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The House of Cramer; Chapters 30-39
Topic Started: Apr 26 2006, 09:41 PM (1,262 Views)
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Chapter 30

It is night-time at LaBoulaie.

There are police cars along the drive way as RJ pulls into the residence. Dorian, RJ and Adriana hop out the car.

Dorian (rushes to a police officer): I'm Dorian Lord Vickers! This is my home! What's happen here?

Police Officer: Your alarm went off. It appears there was a break-in.

Dorian (frantic expression): Oh my God? What about David?

Police Officer: Who's David?

Adriana: My stepfather!

"My husband," Dorian answers as she walks past the officers. "Is he all right?" RJ and Adriana follow her inside LaBoulaie. The officer tells Dorian no one was found inside the residence when they arrived. She sighs in relief.

"I'm Mr. Vickers. This is my home," David can be heard saying outside. Dorian rushes outside and into his arms. She exclaims, "Thank God, you're all right!"

David (tight squeeze): You're trembling. I've been trying to reach you all day gorgeous. (Looks at RJ) I'm confused. What's going on here? (Looks around) Why are the police here, Dorian? Are you and Adriana OK?

RJ: It appears there was a break in.

David (looks at RJ): What are you doing here?

RJ: I don't like your tone. I didn't burglarize your home if that's what you're asking?

Adriana: Of course not.

RJ (glances at Adriana with a smile and then back at David with a glare): Quite the contrary, I was safely delivering your precious cargo.

Dorian: RJ, thank you.

Adriana kisses his cheek. David frowns at the adorations toward RJ. Adriana annouces that she's going to RJ's car to retrieve the shopping bags. An officer overhears and agrees to help her.

RJ: Dorian, I trust that you are in somewhat trustworthy hands now.

Dorian (approaches RJ, pats his hand): I'm OK. I'll call you later. Thanks again.

RJ stares at David before he leaves.

David rubs Dorian's back as he glances at RJ driving off. They both move out of the way as the officer and Adriana pass them with shopping bags. David remarks, "I don't think RJ likes me very much. I mean who is he to judge anyone let alone me! I'm really sick of this whole town's attitude against me!"

Dorian: Oh David, you've earned your reputation.

David: But I also care about my family!

Dorian: Never mind RJ.

Adriana (returns): We just put the bags in the living room.

Dorian (caresses her cheek): That's fine, sweetheart.

David (looks at Dorian): It's not so much what RJ thinks that matters.

Dorian: Let's go inside to see what's going on.

David (brief pause): Fine. (After Dorian and David enter the foyer, an officer calls them over to ask questions. David notices Adriana is still outside so he lags behind and then returns outside to see what is detaining her while Dorian talks to the officer.)

David (approaches Adriana): Ok so what's wrong?

Adriana (shrugs): Nothing.

David: Something.

Adriana: Mom didn't mention the real reason RJ brought us home.

David: Which was?

Adriana: Our driver was attacked.

David (steps closer): What?

Adriana: We were held at gunpoint by these, these men!

David: What? Gunpoint! Did they hurt you?

Adriana: RJ rescued us. Mom put up a fight. The men took my necklace.

David: Are you OK? Your mother?

Adriana: Don't worry. We're both fine now. Safe, except someone broke into our home.

David: Yeah. My guess is that they were looking for more pieces of jewelry.

Adriana: The brooch Mom got from Carlotta--it's probably stolen.

David: Yeah. I was thinking the same thing. Listen, are you going to be all right here?

Adriana: I'm sure I'll be safe at least. I'm surrounded by officers. Why?

David: I just wanted to check on the situation upstairs with the brooch.

Officers pass by David and Adriana at the front entrance as they leave. David reconsiders and decides it's better if Adriana joins him inside. He and Adriana glance in the living room and notice Dorian isn't there so they both walk upstairs. Then, David suggests, "Why don't you head to your room while I check out what's going on in there?" (He nods in the direction of his and Dorian's bedroom.)

Adriana: All right. (Can see from the crack in the door that her mother is talking with an officer.) Tell Mom I'll come in to see her in a little while. (Leaves for her bedroom.)

As David enters his and Dorian's bedroom, Dorian is finishing up with an officer who reminds her to make a list of missing items. The officer says as he leaves: "Good night, Mrs. Vickers, Mr. Vickers. We're finished here."

David nods and says, "thanks" as the gentleman exits. Adriana pokes her head in the door and then walks in to hug her mother. Adriana offers, "I'll lock up downstairs and then, then I'll be in my room." She glances at David before she closes the door.

Dorian and David stare at each other. Then, Dorian walks over to the jewelry box and flatly comments, "The brooch. It's gone."

David approaches her from behind. He kisses the back of her neck. "But you're safe."

Dorian (leaves his embrace): Yeah, but this place is a mess!

David: Right--those guys sure got what they were looking for.

Dorian (looks at him): But you wrote down the numbers on the back of the brooch, right?

David (frowns): Just as you memorized the numbers on the back of the cross necklace before it was taken by those thugs who held you and Adriana at gunpoint tonight before RJ showed up.

Dorian: So Adriana told you what happened.

David: Yes she did.

Dorian: They held a gun to her head David.

David: My God that must have been horrifying? I wish, I wish that I'd been there for you.

Dorian: But we're OK. Everything. Everything's fine.

David: Dorian. It's perfectly understandable if things aren't fine for you. You've been through quite an ordeal these past few days.

Dorian: I said that I was fine!

David: All righty then. So, you're angry.

Dorian: We were robbed David!

David: C'mon baby think of it this way, we got most of the numbers that we need for the combination! We're just missing the numbers on the back of Carlotta's bracelet but once we get those I'm figuring it's practically a done deal! (Has a serious look) Unless you had some sentimental attachment to Manuel Santi's jewelry for some reason.

Dorian: Right, Carlotta's bracelet. The officer told me that Carlotta was attacked last night. Did you know that?

David: Well yeah, Antonio came by earlier. I tried to reach you.

Dorian: But my cell phone hadn't been re-charged. How can I protect my daughter when I forget something so crucial?

David: Dorian, it was an innocent mistake.

Dorian: A mistake that could have cost us our lives.

David (he approaches, she backs away): Dorian, what's going on here? You won't even let me touch you.

Dorian: Nothing. I just want to take a bath.

David: OK--if that's what you want, I'll join you.

Dorian: No. I want to be alone. Please.

David: Sure, If that's what you want. I can check and see what cook left for dinner and bring it upstairs, if you'd like.

Dorian: No, you and Adriana eat something. I want to be alone.

David: Dorian?

Dorian (is walking toward the bathroom and stops): Yes.

David: What's wrong?

Dorian: What's wrong is that nothing's right. I just want to be alone, David. (She leaves to go into the bathroom.)

David walks in the direction of the bathroom and then stops. Instead he leaves the room and heads down the stairs. The doorbell rings. It's Antonio.

Antonio: I heard there was a break-in. Is everyone OK?

David: Funny you should ask, I was having that same conversation with Dorian. No one is hurt physically.

Adriana heads down the stairs. "I heard the doorbell. Antonio!"

Antonio and Adriana hug each other. David, underneath his breath as the three of them walk into the living room, utters: "I think I'm going to be sick."

Adriana: David, where's Mom?

David: She's upstairs, taking a bath. (He mutters, "Alone.")

Antonio: Listen Adriana. I stopped by to make sure that you were all right, but also it's very important that you let me have the cross necklace. (Sighs) Mami is OK now, but there was a break-in at her place last night.

Adriana (gasp): Oh my God!

Antonio: No, no like I said, she's OK, a bit shaken up by things but OK.

Adriana: Antonio, I don't have the necklace.

David (moves shopping bags, sits on the sofa): Something happened on the limo ride from New York.

Antonio: You went to New York on a shopping trip. What happened?

Adriana: My mom and I were robbed on our limousine ride back to Llanview.

Antonio: What?

Adriana: The men took my necklace. But before all that RJ showed up.

Antonio: Wait a minute, RJ? He shows up out of the middle of nowhere?

Adriana: And, I'm glad that he did! The men listened to him. Once they got the necklace they let us leave with him.

Antonio (glances at David): Mami told me that Dorian has a brooch that's a Santi family heirloom. I'm guessing that's why this place was ransacked. Those goons took it, didn't they?

David (stands): We're all pretty tired here, Antonio. I think Dorian and Adriana have been through enough for one day. Adriana hasn't even had her supper yet.

Adriana: I'm not hungry.

David (to Antonio): Can we take up this inquisition with you at a later date?

Antonio: Fine. Adriana and Dorian will need to stop by the police station sometime tomorow. We need a statement and a description of those men who stole the necklace. (He gives Adriana a peck on the cheek.) I'm glad that you're safe.

David walks with Antonio to the door. Antonio turns with a comment, "How was Atlantic City?"

David: So what you've got someone tailing me now? Isn't that illegal surveillance? Instead of protecting my family, you've got cops wasting time watching my every move simply because you don't like me or is it because you're a moron?

Antonio: Oh it's more than dislike Vickers. I don't trust you. Your marriage to Dorian, this happy family life, it's all a lie. You're hoping to score big. First it was Adriana's inheritance and now it's Santi's fortune.

David: You're leaving. (Antonio smirks and walks out the door.) Good-bye. (David slams the door.)

Adriana is in the living room entrance. She is frowning at what she just overheard.

Adriana: David, what did Antonio mean by all that?

David (shakes his head): Nothing. You shouldn't worry your pretty little head about it.

Adriana: There are brains inside this pretty little head, you know? And why shouldn't I worry?

David (sighs): Because it's a lie! (Steps closer to her.) Do you believe it?

Adriana: I don't want to believe it.

David: Fine, it's your choice. (Passes her in the doorway and enters the living room.)

Adriana: I don't believe it. (Joins him in the living room.) I have no reason to.

David (exasperated expression): You know, I'm fighting for our family and everyone seems to be filled with doubt! So, so I'm no Boy Scout, but I love my family!

Adriana: And, I believe you.

David: I'm trying, trying to find the money, trying to do what I do best, going for the big bucks, but it's all for this family, which happens to include me, but, but, it's for our family!

Adriana: I can see that.

David: And you know something else! I love your mother! It may have been about the money in the beginning but I don't know, something changed! (Chuckles) I love Dorian and I am tired of everyone doubting us!

Adriana: I know that you love Mom.

David: And I want to secure this family's future but everyone thinks that I'm just out to score my next con! Those hypocrites! Jerks! Buffoons!

Adriana: I don't care what other people think!

David: I just wish... never mind! I'm no good at this family stuff!

Adriana: But David you're wrong about that.

David: Adriana, I'm sorry to shock you here, but what I'm good at is procuring other people's wealth. I've done it my whole life and that's not going to change! Dammit! It's who I am, con artist extraordinaire, except everything's not a con anymore. (Pours himself a drink.)

Adriana (approaches him from behind and places her hand on his shoulder): I believe in you and I love you.

David (turns to glance at her): Well I love you and this whole fadamily! (Cocks his head to the ceiling and yells) You hear that Dorian! (Looks at Adriana and softens his voice.) I'm glad that you are safe. If anything had happened to you or Dorian, I (He sips from his drink.)

Adriana: I know. In this family, things are so complicated. And now with my father, the jewelry pieces, the millions.

David (has an expression that shows that he's had a sudden thought): Adriana, have you ever seen Carlotta's bracelet?

Adriana: Yes, why?

David: Listen, you can say no if you want to and it'd be perfectly understandable. (Shakes his head.) Never mind. You're so innocent and I'm so dishonest.

Adriana: I want to help.

David (leery expression): I don't know.

Adriana: David, c'mon!

David: All right then, I need you to talk to Carlotta. See if she recalls there being numbers on the back of her stolen bracelet. I need those numbers!

Adriana: The numbers--why?

David: Numbers--why? There were numbers on the back of the brooch, the cross necklace and Carlotta's bracelet! That's why Santi's men wanted the jewelry!

Adriana: Some kind of code?

David: Precisely.

Adriana: This is about the money, isn't it?

David: If you don't want any part of this, just say no and I'll understand.

Adriana: My getting this information, would it put you in danger?

David: No. Not really. Life can be dangerous, Adriana. You never know what's around the next corner. I kind of like that. It's boring playing it safe.

Adriana: Money isn't important David. People count for more than money.

David (smiles, pats her on the shoulder): I know you're right. I'm sorry that I even suggested it.

