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The House of Cramer; Chapters 15-29
Topic Started: Apr 26 2006, 09:39 PM (1,253 Views)
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Chapter 15

Still at LaBoulaie

Katherine has left after Dorian informs her that Paul is hiding at Lindsayís gallery.

David: Is she even human?

Dorian: Hard to say. (Dorian begins to walk away.)

David: Let me explain what happened?

Dorian (stops, turns): Iím not upset, David. Is this about the money?

David: Maybe--and youíd do the same thing!

Dorian: No, I wouldn't have partnered up with Paul of all people! He doesn't know anything about the money!

David: Dorian this wasn't about trusting Paul. I did what I did for you and Kelly. And how can you say for sure he doesn't know about Santi's money?

Dorian: Oh David (Shakes head.)

David: All right it was about the hunt for those millions and for Kelly and you. I figured I could divert Paul on Santi' money trail long enough to give Kelly some breathing room. And finding the money, baby(he pulls her into his arms. She coos as he nuzzles along her neck) that was all for you.

Dorian (pushes him away): You could have gotten killed. David, Iím serious. I canít lose you.

David: Itís too late. Iím already in deep. Iím in love with you. (Gives her suspicious look.) According to Paul, who claims to have been on the scene during your former bastard husband's supposed demise, Manuel Santi is very much alive. Of course we can't trust Paul, can we?

Dorian: Paul was manipulating you! I mean, I, I, I attended Manuel's funeral.

David: You attended his funeral. Itís the way you say that and the way that you held that brooch inside your jewelry box, that makes me think there's a missing piece to this puzzle.

Dorian: Have you been spying on me?

David: No, Iím just watching your back and, um, a few other delectable body parts. (They kiss.)

Dorian: Mmm. I donít have time to talk about this anymore. Iím late for work. (She begins to walk away, he pulls her back to him.)

David: Don't change the subject on me like you always do. Whatís with the brooch?

Dorian: Carlotta gave it to me. She said it was from Manuel.

David: So you're fondling his jewels?

Dorian: Back off David!

David: Do you know where his money is Dorian?

Dorian: No, I don't.

David: You're not telling me everything, though. And, I don't want you protecting me when your life's in danger.

Dorian: David.

David: Listen, I'm in this for the long haul whether you like it or not, whether Manuel Santi is alive or dead. He can't have you back.

Dorian: The truth--itís not easy, David. I have difficult choices to make that affect other peopleís lives.

David: Youíre my wife. Adriana is my daughter. (He pulls her into his arms.) Iím not going to let anything happen to either one of you. (He smiles.) If that means facing down the mob, well, then I'm nuts!

Dorian (rests easily against his chest, she smiles): Oh David, donít give up on me.

David (fondles her hair): Dorian, I wonít give up on you anymore than Iíd give up on myself and we both know I'm pretty confident or is that competent. It's not impotent. Inept? Adept?

Dorian: Corrupt!

David: Whatever! Weíre both working on this trust thing. Itís going to take time. Weíre not used to it.

Dorian: No. Iíve never had anyone that I could depend on.

David (pushes her away to look at her): Until now. Your mother hurt you with her evil ways. She made it hard for you to trust that someone could love you completely, the way I do.

Dorian: Thatís why I want to go to Canton. For a long time I was frightened to look into my past.

David: And now?

Dorian: Well now, I want to do it for me, for us, my daughter.

David (frowns): You mean daughters?

Dorian: Yes. At the moment, I'm concerned about my newfound daughter.

David: Adriana.

Dorian: I want to understand what happened with my mother so that I can have a better relationship with my daughter. I want to deal with my issues so that I won't see that lost look in her eyes. I donít want to alienate her by keeping her in the dark. I've shared so little about her father and she barely knows much about me. But, thereís so much, so much I donít remember! I try but I can't!

David: It's all right, baby. I mean Adriana'll understand if you talk to her. And, itís incredibly courageous of you to visit a place that brings you so much pain.

Dorian: Well, I have to get to work.

