) No now listen to me! (He throws the ice pack on the table and he holds Dorian so that she faces him.) She was falling apart because of this thing with Kevin and Ace and she started depending on those tranquilizers, again!

Dorian: So you thought it better if she depended on you instead?

David: She started confiding in me. Then things started getting, you know, cozy. I tried to back away but it was too late.

Dorian: When Adriana discovered the two of you...I don't even know if I want to hear...but

David: I'd come out of the shower. Kelly was already in our bedroom.

Dorian: Wearing a negligee?

David: Yes. (Dorian turns away. He gently turns her cheek so that she sees him.) I was in a towel. You know how I always wear it around the--

Dorian: Yes, I know! Go on. (Closes her eyes for a brief moment.)

David: Basically, Kelly appeared outta nowhere,Dorian! I was shocked! I was expecting you to walk through that door and it was her standing there in our bedroom!

Dorian: What'd you do next?

David: She thought I was interested in her and when I told her I wasn't that was the end of it.

Dorian: The end of it. So she propositioned you? Were the two of you, ah, on the bed, standing next to it, in each other's arms? How exactly were you positioned when Adriana discovered you?

David: On the bed, I guess.

Dorian (looks hurt): So you were in bed together?

David: I don't even remember what happened, except that nothing happened, nothing happened at all! After Adriana saw us in the room, she ran down the stairs. I followed her. Blair was here. She kicked Kelly outta LaBoulaie.

Dorian (walks away from him): Blair. She's always been my most loyal, sometimes only supporter. I guess it's time that I woke up (looks at him) about a lot of things. People who I've trusted in my life, who've hurt me with the most wretched of betrayals.

No more mistakes, thatís my resolution
Lord knows Iíve been through so many changes
Stick to the path, thatís the solution
Itís for sure I wonít go wrong

David (approaches her): That would not include me. Not this second time around. I know that trust isn't something we brought into this marriage but this love that we have seems to settle the difference. We're fantastic together and you know it.

At last I found someone
Someone that I can trust
Feel good about myself
Feel like opening up

Dorian (long pause): When we found each other again, I was willing to give it my all to make it last forever.

Follow the book, thatís my intention
The book of life, the book of love
To be hurt by love is too painful to mention
But you love from experience

Dorian continues, "I'm hurt David. It's still so raw and I don't know if I really believe what you're telling me or that it's really over with you and Kelly."

David: There's nothing to be over when nothing ever started.

Dorian: I found your blue shirt in her closet at the Palace.

David: What?

Dorian (shakes her head): Are you surprised that you left it there?

David: I'm surprised that she ever had it!

Dorian: But you do admit to being there in her hotel room?

David: NO.

Dorian: You're lying to me! I can't believe that for moment there I... I want you to leave!

David: No, I'm not going anywhere! You don't mean this! (Tries to stroke her arm. She slaps him. He pauses and they exchange looks.) I'll leave. I'm not giving up on us. I love you and I know that you love me, too.

They give each other a look of longing and then he leaves. Dorian fights back tears. Soon, Adriana and Cassie walk into the kitchen. They hug their mother.

Adriana (pauses to look at her mother): I never want to see him again!

Cassie: He didnt' walk out on you Adriana. He walked out on mother.

Dorian: I, I, I kicked him out!

Adriana: I hate him!

Dorian (fights tears, tears slowly come anyway): You, you, love him. (Dorian sobs. Cassie rubs her mother's back while Adriana holds her. Cassie curses, "Damn you, David Vickers!")

Chapter 76

Early morning, Llanview University.

Kelly passes her secretary's desk. Carol attempts to stop her but Kelly is already in her office when she notices Viki sitting across from her desk. She gasps.

Kelly: Viki? My gosh! What are you doing here?

Viki (stands): Hello.

Kelly (exchanges curt kiss on the cheek before Kelly sits at her desk and Viki returns to her seat.): I'm surprised to see you!

Viki (haughty look): Are you really?

Kelly: Of course. What is this about?

Viki: KEVIN. We had a long conversation this morning about you.

Kelly: Me? I don't understand.

Viki: Quite the contrary. I think you have done a brilliant job of leaving the rest of us dazed and confused in your moment of clarity!

Kelly: Viki, last night when Kevin brought me home, it was a nightmare for all us involved in the circumstances leading up to the fight between David and Adam over Dorian!

Viki: Your use of diversionary technique is exemplary. What I find quite interesting, is that the paper failed to mention what previously had taken place between you and Dorian.

Kelly: What do you mean?

Viki: POOR Dorian! You and David are HAVING an AFFAIR?

Kelly : No, no, no! That's what Kevin told you? (Bewildered look) Viki, I swear to you, nothing ever happened between me and David! (Chuckles) I mean c'mon! The whole thing's been blown, way, way out of proportion! It's a COMPLETE misunderstanding!

Viki: Just as it was a misunderstanding when you and Kevin broke Joey's heart?

Kelly (sighs): I regret that.

Viki: My God! How long are you going to continue with your LIES? I encouraged you to work on your marriage and to commit yourself to a relationship with my son! I offered you a job at this university to help you get back on your feet! I applauded you for exerting your independence and leaving Dorian's domicile! I had NO IDEA you were having an AFFAIR with David!

Kelly (sudden look of desparation): Let me explain!

Viki: How do you explain lying for months to Kevin about your baby's...stillbirth? You had your brother steal a child from it's mother to conceal the TRUTH?

Kelly: Viki, I didn't know Paul had stolen the baby!

Viki: Are you going to continue lying since your brother cannot counter your inaccuracies?

Kelly: I was, I was (sniffles) traumatized after losing my and Kevin's son. (Stands) I, I, I didn't know what I was saying when I asked Paul to help me find a baby! Viki, you've got to believe me! I had NO IDEA that Paul would go out and STEAL a baby from it's mother!

Viki: Do you know...(visibly upset) Do you care how much you have devastated my son? Not only has Kevin lost his baby and been denied the opportunity to mourn his lost, he is now faced with losing another son! (Stands) And I will never, ever forgive you for doing that to him!

Kelly (wipes eyes): But he, he doesn't have to lose Ace! We, we don't have to lose Ace! No one ever has to know what Paul did!

Viki (sneers): You disgust me! What kind of creature are you? Do you even have a conscience? Can you even comprehend how a mother must feel at losing her child? It happened to you Kelly and without batting an eyelash, you are willing to allow another mother to experience such heartbreak! Are you really that selfish?

Kelly (slinks into her chair): I don't know what to do?

Viki: Kelly, you have got to give Ace back to his mother, no matter your pain, no matter our loss.

Kelly: I don't know where Paul got Ace. He never told me. David, Cassie and Dorian are trying to help me find Ace's biological mother.

Viki (eyes twitch): Dorian? Dorian knew that Ace was stolen? (Long pause) Kelly, did my grandchild ... have a proper burial?
LaBoulaie, morning

Cassie opens the door and Kevin pushes past her. He comments, "Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know Dorian doesn't want to see me! Well, too bad! Where is she upstairs?"

Alexandra is drinking hot tea in the living room and rises to watch Kevin and Cassie in the foyer.

Cassie: Mother isn't here, Kevin. She took Adriana to school this morning.

Kevin (mutters as he proceeds to leave): Fine! I'll just catch her at the hospital!

Alexandra (enters the foyer): Hold it right there, young man!

Kevin (turns, frowns): You talking to me? Excuse me do I know you?

Alexandra: Dorian's mother, Alexandra Roskova and you'd better back off my daughter!
R J's apartment

The doorbell rings and from the kitchen, Lindsay yells, "I'll get it!" to RJ, who is on the phone in the bedroom. Lindsay opens the door and it's David.

Lindsay: David? (Gasp) Your eye!

David (walks in): Yeah, I know. Feels worse than it looks. Anyway, I figured I'd find you here. (Sighs) Where's he at? (Concerned look)

Lindsay (closes door): Who? RJ? He's in the bedroom on the phone.

David: Good. I'm gonna need my other eye to see. I'll be brief. I need you to talk to Dorian.

Lindsay: I saw the paper this morning. David, is Dorian having an affair with Adam Chandler?

David: Huh?

RJ (walks into the room with an angry look): NO. I called Dorian after seeing this morning's headline. The truth is you BEDDED Dorian's niece under Dorian's roof!

David (backs up): How is Dorian?

RJ: Devastated, as if you care.... She survived Mel's death.... She'll survive you.

David: She doesn't have to survive me. I'm not going anywhere.

RJ (long pause): When I come back, Mr. Vickers, I'm going to pretend as if you were never here. (Looks at Lindsay) Returns to the bedroom.

Lindsay (socks David in the shoulder; he grabs his upper arm and grimaces, "Ow!"): David! Kelly?
Outside Adriana's school

Dorian pulls up across the street from the high school. Michael McDonald and Toni Braxton are singing, "Stop, Look, Listen (To Your Heart)" on the radio: "You're alone all the time. Does it ever puzzle you? Have you asked why?"

Dorian (turns off car and takes her daughter's hand, lifts her chin): Look at me. (Adriana complies.) You have hardly said a word to me all morning and in fact since you saw David leave last night.

Adriana: It hurt me to see you cry like that. I wish I'd never gone upstairs and...

Dorian: Adriana, it's not your fault. Who knows how long this was going on? If anything I'm grateful that the truth has finally come to light. You did nothing wrong.

Adriana: You love him.

Dorian: That doesn't go away so easily.

Adriana: I'm sorry, Mom!

Dorian (hugs her): It's all right.You and I are going to survive this and come back stronger than ever. (Looks at her.) But you've got to start eating. I know the truth now. There's no reason for you to suffer with silence.

Adriana (slight smile): I'll try.

Dorian (strokes her face): That's my girl. (Kisses her cheek.)

Adriana leaves the car. The easy listening music ends with a news brief: "Billionaire mogul Adam Chandler ... " Dorian turns off the radio. As she drives, she feels herself about to cry but fights back the tears. At the light she stops and appears to lapse into a daze. She questions, "Was he with her last night?" The driver behind her blows his horn and she moves. She pulls off to the side of the road; places her head on the steering wheel to regain her composure. Next, she pulls her wallet from her purse, takes out a picture of David and stares at it. She puts the picture away, takes a deep breath and then resumes her travel on the highway.
Chapter 77

Pine Valley, PA, Chandler Estate, late morning

Adam is in his study talking to his son, JR. Adam is pacing and JR is sitting down in a chair that is in front of his father's massive desk.

Adam: Paul Cramer's gone. There's no way of knowing if he is telling us the truth unless we run a DNA test on the child.

JR: YOU serious?

Adam: Quite. I have to know the TRUTH!

JR: The truth is Bess is my daughter.

Adam (sits down): What if she isn't? What if Cramer passed off Bianca's baby as a Chandler and gave your son to his sister, leaving a Chandler to be raised by the grandson of a billionaire Texas cowboy and his kin folk?

JR: I'm never given up on Bess.

Adam: JR, I've come to think of Bess as my grandchild. Still, we've both had a nagging suspicion that something wasn't right ever since Bianca mistook Bess for her baby and kidnapped her. Added to that, your wife has been acting rather strange, of late.

JR: My wife's in love with my brother.

Adam: Besides that!

JR: How are you going to get to the bottom of this?

Adam: Among other things, find out about the circumstances of little Asa Buchanan's birth.

JR: How, by romancing Dorian Lord-Vickers?

Adam: That my boy is a guilty pleasure with a side order of benefits. (Laughs.)

Patio of Chandler Estate

Babe and her mother, Krystal Carey are sitting at the patio table.

Krystal: So whaddaya think Papa Chandler and his repeat are up too?

Babe (stands with worried expression): Plotting my demise.

Krystal (joins her, strokes her hair): Don't even joke about somethin' like that. Might have a grain of truth to it.

Babe: I just wish this whole thing was over, Mama. I can't believe Paul gave me Bianca's baby and that my baby's, my baby's...dead. I think JR's starting to suspect that I'm hiding something from him about Bess.

Krystal: He's his father's son. He was spoon-fed suspicion for baby food before he was a toddler.

Babe (is teary-eyed): Mama, I've been thinking about Bianca. She deserves her baby back. No matter, no matter what it means for us.

Krystal: And rip your heart out? None of this is your fault! Why should you suffer the consequences for that good-for-nothun Paul Cramer's actions by losing your little girl?

Babe: I, I can't go on with the guilt. (Wipes eyes.) Or, see Bianca in so much pain and know I am the cause of it.
Small town in Pennsylvania

Dorian's BMW crosses a bridge that covers a creek. She passes a country store and scattered farms before she goes up a steep road where at the mountain crest is a tiny chapel framed with cherry trees. Dorian stops, looks around, gets out of the car; she is dressed in black with a wrap.

Mahalia Jackson sings "Precious Lord, Take My Hand."

Precious lord, take my hand
Lead me on, let me stand

Dorian takes a deep breath and then she enters the chapel. The walls are covered from floor to ceiling with old-fashioned dark brown wainscoting. It is a little chilly. The ceiling is very high and a wood stove heats the church. Since there is no electricity in the church, kerosene lamps are along the walls; none of them are in need of being lit. The minister enters through a side door, smiles, waves at Dorian. She remarks, "I just need to pray." He replies. "I'm out in the back if you need me." He leaves. Dorian approaches the altar, kneels and prays.

Iím tired, Iím weak, Iím lone
Through the storm, through the night
Lead me on to the light
Take my hand precious lord, lead me home

Outside the chapel, Kelly and Viki can be seen leaving Kelly's silver Volkswagen. Kelly sees Dorian's car, turns to Viki and remarks, "Dorian's here." Viki doesn't respond. She walks ahead of Kelly, who stops.

Viki and Dorian meet at the entrance to the chapel. They exchange meaningful glances. Dorian steps to the side and Viki goes to the altar and prays. Dorian turns and watches her with a mournful expression.

When my way grows drear precious lord linger near
When my light is almost gone
Hear my cry, hear my call
Hold my hand lest I fall
Take my hand precious lord, lead me home

Kelly stands outside the chapel. She is crying. Dorian sees her. She quietly walks to her and puts her arm around her. Kelly shakes her head. She refuses to move. Dorian assures, "I'm here at your side." Kelly looks at her and then begins to step toward the chapel.