Adriana: It's all right. I thought maybe I could help but not if it means that you could be hurt. (Turns to leave.) I'm going to check on Mom and then call Carlotta. I'll see you in the morning, OK?

David: Yeah, all right. Tell your mother I'll be up a little later. (Mutters, "If she's interested.")

Adriana: Are you mad at me?

David: No, I could never be mad at you. (Adriana, approaches and kisses him on the cheek before heading up the stairs. Later David takes his drink into the foyer. He glances up at the huge picture of Dorian looming atop the stairs. He raises his glass.) Here's to you Duchess. It's all for you.
Chapter 31

Same day, later that night, Philadelphia International Airport.

Todd is leaving the plane with a large overnight bag. It is not long before his eyes meet Blair's. They pause, smile, begin walking fast toward each other and then they run. Todd drops his bag and Blair leaps into her husband's arms. He swings her around and they kiss.

Blair (gazes at him): I was so, so worried.

Todd: Nothing's going to keep me away from you, not being shot in the back in Ireland nor being beaten and buried alive. I keep coming back.

Blair (frowns at his long bangs that she sweeps from his brow): You look terrible.

Todd: Yeah well, lack of sleep will do that to you.

Blair: You never sleep.

Todd: Then it was the lack of cuddling. I sleep like a baby after we cuddle.

Blair: Well there will be none of that mister until you tell me what happened!

Todd (serious look): I will but later OK? Promise.

Blair: OK then, get your things. (He picks up his bag.) I've got lots to tell you, too.

Todd (they walk toward the escalator): How's Starr? Jack?

Blair: Starr called me to tell me that Travis is supposed to be arriving in Llanview soon. And Jack is a grumpy fellow who misses his dad.

They are about to approach the escalator when Blair stops and looks at Todd. "Don't you ever, ever do this to me again."

Todd (kisses her hand): I won't. Is that good enough?

Blair: I can't be sure. Only if you mean it.

Todd: We'll talk. For now, let's get home to the kids. (The two of them step on to the escalator that goes down.)

Late night, Chicago, Herb Callison's townhouse

Herb is speaking into a small tape recorder. He has open files and papers on a desk and on the sofa. He moves from one area to the other. He glances at the screen of his computer. The information on the screen relates to maverick FBI agents, the prosecution of members of the Tomas and Santi crime families that have infiltrated the East Coast and extensive measures in place to protect government witnesses.

In one of his files, there's a picture of Katherine Fitzgerald and documentation of clandestine meetings that point to her being a dirty agent. For more than 20 years, officials from FBI headquarters in Washington have known that its agents in the Philadelphia area and corrupt local law enforcement were using professional killers and mob leaders as informants and shielding them from prosecution for serious crimes including murder. For several years Herb has been working on special assignment with federal prosecutors because of his trusted reputation, espionage connections and his expertise and familiarity with the particulars in Philly and along the New Jersey oceanside. It's a prickly, precarious mess. In such a position, he is privy to top secret information, like covert plans to murder Manuel Santi. It's rumored the plans were carried out by mobsters linked to higher-ups in FBI headquarters.

Herb turns off the tape recorder and pours himself a drink. He sighs, loosens his collar and then turns back on the tape recorder. "Paul Cramer made illegal runs for the Santi family on the West Coast. His testimony significantly implicated members of that crime family. But, I'm told Cramer supposedly witnessed the murder of El Toro. (Herb laughs.) Cramer has let it be known that he suspects government involvement. Cramer wants money to keep his mouth shut about the circumstances of the murder. He's been given a map to the supposed Santi loot that should keep him occupied for a while. (Looks at his watch.) It's 11 p.m. Chicago time. The final phase of the operation is in place.

The next day somewhere in Italy, daybreak

Manuel is taking a limousine ride through mountains along the winding road that leads to a chateau where he once spent happier days with Dorian. He makes a call to the States.

Carlotta picks up her phone. "Hello. Hello? Who's there?"

Manuel listens briefly before hanging up. Next, he thinks back to his wedding to Dorian on a Greek isle. She is wearing a simple off-white chiffon dress and she has a huge purplish pink hibiscus in her hair. In the looming moonlight, he and Dorian are hand in hand along the glistening calm waters, pristine sands. A handful of staff from his yacht witness the private ceremony in front of a minister. Dorian and Manuel are giddy with laughter before being caught up in the seriousness of the vows. As Manuel slips the diamond ring on Dorian's tiny finger, he recalls her gasp and tear-filled eyes and his feeling as if his heart would leap from his chest at hearing her say, "I do."

Manuel is shaken from his thoughts when the limo driver yells there is a Lamborghini blocking the road. The driver of the Lamborghini is outside the car and flagging for help. There appears to be another man inside the vehicle.

Manuel retrieves his gun. The limo driver radios the driver of the fiat that has been following them for protection to alert him of the situation. The limo and the fiat come to a stop on approach of the stalled Lamborghini. Manuel with his gun, is quickly ushered to the fiat while the limo driver leaves to find out what is going on with the driver of the stalled vehicle that is blocking passage. As Santi's man walks toward the Lamborghini, he is gunned down by the man pretending to have car trouble. The fiat hits the gunman, broadsides and zooms past the Lamborghini. The Lamborghini spins and its passenger takes to the wheel to pursue a chase of the fiat at high speed. Both cars race along the narrow, twisted and escalating road before the fiat, believed to be carrying Manuel Santi, misses a curve, spirals down the mountain and explodes into a fireball of smoke, flames and splintering, sputtering metal.

The Lamborghini stops. A man hops out of the car and watches briefly as the fiat explodes again. The man returns to his car and zooms off.
At LaBoulaie, after midnight

"No!" Dorian yells from her sleep. She reaches beside her and feels empty space. "David?" She reaches for her silk robe and then goes down stairs. She sees that David has fallen asleep on the sofa. He has a huge barely touched sandwich on the coffee table. His laptop computer screen shows that he has been working on layout for Craze. Dorian sighs with a smile and an adoring look. Then, she pulls a blanket from the other sofa and covers David with it. Her presence causes him to open his eyes. "Dorian?" he asks with a rub of the eye.

Dorian: Hello sleepy head. I missed you in bed.

David (sits up): I thought you wanted (yawns) to be left alone.

Dorian: It gets confusing distinguishing between what I say and what I mean. (She moves to sit beside him.) You know I heard something earlier.

David (alarmed): What?

Dorian: Earth-shattering--you shouting at the top of your lungs that you love me. (She smiles.) It was wonderful.

David (looks at her): And it didn't make you come rushing down the stairs to proclaim your ever lasting love?

Dorian: You want to know something?

David: What?

Dorian: I was a little embarrassed at the way that I'd treated you.

David: I kind of like that. Well, that you admitted it to me.

Dorian: It was lonely in that bed without you.

David: I meant what I said about loving you. I can't help it. It's there not matter what.

Dorian (brushes his face): Even when I'm mean to you and turn you away.

David (takes her hand and rubs it): I can't help you if you don't tell me what's wrong.

Dorian (sighs): It's very difficult.

David: Practice.

Dorian: I feel invaded, stripped bare.

David: Because of what happened with the robbery?

Dorian: The robbery, finding out about my mother. It makes me vulnerable and uncomfortable being in my skin. I push people away in anger, then ball up into a cocoon to protect myself. I lick my wounds, gain a new outlook and come back fighting.

David: My dynamic diva. I don't like feeling as if I'm a useless appendage. (Puts his arm around her.) You could have talked to me about your fears and anger. (He kisses her brow.)

Dorian: I'm beginning to realize that. No one, no one makes me feel so safe. (She rests her head on his shoulders.)

David: Dorian?

Dorian: Yes, David. (She looks up at him.)

David: Is being with me, is it, am I enough for you?

Dorian (frowns): What do you mean?

David: I'm not a renown classical pianist and international spy.

Dorian: That David, kept Cassie from me.

David: I'm not a gazillonnaire like Victor.

Dorian: Victor Lord--the child molester?

David: I'm not the Governor of the state of Pennsylvania and respected DA

Dorian: In the end, he divorced me.

David: Then, there's Mel Hayes, a Pulitzer prize winner who you've called the love of your life. I hate him.

Dorian: He's dead.

David: And now there's this Manuel Santi guy. Yeah I know he's dead. OK, he was a mob boss and drug lord. But he left behind millions. You had a child with him, who I wish was my child.

Dorian: Oh David, Adriana adores you. You have a way with her that makes me jealous sometimes when I see the two of you together.

David: C'mon Dorian you're her mother.

Dorian (caresses his chest): I've never met a man before who hasn't tried to change me, a man who is witty, clever, charming, creative, adorable, fiercely protective of my girls, exceedingly handsome (David begins to puff up at the compliments), and an epic, expert lover in bed. (Dorian stands, they exchange a suggestive glance. She takes his hand before they climb the stairs.)

David asks, "I'm that good?"

Dorian replies, "In every way."
Chapter 32

It is a couple of days later and morning at Carlotta's Diner.

When RJ enters, Carlotta is behind the counter and talking to Antonio, who is on a bar stool with Jamie. RJ is there to pick up Jamie so that she can stay with him while Antonio is on a business trip.

RJ: Carlotta (pauses) Antonio.

Antonio: RJ

Carlotta: Hello RJ. You're here to pick up Jamie, I know but can I get you something?

RJ (dotting on Jamie before Antonio hands her to him): No, nothing. How are you doing Carlotta? I heard about the break in. I'm sorry that happened to you.

Carlotta: I'm fine, all things considered.

John and Evangeline enter the diner together. They see RJ and John mutters, "You want to stay?"

Evangeline (as RJ turns to see them): Why am I supposed to alter my life for him? I'm tired of it.

John (ushers her to a booth and glances at RJ): He may behave himself with his granddaughter with him.

Evangeline: Don't count on it.

Carlotta approaches to take Evangeline and John's order.

Antonio (asks RJ at the counter): So how are things going with you and Lindsay?

RJ: How nice, trying to make small talk to divert attention from the attorney bitch and her dirty, slimy swine?

Antonio (shakes his head): Where do you get that man?

RJ (grins): Think about it. (Begins gathering Jamie's things.) My granddaughter is in the best of hands while you take your fanciful trip.

Antonio: It's not a pleasure cruise. You know later, RJ man. Mami has the number for where to reach me. You can get in touch with me through her.

RJ glances at John and Evangeline before he leaves with Jamie.

Antonio approaches John and Evangeline's table as his mother leaves with their order. He grips John's hand and nods with a look at Evangeline as he greets them.

John: So how goes it with RJ? He left without one of his smart-ass comments.

Antonio: Oh he said plenty (Antonio chuckles.) The guy's messed up at seeing the two of you together.

Evangeline: Yeah, I'd say he's messed up. Lindsay Rappaport-- a woman who was released from St. Annes after having murdered her former husband! Ah but why didn't it occur to me sooner? (Smacks brow.) Maybe you gotta be a little twisted to get down with RJ.

John (grins): I like twisted. Are you twisted? (She smirks with a roll of the eye.) So, Antonio you headed for Puerto Rico?

Antonio: Yeah, Emelio, a Puerto Rican cop friend of mine, says that he spotted Paul Cramer there. I asked him to be on the lookout for the weasel.

John (sips coffee): Was Natalie with him?

Antonio(glances at Evangeline before he answers): I don't know I didn't ask. Hey listen John, I need you to keep an eye on Mami while I'm gone. And, if possible, Jamie.

John: It goes without saying. Good luck man. And don't forget to check in with me. (John's cell phone rings and he excuses himself from the table. While he is away. Antonio sits down.)

Antonio: Evangeline, you need to be careful with this thing with John.

Evangeline: John and I are just friends. Don't make a big deal out of it.

Antonio: Whatever. RJ doesn't like it and he plays dirty.

Evangeline (annoyed, bulging eyes): And I'm afraid of the big bad wolf!

John returns and Antonio leaves.

John: What was that between you and Antonio?

Evangeline: I've been warned. RJ is bad for my health.

John (shakes head): Alert the surgeon general. The guy needs to get over it.

At Llanfair, morning

Viki is in her library behind closed doors and sorting through papers on her desk. She had been making progress with her health since her surgery but she has regressed somewhat due to overexersion. She's at home today at doctor's insistence that she take it easy but she can't resist going through the pile of papers accumulating on her desk. As she sorts, she sees a personal leave form that is marked urgent. Viki reads it and sees that it's a request from Dorian for time off.

Viki (frowns): Again? I do not know how I missed this. It's surely been here for awhile with the rest of the board agenda items from that meeting that I missed. (Shakes head.) Perhaps I made a mistake making Dorian Chief of Staff.