David: Howíd that place ever run without you?

Dorian: David, thank you.

David: For what?

Dorian: For loving me so unconditionally. Sometimes I don't, well I donít know how to respond to it, to trust it, to trust you.

David: Youíre not alone any more, Dorian. Iím not going anywhere.

They exchange a meaningful look before she walks away. ______________________________________________________________________

Lindsayís Art Gallery

Lindsay is in her bedroom and has changed into slacks and a top. The phone rings.

RJ: Lindsay, get outta there!

Lindsay: RJ, what's going on?

RJ: Word is out on the streets that Paul is at your gallery. There could be trouble and I don't want you involved.

Lindsay: Did you have anything to do with word leaking out on Paul's whereabouts?

RJ: Maybe I did but don't argue with me. Just make some excuse with Paul and get the hell outta there!

Lindsay: All right (Lindsay hangs up, grabs her keys and handbag and then heads out the bedroom door. She looks around for Paul and calls for him. There isn't a response. She quickly leaves the gallery.)

Minutes later, the elevator leading to the gallery opens. Katherine exits and looks around. She notices the door to the gallery is cracked and she walks in. She calls, "Cramer!" Next, she enters the bedroom. While she is there, two men enter the front door, one has a readied gun. They walk around in search of Paul when Katherine wanders into the room. She panics and quickly raises her hand, "Hey no harm, no foul! Just let me le...leave!"

The man pointing the gun gives a steeled look and ominous response: "Sorry lady, you've already seen us." He opens fire and Katherine's body staggers and then tumbles to the ground. She is soon covered in a pool of blood.

The other man checks to see if she is alive. He reports, "She's dead!" He pats her down and discovers her badge and ID, "She's an FBI agent."

"Fuck!" the gunman spouts while stuffing his weapon into his waist band.

His accomplice checks the bedroom before he returns and announces, "Cramer's gone! Let's get outta here!"

They rush out of the room to the elevator. Reaching the bottom floor, they exit, coolly walk onto the streets, glance their surroundings, hop into their vehicle and pull the car from the curb.

Inside the gallery, the phone rings. David leaves a message: "Hey Lindsay, I'm sorry for putting you in the middle of this. Thanks for the favor. Stay safe."
Chapter 16

Just outside of Chicago, in a wooded area near Lake Michigan

Alexandra is driving with Margaret as a passenger.

Alexandra: We had a summer cabin we would go to that reminds me of our happy times together as a family.

Margaret: Your father was involved in politics, right? You don't write about your family much in your book.

Alexandra: Yes, my father was a politician and it caused him to be away from home alot. But oh how he adored my mother. Even as a child, I could see it when they looked at each other. My mother had jet black eyes and long dark hair that sprawled to her waist. She was so beautiful and my dashing and handsome father, so winning and convincing. I used to watch in awe as they dressed for parties, wishing that I could go and have fun with them. This place, this cabin, is where we would come to be together as a family.

Margaret: So you were about 10 years old when your parents died and then you went to live with an aunt, Elizabeth and her family in Canton.

Alexandra: It was about 1921. I lost my parents in a sudden car crash. Years later during the stock market crash, we lost the cabin. (She points.) There! There is the cabin!

Margaret: Well, someone's there. I see a car.

Alexandra: Let's stop and ask to go inside. All they can say is, "No."

Margaret (laughs): Since when do you take no for an answer?

Alexandra: Please, you're more aggressive than I am when it comes to closing deals!

The car stops and the two women walk toward the cabin. The door is locked. They walk around the grounds for awhile and even wait.

Alexandra (approaches the car): The car is here. Let's see who is staying in this place. (She grabs the car door and sees that the vehicle is open. She spots a cell phone in the passenger's seat and then yells back at Margaret.) Strange, someone left their cell phone! There's gotta be someone nearby!

Margaret (joins her at the car): Or maybe they just left for awhile and will come back and find you looking through their things and call the cops!