Along the mountain top, Cassie parks her car at the cemetery. Alexandra, Cassie and Kevin leave the car. Cassie turns to her grandmother and whispers, "Wait here. Let me go with him." She takes a somber Kevin by the elbow.

When the darkness appears and the night draws near
And the day is past and gone
At the river I stand
Guide my feet, hold my hand
Take my hand precious lord, lead me home

They find a simple cross at a burial labeled "Baby Buchanan." Kevin sinks beside the site and he stares, feels the earth with his hands. Dorian and Viki embrace Kelly at the elbow as they escort her along the path leading to the cemetery. Dorian sees her mother and stops, hugs her, remains at her side. Alexandra nods toward Kevin.

Kelly cries. Viki continues on with her until they reach the burial plot. Kevin is still kneeling and doesn't notice them. Cassie and Viki exchange looks. Viki squeezes her son's shoulder. He glances at his mother, next Kelly and then he begins to cry. Cassie and Viki leave Kelly with Kevin. Kelly kneels beside Kevin. She takes him into her arms. Kelly wipes her tears and embraces Kevin tightly as he sobs uncontrollably.

Precious lord, take my hand
Lead me on, let me stand
Iím tired, Iím weak, Iím lone
Through the storm, through the night
Lead me on to the light

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Chapter 78

The Banner-Sun newspaper, newsroom

Todd is leaning over the shoulder of a reporter and reading the background information the reporter is typing.

The New York-based security-trained salesmen, identified as Efrain Barbi, 35, and Mohammad Halevi, 32, were traveling to Philadelphia delivering nearly $1 million in jewelry, including diamonds, to area businesses when they were attacked by three robbers at a gas station. The armed and masked robbers broke the windows of the car and made a quick getaway with the gems. Law enforcement sources speculate the rip-off was orchestrated at the hands of El Tiburon, who is the mastermind on the cusp of taking control of the Santi crime organization.
Todd directs, "Now see if you can tie this in with the murders at Lion's Head and a missing Tico Santi." The reporter nods. Blair walks in, tip-toes to place her chin on Todd's shoulder. Todd glimpses her, just as she says, "Good idea." He turns around to gently kiss her and comments, "Thought you'd be at Craze." He looks at her expression. "What's wrong?" She answers, "We need to talk. Your office." He escorts her from the newsroom to his office. Behind the closed door he hugs and then asks, "What is it?"

Blair: Cassie called.

Todd: What's up?

Blair: She and Alexandra were taking Kevin to see where his son is buried. Some small town around here. (Todd shrugs.) Did you really think I wouldn't continue our discussion from this morning, Todd?

Todd (sighs): Ace? What difference does it make?

Blair: Kelly's my cousin.

Todd: Who you hate. (Leaves her to sit at his desk.)

Blair: Doesn't mean I don't care about her. She's family.

Todd: She slept with Vickers! You feel sorry for her? Surprised.

Blair (approaches desk): No I don't. She devastated Dorian. But, she lost her baby... I wouldn't wish that on anyone. You knew that I'd want to know Paul stole Ace, but you didn't tell me sooner. Why?

Todd: Let Kevin and Kelly clean up their own messes.

Blair: It's Kevin.

Todd (long pause): We'd just gotten back together.... Didn't want anything to mess that up.

Blair (leans to look closely at him): My sleeping with Kevin was a mistake. It wasn't love.

Todd: I know that, now. I was feeling kinda shaky about things at the start....when we got back together.

Blair (approaches him, sits on his lap and places her arms around him. They kiss): We've been through a lot.

Todd: A helluva lot! (Raised brow)

Blair (strokes his hair): Cassie's staying in Llanview, not because of your terms but because she's decided to be closer to family. I think she's getting close to Alexandra, too.

Todd: Good. You're close to Cassie. I like having her here.

Blair: Todd, about Ace...

Todd: Cassie's smart. She's just about figured out the missing pieces for herself.

Blair: Paul got the baby from Pine Valley.

Todd: My guess. You got two babies; one lives, one dies. So says Paul.

Blair: You think Paul is lying about one of the babies dying? Still you got two baby girls.

Todd: What if one of the babies was really a boy?

Blair: Bianca Montgomery had a girl and Adam Chandler has a granddaughter.

Todd: Fine, fine. From what I've read Babe Chandler was pretty much out of it and her child was delivered at the hands of Paul Cramer. The kid was a boy. Suppose Cramer switched babies.

Blair: Tell me more.

Todd: All right. Cramer staged a helicopter crash to make it look like a baby died by evidence of an incubator later found in the river while he'd already given or made plans to give Kelly Babe's infant son. Babe Chandler gets Bianca's daughter. Bianca thinks her baby died.

Blair: Kinda twisted don't you think?

Todd: I'm a deviant. (Begins to fondle her waist and rear.) Let's go to Hawaii?

Blair: Hawaii? You mean like we were supposed to have done this summer? Starr's in school now. Besides, what about the Santi story you've been obsessing over?

Todd (kisses her fingers): We go when Starr has a break. And now I've got Cassie on board at Banner-Sun. Besides, you're my greatest obsession. (Samples more fingers.)

Blair: And what about the map?

Todd: You show the map to Dorian. See what she thinks. (He lifts Blair on the top of his desk.) Time to explore. (He nuzzles her breasts.)

Carlotta's Diner, afternoon

Carlotta has just poured John coffee and leaves his table. He is reading a letter from Sonia.


Things got too hot in Llanview. So surprise! (Sarcasm). I've been pulled out of town by the INL and given another assignment, unrelated to the Santi family. Of course I'm angry after the years I put into the investigation to tear apart the organization that was responsible for the death of my parents. I feel like a failure. But my feelings don't matter. I say a prayer for Tico and Manuel. In many ways, I feel as though my investigation was responsible for their disappearance and likely deaths.

I couldn't leave without finding some way of saying good-bye. I'm glad we had a chance to reconnect and work together. Hey, I worked hard to keep you under cover. I won't lie to you, I started to feel those old feelings resurface from our affair 16 years ago. Alas, some things aren't meant to be. I keep being reminded of that. Oh and El Tiburon.... My information leads me directly to RJ Gannon.


John folds the letter and places it inside his jacket pocket. Evangeline approaches and comments, "Seems pretty intense." She sits and adds, "Something upset you?"

John (takes her hand, rubs it): I like it intense.

Evangeline: You don't want to talk about the letter.

John: No.

Evangeline: I'll respect that. (Waitress approaches. Evangeline asks for the usual before the waitress walks away.) So, you going to eat?

John: I already ordered. They're bringing it out with your meal. You visit your grandma?

Evangeline: Yes. We talked about you. She asked if you were a skinny white boy with facial hair. (Laughs) She doesn't like skinny white boys (He corrects, "I'm a man." She changes.) Excuse me, men with facial hair. She says they've got something to hide.

John: Oh, I see. So are you telling me I gotta win her over?

Evangeline: Could be. She only likes skinny white men with facial hair who treat her granddaughter with respect.

John (jokes): Maybe I should shave?

Evangeline: Don't you dare! Don't hide, John. It's safe to come out. We visit her for dinner, next Sunday.

John: Good. I can't wait to meet her.
Antonio and Jessica's apartment, evening

Jessica's in the kitchen when Antonio walks into the apartment. They pause, stare.

Antonio: Surprised to see you. Jamie's not here. She's with RJ for the evening.

Jessica: I know. I didn't stop by to see Jamie. I'm here to see you.

Antonio (throws jacket on the sofa, glimpses her): Come back to get the rest of your things to move into Llanfair?

Jessica: No.

Antonio: This isn't working out. You're at Llanfair with your Mom, working, at school. We don't see each other. We've grown apart. Used to be, I'd walk through that door and we'd fall into each other's arms.

Jessica (approaches him): Antonio, you've spoken to Carlotta about leaving Llanview.

Antonio: Mami told you?

Jessica (folds arms): Actually, I got my first hint from Dorian. Your mother suggested that I speak with you about it. That's been really difficult to do lately because I look into your eyes and I don't see the man I feel in love with.

Antonio: Then who am I to you?

Jessica: A stranger that I care about.

Antonio: I don't know this place where we are anymore, Jess. We got busy with our own goals and drifted apart. I'm getting things together to move back to California. (She gasps) I want to finish law school there.

Jessica: You weren't going to tell me?

Antonio: I hadn't made up my mind. So there was nothing to tell.

Jessica: You hadn't made up your mind? Antonio, we weren't going to discuss it?

Antonio: I didn't figure it mattered anymore.

Jessica: It wouldn't matter? What about Jamie? (Gets teary-eyed). How are you going to go to law school and take care of a child?

Antonio: Haven't figure that out. Listen, I'll deal with it!

Jessica (wipes eyes): I'll go with you.

Antonio: What?

Jessica: I'll go with you and help take care of Jamie.

Antonio (approaches her, looks into her eyes): No.

Jessica: You don't want me with you?

Antonio: I'm not going to let you sacrifice the things that are important to you. We both know that it's over between us. There's no need to pretend.

Jessica: Jamie needs me.

Antonio (hugs her): Jess. (She asks, "Please don't go?") I can't (Looks at her, with tears in his eyes.) I can't stay anymore. It's time, time for us both to move on.

Bo's apartment, evening

Nora is with Matthew at the door. In the background, Bo has a CD playing with Marvin Gaye and Diana Ross singing "Stop, Look, Listen (To Your Heart)"

You're alone all the time
Does it ever puzzle you
Have you asked why
You seem to fall in love and out again
Do you really ever love
Or just pretend, oh, baby
Why fool yourself
Don't be afraid to help yourself
It's never too late, too late to

Stop, look, yes, listen to your heart
Hear what it's sayin'
Stop, look, listen to your heart
Hear what it's sayin'
Love, oh, love, love

Bo opens the door. Matthew has a pizza and walks past him to sofa to open the box on the coffee table. Nora remains at the door.

Bo: So you gonna come in?

Nora: I got work. Papers to go over.

Bo: It'll still be there. C'mon.

Matthew bites into pizza and stops chewing to yell, "Yeah, C'mon Mom!" As she comes in, Bo says, "Great! I'll go get us some napkins and something to drink!"

Nora sits beside Matthew on the sofa, grabs a slice of pizza and smiles as she listens to the song.

Though you try, you can't hide
All the things you really feel
This time decide
That you will open up, let it in
There's no shame in sharin' love you feel within
So jump right in
Head over heels and fall right in
It's never too late, too late to

Stop, look, listen to your heart
Hear what it's sayin'
Stop, look, oh, listen to your heart
Hear what it's sayin'
Love, love, love

Nora says, "Marvin Gaye. Diana Ross."

"Yep," Bo says as he brings a Coke to her. He gives the same to Matthew before he sits on the other side of his son. Matthew says, "That song's stupid!"

Nora(gasps as she musses her sons hair): Is this our son?

Bo: Can't be! He's dissin Motown!

Nora: That just means he has to listen to MORE songs until he gains an appreciate. (Tickles him.)

Matthew: No, No! I love Motown! Whatever that is?

Bo (looks at Nora): Did he say, whatever that is?

Nora (astonished look): Yes, I believe he did!

Bo hops to turn up the volume. Matthew smiles and suggests, "It's a stupid song but good for dancing."
Nora and Bo exchange looks and then, slowly join with each other in dance as the song plays out with Marvin and Diana singing.

Darlin', darlin', stop and look
(Stop right now and listen to your heart)
Oh, listen to your heart hear what it's sayin'
(Can't you see that it's not too late)
Stop and look
And listen to your heart hear what it's sayin'

Stop and listen to your heart right now
(Stop, look)
(Listen to your heart hear what's it's sayin')
Oh, can't you see that it's not too late
(Stop, look)
(Listen to your heart hear what it's sayin')

Darlin', stop and look
And listen to your heart hear what it's sayin'
Stop, baby
(Stop right now and listen to your heart)
And listen to your heart hear what it's sayin'
(Ooh, ooh, can't you see that it's not too late)

When the song is over, they pause to look into each other's eyes.

Chapter 79

LaBoulaie, nighttime

Dorian opens her door to find Kelly standing there.

Dorian: Hello. How are you?

Kelly: Better than I was earlier when, well (Dorian steps back; Kelly walks in.) Thank you. I wasn't sure if I was welcomed.

Dorian: You're not welcomed. (Kelly turns to leave; Dorian grabs her arm to stop her.) But I want to hear what you have to say. (Alexandra is walking down the stairs and Dorian and Kelly both look up at her. Dorian closes the door.)

Kelly: Hello Alexandra.

Alexandra (rubs Kelly's back): Hello Kelly. Of course you know that I am sorry at your loss. (Looks at Dorian, who nods.) I'll be in the study, if you need me, dear. (She leaves the two of them and walks down the hallway)

As Kelly walks into the living room she comments, "She looks good. How's the treatment going?" Kelly looks back at Dorian, who gestures for her to sit. Kelly does so with hesitation.

Dorian: We did a CBC. Her blood cell count looks good. Can I get you something to drink?

Kelly: Water would be fine. That's great! That's very good news. (Clears throat). How, how's Adriana?

Dorian: Devastated. (Gives her the water.) She's at the penthouse with Starr, tonight.

Kelly: Dorian, I'm sorry.

Dorian: Are you, really? Because you know I wondered if it were sorrow or satisfaction you were feeling.

Kelly (sips water, coughs): I, I never (coughs) never meant to hurt, hurt you.

Dorian: Kelly, what did you expect to happen when you wore a negligee into my bedroom just as David was leaving the shower?

Kelly (whispers): I don't have an excuse, except that I wasn't in the right frame of mind when I tried to seduce him.

Dorian (sits, sighs): Him, meaning MY husband! I lost Joe.

Kelly (whines): Dorian.

Dorian: I was in love with Joe and you knew that. What was the reason, then?

Kelly: You and Joey had, were broken up before, before anything, anything started with us.