Todd walks into Llanfair.

Todd (yells): Hey, anybody here?

Viki opens the doors leading into the library.

Viki: Ssh! Keep your voice down! So you are alive. Some of us are striving for a little peace and quiet.

Todd (smiles): Don't try to deny it. Seeing my face made you day!

Viki (smirks): Truth be told, I am very angry with you.

Todd: How ya doin', Sis? (Gives her a brief hug before walking past her into the library.)

Viki (follows): So, was the story worth it?

Todd (looks around): A lotta stuff has happened while I was away. (Pouts) Kevie poo staying with his Mommy?

Viki: Oh stop it, Todd! Kevin and Kelly are having troubles in their marriage that they are sure to work out between the two of them.

Todd: Hard to do when one of them has high tailed it to California to be with her Momma.

Viki: Ace has not had the opportunity to visit his grandmother as of yet until now. I think that it is very appropriate.

Todd: Yeah, yeah. She wanted to get away from Prince Charming.

Viki: Todd, I do not want to discuss Kevin with you. I want to talk about this story that you risked your life for. (Viki grimaces as she sits down, Todd rushes to assist her.) I'm OK. Thanks. Who did you talk to and what is going on?

Todd: You sure you're all right?

Viki: Fine. Answer my question.

Todd: What if I told you that El Toro Santi is alive and I know because I interviewed him?

Viki: Bull!

La Boulaie, Dorian and David's bedroom

Dorian is on the phone with her administrative assistant Samantha while pulling out clothes from her closet. Adriana is sitting on the bed and inspecting each piece. She frowns or gives a smile and a thumbs up before Dorian places the clothing into her luggage. Dorian says to Sam, "Just a minute." She covers the phone with her hand and asks Adriana: "Are you done with your packing, yet?"

Adriana (shrugs): Kind of.

Dorian (points with a raised brow): March back to your room, young lady!

As Adriana leaves, Dorian returns to her call. "Are you sure the leave hasn't been approved, yet Sam? You rushed it through for the board agenda with the consent items didn't you? Then, what's the hold up? It was pulled. Fine, fine. I'll speak to Viki Davidson, myself!" (She hangs up and then calls Cassie.)

Dorian: Cassie, if you get this message in time, please give me a call right away. We may have to postpone our trip. I know that you rearranged your plans. Well just call me! (When Dorian turns around, she sees that Blair has entered the room.) Blair! (They give each other a big hug.)

Blair (looks around at the clothes scattered in the room): So how long are you planning on being away?

Dorian: I'm not sure yet. (Expression shows extreme anger.) Maybe not at all if Viki has her way!

Blair: Viki?

Dorian: My leave was supposed to have come up for board approval at the last hospital board meeting. Sam just told me that it's been tabled for discussion.

Blair: Maybe you shouldn't rush this thing Dorian.

Dorian: I shouldn't rush this thing? Excuse me, if I'm a little anxious to find out about my real mother after thinking the wretched Sonya was my mother through my personal hell called a childhood!

Blair (moves clothes and sits on the bed): What are you hoping to find out by going to Canton?

Dorian (sits on the bed beside her): I don't know. I guess the obvious answer would be just who my mother is. There are still a few of my father's friends who are alive and living in the area. Maybe they know something about his lover, my mother, Alexandra. Or maybe just being there will jog my memory.

Blair: What if grandpa's buddies know something and they won't tell you. I mean this has been a secret for years.

Dorian: All I need to know is her last name.

Blair: Maybe I can help there. I talked to Momma. To tell you the truth, I can't remember if I've said anything to you about this before but she says that Sonya's mother had a brother, who lived in Chicago and died in a tragic car accident with his wife. They had a child, Alexandra. Alexandra was raised by Sonya's parents.

Dorian: Sonya's first cousin and a Roskova. (Shakes head.) Of course, the one thing Momma, I mean Sonya, shared with me was that her parents were married cousins, both with the last name Roskova before their union. She said that her musical genius was the, the result of inbred insanity.

Blair: I had heard that. Momma always said that was the real Cramer curse. After the marriage of the cousins, Cramer women had difficulty keeping their babies.

Dorian: And I never believed a word of it. Our situations with our children were the result of life circumstances not imminent destiny.

Blair: You gotta admit we have all had problems with our babies.

Dorian: Believe what you will.

Blair: I'll drop it.

Dorian: Roskova. How ironic would it be if my mother was the Alexandra Roskova? (Laughs) It's gotta be one of those wacky coincidences!

Blair: I wouldn't discount it.

Dorian: Surely my mother married. You've given me a start. Thank you!

Blair: So you're not going to Canton, then?

Dorian: I'm going to think about all of this before going anywhere. Besides, Viki has refused to grant me this leave.

Blair: Dorian, how do you know Viki's behind any of this? You're jumping to conclusions.

Dorian (recognizes that Blair is upset about something else): You mentioned on the phone when you called earlier that Todd is back.

Blair (stands, shakes her head): Dorian you'd better get ready for this one because it's a doozy.

Dorian: Blair please you're scaring me. I don't think I can take anymore shocks to my system.

Blair: It's about Adriana's father, Manuel Santi.

Dorian (stands): Manny?

Blair: Todd swears that he is alive and that he interviewed the man in the flesh.

Dorian gasps. From the doorway, Adriana overhears the reveal and walks into the room. Adriana asks, "My father's alive?"

Llanview Police Station, mid-day, Bo's Office

Bo is on the phone on a long-distance call from Chicago. It's Herb Callison.

Bo: Yeah, Herb I hear what you're saying I'm just not inclined to believe it. I know you're just passing along a rumor that could prove untrue but I think I can vouch for the guy. There's no way McBain could have been part of the hit on Katherine Fitzgerald. The guy was in love with Fitzgerald's sister, Caitlin. (Bo sees John approaching his office.) Listen, I'll keep my eye on things. I gotta go.

John knocks on the door. Bo waves for him to enter. John looks agitated and is pacing. Bo gestures for him to sit.

John(shakes head): You're not going to believe this. I can't even compute it.

Bo: Why don't you tell me what it is and I'll tell you whether I believe it or not.

John: I just got off the phone with a field operative from the bureau, a good buddy of mine. Word is in the agency that Manuel Santi is still alive.

Bo (leans forward): Did I hear you say, alive?

John: Yes, my reaction exactly. Seems his death was nothing but a ruse to stir up the organization. He was seen in Canada and you're not going to believe with whom?

Bo: The way things are goin for me today, I'd guess it was someone from Llanview.

John: Todd Manning.
Chapter 33

Later that night, Llanview Police Headquarters, John's Office

John has brought Todd in for questioning. Todd is being evasive about his meeting with Santi.

Todd: You want to know if I met with him, read the Banner-Sun! (Winks) Be sure to catch the photo on the front page.

The next scene that's shown is that of the printing presses at the distribution center for The Banner-Sun.

The presses are running at rapid speed with the next day's edition. Todd's story is being printed with a picture of Manuel Santi (resembles Michael Nouri) on the front page. The notorious drug lord is in a chair with a serious look, holding a recent copy of the New York Times to verify the date of the interview. The headline for the Banner-Sun article reads, "Mob Boss 'El Toro' Santi is Alive!" Todd's article begins:

"I believed the lie I was told was true until I met the truth before my eyes. Puerto Rican Mob Boss Manuel 'El Toro' Santi, believed murdered several weeks ago, is sitting in front of me at a lavish hideout in Canada. In an interview exclusive to the Banner-Sun, he is telling me why he believes his mobster enemies and the federal government are gunning for him. Juan Pedro, a mobster with the Santi family, was present during the interview. Moments after Santi spoke with me, he boarded a private jet for sights unknown.

"I'd say rumors of my demise," Santi heartily laughs, "were greatly exaggerated."

Santi has a 16-year-old daughter, Adriana Lord and a former wife, Dorian Lord, who reside in Llanview. Lord is Chief of Staff of Llanview Hospital. Reached by phone before going to press, Lord refused to comment on the story, aside from a threat to sue the paper for "inflicting emotional distress on her and her family."

Given the nickname "El Toro," or "the bull," for his legendary temper, Santi was born with the name Manuel Espinoza. He changed it at the request of his sister, who reportedly wanted to disassociate his mob activities from their religious family of well-known and respected jewelers in Puerto Rico. Santi's sister is Carlotta Vega, who owns a diner in Angel Square. According to a Llanview Police report, Vega and Lord were recently robbed by burglars who swiped family heirlooms. Vega's son, Antonio Vega, is a detective with the Llanview Police Department. Neither case involving the robberies has been resolved.

The Banner-Sun also has learned that Sonia Toledo, owner of a Llanview night club called the Hook Up, is the adopted daughter of the until-now, believed-dead mobster. Toledo did not return calls to the Banner-Sun. Her attorney Carmen Santiago, would not confirm nor deny that her client is related to Santi. Additional sources close to Santi report that he has a son, 23-year-old Augustico "Tico" Santi, who resides in Spain. During the day-long interview, the elder Santi told me of his childhood in Puerto Rico, his marriages, his children, his rise as one of the most feared mob leaders in gangland history, and the botched attempt on his life.

The scene returns to John and Todd.

John: So, what'd Santi say to you?

Todd: Plenty. (Smirks.) He may have even mentioned your name detective. (Laughs.) Are you a dirty cop?

John stands, moves from behind his desk and lifts Todd by the collar from his seat. Bo walks in and calls, "John! John!" John lets go of Todd's collar. Bo orders, "Back off detective!" (Has an intense look.) "Listen John if you can't handle Manning, get him the hell outta here!" As John returns behind his desk, he insists, "No, no, It'll be fine." He glares at Todd, who is chuckling at his reaction.

Bo folds his arms, stands to the side of the desk and stares at Todd. "So you're going to run with a story about an alleged meeting with a mob boss? What if I tell you I'm gonna slap an injunction on that tabloid journalism before it even sees the light of day?"

The scene cuts to pages of the article, cycling through the presses:

"I am sure the FBI will make it appear that they faked my death as some clever ruse to expose higher ups in my organization," Santi insists, with a scowl and heavy Spanish accent, "but in fact there are people in the government who want me dead and they hired a mob hit!" He leans from his chair with a piercing stare. "It was a mob hit. It was an assassination attempt gone bad."

The scene returns to Todd in John's office.

Todd (stands): Pfft! On what grounds are you going to stop the story?

Bo: You're interfering with an investigation.

Todd: It ain't national security.

Bo: In a manner of speaking.

Todd: You guys take yourselves too seriously. Are we done here?

John (glances at Bo, who nods): Yeah, for now. Get outta here, Manning!

Todd looks at John and then Bo. He walks toward and turns at the door. "An injunction?" (Todd shrugs, chuckles as he leaves.)

At the distribution center for the Banner-Sun, the pages of the paper are being collated into their proper order. The article on Santi is read by one of the workers:

According to Santi, FBI headquarters in Washington knew that its agents along the oceanside and in Philadelphia were using professional hitmen and gang leaders as informants and protecting them from prosecution for serious crimes. It's a situation that's been developing for many years with maverick agents willing to sell their souls to the devil to smash the powerful Puerto Rican mob organization.

The Banner-Sun has obtained copies of field memos and responses that prove the FBI directors' office was aware of the abuses. The Banner-Sun contacted FBI director Jonathan Swift, who refused to be interviewed for this story. A spokesman for the FBI in Washington declined to comment, citing ongoing investigations. The Banner-Sun has also discovered there are pending lawsuits against the government by the victims of crimes committed by informants under FBI protection.

Back at Llanview Police Headquarters:

John (stands, places hands on hips, paces): The guy's a jerk!

Bo: I told you to wait on questioning him! Next thing I know you got your hands around his neck! Do I need to remove you from the case, detective?

John: I don't know.

Bo: Katherine?

John: Maybe this thing is getting too personal and with the way things went down with....her.

Bo: The way what went down with Katherine, exactly?

John: Well you know, shrouded with the possibility that she was laying down with the mob for money.

Bo: I think that's no longer a mystery. Katherine was on the take. She was going after the money.

John: You're right. What does it mean if Santi is still alive, Bo? I'm trying to cooperate with the bureau but this latest news tells me we've been jerked around. (Shrugs with a shake of the head.) I don't think the rumored Santi millions even exist.

Bo: Maybe. I think a real hit was put out on Santi, no subterfuge tactic to make it look like a hit. The agency is covering their asses because they blew it and now Santi's talking to Manning of all people. If Santi's alive, it won't be for long.