Alexandra looks inside the glove compartment and discovers a picture of the Mannings. She looks closer and stammers, "Ma, Margaret, Have a look at this picture?" She passes the photo to her friend. "Look familiar?"

Margaret: This is the guy we met at the airport and you saw again at the hotel. The poor guy probably thinks that we're following him.

Alexandra (looks around): Something is strange about all this. It doesn't feel right. (She searches further in the glove compartment and finds a press badge.) Says his name is Todd Manning. He's a journalist... Llanview, Pennslyvania. Hmm. I wonder if he's any relation to the Mannings who socialized with my parents when I was a young girl? When we spoke briefly in the elevator, he made it sound like Chicago is home to him.

Margaret: You have a curious look in your eyes. So what do you want to do?

Alexandra (glimpses back at the cabin): Margaret, I've decided that I want to spend what days I have left in this cabin where I was happy with my family before my world turned upside down. If the Mannings own this cabin, I want to find them and make them an offer. (She finds paperwork for the rental car and smiles.) Bingo!

The Manning Penthouse, approaching mid-day

Blair opens the door and sees Adriana.

Blair: Aren't you supposed to be in school young lady?

Adriana: I'm done with my exams so I got to leave early.

Blair: Well, come inside. Mama's here.

Adriana: I heard mom talking to you on the phone about her visit. That's kind of why I'm here. I hope you don't mind.

Addie is on the sofa, stares and then walks toward Adriana, whom she has never met. She frowns and questions, "Dorie?" She is close enough to her to caress her face. Adriana touches her hand that is on her face, and answers, "No, I'm your niece, Adriana. I'm Dorian's daughter."

Blair: I don't know if this is a good idea, Adriana. Mama got so upset about this before.

Addie (still staring): No, let her stay Blair. She's family. She's my sister.

Adriana attempts to correct her but Blair shakes her head. Then Blair remarks, "I suppose it's OK. Dorian and David were going to bring you by later today so that the two of you could meet."

Addie takes Adriana by the hand and walks with her to a sofa where they both sit. The phone rings, Blair excuses herself to answer it. She listens briefly to a caller with an occasional glance toward her mother and cousin.

Blair: Wait, wait a cabin along Lake Michigan? We don't own a cabin there.... My husband's rental car? Yes, Todd Manning. (She looks anxious.) His cell phone? No. There was a meeting. Well, he's a reporter. He was supposed to be meeting someone for an interview. Wait, let me take your name and call you back! (Grabs paper and pen.) Margaret Laurence. (She hangs up.)

Addie (asks Blair): Is everything, OK?

Blair: I don't know yet, Mama. I gotta make a call upstairs. (As she passes, she gestures to Adriana to join her on the side of the room and then she whispers to her.) Mama's really a sweet person but she gets confused sometimes. Well, lately that seems to be the case. Just agree with her and try not to upset her, OK? Adriana nods and joins Addie on the sofa, while Blair goes upstairs. Once Blair's in her bedroom, she sits on the bed and makes a call.

Blair: Evangeline Williamson, please. Evangeline, I want you to tell me where the hell my husband is!
Chapter 17

Downstairs on the sofa in the Manning penthouse, Addie and Adriana continue to chat.

Addie: Our mamas looked a lot a like. With your dark hair, you look more like them than any of us. Weíre cousins but I will always think of you as my sister.

Adriana: What? (She glances upstairs to see if Blair is around.)

Addie: Mama would get so mad at Papa that she would say that the only reason he married her was because she looked like Alexandra. Donít be mad at me Dorie. I couldnít, I couldnít keep the secret any more. Am I going to be sent away?

Adriana (leans forward, looks her in the eye and whispers): No, no. Itís OK, Addie. Iím not mad at you. (She glances again to see if Blair is approaching them and then she reaches into her backpack. Adriana is flustered. She is shaking and begins to tear up.) I canít find it! I canít find the picture!

Addie: Youíre getting upset. I did something wrong. Donít be mad at me, Dorie.

Adriana (pauses): No! Iím not! (Sighs) I just canít find that stupid picture!