Dorian: You knew... that the love was still there. When we had a chance together again, I gave him up... for you. And now David...

Kelly: I can't, I don't know how to explain. David was always there and before I realized it, I, I became dependent on him. And I suppose, I needed him to feel loved.

Dorian: You needed my husband for the sex! To use him to feel better about yourself! You didn't care that I'd be hurt! Blair warned me! She warned me!

Kelly: Blair hates me!

Dorian (with harshness and a pointed finger): DON'T! Don't you dare whine to me about Blair's feelings toward you ever again! (Kelly sighs, swallows hard) I didn't listen. I didn't listen to her. In fact, I've always sided with you over Blair. I don't know. I guess, I guess it was because Blair reminded me so much of myself. TOUGH. But you....you always appeared so fragile, a feeler, much like Cassie. You are much stronger than I realized. You, you pull from the strength of others and you take from them, their blood, their life. Yes, like a leech, just like a leech! You know NOTHING of family love or loyalty!

Kelly (look of resilience): I love you, Dorian. And don't you try and tell me that I don't because I do! You don't want to turn your back on me. We're family. (Dorian utters, "Ha!") At the chapel today, I felt your strength, your love. It made me stronger; I was able to help Kevin, to face, to face losing my son.

Dorian (stands): I love you Kelly. But I am truthfully sickened by your presence! I want you to leave!

Kelly (stands): Nothing happened between David and me.

Dorian: Not from your lack of trying. And the shirt I got from Europe for David, BURN it!

Kelly (is about to leave and turns around): I took the shirt from your bedroom that night. I was comforted at that moment by the feel of it against my skin.

Dorian: You wanted it to be David. (Heavy sigh.)

Kelly: Yes. But he made it clear that he was in love with you.

Dorian: You kept it. Why?

Kelly: Blair threw me out that night.

Dorian: Blair! Blair! Blair! Blair!

Kelly (continues talking): I threw everything around me into a suitcase! The shirt ended up at the cleaners. I was going to return it but then...

Dorian (whispers): I found it ... in your closet.

Kelly: David and I didn't have an affair, Dorian. I came to make sure that you knew that. (Kelly is about to walk away when Dorian calls her and she turns.)

Dorian: I'm sorry about your baby and Ace. Stay away from me, my daughter, my family. You're cut off!

Kelly (gets teary-eyed): I see, I see how it's going to be. (Wipes tears.) I'm sorry that I hurt David and Adriana, and most especially you. (She leaves.)

Dorian is pouring herself water when Alexandra walks into the room.

Alexandra: No blood drawn? That was civilized. Are you all right?

Dorian: No.
At Llanfair, still nighttime

Kevin is on the patio. He is disheveled and still looks to be in shock. Natalie and Viki are in the library discussing him.

Natalie: I can't believe she did this to him.

Viki: Me either or that Dorian knew the whole time that Ace was stolen!

Natalie: What are we going to do, Mom?

Viki: Kevin wants to locate little Ace's biological parents.

Natalie: Mom, what about his campaign to be lieutenant governor?

Viki: I don't know what will happen, sweetheart. He wants to talk to Cassie about what she has learned and maybe hire a private investigator to work with Cassie to discreetly find out the identity of Ace's parents.

Natalie: Poor Kevin. Should one of us go out and check on him?

The doorbell rings.

Viki: I will get it (As she walks toward the door, Natalie stares with a worried look at Kevin.)

Viki (opens the door): Cassie! (The two kiss on the cheek and then, Viki squeezes her hand.) I was glad that you were there for Kevin today.

Cassie: I was there for Kelly, too.

Viki: Oh yes, of course. Please come in.

Cassie walks toward the library and sees Kevin through the windows of the doors. She says hello to Natalie but maintains a watch on Kevin.

Viki walks up behind Cassie and whispers, "Why don't you see if he wants to talk?" Cassie turns around and asks, "Are you sure?" Viki nods.

Cassie goes outside. Kevin turns to look at her and then he turns his back on her again. He says, "What are you doing here?"

Inside the library, Natalie asks, "Weren't they married once?"

Viki answers, "Yes," and then suggests, "Why don't we go into the kitchen?"

Natalie: You like her don't you?

Viki (embraces her at the elbow): Yes.

Natalie: More than, Kelly?

Viki: Let us just say it is food for thought.

Outside on the patio, Cassie answers his question: "You said that you wanted to discuss what I'd learned in my search for Ace's biological parents."

Kevin (glances at her): Oh that's right.

Cassie approaches Kevin and touches his shoulder. She says, "Maybe now's not a good time to talk about it. I know what you're going through."

Kevin (turns to look at her, again): You lost William. Beth died. You and Andrew got to keep your son.

Cassie: You're right. But, at one point I had to give River back to his mother. The grief was so painful, I couldn't believe I was still alive. Andrew asked about you. He wants to come over and see you.

Kevin: She lied to me! She lied to me Cassie! My baby's DEAD.

Cassie (hugs him): I know.

Kevin: I wanted my son. I thought Ace was my son. And now I'm confused. I don't know what to feel. I got, I got this hole inside of me that keeps getting bigger and I don't know how to stop it.

Cassie (looks at him): Now you listen to me! You can't let that hole swallow you up! You have people who love you and want to help you.... including Kelly. (He turns away from her.) I'm not trying to excuse what Kelly did but I believe Kelly has been going through denial. She's had Ace. She hasn't allowed herself to mourn the lost of her baby.

Kevin (looks at her): And what? I'm supposed to feel sorry for her, to give a damn about her pain after the hell she put me through! This is a woman who slept with your mother's husband! You're going to defend that, too?

Cassie: I'm not defending Kelly just explaining how she must feel. You have both lost your child. And, David said nothing ever happened between the two of them.

Kevin: Cassie, you believe that? (The doorbell rings.)

Cassie: Does it matter to you who Kelly sleeps with? (Natalie opens the front door. From the patio, Kelly can be seen entering the foyer.)

As she walks into the library, Kelly and Kevin exchange a glance and then Kelly looks at Cassie.
At Capricorn, late night

RJ is at a table with a customer. Lindsay is at the bar when John approaches and whispers in her ear: "Does sleeping with him make it more bearable to face who he is during the day?"

Lindsay (glimpses): Bug off! (From another area of the room, RJ can be seen watching Lindsay and John while smiling and talking to customers at a table.)

John (sits beside her): Do you really know who you're dealing with?

Lindsay(sips drink): Do you?

John: You know anything about the whereabouts of Tico Santi?

Lindsay: Tico Santi? Why should I?

John (looks to see where RJ is; RJ gives him an evil look): My sources are telling me he's a stiff, and El Tiburon had something to do with taking him out.

Lindsay: What does that have to do with you questioning me about RJ?

John: You tell me.

RJ (approaches, places his hand on John's shoulder): Lieutenant McBain.

John: RJ Gannon.

RJ: Shouldn't you be with Evangeline?

John: I was with her. I've been with her. (Smirks)

Lindsay: Anybody ever tell you that you're a jerk?

John: Been told that a time or two.

RJ: State your business and leave!

John stands, stares at Lindsay, gives her a card and says, "Call if you need me," before he leaves.

RJ (asks Lindsay): You gonna keep that?

Lindsay (places the card in her purse): I will if I need it. Gregory, another drink.

RJ looks perturbed and walks away from the bar.
Chapter 80

At Llanfair, still nighttime

The scene picks up where it left off at Llanfair.

Cassie: I'm not defending Kelly just explaining how she must feel. You have both lost your child. And, David said nothing ever happened between the two of them.

Kevin: Cassie, you believe that? (The doorbell rings.)

Cassie: Does it matter to you who Kelly sleeps with? (Natalie opens the front door. From the patio, Kelly can be seen entering the foyer.)

As she walks into the library, Kelly and Kevin exchange a glance and then Kelly looks at Cassie.

Cassie glimpses the disgusted look on Kevin's face. She remarks, "I'll go talk to her."

She leaves Kevin on the patio and enters the library. Natalie comments, "I told her now wasn't a good time." Kelly stares at Kevin.

Cassie: Natalie's right, honey.

Kelly (looks at her cousin): You were just with him but he can't talk to his wife? We BOTH lost a child! It's not just Kevin who's suffering. (Natalie rolls her eyes.)

Cassie: I know that. I was just about to leave. Why don't the two of us leave together?

Kelly: Cassie what are you doing here?

Natalie: She is here because Kevin wants to see her!

Kelly: I need to talk to Kevin.

Natalie: You know what? You are such a selfish bitch! What about what Kevin needs? (Kevin walks into the room.)

Kevin: Stop arguing! (Kelly walks over to him.)

Kelly: We need to talk about, about what happened today. (She takes, rubs his hand. He moves his hand away.)

Kevin: I know that you're here for Ace. I, I want him to stay the night.

Kelly (frowns): Kevin!

Cassie: Kelly. (Kelly looks at her cousin.)

Kelly: OK, fine. I just need, let me spend some time with him. I don't know what, what I expected. I just wanted.... I'm sorry. (She turns away, looks at Natalie and then Cassie before she leaves the room.)

Elton John can be heard singing, "Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word."

What have I got to do to make you love me
What have I got to do to make you care

Cassie says good-bye to Natalie and Kevin and then turns into the kitchen to say good night to Viki, who walks with her into the foyer. As Cassie leaves out the front door, Viki walks into the library. Natalie leaves the room and Viki takes her son into her arms.

What do I do when lightning strikes me
And I wake to find that youíre not there

Kelly is upstairs with Ace. She is rocking Ace and whispers in his ear. Natalie is at the doorway and watches them.

What do I do to make you want me
What have I got to do to be heard

David is shown drinking with Daniel at Rodi's. He looks distraught and he walks over to the juke box. An attractive red head approaches him and he walks away from her.

What do I say when itís all over
And sorry seems to be the hardest word

At LaBoulaie, Dorian stares out the patio doors. Alexandra approaches her. Dorian looks over her shoulder, where Alexandra's hand rests to comfort her.

Itís sad, so sad
Itís a sad, sad situation
And itís getting more and more absurd

At Blair and Todd's penthouse, Adriana is in the bathroom. She takes a razor blade and begins making marks on her wrist. She is trembling and cries at the sight of blood. She is startled by the knock on the door and Starr's inquiry, "What are you doing?" Adriana places her wrist in the sink and covers and compresses the bleeding with her other hand. Starr calls, "Adriana!"

Itís sad, so sad
Why canít we talk it over
Oh it seems to me
That sorry seems to be the hardest word

Dorian turns and looks into her mother's eyes.

What do I do to make you love me
What have I got to do to be heard
What do I do when lightning strikes me
What have I got to do
What have I got to do
When sorry seems to be the hardest word

Dorian rests her head on Alexandra's shoulder. She says, "I love you, Momma."

Chapter 81

Todd and Blair's Penthouse, late night

Minutes pass. The water is running in the bathroom sink and Starr is still trying to get Adriana out of the bathroom.

Adriana: I'm, I'm fine Starr.

Starr: Yeah, so why aren't you opening the door?

Adriana: In a minute!

Starr: You said that a few minutes ago. (Starr feels the doorknob turn so she backs away from the door. Adriana immediately throws herself on the bed.

Adriana: I'm fine!

Starr sits beside her on the bed. She demands, "Stop trying to cover it with your sleeve!" Adriana looks at her. Starr adds, "You told me you'd stop. You can't."

Adriana: Please don't tell anyone.

Starr: I have to.

Adriana: If you tell anyone then I swear I'll never speak to you ever again!

Starr (gets a message on her cell phone that she has in her hand. It's a text message from Duke): Duke says that he hasn't seen you in days or even heard from you. He wants you to call.

Adriana: I don't want to be with him. I don't want to be with anyone right now.

Starr (gives her the phone): Then tell him.

Adriana (sits up, looks at the phone): I can't.

Starr: You don't' want to stop seeing him. (Starr gets up from the bed.)

Adriana: Where are you going?

Starr: I'm going to get my mom to tell her about what you've been doing.

Adriana (hops out of bed): Starr, please, please don't! (She pulls at her arm, just as she is turning the doorknob.)

Starr opens the door and Cassie is standing in front of her. She asks, "What's going on?"

Adriana (looks panic-stricken): Nothing!

Starr(glances at Adriana): Tell her.

Cassie: Tell me what?

Starr: TELL her or I will!

Adriana: All right! (Lowers voice.) Can we stay alone in your room, please?

Starr looks at her and remarks, "Good luck, OK?" then she leaves, closes the door after Cassie enters the bedroom. Starr comes down the stairs and Blair asks, "What's going on up there?" Starr responds, "Hopefully Adriana is telling Cassie what's been bothering her."

Cassie (is sitting next to Adriana on the bed): I'm right here when you're ready.

Adriana: I, I don't know where to start. (She pulls down her sleeve. Cassie notices and sighs to relieve her nervousness.) Up until about a year ago, I lived my entire life in a convent. I felt safe and certain. I visited with my parents, who showed me nothing but love. It was a fantasy, really. Now, nothing is as it seems of my life I once knew that was safe and certain. Don't get me wrong. I love Dorian, David, Carlotta and all of you. But, I lost who I was and now, I'm someone else. In the midst of all that, I learned what a horrible person my father was, that he was dead, then alive and now dead. Still, I feel the loss of him. I loss River. (She looks at Cassie.) That really, really hurt! And what happened with David hurt alot. I was closer to him than just about anyone, except maybe Mom, Carlotta and the Colons. Our relationship was special. I could trust him, talk to him, tell him silly little secrets. He made me laugh and made me feel comfortable in my skin.

Cassie: David had his good points.

Adriana: I didn't have to be a Cramer, a Santi. I could just be me. Only, David wasn't who I thought he was, either. (Looks angry) He only pretended to love me and Mom! And Mom's so upset.... Things will never be the same. (Begins to cry) I just wish the truth had never come out! That I'd never opened the door to see David and Kelly. (She covers her eyes. Cassie notices bandages on her wrist.) I want to feel safe and certain. But I have all these mixed up feelings! (Wipes eyes.)