John (long pause): I don't know.

Bo (studies his reaction): As far as Llanview's jurisdiction is concerned, we still got money laundering activity at the Hook Up.

John: Nothing. I got a few guys on it but they're not getting anything concrete we can use to nail'em with.

Bo (begins to leave): Keep'em on it! And detective, I don't want any more interviews with Manning unless I'm the one giving the order to bring'em in. Comprende?

John nods a reply. After Bo leaves, he opens his drawer and picks up a framed picture of him and Caitlin.
Even later that night at The Banner-Sun,

Todd is in his office with a copy of the newspaper. He has his feet propped on his desk and he's leaning back in his chair with spectacles and a grin as he reads the paper.

More than $1 billion in lawsuits have been brought against the government by victims of crimes committed by these informants, who were protected by the FBI. Santi hints that the FBI agents formed an alliance with the Tomas family, who at the time were battling with the Santi organization for control of the East Coast racket.

"In return for information about the Santi family, Philadelphia agents ignored illegal activity by the Tomas family as they committed petty crimes and more serious ones, like murder," Santi claims. "They were even warned when state police and federal drug agents were on their trail.

With the Santi organization toppled and further weakened by federal prosecutions, the Tomas family is set to take control of the East Coast--at least for now.

There is a knock at the door, "Come in!" Todd yells as he puts aside his newspaper on his desk.

Evangeline enters.
In a sauna room at a private country club in Philadelphia

Despite what is happening in Llanview, various mobsters have received recent word that Manuel Santi was killed in a car accident in Italy. In the steam-filled sauna room are cigar-smoking, naked old men wrapped in towels. In the corridors, leading to the room, are big, burly men, who are doing a body search of the notorious hoodlums who pass through the club doors.

Inside the sauna room, one of the mobsters queries, "How can we be sure that rat bastard's dead?"

"No matter," is the response from another. "He will be in such deep hiding, his millions and territory is ours for the taking." He gives a belly laugh.
In Llanview, Carlotta's Diner, late at night

Carlotta is showing John and Evangeline to the door just as Adriana rushes toward her aunt with Dorian following her. Adriana is speaking in Spanish of the news that her father and Carlotta's brother is alive. Then, Adriana hugs Carlotta, who looks at Dorian. Dorian shrugs and shakes her head with a concerned look.

Dorian: I'm sorry to come by so late.

Adriana: Can you believe it?

Carlotta: No, I can't. (She locks the doors. Adriana and Dorian join her at the counter.) I'm just so stunned. I don't know what or who to believe. Antonio is in Puerto Rico. Maybe he would know something.

Outside Carlotta's Diner, John walks Evangeline to her car. They almost kiss before Evangeline pulls back. He gestures with a wave and slight smile that it's OK and then she gets inside her BMW. John strolls down the sidewalk toward his car when Evangeline changes her mind about him and gets out of her car. Standing next to her vehicle, she sees John being approached by two men. The men quickly get into an argument with him and one of them pulls a knife.

"John!" Evangeline screams. The men see her. The man with the knife issues a threat before he and his accomplice hop into a car and pull off. Evangeline quickly rushes toward John.
Close to midnight, JFK International Airport

Sonia greets her brother, Tico, at the airport in New York. She tells him of the meeting of mob bosses and arguments over the Santi territory. In a quieter moment, after they quickly enter a limousine, she tells her brother she has heard other news. Their father was killed in Italy. Tico stares at his sister in shock. She embraces him and then pulls back to look at him and add in Spanish: "But, I do not believe all that I am told."
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Chapter 34

At Llanfair, early morning

It is the next day and raining in Llanview as copies of The Banner-Sun are delivered to doorsteps of residents.

Still in her robe, Viki gets her copy that is delivered by a courier. She sighs and walks slowly to her desk in the library where she sits, puts on her glasses and begins to read. Kevin enters and she stops to look up at him. He appears upset.

Viki (takes off glasses): Kevin what is it?

Kevin (flops arms): Your baby brother! What else? Man, I can't believe this! I can't believe this!

Viki (approaches him): Kevin calm down.

Kevin, who is wearing suit and tie, moves away from his mother, settles on the sofa and adjusts his tie. He bemoans, "It' just that his latest move is to try and wrestle control of Craze magazine."

Viki (sits down in front of him): Well, he can hardly do that because you're not going to let him.

Kevin: Of course not! But does that keep him from being a fly in the middle of the ointment? NO! And, I'm getting sick of it!

Viki: Have you heard from Kelly?

Kevin: No, not since she took Ace and then went to California to visit her mother.

Viki: I see. So that also means that you have not called her.

Kevin (stands): Mom, Kelly and I are finished and I'm serving her with the divorce papers as soon as she gets back here with my son!

Viki (stretched eyes): Oh? When did you decide that?

Kevin: Just here recently. And, I've decided to sue for custody of Ace!

Viki: Be careful Kevin. Be careful that you are not punishing your child because you're angry with his mother!

Kevin glimpses a copy of The Banner-Sun.

Kevin (shakes head, has irritated expression): What is this? Manuel Santi's still alive? Now you're letting Todd ruin the family newspaper! (Kevin looks at Viki, who doesn't respond to his reaction.) I'm outta here! Thanks for listening!(Begins to walk away.)

Viki (stands): Kevin, do not leave angry! Please!

Kevin (stops, sighs with long pause): I'm sorry. You've been home a lot lately. What's the doctor saying?

Viki (raises brow): That I need to continue taking it easy. Easier said that done.

Kevin (concerned look): Well, I promise to make it easier for you by not burdening you with my problems. I'm sorry, Mom.

Viki: Kevin, you are my son. I am interested in your life.

Kevin kisses his mother's cheek. "No really, thanks for listening to me. And, I will calm down. I promise."

Viki(whispers): Thank you.

Kevin leaves and then Viki walks to her desk. She decides to call Jessica.
In Chicago at the Swissotel

A weary Margaret enters the hotel after having spent the night at the hospital with Alexandra, who had a cancerous growth removed from her breast during surgery. Margaret immediately checks her messages at the front desk. She sees there are several from Blair Manning.

Jessica is in the lobby and talking on the cell phone with her mother when she hears Margaret asking about messages. She tells Viki that she'll call her back and then she quickly approaches Margaret at the desk.

Jessica (extending her hand): Ms. Laurence. I don't know if you recall our having met recently in New York.

Margaret (shakes her hand): Yes, Jessica Buchanan. You're Victoria Davidson's daughter and a writer for that magazine Craze. I'm quite surprised to see you here.

Jessica: Well, I must confess that our meeting here is not by accident.

Margaret (curious look): Oh, how did you know where to find me?

Jessica: I saw a note on my mother's message pad at her office from a previous call. It wasn't purposeful. I was taking a phone message for her while her secretary was away from her desk.

Margaret: I see. And you've come all this way to speak with me?

Jessica: I didn't want you to turn away my call.

Margaret: I don't know what to say. Ms. Roskova will not be granting any interviews at this time. I told your mother I'd get back to her about the visit to Llanview (sighs) much of which depends on...well, never mind. If you'll excuse me. (She walks away from her.)

Jessica (walks fast to stay with her): My mother is a breast cancer survivor. How is Ms. Roskova?

Margaret (stops, glances around the lobby to see if anyone else overheard Jessica's comment. She appears angry): What I shared with your mother was in confidence, not for media fodder!

Jessica (stunned at her reaction): I'm, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be insensitive. I just wanted to show some understanding of what she might be going through. It's difficult for those close to the patient. You don't quite know how to make it bearable for the person. Well, all you can do is love them, support them, listen. I'm sure that you do that already.

Margaret: Thank you my dear. Truly. I need to go up to my room for awhile.

Jessica: Ms. Roskova never discussed her illness in her book. I think that a lot of cancer survivors would be inspired by her courage.

Margaret: Despite her rather public image with liberal causes, Alex is rather reserved about her personal life.

Jessica: I don't see how she can separate one from the other--really. What I mean to say is her personal life led her to pursue her causes for abortion rights, equal job opportunities, you name it. Uh, will you at least mention to her that I'm interested in discussing her courage in overcoming personal adversity? Either way, I'll respect her decision.

Margaret: Jessica, I don't think this is the time.

Jessica: Would it be too insensitive for me to ask, if not now, when? It's her choice, isn't it?

Margaret begins to walk away before Jessica interrupts with her card. Margaret takes it, rips it up and walks away.
At LaBoulaie, David and Dorian's bedroom

David and Dorian are eating breakfast in bed. Then, David pauses to plant kisses along Dorian's neck, which causes her to melt until she is alarmed by the picture of Manuel Santi on the front page of the newspaper beside the breakfast tray.

"Todd!" Dorian shouts as she grabs the paper.

David frowns. "Todd? You're having fantasies about him?"

"No!" Dorian exclaims before clubbing him with the paper. "It's the article he's written about Manny being alive!"

David steals the paper from her. "I told you to call him MANUEL." He looks at the picture. "And damn him for being handsome! I bet he was tall, too."

Dorian: Of course he's handsome and yes, he was, is tall, very tall.

David: He looks like that movie actor that was in Flashdance. What was his name?

Dorian (nodding agreement): Michael Nouri.

David: How'd you know who I was talking about? Have you been dreaming about him?

Dorian: Stop it, David! (Dorian grabs the newspaper from him.) I'm worried about the affect all of this is going to have on Adriana. You should have seen her last night at Carlotta's.

David: Look if the guy's alive, he's going to be in such deep hiding that he'll never see the light of day. Besides, I'll kill him if he comes near my family!

Dorian (caresses his face): I love you. (They kiss.)

David: Remember THAT if the guy ever comes near you.

Dorian smiles at his response and then begins to read the article.

Dorian: David, Manuel is claiming the government wants him dead because he's prepared to name names in the alliance between the FBI and the mob.

David (sarcastically): Isn't that special? (David grabs his robe from the side of the bed.)

Dorian: Listen to this part. (Reads from the paper.) "Lawyers representing victims of violence by FBI informers long suspected that Washington played a role in the affair, noting that high-level informants required approval from FBI headquarters. Simon Russell, one of the attorneys representing the victims, remarks, 'They(the FBI) knew about it and then looked the other way.' "

David responds, "Isn't there some way that we can claim to be a victim of the Santi's and collect some money for it?"

Dorian looks at him and continues reading: "Federal prosecutors are investigating this special arrangement between the east coast agents and the gangsters, particularly with Santi resurfacing and making claims the government was involved in trying to kill him. With information now leaked to the federal prosecutors, it is expected that several members of the FBI as well as members of the Tomas family, may soon face prosecution."

Dorian looks and sees that David has left the room. She hears the shower. "The Tomas family," Dorian mutters. "What about RJ?"
RJ's Apartment, still morning

RJ is bringing a cup of coffee to Lindsay who is lounging in a robe on his sofa. She is reading from the article.

"One member of the Tomas organization, Alberto Castaneda, was convicted several years ago on charges of racketeering and obstruction of justice. (RJ frowns at the mention of the name and Lindsay continues reading.) Santi points to Castaneda as a paid assasin. 'He was promised a light sentence for his involvement in the murder of Andrew Fellini, a jai-lai operator, ' Santi says. 'He coughed up testimony against members of the Santi organization that led to federal prosecution. He got immunity and he managed to shorten his years in lockup.' "

Lindsay: You knew Castaneda, didn't you?

RJ: He's dead.

Lindsay: That's not an answer!

RJ: Stay outta this.

Lindsay: I don't like your tone and I don't want anything to happen to you.

RJ: Don't worry about me.

After a long pause, Lindsay begins reading again:

"As has been widely reported and under current federal investigation, three men were falsely convicted for the murder of Fellini. Two of them were found dead in prison. Last year, Castaneda was released from prison. He had plastic surgery and relocated. On Tuesday, Castaneda's body was found in a dumpster behind a restaurant in Boca Raton, Florida.

Lindsay stops reading and glimpses RJ with a look of fear.

Lindsay: RJ, what if that had been you?

He touches her face. "It wasn't. You can't be afraid and be me."

Lindsay: Being me means being afraid for you.
The Banner-Sun, Todd's Office, still morning

A call slips through to his office. Todd buzzes his assistant: Bigelow? Hold the calls while Evangeline's here!