Addie (flutters fingers): Youíre yelling at me!

Adriana holds Addieís hands to calm her. She rubs her back and assures, ďIím not mad at you. I love you. Youíre the only one whoís told me the truth.Ē

Addie: I love you too, Dorie. I never wanted to keep the truth from you but Mama made me do it. She made me hurt you because she hated Alexandra.

Adriana: Alexandra? Did people call her Lexie?

Addie: I donít know.

Adriana (again searches her backpack): Wait, I think I have a photo of her. You can tell me if you recognize her. Here! Here it is! (Adriana shows her the picture.) Is that her?

Addie(takes the photo and looks, beams): Thatís a picture of you as a baby!

Adriana: I know but the lady, is that Alexandra?

Blair walks down the stairs and asks, ďAdriana, what are you doing?Ē

Adriana quickly puts the photo back into her backpack. Addie answers, ďDorie was just showing me a picture of her and her mama when she was a baby.Ē

Blair looks distracted and replies, ďOh.Ē

Adriana (notices Blair appears upset): Is everything all right, Blair?

Blair (looks at her mother, who is glancing at her from the sofa): Yes (She gives a fake smile.)

Addie: Blair is worried about Todd. She always looks like that when he has upset her.

Adriana (smiles): You always speak the truth. I really like that about you.

Addie: Only sometimes the truthíll get you sent to the nuthouse like it did for me.

Blair: Your mother never should have done that too you, Mama. That was cruel and unforgiveable. And, donít worry about me. Iíll work this out.

Adriana (stands): Well, I should be going. (She pats Addieís hand and gives her a smile.) Thank you, I enjoyed meeting you.

Addie: But youíve known me all of your life, Dorie.

Blair (walks Adriana to the door): Just go along with it. Sheíll figure out who you really are soon enough when you and Dorian are in the same room. Adriana nods and then leaves.

The phone rings again. Blair rushes to answer it.

Blair: Evangeline. Did you find out anything? He wouldnít tell me. The Swissotel in Chicago? No, No. Itís fine. (She looks at her mother.) No, I have to talk to Dorian about a few things and make arrangements. I donít know maybe this Margaret Laurence can tell me something. (She hangs up.)

Addie approaches her daughter and gives her a hug. Blair squeezes her tightly and remarks, ďOh Mama, you always know what to do to make it better.Ē
At Llanfair, early afternoon

There is soft music playing on the radio in the background. Viki is on the phone in the library when the doorbell rings.

Viki: Oh, oh Margaret, I have to go. Someone is at the door. So, she is canceling her remaining engagements, except the visit to Llanview, if she is responding favorably to the treatment. Well, thank you. I certainly understand what she is going through, having gone through it myself. (The door bell rings again.) Please give Ms. Roskova my regards and I look forward to meeting her. She has made quite an impression on my daughter. Thanks, thanks. I have to go. Right. We will talk again. (Viki hangs up and shakes her head with annoyance at the incessant ringing of the door bell. She is walking slowly with a pillow because of her surgery. When she finally opens the door she is curious at her expected visitor.)

Viki (fake smile): Kelly! Please come in. (She steps back to allow her and Ace to enter.) Itís so good to see that grandson of mine. I wish I could hold him.

Kelly (walks ahead of her into the library, which causes Viki to pause with a frown): I suppose you know that Kevin and I had a fight. Is he here?

Viki: If by that you are asking if he is staying here, he came by this morning with his things. He took them to the carriage house.

Kelly (plops down on the sofa with the baby): Viki, heís not just leaving me, heís deserting Ace! Our child doesnít deserve that!

Viki (slowly sits down across from her): Kelly please lower your voice around the baby.

Kelly: Iím sorry, youíre right.

Viki: Do not you think that Kevin would be, well he would be much more understanding if you were honest with him about what is bothering you?

Kelly (stands): So, youíre going to side with Kevin? I should have known! (Looks at Ace, whispers an apology for yelling.) Viki I thought that we were close. Iíve always looked at you as kind of, well Iíve always looked up to you.