Cassie (takes her wrist): Adriana, tell me about this.

Adriana (guilty look): I don't know what you mean?

Cassie: It's safe.

Adriana: I want the pain to go away.

Cassie: Honey, you're hurting yourself and destroying your beautiful body. You can talk to me. You don't have to hold it inside anymore or cut yourself.

Adriana: I tried, Cassie. I can't stop.

Cassie (hugs her): Then, we'll get you some help. I do know that you're not the only one who does this to relieve emotional turmoil but it doesn't make the problems go away so we've got to get to the root of it. There are support groups. We can get you professional help. Most importantly, you have a family who loves you very much.

Adriana (looks at Cassie): NO. Don't tell, Mom. I won't agree to any of it if you tell her!
Llanfair, late night

Asa and Renee, who have just been told about Ace being stolen and given to Kelly, are sitting with a look of shock on the sofa across from Kevin and Viki. Asa stands and walks to the beverage stand. Viki says, "The bourbon is on the right."

Asa (pours himself a drink): You mean Paul Cramer has disappeared with no evidence there is any truth to this and you are willing to go public ... pull, pulll the plug on you political future? Not to mention, mention (takes a sip, looks at Kevin) Not to mention, my losing a great grandson ... whose my namesake and a part of this family!

Renee (joins Asa at his side, rubs his arm): Isn't there some other way we can deal with this without giving up Ace?

Viki (looks at Kevin): No. We have not told Bo about any of this. We had considered he may need to be involved.

Asa: Absolutely not! He's a damn police commissioner! You need to keep the lid on this thing! Keep it outta the public domain!

Viki: To a certain degee, Kevin and I agree with you Asa. Were we to inform the authorities at this point, Ace would become a temporary ward of the state until his real parents are located.

Asa: Hell no!

Viki: Well I do have some friends in Child Welfare but I am afraid this is a high profile case, which would discount the possibility of my earning any favors, particularly because he was stolen.

Kevin (sighs): The other option is to hire a private investigator.

Viki: This investigator would work with Cassie, who has already been attempting to find Ace's parents.

Asa: Kelly and Kevin are the boy's parents! He don't know anybody else.

Viki: Well, I agree with you there Asa. Much as we loath to think of it, the only problem is somewhere out there, a mother is suffering terribly because she is without her son.

Renee: Have you discussed any of this we're talking about tonight with Kelly?

Asa: Leave that bitch outta this!

Renee: Kevin?

Kevin: Not yet. (Sighs) But, I think she'll go along with it. David, Dorian and Cassie were all trying to help Kelly find Ace's mother before I knew anything about it.

Asa: Dorian and her no account family.... they shutcha out from decisions that affect your son's future! You're that baby's Pappy!

Viki: Asa, Kevin and I...visited the burial site for Kelly and Kevin's biological son. (Asa clutches his chest and grimaces. Renee leans over him, and exclaims, "Asa!" He waves his hand.)

Kevin: Grandpa?

Asa: Leave me alone! I'm fine!

Renee (takes the bourbon from Asa's hand): We'd like to go there, spend some time. It might help us to heal.

Kevin: You sure you're all right, Grandpa? (Asa nods his head.) I'm pulling outta the race.

Asa: The HELL you say?

Kevin: The damage this would do to the campaign is insurmountable. We're not going to be able to keep the lid on this for much longer. I don't think we can recoup from the loss of the extreme right and fundamentalists.

Asa: Kelly! CUT her loose!

Renee: I'm with your grandpa. You had nothing to do with taking that baby from his mother.

Viki (looks at Kevin): Is that what you want to do?
At LaBoulaie, late night

The doorbell rings. Dorian answers it and there is a deliveryman with a huge bouquet. Dorian frowns and questions, "At this hour?" The deliveryman responds, "Money talks." Dorian smiles as she reaches into her purse and guesses, "Adam," before giving him a sizeable tip, taking the flowers and closing the door.

Dorian goes into the kitchen to find a suitable vase. While she pours water into the vase, she reads the card that came with the flowers: "May you have pleasant dreams, as will I while thinking of you."

Dorian cuts the bottom of the stems and then places them into the vase. Alexandra walks into the kitchen, and comments, "Was that the doorbell?" (Dorian places the vase on the counter.) Alexandra adds, "And are those the delivery?" She gets a glass and pours herself water.

Dorian (admires the flowers): They are from Adam.

Alexandra (raises brow): You're not letting the grass grow under those feet. Just be careful that you aren't fooling yourself about your heart, huh? (Rubs her back.)

Dorian (arranges the flowers): I know it, Mom. I'm tired of crying. Time for me to move on! (She smells the flowers.) Yes, I'll take them upstairs and place them at my bedside. (She takes the vase with her.) Hmm, and call Adam.
Chapter 82

LaBoulaie, early morning

Alexandra is talking to Dorian, who is in her robe and sorting through clothes in her huge walk-in closet. Cassie knocks on her mother's bedroom door. Dorian yells, "Come in!" and Cassie walks in while Alexandra says, "See you downstairs," and squeezes Cassie's shoulder before she leaves. Cassie sits on the bed, glimpses the flowers on Dorian's nightstand; she appears too preoccupied in thought for immediate comment. Dorian comes out of her closet with a blue suit on a hanger. Cassie and Dorian briefly hug each other.

Dorian: Hello sweetheart. Adriana was asleep when I called over to Blair's last night. We didn't talk when you came home this morning. Why didn't you bring her home? It's a school day. I'd prefer for her to be at home on school nights.

Cassie: I know. She had clothes at Blair's and decided to spend the night with Starr. I gave in. Flowers... Adam?

Dorian: Ah yes, Adam! (Smiles brilliantly and then it disappears at noticing Cassie's expression.) Is it Adriana?

Cassie(heavy sigh): Mother, I think, I think that Adriana needs to see a therapist.

Dorian (plops on the bed with a shocked look): A therapist? Cassie!

Cassie: Relax a minute! When I went to Blair's last night, Adriana was upset.

Dorian (anxious): I can't fix this thing with David! I know that she's upset. Even more upset than usual and you didn't bring her home?

Cassie: Let me finish. We talked for awhile. She wanted to stay with Starr and Blair.

Dorian: Instead of her mother? Cassie you're not telling me everything!

Cassie (long pause): I just think that she needs someone to talk to, someone who's neutral like a therapist.

Dorian: She can come to her mother, always! Why didn't she come to me?

Cassie: She didn't want to upset you. She loves you very, very much.

Dorian (stands): This is my fault! (paces)

Cassie (sighs): Now c'mon, it's no one's fault, Mother. It's, it's circumstance.

Dorian: Circumstances I created by allowing David to be a part of her life, to become a father to her!

Cassie (stands and approaches Dorian): Mother, David loves Adriana and she loves David.

Dorian: I know.

Cassie: So do you. (Frowns) Adam Chandler? You do realize, you're seeing him on the rebound? (Dorian shrugs without verbal response.)

Cassie: What do you even know about Adam Chandler other than he's filthy rich?

Dorian: He's had a thing for me for years. Nothing serious, just a flirtation. We both know that one of us would kill the other if we took it any further than that. He's also seeing someone else... a Mary Smythe.

Cassie: So you're going out with him, anyway, when you're really in love with David? (Dorian raises a brow) Oh forget it! What do you know about the junior version of Adam Chandler?

Dorian: Adam Jr? Not much; he is married to a girl who calls herself, Babe. (Shakes head) How hideous! And this Babe person was incidentally once married to your cousin, Paul. Back to a more important subject, what about Adriana? What did she tell you last night at Blair's?

Cassie: Babe was once married to Paul?

Dorian: Yes. Why? Are you going to answer my question about my daughter?

Cassie: Babe was married to Paul. She calls; he brings his helicopter to rescue her and Bianca Montgomery on the night of that horrendous storm. He delivers her baby.

Dorian: Well that was a long time ago. What's that look for?

Cassie: I don't know quite yet, except the two of them have a history. Also, Todd seems to think one of the babies born during that storm was a male.

Dorian: That's right about the time.... You mean Ace? If you don't give me the answer about Adriana, I'll find out myself by going to the penthouse!

Cassie: Yes, what if Paul lied and the baby he helped Babe deliver was a boy, a boy that he stole and gave to Kelly. The boy we know and have come to love as Ace. Adriana has already left for school.

Dorian (checks the clock on the nightstand): So, Paul would have stolen Bianca's Montgomery's baby girl and given her to Babe. That would make our Ace a Chandler.

Cassie: That is assuming Adam Jr is the father. You think Adam has any suspicions? Or, is this all far-fetched?

Dorian: We're talking about Paul. Anything's possible. I'm seeing Adam soon. I can find out about his family life and his granddaughter. Right now, I'm more concerned about my daughter. (Takes off robe, has on undergarments and climbs into her skirt.) How do you know that Adriana was even in any condition to go to school? Does Blair know what's going on?

Cassie: Mother don't!

Dorian (zips skirt): What?

Cassie: Adriana probably insisted on going to school.

Dorian: That doesn't mean she should be there!

Cassie: OK, you're right. I told Blair you'd call her after we spoke. (long pause) Adriana's gun shy about getting the help that she needs and I'm afraid that she'll back out of it if she feels pressured.

Dorian: Cassie, Adriana is my daughter! I know what she needs! You should have told me about this last night!(Dorian puts on a blouse and begins to button it.)

Cassie: So you'll make the appointment and if it's OK with you, the two of us will be there for support? Well depending on if I'm with grandmother. Mother, should David be there?

Dorian: I don't want him near my daughter ever again!

Cassie: Are you sure that's what Adriana wants? (Reads her expression) OK. We'll get advice from the professionals as to how to handle all of this.

Dorian: Cassie, I am a medical professional and a mother!

Cassie (touches her shoulder): Don't make this about about you! Please, this is a very delicate situation.

Dorian (moves her shoulder): Cassie, is there more to this?

Cassie: Nothing that we can't handle.

Dorian (snaps): That's not an answer!

Cassie: I'm taking grandmother to the hospital for her treatment. When do you think you can get Adriana in to see someone?

Dorian: I'm COS, right away for an assessment. I'll take it from there. (Dorian picks up the phone and makes a call. There's no answer at Todd and Blair's penthouse.) She's left for school. I'll pick her up. (Sits on bed, slips on heels.) And Cassie, don't ever, EVER, assume that I don't know what's best for my daughter! (Dorian stands and looks at herself in a full-length mirror as she slips on her suit jacket.) Nothing and noone is more important than my girls!
Craze Magazine, later that morning

Blair walks into David's office, turns on the light. She screams at the sight of David raising his head from the desk and then squinting his eyes. He covers his face with his arms.

Blair: David, did you spend the night here?

David: I don't remember. Maybe I never left. However, I do vaguely remember having drinks at Rodi's with Daniel Colson. He must have dropped me off here to snooze on the sofa. I am sure I didn't want to sleep in a cold, empty bed.

Blair (looks around the office): And this is better? Go home David! Get cleaned up!

David: Home?

Blair: Well, wherever you're staying.

David: Angel Square Hotel, temporarily. I'll be back home at LaBoulaie (yawns) before you know it.

Blair: How's the eye?

David (gets out of his chair to make coffee): Bearable. (Looks at her) How are my wife and stepdaughter?

Blair: You got the Farrell file? (He answers, "Side drawer," and points to his desk. Blair searches for the file.) Dorian's Dorian.

David (beams): Not good, huh? She doesn't like sleeping alone either. (Frowns upon reflecting on his comment.)

Blair: She's being courted by billionaire Adam Chandler. Serves you right for cheating on Dorian with Kelly! (He opens his mouth to explain. She raises her hand to cut him off.) Don't even!

David: Is Dorian really interested in him?

Blair: He brought her flowers. They're in her bedroom.

David: As long as the flowers are the only thing from him in our bedroom.

Blair: Seriously, David, I do think that you should talk to Dorian.

David (stops making the coffee, looks concerned): Why? Is there something else going on?

Blair: I can't get into it. You should talk things over with Dorian. (Blair is getting ready to leave the office with the Farrell file when David comments, "Farrell's backing the Brooks/Buchanan ticket." )

Blair: How do you know?

David: I emailed you a lot of the info from that file already. To answer your question, I recognized some of Farrell's people at that stupid rally at the university. I checked into it. The companies that are a part of his conglomerate are major contributors to the campaign.

Blair: That's interesting and it fits. Farrell's trying to get the young vote for the presidency in 2008. Good work.

David: It's why you still have me around even though Dorian and me are on the outs. And there is that little detail of me owning a share of the company.

Blair: You can still be ousted so don't get too cozy! And David, clean yourself up! (Blair leaves.)

David goes to his desk. He mutters, "Need to hear your voice." He calls Dorian's cell phone, hangs up. "She won't answer like all the other 10 dozen times." Next, he calls Adriana. She answers and recognizes it's him. She is about to hang up before he pleads with her not to. "This is driving me nuts. I miss you, too. How 'bout?... You want to see me about your mother? That'd be great, terrific! I'll talk to Dorian about my picking you up from school. Adriana.... I love you." He hangs up and smiles at his accomplishment. Next, he looks up and sees Kelly walk into the office.
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Chapter 83

Carlotta's Diner, morning

John and Evangeline are having breakfast at the diner. RJ is holding Jamie and is with her at a booth. Jamie has an apple in her hand. Natalie and Carlotta are with Antonio at the counter.

RJ (to Jamie): I promised your mother that I would take care of you, be a part of your life to make up for not being there when she was younger. Granddaddy's gonna make good on that promise no matter where you are.

Antonio watches RJ with Jamie. He is eating his mother's flan.

Natalie: Are you sure this is the right thing, Antonio?

Antonio: I'm not sure but I have some friends on the police force there. I still have more to do to get accepted back into law school. It's a process. I'm moving in the right direction.

Carlotta (pours coffee into his cup): My son wants to be a lawyer so that he can make sure the crooks stay behind bars.

Antonio: Try to at least. (Takes a bite of his flan.) I'm glad you understand, Mami.