Todd holds up the paper and points to his favorite part of the article and says, "Here's what I wrote: 'Santi laughs at the rumors of missing millions and gives no indication that the money exists.' And here's what he says, 'I've shared the truth with only one man, a confidante. It's a secret I plan to take with me to my grave.' "

Todd laughs at the reply. Evangeline frowns, shakes her head and asks, "Did you forget this guy kidnapped you?"

The door to his office opens. Todd and Evangeline look as Ms. Bigelow, a strange looking woman, bespectacled and dressed like a man in suit and tie, rattles apologies and attempts to block entry of the visitors. Tico and Sonia barge through the door with a copy of The Banner-Sun.

Chapter 35

Same day. It's morning at the Banner-Sun.

The scene picks up where it left off with Tico and Sonia entering Todd's office.

Sonia (angry disposition): What is THIS? (Slaps newspaper on the desk.)

Bigelow (bulging eyes, nervous flutter): Uh, Mr. Manning, I don't know how they got by me!

Todd: NO! No more excuses! Something like this happens again Bigelow, you're FIRED. (Sighs) Now, hello Ms. Toledo. (Ms. Bigelow slips a sly look to Todd before she leaves.) And you must be Tico? Am I right? (Tico responds: "Correct.") When did you arrive in town? (Tico and Sonia stare at him without verbal response.)

Evangeline (stands, offers a handshake): I'm Evangeline Williamson, Mr. Manning's attorney. (Sonia folds her arms, scoffs. Evangeline removes her hand and glares.) My mistake. I assume you came to visit Mr. Manning because you have something to say. (Gestures with her hands.) Well, the floor's all yours!

Todd: I'll go first. (Holds up the paper.) You asked about the article.(Points to photo.) Here's a picture of your father. He's alive.

Tico: You mentioned our names in the article, Mr. Manning. My father would not abide by that. He worked his whole life to shield his family from the public eye.

Todd: Really. (Says mockingly.) How interesting? But since you mention your father, we discussed both of you, in a general sense. (Todd motions for them to sit. Tico and Sonia remain standing. Todd sits. Evangeline shakes her head, sits, studies them.) Suit yourselves. Anyway, your father would only discuss you if I promised not to publish your true identity.

Sonia: So you lied to him?

Todd (smirks): Or, I'm lying to you. (Sonia gives him an evil look.)

Evangeline: The newspaper has a picture of your father holding a recent New York Times. Your father's alive. He coerced that interview with my client!

Todd: And he kidnapped me. I had no choice.

Sonia sighs, sits down. Tico does also.

Sonia: I am afraid for my father. If he is alive, he won't be for much longer.

Tico: He has too many enemies.

Todd (looks at each of them): Which brings me to another point. Your father believes that someone in his family betrayed him.

Sonia: What?

Tico: Surely you do not accuse us?

Todd(looks him dead in the eye): Should I?

Tico: We are his children. I did not know my father very well, having spent my entire life in Europe in private boarding schools. But Manuel Santi is my father and I must honor his position in the family.

Todd: What about you Sonia?

Sonia (looks at Tico): Of course, I love my father without question. He adopted me when I was 12 years old after my parents were killed. I don't owe you any explanation! (She stands.) I came here to tell you to stop the articles that discuss Tico and me or ...

Todd (interrupts): My, my. (quivers hands.) You've got me trembling.

Sonia: Or, you'll regret it!

Evangeline: Todd. (Rolls her eyes at Todd and then looks at them.) My client stands by his interview. The words come directly from your father. Talk to him.

Tico: Mr. Manning in your story you say that my father feels he has at least one person he can trust, someone who is a confidante.

Todd: He didn't give me a name.

Sonia: But, it was a man? (Seems bothered by it and mutters, "And all this time I thought it was Dorian Lord.")

Todd: You hate Dorian, why?

Sonia: I never said that.

Todd: Why don't you give me an interview and we can talk about it?

Sonia huffs, shakes head, begins to leave. Tico joins his sister and remarks, "You may hear from us again."

Todd: I'll await with bated breath!

Tico: Good day, Mr. Manning, Ms. Williamson. (Sonia exchanges looks with Evangeline and Todd before she and her brother leave.)

After they're gone, Evangeline remarks to Todd: They're hiding something?

Todd: I don't know what it is, yet.

Outside the office, Ms. Bigelow is loudly speaking with a fellow employee.

"He's a tyrant!" Ms. Bigelow expresses, as she pours coffee. "The ungrateful jackass! Do I look like a Girl Friday?"

Tico goes straight to the elevator and waits for his sister, who stops along the way to watch the bulging-eyed Bigelow tread into Mr. Manning's office with a cup of coffee for him.

Carlotta's Diner, early afternoon.

Adriana is at the counter and watches Carlotta wait a table of customers who are employees of Craze magazine. While her aunt is doing that, Adriana reflects on a conversation with David.

David: Numbers. There were numbers on the back of the brooch, the cross necklace and Carlotta's bracelet. That's why Santi's men wanted the jewelry.

Adriana: Some kind of code?

David: Precisely.

Adriana: This is about the money, isn't it?

David: If you don't want any part of this, just say no and I'll understand.

Carlotta notices that the Craze employees are discussing strategy ideas for the next issue. They mention David and even call him "a genius." That makes her chuckle. When she's done at the table she returns to the counter. Adriana is reading a copy of The Banner-Sun but puts it down when she sees Carlotta.

Carlotta: I can't believe it. (Takes out ice cream, sauces, and fruit.)

Adriana: What?

Carlotta: Oh nothing. (Begins making a banana split.)

Adriana: C'mon!

Carlotta: First of all, I know that David is your stepfather, Adriana. It's just strange to think of him with a job, let alone the marketing director for a magazine.

Adriana: He's smart as well as talented.

Carlotta: Right. It's understandable that you'd defend him.

Adriana: You don't trust him?

Carlotta: It doesn't matter what I feel. Dorian loves him and so do you. Ah! I forgot your whipped cream!

When Carlotta leaves, Adriana thinks back to the night her necklace and Dorian's brooch were stolen. She recalls a conversation between Antonio and David and then later with her and David.

David: So what you've got someone tailing me now? Isn't that illegal surveillance? Instead of protecting my family, you've got cops wasting time watching my every move simply because you don't like me or is it because you're a moron?

Antonio: Oh it's more than dislike Vickers. I don't trust you. Your marriage to Dorian, this happy family life, it's all a lie. You're hoping to score big. First it was Adriana's inheritance and now it's Santi's fortune.

The next scene shown is her talk with David.....

David: Adriana, I'm sorry to shock you here, but what I'm good at is procuring other people's wealth. I've done it my whole life and that's not going to change! Dammit! It's who I am, con artist extraordinaire, except everything's not a con anymore. (Pours himself a drink.)

Adriana (approaches him from behind and places her hand on his shoulder): I believe in you and I love you.

Carlotta passes Adriana a banana split.

Adriana: Thank you!

Carlotta: Finally a smile.

Adriana(scoops ice-cream into her mouth, swallows): Carlotta, do you think that my father wants to meet me?

Carlotta: He may want to in his heart, but it may not be possible. And he shouldn't. He brings you danger.

Adriana: I know. That's what Mom told me.

Carlotta: Dorian tells me that she has postponed the trip to Canton to find out about her mother.

Adriana: Looks that way. (Eats more of her ice cream. Carlotta takes her hand and looks closely at her.)

Carlotta: Your smile's gone. What is it?

Adriana: I just want to know about my family. My mother's family (she pauses) and my father's. The Banner-Sun article mentioned that the robbers stole our family heirlooms made by grandfather. The paper's supposed to continue with the story this week and with more about father's childhood in Puerto Rico.

Carlotta: Yes, I saw that too. I wonder if Manny really spoke to Todd Manning. I haven't returned Mr. Manning's calls. Adriana, Frederick and Maria Espinoza were your grandparents, two very proud and religious people.

Adriana: Do you have pictures of them?

Carlotta: A few. I'll show them to you when I'm done here. They would love you. Your great great-grandfather was a jeweler. It was a trade passed down through generations. Your grandfather had hoped that Manny would, well....

Adriana: Carlotta, my necklace had numbers engraved on the back of it. Was the same true of your bracelet?

Carlotta: Perhaps? (Suspicious look.) What are you getting at?

Adriana (shrugs): I've been thinking about it. Sometimes numbers have a meaning, like in numerology?

Carlotta: Occult foolishness, best left alone!

Adriana: OK, what were the numbers on your bracelet? (Adriana slides an order pad toward Carlotta.) It's nothing to take too seriously, just out of curiousity!

Carlotta: I don't know. (Sees customers who need their tickets.)

Adriana: C'mon!

Carlotta: No. I don't approve.

Adriana: Please.

Carlotta hesitates, writes down the numbers while Adriana asks her to include the month, day and year of Manuel's birth. Carlotta rips the slip from the pad and passes it to her with a warning.

Carlotta: You are not to tell anyone these numbers. Do you understand?

Adriana: The robbers got what they wanted. Why would I tell anybody? I'll let you know if I learn anything on the Internet. (She places the paper in her purse, eats ice-cream while Carlotta waits a table.) Don't be mad at me Carlotta. (Adriana remembers more of her conversation with David.)

Adriana: My getting this information, would it put you in danger?

David: No. Not really. Life can be dangerous, Adriana. You never know what's around the next corner. I kind of like that. It's boring playing it safe.

Adriana: Money isn't important David. People count for more than money.

Chicago, Alexandra's hospital room

Alexandra is waking up and sees the room covered with flowers. Margaret walks through the door with a smile and holding yet another bouquet.

Margaret: Well hello. It's nice to see that you are awake!

Alexandra (talks slowly, grimaces with slight movement): Who? Who sent all the flowers?

Margaret: I had to make a choice Alexandra. Word leaked that you'd been hospitalized for a procedure. The flowers started arriving and it was either deny that word had gotten out and donate the flowers to the hospital or bring them to you so that you would know how much you are loved.

Alexandra (starts to tear up): Isn't, isn't it ironic that so many people care about a person who they don't really know? (She glimpses the nightstand for the small picture of her and baby Dorian.)

Margaret (places the flowers on the nightstand and gives her the picture): Why don't you call her?

Alexandra: What, what would I say to her? How could I explain such rejection?

Margaret: Tell her the truth Alex. You have stood by the truth your whole life, fought for the rights of others. Yet, yet you've denied this truth and withheld the right of your child to know her real mother. (She takes her hand and squeezes it.) Don't leave it this way.

Alexandra looks at the picture and runs her hands across it. She asks, "Margaret, could you please leave me alone? Really, thank you but I just need time to think."

Margaret (stands): All right. I'm going to leave for a bit but I'll be back, OK?

Alexandra gestures with a slight smile. Margaret leaves and Alexandra quietly sobs. Alone with her thoughts, she recalls the day that she lost Dorian.

"Hush little baby don't you cry....." Alexandra sings to Dorian as she rocks her. Moments later in a flurry, men with badges burst through the door. A screaming Dorian is snatched from her arms.

"What's, what's going on here?" a confused Alexandra demands. She hears mumbling, sees a whirlwind of images as an officer ransacks her home; another slaps her wrists with handcuffs and rushes her toward the door. "No! My baby! My baby!" she screams while dragged to an awaiting car.

A neighbor runs out her door. "Alex?"

"Helen!" Alexandra calls. Her body is shoved into the car. "Get Lou!" she cries before the door is shut and the car speeds off. Alexandra glimpses through the back window at her baby in the arms of an officer.

"Dorian," Alexandra mutters, from her hospital bed. She looks at the picture in her hand and then the telephone on the nightstand.
Chapter 36

It is the same day, from the early afternoon into evening. The first scene takes place in a hotel lobby in Puerto Rico and then later shifts to Llanview. "For the Love of Money," by the O'Jays plays in the background.

Money, money, money, money, money
Some people got to have it
Some people really need it.

Natalie and Paul are kissing when Paul spots Antonio in the hotel lobby. Antonio is shaking hands with a Puerto Rican man, who wears a badge. A shifty-eyed Paul quickly maneuvers him and Natalie out of view and behind a potted plant.

Listen to me y'all, do things, do things, do bad things with it
You wanna do things, do things, do things, good things with it
Talk about cash money, money
Talk about cash-dollar bills, y'all.

David and Blair are presenting to top ad execs with a huge, dazzling mock-up of a Craze magazine cover alongside charts showing monthly growth in sales. At the presentation's conclusion, the individuals at the conference table stand and give them an ovation. David and Blair exchange looks that signal pride and elation.

For the love of money
People will steal from their mother
For the love of money
People will rob their own brother.