Viki: Kelly, I love you too. But really, if I am siding with anyone in all of this, it is Ace.

Kelly: Iím doing all of this for Ace. (She rocks her baby in her arms and is careful not to raise her voice, though she is clearly upset.) He doesnít deserve to be ripped a part from his family.

Viki (frowns): Ripped apart from his family? I am confused. What does that mean?

Kelly (quickly corrects herself): I mean, well, Ace is just a baby but he knows that his parents are fighting and heís caught in the middle. Itís gotta be ripping him a part.

Viki: Oh I see. Well, I do not think that Kevin is going to do anything to hurt my grandson.

Kelly: No, of course notóbecause Kevin can do no wrong in your book! I suppose you think it was OK for him to sleep with your brotherís wife and my cousin! Look at me, Iím yelling.

Viki (pauses with a facial expression that shows discomfort): Of course not, Kelly.

Kelly: Viki, are you OK?

Viki: Yes, I am fine. Perhaps you should be having a conversation with Kevin. I try not to get caught in the middle of family squabbles.

Kelly: Yes, of course. And, Iím sorry for those things I said. Youíve always been fair.

On the radio: Please excuse this interruption. Reputable police sources have just informed the station that the body of a woman believed to be a FBI agent has just been discovered at the Buchanan Art Gallery on Lord Boulevard. The police suspect foul play was involved and will likely rule the crime a murder that sources say is connected to Paul Cramer, the missing Llanview Hospital pilot and a former military airman who is wanted by the police for questioning.

Kelly: Oh my God! Please excuse me, Viki! I have to leave and find out whatís going on?

Viki: Yes, of course. (She struggles to remove herself from the sofa and walks Kelly to the door.) Kelly, a word of advice. I know that you think in your heart of hearts that keeping the truth from Kevin is somehow protecting him. But in my experience, lies ruin a marriage.

Kelly: Well Viki, the truth would ruin mine. (She walks off.)

Viki pauses for a moment and then slowly returns to her library. She smiles at the George Gershwin lyrics on the radio.

Could you coo?
Could you care
For a cunning cottage we could share?
The world will pardon my mush
'Cause I've got a crush, my baby, on you

She picks up her deceased husband Benís framed picture that is on her desk and holds it to her heart.

Asa walks into the library and remarks, "I miss him too. I rang the doorbell. I guess you didn't hear me." He looks at her for a moment and then walks toward and embraces his daughter-in-law in his arms.
Chapter 18

Carlottaís Diner, later that afternoon

Adriana is reading a book at the counter when Carlotta approaches her.

Carlotta (glimpses the book): You're reading about childhood trauma?

Adriana (closes the book, answers defensively): Itís for school!

Carlotta (stares at the cross necklace Adriana is wearing, as she responds to her): Ah, school is out at the end of the week, isn't it?

Adriana: Yeah, I know but I still have to complete a research paper. (Adriana notices Carlotta staring at her necklace.) I wear it whereever I go. It makes me feel protected and itís from my father. Thanks for giving it to me.

A hispanic man walks in and sits at the end of the counter. He has a sinister look as he watches Adriana and Carlotta. Adriana squeezes her cross and studies the man while Carlotta approaches him for service.

Man: Coffee, please. Black.

Carlotta (slides the cup in front of him; she is shaking slightly as she pours the coffee): Can I get, get you anything else?

Man: SŪ, la informaciůn! I was sent here by your nephew.

Carlotta mutters, ďEl dios protege mi familia.Ē (God protect my family.) David walks through the doors. David nods in Carlottaís direction and then kisses Adriana on the cheek while Adriana maintains a worried look at Carlotta.

David: Hey, you ready to leave?

Adriana (still looking at the man with Carlotta): Is it alright if we stay for a little bit? I want to talk to you about some things before we go home.

David (looks at the book): This is about your mother. Sure, OK. (He escorts her to a table.)