Natalie: Still no leads on Tico's whereabouts? I can't believe the guy just disappeared like that!

Antonio: I can't really discuss the Santi investigation. But my hunch is Tico's dead. I'm sorry, Mami.

Carlotta: I am too. He was my nephew but I never got to know him. I had a bad feeling about him when I met him at the diner. Sonia certainly didn't waste much time leaving Llanview.

Antonio: It was dangerous. She left before she disappeared like her brother.

RJ (brings Jamie back to Antonio): I think our agreement for her to stay with me until you get settled is fair. I appreciate it. (Offers hand.)

Antonio (shakes hand): Well, you and Mami will both take care of her. You're actually helping me out. Thank you. Just keep my daughter safe, out of harms way.

RJ: I love my granddaughter. I'm not going to let anything happen to her. I'd die first.

Antonio: I know that.

Carlotta becomes tearful and says (in Spanish): I am trying to be strong but it is difficult for me to say good-bye because I will miss you. God take care of you. I love you. (She kisses Antonio on the cheek.) Antonio walks away from them with Jamie and sings to his daughter in Spanish. Carlotta runs to the back. Natalie attempts to follow her but RJ stops her. He says, "I think she needs some time alone."

John watches from his table. Evangeline notices his eyes on Natalie and she asks, "Should I be jealous?" He looks at Evangeline and replies, "It's up to you."

Evangeline: Is that an insult, threat or a challenge?

John: Family drama. Antonio's leaving Llanview in a few weeks. He's flying out today to check out a job. Don't make anything else out of it. Antonio's a friend.

Evangeline: I understand that, but it seems like we're still dealing with another woman in our relationship--first Caitlin, Natalie. When is it just going to be me? Or is that asking too much of a commitment from you? Damn John, I thought we'd moved past this. Otherwise, I wouldn't have mentioned your skinny white ass to my grandmother.

John: I am looking forward to meeting your grandmother. Even if I had a skinny black ass I'd want to meet her. She's your grandmother. (Long pause) Natalie's a kid. I worry about her. I feel responsible for her husband's death. You're just gonna have to make a decision about whether you can handle it.

Evangeline (angry): Handle it? You mean tolerate your obsessive interest, which by the way you've managed to weave into a way to keep me at a distance?

John (waitress brings more coffee; John sees Antonio walk toward the kitchen area of the diner where Carlotta just went): He's saying good-bye to his mother. I wanna have a few words with him before he leaves for the airport. Excuse me. (Evangeline has her mouth open with a look of disgust. She grabs her purse and leaves. Natalie notices and smiles, shakes her head.)

RJ (to Natalie): Looks like someone's fired up. Could be your chance.

Natalie: Who says I give a damn? (Jessica walks into the diner, Natalie leaves the counter to greet her sister.)
Craze Magazine, morning

Blair walks into her office with Dorian, whom she met at the elevator.

Blair: All I can tell you is that Adriana locked herself in the bathroom. Starr said that she was really upset. Cassie came over to pick her up, spoke with her and she spent the night with us instead.

Dorian (sighs): Cassie didn't tell you what was going on? (Sits down.)

Blair: No, she didn't but I can tell that it was pretty bad. (Sits behind her desk.) I'm sorry, Dorian.

Dorian: Blair, why didn't you say anything about this when I called to talk to her?

Blair: Because she was asleep. And, I figured if it was really something urgent that couldn't wait 'til morning, Cassie would tell both of us about it. She just asked me to keep an eye on Adriana. I did.

Dorian (stands): Thank you. I don't know what I'd do if...

Blair: Dorian, don't do this to yourself. (Walks over to her, rubs her shoulder.) Beating yourself up isn't going to do anybody any good. Adriana needs you to be strong for her.

Dorian: I called over to the hospital to arrange an assessment. (Looks at her watch.) I've gotta pick her up from school. I don't fully know what I'm dealing with or what's bothering her other than this situation with David has caused my daughter to spiral into an abyss.

Blair: Adriana's always so positive about everything. Maybe she's just been keeping it all inside?

Dorian (hugs her): I'd better go. Oh! (Gets her cell phone out her purse.) I just want to check on a few things with Sam before I leave.

Blair: How about David? And don't tell me you didn't stop by here to see him.
Llanview Hospital, morning

Cassie is using the phone at the receptionist desk of the radiation center to see if Dorian is in the hospital. Alexandra is sitting down reading a Craze magazine article that previews Jessica's upcoming interview with Alexandra and Alexandra's speech at LVU. The receptionist politely says, "We'll be with you in just a moment, Ms. Roskova." Alexandra smiles and replies, "I am not exactly in a hurry."

Cassie (hangs up and sits next to her grandmother): Well mother isn't in the hospital and she left LaBoulaie before we did.

Alexandra: Will you leave your mother alone?

Cassie: Grandmother, you don't understand.

Alexandra: Why don't you inform me what the hell's going on then?

Cassie(sighs): I can't. Not yet, anyway.

Alexandra: This is about Adriana.

Cassie: Yes.

Alexandra: Are you keeping Dorian in the dark, too?

Cassie: Kinda, sorta.

Alexandra: Well then put an end to it immediately!

Cassie: I can't.

Alexandra: You choose not to. Adriana is your mother's child.

Receptionist: Ms. Roskova. We're ready for you.

Cassie gives her grandmother a hug and a kiss. She ponders her advice.
Craze Magazine, David's office.

Kelly has just walked in. David is at his desk.

David: LEAVE. (Rushes toward her.)

Kelly: So, you don't want to hear what I have to say?

David (has her elbow, opens the door): NO.

Kelly: Not even about the conversation I had with Dorian?

David (pulls her back, closes the door): What did you say to Dorian?

Kelly (moves her arm from his grip): Can I at least have a cup of coffee, please? I can hardly keep my eyes open. (Sits down.) Ace spent the night with Kevin at Llanfair. I didn't get much sleep last night.

David (pauses before getting the coffee): When did you talk to Dorian?

Kelly: Yesterday (David hands her the coffee) Thanks. (He leans against the front of his desk; folds arms.) You look terrible! (She drinks the coffee; stands and spits it out. She spills coffee on him. ) Who made this? (Laughs) You got coffee on you!

David: I notice. (Goes to get paper towels) Thanks a lot!

There is a knock at the door and then it opens. Dorian enters and queries, "David? Blair," She stops. Kelly and David both turn with guilty looks. David rushes toward Dorian and quickly remarks, "I'm glad to see you!" Kelly takes a few paper towels with her, grabs her purse. She says to Dorian: "Nothing was going on when you walked in." David rolls his eyes. Kelly leaves.

Dorian: You look like hell.

David (to Dorian): I'm going through hell. You look beautiful.

Dorian (austere expression): You look guilty. So did Kelly. I'm surprised you noticed me enter the room.

David: When you're in the room, you're the only one I notice.

Dorian: I suppose the same isn't true when I'm not around. In you mind, I don't exist at all. (Mutters) I don't know why I even came here.

David: To see me, to work on us getting back together.

Dorian: Us? I'm here because of Adriana.

David (gestures for her to sit, she shakes her head.): I just called our daughter. I was going to talk to you about me picking her up today from school.

Dorian: Stay away from her!

David: I'm NOT staying away from her!

Dorian: She's my daughter, David.

David: Yeah and I'm like a father to her!

Dorian(gasps): Adriana is upset because of what she saw when you and Kelly... (Turns to leave. David rushes to block the door. He and Dorian are face to face and they pause to look into each other eyes before settling to a gaze at lips.) I, I am gonna leave. I, I have to, to pick up Adriana from school. (David steps forward and he rests his hands on her shoulders.)

David: Don't go. (He inches his face toward hers. She escapes to the door.) Dorian don't do this!

Dorian: I shouldn't have come here, David. (Leaves, slams door.)

David: Fuck!

Chapter 84

Pine Valley, Chandler Mansion, study, late morning

On the television in the background with muted sound is an enthusiastic Kevin holding Ace in one arm and raising his other with an equally peppy Harrison at the podium during a fundraiser for the Miranda Montgomery Center for Women. JR is at his desk in the study and has the telephone to his ear. Yet his thoughts linger to the day of Bess' christening when it was called into question whether Bess was his daughter. At the christening, his stepfather, Tad Martin, dropped a bombshell that Tad's father, Dr. Joe Martin, ran a secret DNA test on Bess.

Adam: He what? Who in the hell authorized that?

J.R.: What was the result, Tad?

Tad: Bess is 100% yours and Babe's.

JR abruptly ends his call, hangs up the phone just as Adam enters the study. Adam remarks, "A few points about Lavery's proposal before we meet with him." JR stares at his father.

Adam: What is it?

JR: How many DNA tests do we have to run to prove Bess is my daughter? (JR grabs the remote and turns off the TV.)

Adam: Labs make mistakes, especially with unsavory people like Paul Cramer and Dr. David Hayward running around the hospital. Labels get accidentally switched; test results get mixed up. On the night of that helicopter crash we leaned pretty heavily on Cramer, demanding to know the whereabouts of your child, my grandchild. Thinking of it now, maybe he told us what we wanted to hear. We can resolve it. We can run another DNA test on Bess at a lab of our chosing where the test will be closely monitored.

JR (has sudden wild-eyed look): Tad already did a DNA test! I won't allow another one! I'll destroy you if you f*ck this up for me! Bess is my daughter, not Bianca's!

Adam: You'll destroy me? (Adam smirks; it immediately disappears at notice of his son's desperation) I can see that you feel passionate about your child.

JR: Friend or enemy?

Adam: Family. We'll drop the whole thing if you'd like.

JR: I insist. I don't want to talk about Lavery or anything else. I'm going to see my daughter! (JR storms past his father and out the door.).

Adam: What matters most is being CERTAIN. He'll destroy me? Hehe. I've created a mini-me. (He picks up the phone; makes a call.) Voice mail, ah Dorian. It's me,Adam. I wanted to tell you again what a delight it was to hear your sexy voice late last night while envisioning the lovely flowers at your bedside and you luxuriating in the plush comfort of your bed. Ah the stuff of fantasy! I think I'll dream about you all day. Until we see each other again. (Hangs up)
Llanview Hospital, late morning

Dorian enters the hospital with Adriana, who is nervous. Dorian takes Adriana's hand and squeezes it. They take an elevator and then stop at a terrace area that eventually leads to a covered walkway that will take them to the assessment center. They sit at a table on the terrace.

Dorian (looks at her watch): Cassie's taking Mother home and then she's coming back to meet us here. (Dorian attempts to make eye contact with Adriana.) Is it that unbearable to be with me?

Adriana: No Mom!

Dorian: Then why won't you look at me and why haven't you said more than two words to me since I picked you up from school? (Adriana leaves her seat and turns her back on her mother. Dorian gasps at the feel of her heart sinking and not knowing what to do.) Do you still want to do this?

Adriana shrugs. Cassie appears and calls, "Mother! Adriana! Sorry I'm late!" Adriana races into her arms. Dorian looks on with a confused and hurt expression. Cassie notices. Dorian puts on a brave face and stands. Cassie and Adriana walk to Dorian. Cassie hugs her mother and says, "I love you." Dorian says, "I love both of you. How's mother?"

Cassie: She's fine. She's going to rest for a bit and then work on her speech she's giving at LVU.

Dorian: Her university speech. I had to ask. Well, we'd better be going.

Soon they have reached the assessment center. Dorian completes the necessary paperwork before Dorian is called in with Adriana by the psychiatrist, Dr. Sanjay Rehmani. Then, Adriana is seen separately. As Dorian leaves Dr. Rehmani's office, she approaches Cassie in the waiting area with an angry look. She pulls Cassie and says to the receptionist:"We'll be in here," before she and Cassie enter an empty office and Dorian closes the door.

Dorian (gets in Cassie's face): Does Adriana want to kill herself?

Cassie: What? No! (Frowns) I don't think so.

Dorian (is anxious): Then, tell me what happened at Blair's before I go back in there to meet with the doctor!

Cassie: She's in emotional pain... not only because of what's happened with you and David but because of all the changes she's had to adjust to in a short amount of time. She's lost herself.

Dorian: Am I going to lose her?

Cassie: No! I didn't want to say anything before we got her here but now that we're all here together, I don't want you to be shocked at the disclosure. (Sighs) Adriana has been cutting her wrist, looks like for awhile now.

Dorian (gasps): Trying to slit her wrist! God no!

Cassie: No Mother! She hasn't verbalized wanting to kill herself!

Dorian sits and remarks, "The long sleeves, the bandages. She stopped eating. I knew she was depressed but..."

Cassie sits beside her mother and tries to explain: "It's just her way of relieving the pain that she has bottled up inside of her. She didn't want to tell you. She didn't want to make things worse for you."

Dorian: Cassie, she's my life. I just want to make things better for her. My poor baby. (Tears up)

Cassie: I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner. I was just afraid she would shut down and that it would impede her ability to move forward.

Dorian: Adriana is what's important. We both want her to make it through all this.

There is a knock on the door; Dorian opens it. Dr. Rehmani's nurse informs, "Dr. Lord-Vickers, Dr. Rehmani will see you now with Adriana."
Episcopal Church, Llanview, just after noon

Viki and Andrew remain after an impromptu meeting of the vestry. They are sitting on a sofa near a window at the rectory.

Viki: Fine job as usual Andrew. (She stands.)

Andrew(stands): Viki stay and visit for awhile. (She sits.) You seemed preoccupied during our meeting. (He sits.)

Viki: I am sorry, Andrew. You could always read me so well.

Andrew: Comes from years of practice. We are family, friends.

Viki: You know Andrew, it is really difficult to stay focused on the business at hand these days.

Andrew: You want to talk about it?

Viki (stands, paces, looks at him): Ace is not Kelly and Kevin's son.

Andrew (sighs): Cassie told me.

Viki: Then you are aware of the hell we are all going through. Can you believe Dorian knew this whole time and said nothing?(Grits teeth) I could just wring her scrawny little neck! UGH!

Andrew (joins her): It wasn't Dorian's secret to tell.