Sonia is shown entering her lavish home with Tico. Her son's nanny walks in from the kitchen and points toward the second floor. Sonia and Tico walk upstairs. Standing at her son's bedroom door, they see the 15-year-old busily typing an email on the computer. Sonia calls, "Travis?" He turns, pauses, leaves the computer and then shakes hands with Tico, who pulls him in for a hug and pat on the back.

For the love of money
People can't even walk the street
Because they never know who in the world they're gonna beat.
For the mean, lean, mean, green
Almighty dollar, money.

The man who threatened John with a knife, steps outside of his car along a street in Angel Square. As he does so, he's gunned down in a drive-by. Adriana's horrified face can be seen from the window as she witnesses the crime from the counter of Carlotta's Diner before she rushes outside the diner toward the injured man. Next, Carlotta shouts to Evangeline, "Call 911!"; then she runs after Adriana, who is kneeling beside the bleeding man on the sidewalk.

On the other side of town at the Banner-Sun, Ms. Bigelow has her hand out and Todd is slapping bills into it before she folds the money and places it inside her purse. Then, they exchange looks and shake hands.

For the love of money
People will lie, Lord, they will cheat.
For the love of money
People don't care who they hurt or beat.

Tico, Sonia and Travis are at the dinner table. A roast is brought in from the kitchen, and then they join hands, say a blessing. Tico and Travis exchange looks. Tico winks his eye at his nephew, who smiles and then glimpses his mother.

In another scene Adriana and Carlotta are shown at Llanview Hospital. Dorian rushes toward them with a concerned look as the gun-shot victim goes by them on a gurney to an ER cubicle. Dorian listens to details of what happened from Carlotta and then, Dorian consoles her worried daughter.

Don't let, don't let money rule you
For the love of money
Money can change people sometimes.
Don't let, don't let money fool you.
Money can fool some people sometimes.

Evangeline enters John's office, just as he gets a call. He quickly leaves before she can talk to him. Nora notices that Evangeline appears upset and she walks into John's office to speak with her friend.

Across town at the Capricorn, RJ is seen in an argument with the assailant involved in the drive-by outside Carlotta's Diner. RJ points his finger with an angry stare, directing him to leave. Lindsay enters with a puzzled expression as the man passes by her.

In the next scene Dorian is on the phone at the admissions desk. Adriana is staring at the paper with the numbers on it that she got from Carlotta. She puts it away before her mother returns. "That was David." Dorian says with a huge smile. "He told me that his meeting was a success! I never doubted him!" Carlotta comes back with a cup of water for Adriana.

The doctor leaves the ER. Dorian walks over to him while Carlotta and Adriana observe their exchange. Dorian glimpses back at them with a solemn look and shake of the head.

At Sonia's home, Tico asks his nephew and sister to raise a glass. They do so and he toasts, "To the Santis." The three clink glasses before Sonia is interrupted by a ringing telephone. She excuses herself from the table. The caller reports, "He's dead, happened outside the diner." Sonia smiles, hangs up the phone, returns to the table.

People! Don't let, don't let money change you.
It will keep on changing, changing up your mind.

In Puerto Rico, Paul makes a phone call to David.

David (smiles at Blair and then turns his back to whisper into the phone): Not good, Paul. Calling for more money?

Paul: No, what's Vega doing here?

David: Let's see, he's a cop, you're a crook. Could an arrest be looming?

Paul: If he nabs me, we both lose. I got the map, remember?

David: How could I forget with your frequent reminders (Glances at Blair who's leaving.) That is when you're not hitting me up for more money.

Paul: Any luck finding out the numbers to the combination?

David: When I find out something, you'll know something. Deal?

Paul: Fine! But, I'm tired of waiting here like a sitting duck! Slams down the phone.

David mutters, "Greedy bastard."
Chapter 37

Still evening, Llanview Hospital

Carlotta: Dorian, don't you think Adriana should go home?

Dorian (looks at Adriana): Are you all right, darling?

Adriana: Seeing that man covered in blood made me think about the cruelty and viciousness of my father. Murdering people and stealing from them was a way of life for him. I am confused. He is a part of me. How could you marry someone like that, Mom?

Dorian(glances at Carlotta and then her daughter): He wasn't always that way Adriana. The good part of him, that is what I see inside of you.

Carlotta: Él cambió. (He changed.)

Dorian: That evening when I dropped my purse at that soiree in Madrid and he retrieved it, our eyes met and well, we felt a connection that I couldn't shake. His eyes showed warmth and his touch, gentleness. My knees went weak and I found it difficult to breathe. He was so handsome, he took my breath away. That was the man I couldn't resist. But, it was different in the beginning. Things changed after we were married. I don't know, maybe I just ignored the signs. He lied. I was in love.

Carlotta: When Manny was a little boy, he cared for strays and doctored injured animals. But there was a growing rage, a sense of being trapped by his environment and wanting to escape. It alienated him from his family. He became cold. There was no reasoning with him. The Espinozas were very poor Adriana, but we were and still are a proud people. Manny turned his back on his family.

Adriana: Because he cared more about money than people.

Dorian: Money is important.

Carlotta: God and family are more important than anything, Dorian.

Dorian: You needn't be so judgmental, Carlotta. (Gives her a stare.) Money has it's place of importance.

Adriana: David's different from my father.

Dorian (laughs): David as a mobster? Yes, very different, indeed!

Carlotta (stands abruptly): Come on, let's get you home.

Dorian (stands, gives Adriana a dubious look and then hugs her): Are you sure you're all right? (Adriana nods.) I'll be home soon. I promise. Gracias, Carlotta.

Carlotta replies, "Ningún problema," as she and Adriana walk away. Then, Dorian is paged to the phone at the desk.

Carlotta and Adriana await the elevator; it stops and Viki exits. The three exchange small talk before Carlotta and Adriana catch the elevator and Viki sees Dorian leaving the nearby desk.

Viki: Excuse me, Dorian?

Dorian stops, turns, folds her arms. "Viki," she acknowledges, followed with a raised brow and pursed lips.

Viki (clears her throat): Dorian. I just saw Adriana and Carlotta. They told me what happened in Angel Square. So traumatic for a girl her age to have witnessed.

Dorian (stiffens back): I will take care of Adriana. My daughter will be fine, Viki.

Viki (slight smirk): Of course she will. I did not mean anything by that remark Dorian.

Dorian: You never do. (Dorian notices Viki's pale complexion.) Viki are you all right?

Viki: Yes. Well, I just came from a visit with my doctor. Things are up and down, mostly good. I am on the mend.

Dorian (glances her watch): A doctor's visit at this hour? You should have gotten in immediately, this morning.

Viki: Dorian, I scheduled the appointment for the time at which I needed it. Now, Sam told me that I could find you here.

Dorian: That's it, she's fired!

Viki: Dorian!

Dorian: Of course she's not fired. Must you always be so literal. Actually, I had planned to stop by Llanfair, earlier but something came up.

Viki: Good then can we talk in your office?

Dorian: Of course. (The two head in that direction.)

When they enter Dorian's office, the phone rings. Dorian hurries to answer it as her assistant, Sam, is not at her desk. Viki glimpses the view from the window that is in back of Dorian's desk.

Dorian (with phone to ear): Hello, this is Dr. Lord-Vickers' office. (There is a long pause. We see that Alexandra is on the phone. She attempts to speak but says nothing.) Hello? Hello? (Dorian hangs up.)

Viki: Wrong number?

Dorian: I don't know. It's been happening a lot lately. Viki, why don't you sit down? Can I get you something to drink?

Viki (sits down): No, no thank you. Dorian are things going OK with you?

Dorian: This is about the leave?

Viki: Yes.

Dorian: And you along with the rest of the board have changed your mind about my being Chief of Staff.

Viki: No. I mean, I have every bit of confidence in your abilities Dorian.

Dorian: But?

Viki: But frankly I am concerned about your recurrent absences. Dorian, what is going on?

Dorian: If you are displeased with my performance, (lifts chin, indignant expression) then fine. I will resign!

Viki: Do not be silly! Dorian, this is not like you. Something is obviously wrong and I simply want to help, the way you were there for me, when, when Ben died.

Dorian: I spoke with your cardiologist. You've been overdoing it, Viki.

Viki: I have taken some time off from work, which is why I was behind with board paperwork and missed your request for a leave of absence.

Dorian: Well, I won't be needing it. Not at the moment, anyway. (Sighs.)

Viki: Does this have something to do with Manuel Santi being discovered alive?

Dorian: No.

Viki: No?

Dorian: Adriana has all these questions about her father, that I struggle to answer because I don't know if I understand them myself. But no, that's not why I wanted to take the leave. There is another reason. Something deeply personal.

Later at La Boulaie

David enters through the front door and calls for Dorian and Adriana. Carlotta walks down the stairs and tells him that Dorian is still at the hospital and Adriana is in her bedroom.

David (as Carlotta is leaving): Hey Carlotta, I know that you don't like me very much. But, I wanted to tell you, well say thanks for you know, looking out for Adriana.

Carlotta: Just do me a favor. Don't disappoint her, David. For what it's worth, she thinks of you like a father.

David: And she's like a daughter to me. Disappoint her? Why would I disappoint her?

Carlotta gives him a look and then leaves.

David mutters, "That woman is whack," as he heads up the stairs. He knocks on Adriana's door. She tells him to come in.

David (walks in): Hi ya beautiful!

Adriana (perks up and sits to the side of her bed while David takes a chair beside her): So Mom told me that your meeting was a success.

David: Well, I'm pretty proud of myself. And, I'm pretty proud of you for being brave.

Adriana: You mean the shooting? I didn't do anything.

David: Well you were there for that man when he was faced with death. I've never seen anyone take a bullet like that, all the blood. (Scrunches faces.) You didn't touch it, did you?

Adriana: No, I know better than that. David it was horrible! I couldn't' stop shaking! I still can't stop shaking! He died.

David (holds her hand): I can tell that you're upset by that.

Adriana: I just wondered about this man's life, if he had a family or people who loved him.

David: Maybe. But from what Dorian told me he must have had some dangerous associates since he was killed in a driveby.

Adriana: Like my father. I asked Mom about him.

David (leans forward): You asked your mother what about Manuel?

Adriana: Why she married him and, if she loved him.

David (shrugs): What did she say?

Adriana: That she did, love him. She found out how dangerous he was after they got married.

David: I just wonder how she feels now that she knows that he's alive.

Adriana: Then you should ask her. She loves you David.

David: Yeah, I know. (Stands) Hey listen, are you going to be all right?

Adriana: Yes. Starr's supposed to stop by later and hang out. You know, girl talk.

David (starts walking toward the door ): Boys. Don't you go getting any ideas. I don't want anyone to hurt you the way River did. (Stops to look at her.) I'd have to kill him and then, I'd have blood on my hands. (Opens door to leave.) I'll let Starr know you're in your room.

Adriana: David. (He turns at the door.) I have the numbers from Carlotta's bracelet.
Llanview Hospital, Dorian's Office

Viki: You are afraid.

Dorian: How do you know?

Viki: I have been trapped with you on a few occasions.

Dorian: And you've held me captive.

Viki: Suffice it to say, I know the look.

Dorian: Viki, what if you discovered one day that the monster who molested you, Victor, was not your father--that someone else was your real father?

Viki (frowns): I suppose I would be shocked at first, then oddly enough, experience a sense of loss. Why, why would you ask that question?

Dorian: Sonya Cramer is not my mother. (Viki gasps) My father had an affair with Sonya's cousin, who became pregnant with me.

Viki: Dorian, are you OK?

Dorian: I don't know yet. I don't know who I am or why my mother rejected me and allowed me to be raised by a woman who tortured me, yes because she was crazy but also because she resented my father's affair. Still I loved her. I thought she was my mother.

Viki: As I love and hate my father. You requested the leave to find your mother. (Dorian nods.) You said you did not need the leave anymore. What has changed?

Dorian: Cassie and Adriana were preparing to go with me to Canton and then I saw that the leave hadn't been approved. Oddly enough, it saved me from making a mistake.

Viki (emphatically): You should have come to me.

Dorian: So much was happening. But ultimately, I decided I needed to do more research before exposing my daughters to possible heartache with a fruitless trip to Canton. No, instead I have hired a detective to locate my mother.

Viki: You are very strong. I admire that about you. So much is happening in your life right now.

Dorian: I have a family who support me and I have to be strong for them, too. They depend on me.

Viki: You have David at your side.