Adriana: I stopped by Todd and Blairís penthouse today.

David: So then you met Addie. (Sighs) Dorian and I were hoping to be there when the two of you met for the first time.

Adriana: Yeah, I know. Well, I overhead momís conversation with Blair about Addie coming to visit for a few days.

David: Youíve been eavesdropping, aye? Tell me what happened with Addie.

Adriana: First of all, she kept calling me Dorie.

David: Well, Addieís a few cards short of a full deck.

Adriana: Sheís obviously traumatized by her childhood. But, she's so sweet, David.

David: And so are you. Tell me more about what happened.

Adriana: Well, like I said she kept calling me Dorie and then she said that we were cousins but she likes to think of me as her sister? Really strange.

David: But our theory was that Dorianís father, Lou Cramer, had an affair with this woman named Lexie and then she got pregnant with Dorian. That would make Addie and Dorian half-siblings.

Adriana: I donít know, I donít know, which is why I was so puzzled that she would think Dorian was her cousin, unless that's something her mother told her to explain Dorianís existence. I mean, Addie had to be very young when all of this happened and grandmother, er Sonya, couldnít tell her that mother was the result of an affair.

David: Maybe.

Adriana: Maybe what?

David: Oh I don't know. Maybe Addie knows on some level about the affair or else why would she be so freaked out about you and yammering about some secret?

Adriana: It doesn't mean she knows mother was the result of an affair. David, the secret is mother's not Addie's sister.

David: Yeah, I guess. I just don't like hearing it or thinking about what this'll do to your mother.

Adriana: That's it!

David: What's it? What'd I say?

Adriana: I think Addie does know about the affair, but she couldnít bring herself to admit it or tell me, or rather Dorie. She has it embedded in her mind that she will be punished if she tells.

David: Twisted. So, Addie copes with the trauma of her father's affair and what it meant for their household by changing the reality in her mind.

Adriana: Keeping the reality locked away. She's had to rearrange things in her mind but she's well aware of the buried secret and the ramifications.

David: And Dorian copes by wiping out the existence of events in her memory. I wonder if Melinda knew about any of this.

Adriana: That's mom's youngest sister and Kelly's mother?

David: Right. Hey, weíre getting pretty good at this. Maybe we should write a book together? And it also looks like someone I know has been doing her homework so that she can help her mother.

Adriana: Maybe. (Smiles.) Also, I showed Addie this picture. (Retrieves picture from her backpack and passes it to David.) She said that was a picture of Dorian and Dorian's mother. In our conversation, she kept mentioning an Alexandra.

David (studying the picture): Shortened to the nickname Lexie. The pieces are starting to make sense.

Adriana: I gotta go back to something. Addie is pretending in her mind that Dorian is really her cousin.

David: We said that, as a defense mechanism so that she doesnít have to deal with her fatherís affair. Dorian shows up outta no where on the Cramer doorstep. Rip roaring zam! A mortified Sonya makes up the excuse that she's raising her cousin's child not the illegitmate offspring of ol' Doc Cramer!

Adriana: Right, right, rightóbut what if this Lexie is really Grandma Sonyaís cousin? So, Addie's not really far off. She's not crazy, you know?

David (smiles with a nod): You are as brilliant as your mother.
(Adriana beams at the compliment.) Adriana, we need to let your mom in on this before things get too far gone. (David stops as he sees Carlotta approach their table.)

Carlotta: Everything OK?

Adriana: I should be asking you that. That man you were talking to at the counter, he gave me the creeps for some reason.

Carlotta (abruptly): Excuse us David. I need to speak to Adriana, privately.

(David gives a curious look as they walk to a corner in the diner. He watches as the man, who Carlotta was talking to, slaps money on the counter and then leaves. Then, David looks at Adriana and Carlotta, who are huddled in whisper. Carlotta is animated and appears upset. Adriana takes off the cross she is wearing and hands it to Carlotta. She storms away from Carlotta and soon joins David.)

David (worried look): Youíre upset. What happened with Carlotta? (Returns picture back to Adriana).