Viki: I do not believe that! This was just another attempt by Dorian to protect one of her girls! To hell with the rest of us and the pain that is left in the wake of the discovery of it! Yeah well look at what one of her girls has done with Dorian's husband!

Andrew: Viki?

Viki: Yes, I know. I should get a life! Maybe that is my problem these days?

Andrew: Both of your families are suffering. Cassie shared what was going on because she thought I could help Kelly and Kevin through this emotional turmoil.

Viki (shakes head): I can hardly believe that I harbor such hatred toward someone I once loved and accepted as a member of my family!

Andrew: You mean Kelly.

Viki: What she did was inconceivable and contemptuous! (Looks for a reaction from him.) What? Aren't you going to say anything?

Andrew: No one mourns more that the child's parents.

Viki: I feel awful about what I said and yet at the same time, justified. I take none of it back! I want her to know how deeply she hurt my son.

Andrew: Kevin keeping himself busy with the campaign? Cassie says that he's having a pretty tough go of it.

Viki: Yes he is. Very much so.

Andrew: And Ace?

Viki: I learned this morning that a private detective, Tyler somebody or other, has been hired to work with Cassie to find Ace's real parents. The latest news appears to be that his biological mother could be as close as Pine Valley.

Andrew: Losing Ace seems more of a reality.

Viki: Yes, and I am very much worried about Kevin. His grief, the pressures of the campaign, Asa. And I fear that he is still in love with Kelly despite all that has happened between them.

Andrew: What are his campaign handlers saying?

Viki: Kevin's been advised to file again for a legal separation and to petition the courts for temporary custody of Ace.

Andrew: With no mention that Ace isn't Kevin and Kelly's biological son?

Viki: Ace will be reunited with his biological parents once they are located. Kelly will take the fall for this whole thing, not Kevin!

Andrew: You think Kelly will go along with being separated from Ace?

Viki: She does not have a choice.

Andrew: What about what's best for Ace?

Viki: Oh Andrew, I pray that we are doing the right thing!

Andrew: God listens to our prayers.

Viki: I know it. I know that it is true. It just feels as though things have gotten worse for Kevin.

Andrew: Sometimes God answers our prayers, Viki and we don't know it.
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Chapter 85

The Banner-Sun, late morning

Kevin and Harrison are entering the office for an interview with Todd as Mrs. Bigelow leaves to check on her cat Bonaparte. Kevin whispers to Harrison: "We should have postponed this." Harrison replies, "We couldn't. Not when our opponents have already granted the Banner-Sun an interview."

Todd (sits at the small round conference table and turns on a tape recorder; Kevin and Harrison sit): Gentleman, we'll start with the easy stuff. So Kevin, how's family life?

Kevin (glances at Harrison, then addresses Todd): It's Mr. Buchanan. (Todd corrects, "Excuse me. Mr. Buchanan.") My wife and I find ourselves in the position of many families today, bonded by a common thread yet struggling to overcome extreme challenges.

Todd: So in other words, you and your wife are still separated? You gonna file legal papers again for a divorce? How's this affect custody for Ace?

Harrison: Mr. Buchanan loves his son very much. Any further...

Kevin: Harrison. (Todd goads, "Shouldn't it be Governor Brooks?" before Kevin continues.)What Mr. Manning is basically trying to find out is how much I'm willing to say on the record about my marriage to Kelly and what's happening with Ace?

Todd: What is happening with Ace?

Kevin: My son is very close to his mother but should there be a need to move forward with a legal separation, my son will need to have emotional stability. I will, of course, do whatever is necessary to insure that he is taken care of both mentally and physically.

Todd: Your son? (Kevin's facial muscles tighten.)

Harrison (glances at Kevin): I think that we should focus on the issues of the campaign.

Todd: Do you believe that honesty and integrity are too much of a stretch for political leaders when the electorate is polarized more than ever over cultural issues as well as the war in Iraq? (Harrison quickly answers, "Of course not!" as Todd continues.) Polls show moral issues are more important if not just as important to Americans as Iraq, the war on terrorism, and the economy.

Kevin: Depends on the poll. I see war as a moral issue that touches upon all the other concerns you've mentioned.

Todd: By moral issues, I'm referring more so to same sex marriages and stem cell research. As for the war, what do you say to those parents who no longer have their sons and daughters?

Kevin: You're enjoying this aren't you? (Todd and Kevin glare at each other.)

Harrison: Our hearts go out to those families as well as our gratitude for the sacrifice that was made by men and women who gave their lives for our country. Each September 11th, at 10:06 AM, in a field in rural Shanksville, Pennsylvania, a bell is rung 40 times, for each victim of Flight 93. It is our way of remembering the passengers and crew who in 2001 gave their lives to prevent four terrorists from carrying out a deadly mission that looked to lead to an attack on the White House.

Lindsay's gallery, afternoon

Lindsay is hanging a picture when her daughter walks into the gallery. Lindsay backs up to take a look at the picture and bumps into her. They both laugh.

Jennifer: Oops! Sorry for scaring you!

Lindsay (points to the picture of abstract art): You like it?

Jennifer: No.

Lindsay (places her arm around Jennifer's shoulders): You never like my pictures in the gallery. It's just a matter of artistic preference.

Jennifer: I like the sculptures, especially the ones done by you. I just don't understand the other stuff.

Lindsay: How are you?

Jennifer: Riley and I are going away for a few days.

Lindsay: Where?

Jennifer: His family has a place in Maryland. We're going to go there for a long weekend.

Lindsay: Daniel and I went there once. It's nice. (Walks back to her desk. Jennifer follows.)

Jennifer: How do you feel about him seeing Nora?

Lindsay (looks at her): I've got RJ.

Jennifer: He's a CRIMINAL.

Lindsay: And I'm not?

Jennifer: You'd never intentionally set out to hurt someone unless you felt backed into a corner.... What happened with Dad was a horrible accident.

Lindsay: I killed your father. I take responsibility for it and the pain that I caused you and Will. And then, there's all that I did to Nora.

Jennifer: I love, Nora. (Jokes) It's all Nora's fault!

Lindsay (grins): I couldn't have said it BETTER and you don't really BELIEVE it! RJ and I are together, Jen. I'd hoped that you'd gotten used to it by now. But if not, I don't know what else to say. I love the man.

Jennifer: Love. Does he love you?

Lindsay (long pause as she ponders): Yes.

RJ enters the gallery. Jennifer moves, looks the other way. Lindsay approaches and they kiss. Jennifer turns to watch them.

RJ: Jennifer.

Jennifer: RJ. Mom, I've gotta go.(Kisses her mother on the cheek.)

Lindsay: Have fun on your trip and give me a call. I love you.

Jennifer: I love you, too. (She leaves.)

RJ: Your daughter does not approve.

Lindsay: It's me you should worry about.

RJ (looks at the picture): A new piece. Art that dances with dancers we can't see.

Lindsay: You have a good eye. We have a lot in common, you know.

RJ: I know. Doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. _____________________________________________________________________________

Angel Square Park, afternoon

Daniel and Nora are sitting on a bench in the park. It is getting chilly but Nora wants to stay outside. Daniel gives her his suit jacket. They are discussing Daniel and the offer by Harrison for him to be state attorney general.

Daniel (eats hot dog, chews, swallows): It would mean that we would spend far more time apart. That's bothering me more than I thought it would. It made me realize just how serious I was feeling about you.

Nora: Wow. (Drinks hot chocolate.) This is a big opportunity for you, assuming he wins the election.

Daniel: Did you hear what I said?

Nora (stands, walks away, looks at him): Are you asking me if you should turn it down?

Daniel (joins her): I'm asking you (sighs) how you feel about me?

Nora (shrugs and then gives him a pensive look): I don't know. I care about you.

Daniel: You care about me, not the same way you care about Bo?

Nora: Don't make this about him.

Daniel (heavy sigh, tosses hot dog in trash): This is difficult for me. I'm not one to admit defeat. But I don't want to keep throwing myself into a relationship when the other person just isn't as interested.

Nora: Daniel?

Daniel: No, spare me the empathetic looks, excuses or apologies. I'm a big boy. I know how to face rejection. As difficult as it may be, I also know how to walk away. (He looks at her and then softly kisses her lips.) Good-bye Nora.

Nora watches him leave with a stunned expression.
Llanview Courthouse, afternoon

John is walking down the hall when he turns the corner and bumps into Evangeline; they are suddenly in each others arms.

John: Sorry.

Evangeline: Me too.

John (still holding her): You wanna go some place ... let's talk about it? Or maybe not talk at all.

Evangeline: I can't. Not right now.

John: Then let's go out to get a bite later and then go back to my place, your place.

Evangeline: You're always trying to get me in bed.

John: Is that a crime?

Evangeline: I need to back off, John. Clear my head.

John: A nice way of saying we're breaking up?

Evangeline: Taking a break.

John (lets go of her): Why?

Evangeline: Because you need to ask why.

John: Is that what you want?

Evangeline: I already called my grandmother. I canceled plans for your visit.

John: That's really what this is about, isn't it?

Evangeline: What?

John: This is about your grandmother.

Evangeline (annoyed look): Does the name Natalie sound familiar to you?

John: All right, Natalie and your grandmother.

Evangeline (chuckles; is angry): You know, I suppose you're right. You don't get to meet my grandmother until you've resolved this situation with Natalie! (She attempts to walk away. John holds her. She looks him in the eyes.) Let go of me. NOW. (He drops his hands; she walks away.)
LaBoulaie, afternoon

David has charmed his way into LaBoulaie. He is questioning the maid Lizette about Adriana.

David (in the foyer): The registrar at the school told me that Dorian picked up Adriana early for a doctor's appointment. She's not with her regular doctor. I called. I thought they'd be home by now.

David recalls what happened earlier with Dorian at the Craze office:

Dorian: Us? I'm here because of Adriana.

David (gestures for her to sit, she shakes her head.): I just called our daughter. I was going to talk to you about me picking her up today from school.

Dorian: Stay away from her!

David: I'm NOT staying away from her!

Dorian: She's my daughter, David.

David: Yeah and I'm like a father to her!

Alexandra comes down the stairs and queries, "David?"

Lizette: He's asking about Mrs. Lord-Vickers and Miss Adriana, Ma'am.

David: Is Adriana sick?

Alexandra: Thank you, Lizette. I'll handle things from here.

David and Alexandra walk into the living room. Alexandra sits while David wanders around the room and stops at a table of photos. He holds a picture of Dorian and comments to Alexandra: "She came by the office, today."

Alexandra: Not surprised.

David (returns picture): I forgot Dorian told me she was picking her up early; I stopped by Adriana's school. (He sits on sofa across from Alexandra.) Dorian's still in love with me.

Alexandra: Dorian believes that you slept with Kelly.

David: What do you believe?

Alexandra: That you love my daughter.

David: That's a relief!

Alexandra: She loves you, too.

David: We love each other, which is why none of this makes sense.

Alexandra: What doesn't make sense is that you'd deliberately hurt her in the worst possible way and look at her with the love I've seen in your eyes. But then again, you're a man. (David quips, "In the doghouse; NOT a dog.") It's quite possible that for a given moment in time, you'd let another part of your anatomy do the thinking for you.

David (looks annoyed): I'm turned on by my wife and I'm not interested in having sex with anyone else! End of subject! What's wrong with my daughter?

Alexandra: Adriana's emotionally distraught.

David: So Dorian took her to a doctor because of it? Is it a head shrink kinda doctor?

Alexandra: That's Dorian's business to share with you.

David (sighs): She came by the office today to talk to me about Adriana.

Alexandra: What happened?

David: Kelly happened. She popped into Craze.

Alexandra (heavy sigh): Sh*t!

David: Felt that way for me too!

Alexandra: I'm no saint. So in no way will I stand in judgment of you, except to say that I will not allow you to hurt my daughter. David, leave her alone.

David: I can't.

Alexandra: You love her?

David: I told you I did. I thought you were my ally.

Alexandra: I'm Dorian's ally. Give her the space that she needs.

David: It's because I love her that I can't stay away.

Alexandra: David, let her sort this out. Throughout my relationship with Lou, the love remained and it helped us to find our way back to each other time and time again. It never worked when we tried to rush things and give in to satisfying physical pleasures.

David: It's the time and time again part that you refer to that I don't get if you really work things out and fix the problem. I don't think it's ever as simple as talking it out; the same thing pops back up again. For me and Dorian, the issue is trust. At the same time, her keeping me guessing makes our relationship more exciting. We're both pretty insecure and understand how difficult it is to trust somebody. I'd never cheat on her...not with an affair.

Alexandra: Relationships are pretty complicated.

David: That and people have different ways of communicating with each other. Personally, I think talking it out is overrated.

Alexandra: We disagree. You remind me so of this man I once knew who suffered from maledacacavitus.

David: What is that?

Alexandra: Nothing to worry about in less severe cases. It killed him before he figured out what was wrong.

David: If he's dead --how do you know that he figured it out? Huh? (Grins) Maledacacavitus meaning male ego, right? I guess we men don't like talking about our problems. You're saying all this.... You never worked it out with Dorian's father, right?

Alexandra: We would have eventually.... We did.... He was murdered.

David: Foot in mouth! I talk too much. I'm sorry. (He stands)

Alexandra: David, it's all right.

David: Alex, Adam Chandler is waiting in the wings to take my place.

Alexandra: Why do you insist upon making this Adam Chandler a threat?

David has a dubious expression on his face that gets Alexandra's attention. She asks, "David?" He responds, "Chandler, Chandler is charming, smart, loaded. Did I mention he was billionaire?"

Alexandra: Is there something more?

David: No.

Alexandra: He doesn't have Dorian's heart. (Clears throat) Have faith. Dorian doesn't love Adam. She loves you. If you want her back, you'll think of what's best for your relationship.

David thinks back to his seeing Dorian earlier:

He and Dorian are face to face and they pause to look into each other eyes before settling to a gaze at lips. Dorian comments, "I, I am gonna leave. I, I have to, to pick up Adriana from school." David steps forward and rests his hands on her shoulders.