Dorian: In much the same way that you have your family and a part of Ben, who'll always be with you. Viki, have you been attending the support group I suggested?

Viki: Yes, as a matter of fact. (Looks at her watch.) I have a meeting tonight and I need to be leaving. (Stands.) Dorian, if you need the time off, take it. You will not have any problems getting it approved by the board.

Dorian (walks Viki to the door): Thank you. (Viki smiles at her with a glance and then leaves. The phone rings while the door is still open and Dorian glances to see that Sam is not back at her desk. Dorian rushes to answer the phone.)

Dorian: Hello, this is Dr. Lord-Vickers' office.

Alexandra (pause): May I speak with Dr. Vickers?

Dorian (frowns): Yes? This is she. Who's calling?

Alexandra (gets choked up): Do...rian?

Dorian: Yes?

Alexandra: Dorian, I, I need to see you.

Dorian: Who are you?

Alexandra: Your.... It's about your mother.
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Chapter 38

It is the same night and more than an hour later. Dorian has lost track of time on her drive around Llanview to clear her head after the phone call and request that she fly to Chicago to discuss her mother. Meanwhile, David has booked a flight to Puerto Rico in between leaving numerous messages on Dorian's cell phone. On an earlier voice message, he informs her that Adriana will be spending the night with Starr at Todd and Blair's penthouse . He leaves another message as he is toting luggage downstairs and hears keys at the door. David hangs up and sees Dorian.

David (drops bag, rushes toward her and hugs her. He senses something is wrong): What is it?

Dorian: Long day. (Sees the luggage.)

David: I've been calling you! Where have you been?

Dorian: I took a drive to clear my head. Going someplace?

David: Depends on you. What's going on Dorian?

Dorian (walks toward the living room): Is it business?

David (follows with a curious look): You could say that. I was hoping you would join me.

Dorian(makes a martini): I can't David. I have a business trip of my own to Chicago.

David: Chicago? Doesn't one of your ex's live there?

Dorian (offers to make him a martini; he says, "No."): Herb lives there. Must be urgent business. You're all packed.

David (still looks at her with a curious expression; she passes him with her drink before heading toward the sofa where he joins her): I'm investigating a financial opportunity. (She has slipped off her shoes and he places her drink on the coffee table and then massages her feet.) Tell me more about your day.

Dorian: Oh that feels good. (Sits up.) Oh no, Adriana!

David (adjusts her shoulders and begins to massage her back): Relax. She's over at Starr's. Why didn't you check your messages?

Dorian(pauses and closes her eyes to soak in the feel of his hands): That's right. I got that message about Adriana before I decided to go for a drive.

David: Your tight here. (His fingers rub more deeply along her shoulder.) But you didn't call back. I was worried. Did you have dinner?

Dorian: No. To the right (She directs his hands.) That's it. I lost track of time. I'm sorry for being so preoccupied and making you worry. (Sighs, opens eyes.) You eat anything?

David: I grabbed a bite. I was hoping to see you sooner. You hungry? You're drinking you should eat something.

Dorian: Of course you're right. I promise I'll get something from the kitchen in a little while. Right now, I enjoy just being here with you. So much has been happening, honey. (Grabs martini from the coffee table, takes a sip and then allows David to sip from her glass.) I just needed time to think or I'd go mad.

David (stops massaging her back): What did you have to think about? Manuel?

Dorian(turns to look at him): No. Yes, I'm concerned about him because of Adriana. But, it's mostly about my mother. (She leans back against the sofa. David moves back and she slips into his embrace.) You know David I saw Viki tonight.

David: No wonder you're so uptight. (Steals martini from her hand and finishes it.)

Dorian (socks him): No it wasn't anything like that. (Takes the glass and sits it on the coffee table before leaning back into his arms.) She made me think about how lucky I am to have you in my life. (She looks up at him rests her hand against his chest.)

David (smiles): She said that? Well maybe she isn't all bad. (They kiss.)

Dorian (turns and leans against him): I wouldn't go that far. David, I told her about my mother.

David: Wow! What'd she say? (He fondles her hair.)

Dorian: That I was strong. She told me that she loved Victor and hated him too.

David: Is that how you feel about Sonya?

Dorian: In a way, yes.

David: This business trip, it's not really business? It has something to do with finding your mother.

Dorian: Yes.

David: Then, I'm going with you!

Dorian(sits up, looks at him): No you're not!

David: I know that you're strong. Don't cut me out of your life! This is important. It could be painful.

Dorian(sighs): A woman just called, David. She said that she knew my mother and she wanted to talk to me about it. There was something in her voice that made me believe her. It could mean nothing.

David: Or something. Why didn't you tell me about this instead of driving around town?

Dorian: I'm telling you now! Listen to me, if I find out anything, I'll call but I don't want to drag my family into this when it's just a lead. Now, tell me about your business trip. (Leans back into his embrace.)

David: All right, I confess. I'm flying to Puerto Rico.

Dorian (curious look): Puerto Rico? David--the money?

David: Could be. Adriana got the missing numbers from Carlotta.

Dorian(gasps): You mean she tricked Carlotta into giving it to her. David!

David: All right, I might have mentioned that the bracelet had the missing numbers I needed for the combination. But then I had a guilt trip and asked her not to pursue it. She's your daughter, which means she did it anyway.

Dorian (gets up from the sofa, walks toward french doors, folds arms with her back to him): No wonder she was confused tonight. She said her father thought money was more important than people. Maybe she feels that way about her mother, too.

David(approaches, stands closely behind her): Manuel Santi killed people for it, Dorian. We're just going after his stash. We're not gonna murder anybody to get our hands on the money.

Dorian: Tell that to Aunt Betsy. (Turns to look at him.) Manny's alive. This trip could be dangerous, if-- and that is a BIG if-- the money exists at all!

David: Do you know something I don't?

Dorian: Not really.

David (suspicious look): You've known he was alive ever since you and Carlotta went to Puerto Rico for his funeral.

Dorian: I suspected as much.

David: Are you hiding something to protect him?

Dorian: I swear to you I don't know anything else. I don't know where Manny is hiding or if he's still alive.

David: Do you still have, oh I don't know, feelings for him?

Dorian: David, you have nothing to be jealous of when it comes to Adriana's father. I am in love with my husband. That's you. (David has an assured look and says, "That's good.") So, you have the numbers. You're going after the money. Where is the money, exactly?

David: That's the tricky part. I hadn't really wanted to say anything to you about--

Dorian (infuriated look): Paul!

David: He's got a map.

Dorian (laughs, walks away from him to make another drink): David, he's trying to trick you into getting the combination! (Rolls his eyes at her predictable response, and mutters, "I know you're the master.") It's a set up!

David (follows her): Well--maybe. Your reaction is exactly why I didn't want to discuss this with you until I'd followed up on it.

Dorian: David, are you telling me you trust Paul?

David: No, but it doesn't mean we can't use him to get what we want, baby. I'm just checking out the situation, is all. Paul also told me that Antonio's there.

Dorian: Yeah, well, Carlotta mentioned it. (Eats the olive, sips martini.) He's always sticking his nose where it doesn't belong!

David (takes martini from her hand and takes a drink): Exactly. I suppose Antonio's trying to bring him back to question him about Manuel Santi. Kelly said that he did illegal runs for the Santi family on the West Coast and testified against the Kourakis brothers, who are connected with the Santis. And, of course, Llanview's finest want to talk to him about the death of Katherine Fitzgerald.

Dorian (gets martini from him, sips): Get the money and then rat him out to the cops!

David(finishes drink): I plan to. (Sits glass on the cocktail stand, nuzzles her neck.) I had hoped to bring you along for another honeymoon.

Dorian (smiles and begins to melt at his touch): No David. (He looks at her.) You check things out in Puerto Rico and be careful while you're doing it. (Brushes his face.) So when are you leaving?

David: Not until early morning. How about your trip to Chicago?

Dorian: I'll have Sam adjust my calendar and see how things work out, so I'll know more about my itinerary tomorrow. Viki assured me that it wouldn't be a problem.

David: You trust her?

Dorian: On this, yes. Why are we talking?

"I don't know," David says. "You said you were hungry." They exchange a knowing glance, before he sweeps her into his arms and carries her up the stairs.
Later that night, Rodi's

"Damn Thing Called Love," by Babyface is playing on the jukebox:

I`ve been down and out, but never this low before
And sometimes felt left out, but never outside your door
We`ve been far apart, but never this far, oh girl
I can`t bridge this distance, baby, anymore

Kevin is at the bar talking to Jennifer Rappaport. She is empathetic about news of his separation from Kelly. He has had a few too many drinks. The bartender has told him that he's cutting him off from anymore alcohol.

If you love me, then show me
But if you don`t, then go on baby
With yourself and do what you want to do with your life
And leave me alone

`Cause I`m crying for your lovin`
And I`m hoping that this feeling will die
But if it don`t, then girl, you`ve ruined my world
For the last time

Jennifer grabs her takeout order of chicken wings and then offers him a ride home. As they walk out the door together, John enters with Evangeline. Evangeline looks across the room and sees Tico ordering a drink at the bar. He is with another man. Evangeline and Tico exchange looks. He raises a glass.

John (points): There's a seat over there. (He escorts her to a table. The waitress comes and they order drinks.)

Evangeline (sees Tico watching them.): I think we're going to have a pair of eyes on us for the evening.

John (looks around; sees Tico): You wanna go some place else?

Evangeline: Who's he with?

John: That's Juan Pedro. He works for the Santi family. Interesting.

Evangeline: What's interesting is your behavior! I mean what's up with you?

John: The shooting?

Evangeline: Yes the shooting! You didn't have that guy arrested after he threatened you with a knife! Now the guy's been killed in a driveby outside Carlotta's Diner!

John: It's police business. I can't discuss it. (Drinks come to the table. Evangeline looks at Tico; again, John glances to see who she's looking at.) So you know much about Augustico Santi?

Evangeline: Well, I met him for the first time in Todd's office today.

John: Seems very mannered. Not the type of guy you'd figure to take over for his father as head of a mob family.

Evangeline: Is that what you think?

John: No, just projecting the possibility. (Shannon enters with Marcie and Michael. They wave at John who gestures for them to come over. They all quickly say hellos. Evangeline keeps her eye on Tico. Shannon notices.)

Shannon: Who is that guy? He's kind of handsome.

John: Oh no kid! Not your type! Stay away from him!

Shannon stares across the room and Tico smiles at her. Juan Pedro finishes his drink and then leaves. Soon, Todd enters Rodis and joins Tico at the bar. Todd asks, "So who is El Tiburón?"
At Todd and Blair's Penthouse, Starr's room

Starr prints out a picture of Travis and shows it to Adriana, who is sitting on the bed. Starr cheerfully says, "He's in Llanview now! I can't wait for you to meet him!"

Adriana: He's cute. I think I like this one the best. You must be excited!

Starr: I am! Mom says that he can come over but it has to be while she's here.

Adriana: His first name is Travis. What's his last name?

Starr: Toledo.

Adriana: Do you know anything about him, other than his name?

Starr: Oh that he's handsome, charming and crazy about me! (giggles)

Adriana: Oh and you feel the same way. I remember what that's like.

Starr: You mean River. I can't believe he cheated on you with Shannon McBain.

Adriana: Whatever you do, don't let him pressure you into doing something that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Starr: You mean sex? God, I'm not even thinking about that! Adriana, is that what happened with you and River?

Adriana: Kind of. Hey listen (reaches into her purse to pull out the numbers Carlotta gave her, along with the other numbers from the brooch and her necklace.) I want you see what you can find out on the computer about these numbers, what they mean. (Starr takes the paper and plops in the chair in front of the computer monitor while Adriana hovers in back of her.)

"You mean a numerology?" Starr asks before she does a search but is unable to find out much, aside from generalities. She suggests instead that they go to someone who can do a reading for them.

Adriana: How do you know about people like that?

Starr: Because I know everything.
The Capricorn, late night

The song, "Damn Thing Called love," continues:

I`ve got this damn thing called love
I`ve got it for ya
But it just ain`t enough
So I just watch my heart break
With every chance I take with you, with you
I`m out of my mind for love
Giving you all just ain`t enough
What am I supposed to do
To get with you, baby

RJ (to Lindsay at the bar): If you know everything. There's no mystery.

Lindsay: I think that I'm falling in love with you.

RJ(is taken aback, but touched.): I don't know what to say.

Lindsay: Well you could say that you're feeling the same way.

RJ: What if I did? What if I do?

Lindsay (rubs his hand.): It's OK to admit it. I can see it in you eyes. Or, am I imagining things?

RJ (stares): It's not your imagination.

Lindsay: I didn't think so. RJ, we have to level with each other if we're going to take this any further. Honestly, I am scared to dive into another relationship, give of myself so completely and risk getting hurt. My track record isn't that great.

RJ (looks around, leans toward her in whisper): There's a part of me, a part of me that I can't share with anyone. It's too dangerous.

Lindsay: That man who was in here earlier, is he a part of what you can't share?

RJ (backs away): Stay out of this Lindsay.

Lindsay: You can't trust me.

RJ: It's not about trust.

Lindsay: Then it's about love and taking that risk. I can't be with you and be shut out. (She grabs her purse. He calls, "Lindsay." She looks at him and then leaves.)

Yes other girls have been good to me
But they never did the things you did for love

In Puerto Rico

Paul is in bed with Natalie. He tells her that David will be arriving in Puerto Rico. He sits up in bed with her still in his arms. He turns on the light and he reaches for the map on the nightstand.

Paul: You know Natalie, I've been thinking about giving up life on the run.

Natalie (glimpses up at him): You mean head back to Llanview with Antonio?

Paul: Yeah, maybe. I mean everybody knows that Manuel Santi is alive and he's telling all that he knows. It's not a big secret anymore. There's already a federal investigation and suspicion about FBI involvement. Hell, maybe I can cut a deal, stay out of trouble if I tell all that I know about the mob hit on Santi. Natalie, I had nothing to do with Katherine being murdered. My problem is I don't trust the cops. They're looking for a scapegoat. John McBain has it in for me because of you.

Natalie: Forget about John. So you're willing to go to cops with what you know because of me, us?

Paul: I want a better life for you, us, not one were we always feel like we gotta look over our shoulders.

Natalie (looks at the map): Let's get the money first and then, we'll talk. (She kisses him. He places the map back on the nightstand, turns off the light and slides under the cover with her.)
At the Llanfair, the carriage house

I guess you must have had to love me a lot
To spare the pain that you could rid me of
We`ve grown so far apart
From used to be so intertwined
No more love you baby
In the middle of the night

Jennifer manages to assist a stumbling Kevin to the front door. She takes the keys from his hand and assists him inside. She helps him to the sofa where he collapses. Then, he pulls her toward him for a kiss.

If you love me, well then show me
But if you don`t, then go on baby
With yourself and do what you want to do with your life
Just leave me alone

Jennifer slaps him. He says that he's sorry, and mumbles it repeatedly before she leaves.

`Cause I`m crying for your lovin`
And I`m hoping that this feeling will die
But if it don`t, then girl, you`ve ruined my world
For the last time

Kevin mutters, "Kelly," as he slips into slumber.

If you love me, well then show me
But if you don`t, then go on baby
With yourself and do what you want to do with your life
Just leave me alone

`Cause I`m crying for your lovin`
And I`m hoping that this feeling will die
But if it don`t, then girl, you`ve ruined my world
For the last time

Chapter 39

A free bird leaps
on the back of the wind
and floats downstream
till the current ends
and dips his wing
in the orange sun rays
and dares to claim the sky.

"I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings" by Maya Angelou

It is three days later. David has left for Puerto Rico to meet Paul and Natalie in search of the Santi millions. This morning, Dorian is preparing to board a Chicago-bound flight at Philadelphia International Airport. Her earlier bravery in anticipation of seeing this woman who knows her mother has lessened; while waiting for her boarding call, she's telephoned Blair for reassurance and David, just to hear his voice.

Simultaneously in Llanview, Kevin shows up to see Jennifer at a LVU residence shared by students, named for it's benefactor and called the "Love House." Riley Coulson opens the door.

Kevin (looks embarrassed): Um yeah, Jen around?

Riley: Sure. (Hesitates.) She's, she's upstairs.

Kevin: Well then, can I come in? (A little cocky.)

Riley steps off to the side to let him by just as Jennifer comes down the stairs.

Jennifer: Kevin?

Kevin: Hi there. Can we talk? (Looks at Riley, who glances at Jennifer. She gestures with her eyes and a nod that it's OK for Riley to leave.)

Riley: I'll be upstairs. (He watches Jennifer and Kevin walk into the living room before he disappears out of sight.)

Kevin: I won't stay long.

Jennifer: Good.

Kevin: I'm sorry about what happened the other night. I was way outta line.(Nervous laugh.)

Jennifer (folds arms): This is about your wife.

Kevin: Soon-to-be ex-wife. But the real pain that I feel has more to do with my son, Ace.

Jennifer: Whatever, I'm not her.

Kevin: No. You're not. I think that was kind of the point.

Jennifer: You think getting drunk and losing yourself in someone else will make the pain go away? Take it from me. It doesn't work.

Kevin: No. It doesn't. Nothing happened between the two of us.

Jennifer: You kissed me. I pushed you away and slapped you!

Kevin: Hey listen, I just wanted to stop over to apologize and to thank you for making sure that I got home OK. I was a jerk and I wanted to fess up to it.

Jennifer: It's over. Consider it forgotten.

Kevin: Great. OK. All right.

(Riley comes down the stairs and sees the two of them together and he looks angry. He opens his mouth to say something and then, leaves.)

But a bird that stalks
down his narrow cage
can seldom see through
his bars of rage
his wings are clipped and
his feet are tied
so he opens his throat to sing.

In Chicago, Alexandra has managed to purchase the cabin along Lake Michigan where she spent childhood summers with her parents. She looks out over the water and spots a bird perched on a tree limb. At a breeze, she ties her shawl, grimaces from her surgery as she manuevers to pull her hat over her ears. Then, she glimpses the magnificence of the sky as she thinks back to the time she lost her freedom and her daughter.

It's been more than 50 years since Dorian was taken from her. The pain is still poignant at the memory.

Upon arrest, Alexandra learns she faces charges directly related to her affiliation with a radical group in her youth. Her name was turned over to a red-hunting McCarthy senate committee along with a list of friends and associates. Alexandra's marriage to a known communist and efforts to establish local labor unions did not help her. And, she wore pants.

Alexandra glimpses the bird take flight into the sky. She smiles at it's grace and relishes what she sees as it's freedom. Next, she recalls a cell visit from her neighbor Helen those many years ago. At the time, Helen brought her a picture of Dorian.

Helen (outside her cell): I found the number for Lou in your address book. I called him, like you told me to. A woman answered the phone.

Alexandra: A woman? Sonya or Miss Stonecliff?

Helen: I don't know. The lady wouldn't say. I, I left a message. But honestly Alex, I don't know if it will ever reach him.

Alexandra (dazed expression): There's another number, another number? I, I used, used another number to reach Lou.

Helen (shakes her head): I didn't see it.

Alexandra: OK, wait how about Sam or Carl? Did you call them? Yes! They'd help me!

Helen (long pause, downcast eyes): I can't get involved in this any more. (Looks at her.) I have a family of my own to worry about!

Alexandra (turns, paces the small cell, clasps hands, rubs hips): I understand. Dorian, at least you have Dorian! (Glimpses her reticent expression.) You do still have Dorian, right?

Helen: I'm sorry, Alex. They took Dorian!

Alexandra (panicked expression, shifts to the cell, grabs the bars): What? What? They did what? How could you let them take my baby?

Helen: Alex, I didn't have a choice!

Alexandra (begins to sob): No, please!

Helen: I'm sorry!

Alexandra (becomes increasingly upset): Dorian. Dorian! DORIAN!

The guards rush to Alexandra's cell. Helen is escorted out as she repeats apology. Alexandra is inconsolable and is eventually sedated. When she awakens, she thinks of her daughter in the hands of strangers. Desperation ensues. A guard she has befriended slips her a pencil and paper. Alexandra quickly addresses an envelop, encloses Dorian's picture and begins to compose a letter to Lou:

My Darling Lou,

It is unbearable what I must do but these people will not leave me alone. I have again been imprisoned and fired from my job. I’ll explain everything when we meet. I have enclosed a picture of me and Dorian.

The guard rushes to her cell with a stern whisper: "Halt! Visitor!"

Alexandra hurriedly jots, "All my love Lexie," before enclosing the letter in the envelop.

"Here mail this," she says as she quickly gives the envelop to the prison guard, who then escorts her visitor to her cell.

Alex's heart sinks when she sees that it's Miss Stonecliff.

The caged bird sings
with a fearful trill
of things unknown
but longed for still
and his tune is heard
on the distant hill
for the caged bird
sings of freedom.

In Llanview, Starr and Adriana sit before a numerologist in dilapidated quarters where a caged parakeet occasionally chatters and sings. Starr gives the numbers to the superstitious lady, who takes a long look at Adriana and does a reading as to the Life Path of the client. Among many things, she warns of peril in pursuit of power, money that eventually leads to a loss of love.

Mystic: The caged bird yearns for freedom from rage. (The parakeet repeats: Freedom, freedom.) Love is the key to freedom.

Adriana: What do you mean by that?

Mystic: Young one, these are not your numbers.

In Puerto Rico, Paul and Natalie, with flashlight in hand, glimpse the torn map and follow it to a secret attic inside a nunnery. While Natalie tries out the combination, Paul thinks back on his conversation the afternoon before in his hotel room with David after the trio's long mountain trek in search of the money that left them empty-handed.

David (sweaty, slightly disheveled): Next time, I get the map. I don't think you know how to read it! Besides, my instincts tell me this is a trap.

Paul (splashes water on his sunburned face): Bwah, instincts! This from a man who married my aunt Dorian! Was it worth it?

David (grabs him by the collar): Leave her outta this!

Paul: Why? And just remember, if you double-cross me, I'm spilling my guts to Kevin about Kelly and Ace.

David releases him with a disturbed look.

Paul: Hey, you still with me on this? (David stares, leaves the hotel room without answer.)

Paul is shaken from his thoughts at hearing Natalie's voice.

Natalie (directs flashlight, glimpses the paper with the combination): This is it! (Look of glee, turns knob, opens door.)

Natalie glides inside the hidden room with Paul close at her side. Suddenly, they both stop. Natalie gasps, Paul curses, "Damn!" at witness to a sight.

Antonio: Looking for something?

The free bird thinks of another breeze
and the trade winds soft through the sighing trees
and the fat worms waiting on a dawn-bright lawn
and he names the sky his own.

Dorian boards the plane. She finds her correct seat, pauses, struggles to place her overhead luggage when she feels a caress at her waist. The man offers, "Allow me." Dorian turns: David? David!

David: Hello gorgeous. (Takes the bag and places it before he takes her into his arms.)

Dorian: Wait, I just called you. You told me you were still in Puerto Rico!

David: Enough. It's simple. I love you.

They kiss. Others in surrounding seats or stopped along the aisle, smile and sigh. Dorian and David gaze with slight hint of embarrassment at the audience. Dorian brushes her husband's cheek and whispers, "I'm glad you're here."

But a caged bird stands on the grave of dreams
his shadow shouts on a nightmare scream
his wings are clipped and his feet are tied
so he opens his throat to sing.

In California, Kelly has Ace in her arms as she visits her mother in a room at the mental hospital. She is visiting to say good-bye. Melinda walks toward her and beams at the sight of her first grandson, who she has by now seen several times. Yet she strangely asks, "What are you doing with Paul?"

Kelly: Ace. Remember Melinda, this, this is Ace. You've met him.

Melinda: Paul?

Kelly becomes upset. She backs away from her mother. An attendant enters and asks, "Is everything all right?"

Kelly (clutches Ace): Yes.

Melinda (upset): No! She's stolen my baby! Paul?

Kelly: Mother, It's Ace! I'm Kelly!

Melinda (confused look): But, I had a baby. His name was Paul. Did you steal him?

Kelly (whispers): No. I have to go. Good-bye, mother. (She slips outside the door, and has a worried look as she holds Ace close to her.) No one, no one will ever take you away from me.

The caged bird sings
with a fearful trill
of things unknown
but longed for still
and his tune is heard
on the distant hill
for the caged bird
sings of freedom.

David and Dorian's rental car pulls up to the cabin along Lake Michigan. Exiting the car, they glimpse each other. Dorian sighs. David smiles with a nod. As they climb the steps to the front door, David reaches for Dorian's hand and then squeezes it. Alexandra's hand nervously grasps the cabin door. She slowly turns the knob, opens it.

Alexandra: Dor, Dorian and you must be David?

Dorian (frowns): Alexandra?
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