David: Don't go. (He inches his face toward hers. She escapes to the door.) Dorian don't do this!

Dorian: I shouldn't have come here, David. (Leaves, slams door.)

David: F*ck!.

David (to Alex): I'm not gonna back off. I've got too much to lose.

Alexandra: Then, you risk losing everything.
Chapter 86

At Craze magazine, late afternoon

Blair is on the Internet and reading about the upcoming Milan Fashion Week for the designers' Spring collection when a thought occurs to her and she opens her desk drawer to pull out a manila envelop. She removes the map El Toro Santi gave to Todd. She studies it, turns it upside down and then flips it on the opposite side. "Ha, a lady's high-heeled boot."

There is a knock at the door. Blair puts the map away and yells, "Come in!' Jessica walks into the office and asks, "You wanted to see me about the interview with Alexandra Roskova?"

Blair (closes desk drawer, locks it): Yes, how are things going with Alexandra's interview?

Jessica: Pretty well, all things considered. She seems to be doing better health wise. You already know that.

Blair: You've heard from Dorian.

Jessica: Gosh! She doesn't want her mother to do this interview. I was really concerned about us teasing the interview in the magazine since there was the possibility things might fall through.

Blair: That'd be my problem not yours.

Jessica: Alexandra's a wonderful woman. I so admire her. She has so much to share about her life and I know the students at the university are really looking forward to her speech at LVU.

Blair: Initially, Dorian's primary concern was Alexandra's health and that this all might be too taxing for her. Also, believe it or not for all her bravado, Dorian's a pretty private person when it comes to some things. She doesn't want her family's history exposed for all the world to examine.

Jessica: Like my mom's was with all those articles about her multiple personality disorder and my grandfather raping her.

Blair: Then, you see what I mean. I want you to be sensitive to the story. She's family. I don't want you to dodge the important issues, like the communist allegations and testimony before the senate committee.

Jessica: In talking to Alexandra, she wants to share more about her personal life, her battle with cancer and reunion with her daughter.

Blair (sighs): Her reunion with Dorian. Right. (Blair drums her pencil on the desk.)

Jessica (frowns at Blair's pensive look and the irritating, repetitive sound she makes with the pencil): Alexandra wants to talk about what life was like for her when she was a young adult, the choices that she made that affected her future. (Jessica is clearly annoyed at Blair's continued distraction.) Blair?

Blair: Yes, fine. We can talk about this some more after you've done the interview. Wait, I'm not sure I'll be here but we can communicate via email and telephone.

Jessica: Where are you going?

Blair: Italy.

LaBoulaie, evening

Cassie, Dorian and Adriana walk in the door. Cassie is on the cell phone and comments to the person on the phone: "Hannah, I gotta call my real estate agent in Savannah. That rhymed!" Cassie gives a nod, and a smile to Adriana and next, heads into the living room.

Adriana turns toward the stairs and remarks, "Mom, I'm going to my bedroom for awhile, OK?" Dorian hesitates and then asks, "You're all right?" Adriana answers, "Yes. Don't worry." Dorian adds, "We're having dinner soon." Adriana nods; Dorian takes her daughter's hand and gives a pat: "Darling, I'm very proud of you."

Alexandra is entering the foyer from the hallway and glances at Adriana. Adriana smiles at her mother's praise and then notices Alexandra and greets, "Hi Grandma," before she continues up the stairs.

Alexandra (to Adriana): Hello dear. Well, she's already gone!

Dorian: Give her two seconds and she's on that phone.

Alexandra: Today has been a difficult day, huh? (Hugs Dorian.)

Dorian: Thanks I needed that. I wanted to check with cook on dinner. I'm making changes to Adriana's diet.

Alexandra (as they walk toward the kitchen): Talk to me.

Dorian: Oh Mother, it's so frightening! I think of the mental illness that's wreaked havoc in our family.

Dorian and Alexandra are in the kitchen. Dorian talks to the cook in French. The chef leaves Dorian and Alexandra in the kitchen. Alexandra and Dorian sit down at the kitchen table.

Alexandra: You mention mental illness.

Dorian: The psychiatrist Adriana saw today observed the combination of behaviors as pointing toward a depression, which we know has been problematic in our family for generations.

Alexandra: Yes. Frightening.

Dorian: The doctor wanted to go the route of medication, which I oppose. We consulted with Dr. Rehmani's partner, who is a child psychologist, Melissa Warner. Dr. Warner will be working with Adriana. Adriana'll start with individual and family therapy and possibly participate in a support group. We'll also look at adjustments in diet and her getting involved in exercise routine such as yoga.

Alexandra: Dorian, slow down. You can't fix this by controlling every aspect of your daughter's life. (Alexandra takes Dorian's hand and rubs it.)

Dorian (takes a deep breath): I am scared. Mother, my baby's cutting her wrists!

Alexandra: What? Dear, no!

Dorian: It's something that's done to relieve some sort of inner turmoil. (Sighs) I haven't listened! I haven't paid enough attention to her!

Alexandra: Guilt--feel it, own it and then throw it the hell away! Thank Heavens you freed me to do that! Your daughter would want that for you. Garner your positive energy and move in a constructive direction.

Dorian. You're right. Focus on intervention. I have to move forward for Adriana.

Alexandra: And yourself. Listen to her. Take it easy. Unfortunately, such ills aren't remedied overnight.

Dorian. I know. One step at a time. I can't stop her from self-injury and I'm afraid that I might say or do something to make it worse.

Alexandra: How do you feel about her psychologist?

Dorian: I don't know yet. Of course she comes highly recommended. I'm just so worried, Mother. Fortunately, Cassie has been tremendous. We couldn't have made it through all this without her.

Alexandra: I love that girl! And, I'm absolutely thrilled she's going to be staying in Llanview! Dorian, are you going to mention any of this to David?

Dorian (moves hand from her mother): Why? (She walks toward the refrigerator; she pours water into a glass; gestures toward her mother who says, "No thank you.")

Alexandra: He stopped by the school today to pick up Adriana and learned that you'd taken her to the doctor. He is worried.

Dorian: I'll call him.

Alexandra: He came by LaBoulaie. We talked. He told me Kelly came by to see him this morning. You saw them at Craze.

Dorian (sits): Seems they can't spend a moment apart.

Alexandra: You don't really believe that.

Dorian: I don't know what to believe.

Alexandra: Do you believe that man loves you?

Dorian: My daughter saw my husband and niece in our bed! (Sips water.) I can't, can't move past that image in my head!

Alexandra: Understandable. So, what's going on with you and Adam Chandler?

Dorian (smiles): Adam helps me to forget. He's fun to be with. And so Mother, how are you feeling today?

Alexandra: In other words, stop talking about the men in your life.

Dorian: This might surprise you but I'm just tired of talking about me. It's too upsetting.

Alexandra: All right. As for me, I'm feeling OK. I have an appointment with the dermatologist, tomorrow. Of course, you know every detail about my health and progress! I worked on my speech, prepared for my interview.

Dorian: What are you going to talk about?

Alexandra: Life, choices, difficult decisions faced by women.

Dorian: Talking about me again. Do I factor into this?

Alexandra: How do you feel about my discussing my leaving you when you were a baby?

Dorian: I, I don't know. Lately, I, I haven't thought of it.

Alexandra: I can't deny it. You're an important part of my life, what I have left of it.

Dorian (seems a little nervous): I, I just don't want to deal with any of it right now. I don't want people staring at me and it bringing back everything that happened with Sonya.

Alexandra: Dorian, look at me. (Dorian complies.) Others are dealing with mental illness and other problems we've had to cope with in our family. We can help others through our honesty.

Dorian: I was the result of an affair that you had with your cousin's husband.

Alexandra: Are you ashamed of me and your father?

Dorian (long pause): No. I'm just very private despite all that has been written about me. I have Adriana to consider.

Alexandra: OK. You're right. We can talk about things later with her to decide how much I'll disclose in the interview. But, I can hardly hide certain facts when I live with you at LaBoulaie. And sweetheart, mostly I want the world to know that you're my daughter. I am very proud of you.

Dorian bends her head and covers her eyes with her hands. Alexandra asks, "What is it?" Dorian moves her hands and emotionally retorts, "I've missed you all of my life."

Alexandra: Dorian, as long as my health bears with me, you will never be made to feel alone.
Daniel Colson's House, evening

Nora rings the doorbell. Riley answers the door.

Nora: Oh, I thought.... Well, I called the office and I thought Daniel...His car isn't.... He's not here.

Riley: You're looking for Dad.

Nora (takes off Daniel's suit jacket): I wanted to return this.

Riley (takes jacket): Come in. It's chilly.

Nora: No. Thank you. (Hears car. Turns, looks to see the car pull into the driveway.)

Riley: Dad.

Nora (takes a deep breath, as Daniel gets out of the car): I can see that. (Takes another deep breath.)

Daniel (stops with a stare): Nora.

Riley: Dad, I just stopped by to get the keys to grandma and grandpa's house.

Daniel: The keys are inside. (To Nora) You wanna come in? It's chilly. You look cold.

Nora nods and walks inside with Daniel. Daniel gets keys from a desk drawer in the living room and then, Riley says good-bye as Daniel walks him to the door. Next, Daniel returns to Nora in the living room.

Nora (wanders the room): I remember when this house belonged to Rae Cummings.

Daniel: Yeah well. I assumed I might be staying in Llanview for awhile when I purchased it. (Pours a drink; she looks and shakes her head to indicate, "No.") I'm not sure that's still true. (Sips drink.)

Nora: The job offer?

Daniel: Nora why are you here?

Nora approaches with a determined look, takes the drink from his hand, sits it on a table and kisses him. Daniel looks confused. And then he pulls her in for another kiss. They both smile. Nora says, "You didn't let me say much in the park."

Daniel: That kiss, well it said a lot. But no, I don't want to assume. What does this mean?

Nora: It means that I want you to be a part of my life. I want you Daniel. (They kiss again. Then, Daniel takes Nora's hand and leads her toward the stairs.)

Chapter 87
LaBoulaie, nighttime

Adriana is asleep in her bed. She is tossing and turning as she thinks of a visit she and Starr recently took to see a mystic who examined numbers Adriana got from engravings on Santi family heirlooms.

Starr and Adriana sit before a numerologist in dilapidated quarters where a caged parakeet occasionally chatters and sings. Starr gives the numbers to the superstitious lady, who takes a long look at Adriana and does a reading as to the Life Path of the client. Among many things, she warns of peril in pursuit of power, money that eventually leads to a loss of love.

Mystic: The caged bird yearns for freedom from rage. (The parakeet repeats: "Freedom, freedom.") Love is the key to freedom.

Adriana: What do you mean by that?

Mystic: Young one, these are not your numbers.

(Adriana recalls the words to poetry by Maya Angelou)

The caged bird sings
with a fearful trill
of things unknown
but longed for still
and his tune is heard
on the distant hill
for the caged bird
sings of freedom.

In her bedroom at LaBoulaie, Adriana gasps, lifts head, opens her eyes. She whispers, "Father," and lays against her pillow.

Downstairs, Dorian is at her desk in the living room and is hanging up the phone. Cassie is coming from the study and headed toward the door when she glimpses Dorian out of the corner of her eye.

Cassie: Mother?

Dorian (stands): I spoke with the Colons. The psychiatrist asked about sexual abuse.

Cassie (looks aghast): Mother!

Dorian: The Colons told me no. (Sighs)

Cassie: You have doubts?

Dorian(long pause): No. You headed out?

Cassie: I'm meeting with Kelly and Kevin and the PI who's been hired to find Ace.

Dorian: Oh.

Cassie: Don't pretend you're not interested.

Dorian (sits on sofa): I'm interested in Ace's well-being.

Cassie (sits beside her): And Kelly. I know that despite your trying to fight it you still love her.

Dorian: From love bequeath anger. To be honest, I am struggling with my decision not to seek professional help for her.

Cassie: You mean like you did with Adriana.

Dorian: I made a mistake with Kelly. Fear overrode sound judgment.

Cassie: Your were afraid of the curse that seems to have taken hold of our family for generations.

Dorian: I may have lost David because of it.

Cassie: What do you mean?

Dorian: Maybe if I had gotten her the help that she needed Kelly wouldn't have become so dependent on David, which led to... and Adriana wouldn't be so upset.

Cassie: Ifs, ands, maybes, should have beens. You're not going to get anywhere by second guessing yourself. You've taken a responsive and caring stance in your handling of the situation with Adriana. BE proud of yourself for overlooking whatever fears to do what's best for her. You know, it's not too late for Kelly. We can--

Dorian: Cassie--STOP. NO!

Cassie: I understand.

Dorian: Thank you.

Cassie: Actually, Kelly plays a pivotal role in getting herself through this disaster. I just have to get her to see it despite my issues.

Dorian (annoyed expression): You're still not over Kevin.

Cassie: I never said that.

Dorian: Doesn't matter I can see it. (Sighs heavily) Hasn't that bastard done enough to this family? CASSIE!

Cassie: End it! You spoke to David on the phone?

Dorian (hits pillow): He's stopping by tomorrow.

Cassie: To see Adriana?

Dorian (stands, walks to beverage stand): He wanted to come over tonight but I talked him out of it. (Pours water)Adriana needs a break. David blames himself. I blame him too. I blame the both of us. (Sips water, looks at Cassie.) But it doesn't mean we have to wallow in it. We need to work together to help our daughter.

Cassie: And maybe work your way toward being back together again?

Dorian: I wouldn't count on it. Cassie, did Mother seem a little, I don't know, drained tonight?

Cassie: She's been taking a lot of naps. Isn't that normal?

Dorian: It is. I've been talking to her doctors and I'm still concerned about her overdoing it. Her focus should be on her health. She's been spending too much time working on her speech and worrying about this interview for Craze.

Cassie: Jessica's doing a little of the interview at a time, isn't she?

Dorian (speaks over Cassie's comment): And being a member of this family does not bring with it a stress-free existence.

Cassie (stands): Mother, don't start!

Dorian (places glass on the stand): I need you to talk to her. Talk her out of doing it. (Approaches Cassie.)

Cassie: I think it's time for me to leave. (Turns in the opposite direction of her mother.)

Dorian: You aren't worried about mother's health?

Cassie (stops, turns to look at Dorian): Of course I am but it's her life and if it's what she wants to do, then let her do it! Now, I'm leaving. (Heads toward the door. Cassie bumps into Alexandra in the foyer and says, "Good night Grandmother." Dorian has a surprised look and mutters, "Mother." Cassie glances back at Dorian with a smirk and then leaves out the front door.

Dorian: Mother, I thought that you were in bed.

Alexandra (seems agitated): You were hoping I was in bed.

Daniel Colson's House

A robe-clad Daniel is on the phone in the living room and Nora is coming down the stairs in his white cotton shirt. They look at each other and smile. She approaches him, snuggles, kisses his neck. He ends his phone call and turns toward her. They kiss.

Daniel: That's it. No more calls unless it's an emergency. Can't get enough of you.

Nora: Daniel (They kiss and then gaze into each other's eyes.) Should we pick up where we left off?

They kiss and then inch toward the stairs.

Nora: Wait! I can't!

Daniel (frowns): What?

Nora: It's who. Matthew.

Daniel: I thought you said he was with Asa for the night.

Nora: He is. I promised him .... before all of this happened, that I'd call him before he went to bed.

Daniel: Well, if that's all. I can wait for a phone call. (They indulge in a passionate, lengthy kiss. Daniel sighs and smiles dreamily as he watches her reenter the living room and call her son.)

Nora: Asa....It's me. Bo? (Looks at Daniel.) I'm not sure. How's my boy? Wonderful. Me? Busy. Can I speak to my son? No Asa, I don't have to explain the details of my life! It has nothing to do with Bo! (Sighs) Can you put my son on the phone, please? Matthew. Yeah, yeah. Well, I'll be by tomorrow. The weekend, huh? We'll see when I stop by. Yes, I am lonely because I miss you. (Looks at Daniel.) Bo? No. I haven't spoken to him this evening. Hey listen you. Here's a hug and a kiss from me to you. Don't stay up too late with Grandpa. Love you, too. (She hangs up and takes a deep breath.)

Daniel takes her hand and pulls her to him. They begin kissing and he slides his hand underneath his shirt that she wears. They glide down to the floor.
Buchanan mansion, late night

Asa is sitting on the sofa while Matthew is kneeling in front of the coffee table and eating ice-cream.

Matthew: So Grandpa, you think Mom's with Dad?

Asa: I don't know. What did your Daddy say when you talked to him?

Matthew: He was at work. But he's always at work. Mom said that she hadn't talked to him tonight. I don't know. Maybe I misunderstood. What did Mom say to you?

Asa: She said she was busy.

Matthew: Kinda sounds like work, doesn't it? Hey that means they're probably working together!

Asa looks doubtful but it quickly turns to a smile when his grandson looks at him with a hopeful expression. The doorbell rings. Matthew hops up to answer it. Asa yells, "Ask who it is first!" Bo answers, "Me, Pa!" Matthew opens the door and has an expression of disappointment. Bo looks confused. Asa curses, "Damn!"
Chapter 88

At LaBoulaie, late night

Scene picks up in the living room where Alexandra has overheard Dorian trying to convince Cassie to dissuade Alexandra from an upcoming speech at LVU and an interview with Jessica Buchanan for Craze magazine. Cassie has left. Alexandra enters the living room and appears ready to do battle with Dorian.

Alexandra: I suppose this has been brewing for some time now.

Dorian: Mother, (Door bell rings.) I'll get that.

Dorian answers the door. It's Adam Chandler.

Adam (grins): Why you didn't think I'd stand for you not returning my phone calls, did you? (He extends his hands to offer a blue velvet encasement with a silver bow.) A gift.

Dorian (coos): Adam. (Flashes a smile, backs up to let him in and then takes the gift.) You shouldn't have!

Adam: Oh but I should have and I did! Open it!

Alexandra enters the foyer, offers her hand and greets, "Hello, I don't believe we've had a formal introduction. You're Adam Chandler, I presume. I'm Dorian's mother, Alexandra Roskova." (They shake hands.)

Adam (smiles): The Alexandra Roskova and the woman responsible for creating this enchanting beauty? (To Dorian) Go on! Open it!

Alexandra (watches as Dorian opens her gift): Yes, Dorian is most certainly my daughter.

Dorian (gasps as she displays a gold necklace with small diamonds that showcase a large, pink diamond): Adam!

Adam (walks behind her to clasp the necklace and then admires): Breathtaking. The only thing more earth shattering is the woman who wears it.

Alexandra: The pink diamond is the world's most rare and valuable diamond. It's quite expensive, exquisite. Are you always so bounteous with compliments and ostentatious with gifts?

Dorian (steps toward her mother with a raised brow): Weren't you headed to bed?

Alexandra: Fine. Yes. We'll continue our conversation in the morning. Good night Mr. Chandler. Good night, my dear. (As she heads up the stairs, she stops to call.) Mr. Chandler?

Adam: Yes.

Alexandra: You'll do right by my daughter or deal with me. (Gives a stern look and then, continues up the stairs.)

Adam: Right, right. (After she leaves.) What does she think I'm going to do, attack you with fervent kisses and grope you in wild, reckless abandonment like a wanton teenager? He-hee. Either your mother doesn't like men or she doesn't like me.

Dorian (laughs as they walk into the living room): She's protective and you are salacious, Adam. Perhaps she's afraid you'll sweep me off my feet!

Adam: Me--a lecherous fiend?

Dorian (laughs): You're sinful. (Beams as she fondles the diamond necklace.) My mother's annoyed with me. You arrived to take the full brunt of anger toward me for my interference in her life. (She prepares a martini while he sits on the sofa and admires her figure. He mutters, "Where have you been all my life, mmm?") You say something?

Adam: You didn't return my calls. Should I feel slighted? Were you busy? Or are you reconciling with that annoying, foolish boy-toy who managed to snag a fleeting interest and snare your bountiful heart?

Dorian (brings Adam a martini and sits beside him.): David isn't a boy, Adam. My husband is every inch a man.

Adam (sips martini, loosens collar): You're offended. Is he serious competition?

Dorian: David is my husband.

Adam: Soon to be EX?

Dorian: Let's not rush things. (Sips martini.)

Adam: I say TAKE it! Take it slowly (Sips drink while eyeing her.) Enjoy every miniscule inch of PLEASURE!

Dorian caresses his cheek and smiles. "You are naughty."
Llanfair library, late night

Kevin and Tyler (a private investigator-- tall, blond, blue-eyed hunk in his late 30s) sit on the sofa. Cassie enters the library just as Kelly is about to leave. Viki follows Kelly. She calls, "Kelly!" Cassie stops, grabs Kelly's arm as she passes her into the foyer.

Cassie: Wait! (Glances at Viki, who is behind Kelly and then addresses Kelly.) Whoa! Sorry I'm late. I got caught in traffic. Someone had an accident.

Viki: Not serious?

Cassie: Maybe. I don't know. Kelly, what are you doing?

Kelly: What does it look like I'm doing?

Viki (to Kelly): Please. Stay.

Kevin (yells): NO! That's right! Run away from the problem instead of dealing with it head on!

Kelly (turns, glares at him): That's not what I'm doing! You want a divorce! (Explains to Cassie) Kevin's filed again for a divorce.

Tyler (stands): Hey listen, maybe I should go over the stuff I got later on?

Cassie (approaches Tyler with extended hand): You must be Tyler? You work fast.

Tyler: I'm good at what I do. I hear so are you. You're Cassie.

Kevin (looks annoyed): Tyler, what about Ace?

Cassie (to Kelly): C'mon stay.

Kelly sits down on the sofa. Cassie sits beside her. Viki closes the library doors and sits beside Kevin. To Cassie, Viki asks, "Can I get you anything?" Cassie shakes her head and answers, "No, thank you." Tyler remains standing. He opens a brief case and pulls out a dossier on Arabella Carey. Throws her picture on the coffee table. Kelly retrieves it and stares before passing it to Viki while Kevin takes a look at it.

Tyler: Arabella was named after her mother's aunt, a gesture that her mother hoped would result in her inheriting $2,000 that her aunt kept hidden in a cardboard box.

Kevin: You gotta be kidding me?

Kelly: Right, right. So they were poor. What does this Arabella have to do with anything?

Tyler: Arabella, aka Babe.

Cassie: Curious, what happened to the $2,000?

Tyler: The aunt left her fortune to her two cats.

Kevin: Fast forward.

Tyler: Jamie Martin, son of Tad Martin and grandson of Dr. Joe Martin, COS of Pine Valley Hospital, had a one night stand with Babe. The same Babe who later married Jamie's stepbrother, JR Chandler.

Viki: The son of Adam Chandler.

Kelly: The plane crash in Pine Valley. OK this all came up before. You said something about this Cassie. (Looks at Tyler.) You're telling me this woman is Ace's biological mother?

Cassie: We suspect it's possible.

Kelly: God!

Cassie: I tried to explain this. We're operating under the theory that Paul switched babies when he piloted a medivac helicopter that was supposed to carry two mothers and their babies to Pine Valley Hospital. These two mothers had given birth in a cabin in the woods during a treacherous storm.

Kelly: I remember all that. (Seems flustered.) Bianca Montgomery and this Arabella Chandler.... The newspaper articles said that Bianca's baby died. And that Babe's little girl, Bess, survived. All right. I understand all that.

Cassie: We think Babe had a boy and the boy is Ace and that Bianca's baby didn't die. (Takes her hand.) Paul gave Bianca's little girl to Babe and told Bianca that her baby died.

Kelly (begins to get tearful): Paul stole him! Why, why would he do that?

Kevin: You asked him to go out and find you a baby, Kelly! You conveniently forget that?

Viki: Kevin.

Kelly: This woman, this Bianca is suffering. (Sniffles; Cassie passes her a Kleenex.) She thinks that her baby is dead. (Looks at Kevin.)

Kevin (stares at Kelly and then glances at Tyler): This is supposition. Where do we go from here? Earlier today, you asked for a sample of Ace's blood.

Tyler: For a DNA test.

Viki: Why?

Tyler (paces in front of the fireplace): While Arabella was fool'n around with JR and his brother, she was married to Paul Cramer.

Viki: Heavens! So, do we know who her baby's father is?

Tyler: According to my spies in Pine Valley, Paul may have had something to do with fixing the test done to determine the paternity of Babe's infant.

Kevin (stands): Then the results were a LIE. Sh!t! (Looks at his mother) Sorry Mom.

Tyler: DNA test have been run on Bess that supposedly confirm Babe as the mother. But again, I think it's safe to say that anything involving Cramer or many of those folk in Pine Valley is questionable. This whole thing is shady.

Cassie: So Tyler, you moved forward with having a DNA test performed to what, determine the identity of Ace's father?

Tyler: I was hired to find Ace's biological parents--the mother and the father.

Kelly(look of sudden revelation): Wait a minute! That's gotta be it! Wait!

Viki: What?

Kelly: Paul.

Kevin: What about him?

Kelly: When, when I, I, I went to visit my mother she thought that I'd stolen her baby! She thought Ace was Paul! Ace looks like Paul. You know what that means, don't you?

Kevin: Well there's the evidence we need! Another wacky Cramer woman spouting half-truths!

Kelly: Go to hell!

Cassie: Relax honey. We don't know anything for sure yet.

Kelly: But, but Cassie, that's gotta be it! (Looks at Kevin, who appears to have a pained expression.)

Tyler: Paul had a rare blood type.

Kelly: So does Ace!

Tyler: We're fortunate to have Paul's DNA sample from my contacts at the LPD. We'll know the answer to our questions about Ace's paternity very soon.

LaBoulaie, living room

Adam (on the sofa with Dorian): You want me to leave?

Dorian: Yes. I don't want to rush things.

Adam: Good things come....to those who wait. You're worried.

Dorian: Yes... my daughter. As I explained to you, Adriana's going through a difficult time. I told David to delay his visit with her until tomorrow. It just doesn't feel right to, you know, with you here?

Adam (stands): Ah yes, children. What we wouldn't do for them.

Dorian (stands): I have done just about everything....including murder. I killed someone to protect my daughter. (Looks at his reaction) You're not surprised?

Adam: No. Any harm comes to my flesh and blood and a torturous death is too good for the perpetrator.

Dorian: My nephew Paul, who was once married to your daughter-in-law, well you once thought that he and Babe were attempting to swindle money from you while pulling the wool over the eyes of your son.

Adam: No, I didn't forget Paul Cramer. We never forget, you and I. It's what makes us survivors. Paul is out of sight. Babe....a piece of work. I'm not done with her yet.

Dorian (walks with him toward the door): I sense ill-ease toward your son's wife.

Adam: You're polite.

Dorian: She and JR have a child together. That changes everything, doesn't it?

Adam(stops, looks at her): Your niece Kelly recently gave birth to a child. Will that save her marriage?

Dorian: Apparently not.

Adam: Rumor mongers have it that the two of them are on the brink of a divorce. Is that true?

Dorian: Adam. (Glances away.)

Adam: Oh, I'm sorry! I shouldn't pry!

Dorian: No, it's not that. I, I, Kelly is having an affair with my husband. Did you forget?

Adam (grabs her): Oh yes, of course! How insensitive of me?

Dorian: Still, Kelly doesn't deserve Kevin. No woman deserves him! Kelly remains married to him for reasons I can't disclose. And my daughter, Cassie...well, that's just.... I can't even think of the words to explain his hold over my girls! What makes us attracted to someone who is no good for us?

Adam: Kevin Buchanan, our next Lieutenant Governor, a scoundrel no less. (Moves closer to her.) Dorian.

Dorian: You should leave.

Adam (glimpses her necklace): The diamond sparkles (gazes at her) but pales in comparison to the glimmer in your eyes. Good night, Dorian. (Leans, kisses her cheek.)

Dorian and Adam pause before he leaves; then, she closes the door. At the top of the stairs, Adriana watches.
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