Adriana (places the picture back into her backpack): She doesnít want me to wear the cross thatís a family heirloom! Itís the only thing I have of my fatherís and she wants it back! (Adriana stands in a huff.) Letís go home, David! No wait--I donít want, I donít want mom to see me so upset. Sheíll worry. Iím going to wash my face in the bathroom. Iíll be back! (She leaves.)

Carlotta (approaches table): Is she all right?

David: No, but Iím going to make sure that she is. Why did you take the necklace away from her?

Carlotta: Itís dangerous for her to wear it.

David: Iím a bit slow, but what is it about the necklace, Carlotta, that makes it dangerous for her to wear it?

Carlotta (flustered): Nothing, nothing! You have a suspicious mind!

David mutters, "OK, I'll try and make sense out of that," when he sees Antonio enter the diner. ďAnd speaking of suspicious minds, there's your son.Ē

Antonio sees David with his mother and then walks over. Antonio kisses his motherís cheek before Carlotta excuses herself.

Antonio (sits down): Vickers.

David: Vega.

Antonio (long pause, squint): We found a body today at Lindsayís gallery.

David: Fine way to enter a conversation. So I heard, such a tragedy. Rumor has it someone murdered that FBI agent Katherine Fitzgerald.

Antonio: Funny thing happened when I was at the gallery today.

David: Iím amazed that you would find humor in Miss Fitzgerald's murder but I guess youíre just a funny kinda fellow and that you share your mother's keen sense of humor.

Antonio: The messages were checked on Lindsayís answering machine.

David (gets a little nervous): And you found a message from me. I see. That's what this is about. So, I left her a message this morning. Nothing, nothing funny about that. Lindsay and I are friends.

Antonio (stands at witnessing Adriana approach and he greets her): Vickers, weíll be talking again.

David (as Antonio walks away, stands): I know heís your cousin, but that guy's a real jerk! (Adriana grabs her purse and backpack.) You look all refreshed. Címon let's head home to your mother.

When they pass the counter, Antonio and David give each other a stare. Then, Adriana and David leave the diner. After David's car pulls away from the curb, the strange and sinister man, who was earlier in Carlottaís diner, follows them in his vehicle.
Chapter 19

Llanview Hospital, Chief of Staff Office

Dorian has just escorted a pregnant doctor to the door. The doctor is taking a maternity leave. She hugs her and remarks, ďAll the best to you and Sam,Ē before she closes the door. Dorian glances at her watch, sighs and then returns to her desk and smiles at the picture of Adriana. Her thoughts file back to her last visit to Canton and the discovery of her previously believed deceased mother in an attic, where she was locked away for 37 years. After so many years apart, her clearly insane mother addressed her with hostility instead of love. Dorian holds her stomach and looks out the huge window of her office with the picturesque view of downtown Llanview. Yet the image won't allow her to escape her thoughts of her mother, the aspiring pianist, who married the older Lou Cramer when she was only 18. Dorian recalls the painful conversation she had with her mother after finding her in the attic:

Dorian: How could you not love your own daughters?

Sonya: Because you were thieves. Because you stole so much from me!

Dorian: We loved you!

Sonya (looks at herself in the mirror while Dorian is in the background): Addie was the first. I had to give up my concerts because of her, my fat belly was unseemly. A woman with child couldnít be seen on the stage, and a mother no matter how young could no longer be a wunderkin. She stole my youth!

Dorian: Addie was an innocent young child.

Sonya (spits): A peasant from the day she was born! Her fat ugly hands! She wanted to play the piano, like Mama. She had no talent! She made a mockery of Mozart! She kept banging--the noise! She put the piano out of tune! (Sonya grabs Dorian and pulls her to the mirror.) And, you were the next. Your father told me that you were my magic mirror. You were the reflection of me, the younger me!

Dorian: My daughter, Cassie. Sheís seen the pictures. She says that we look enough a like to be twins.

Sonya: Ah no, not any more! You stole my beauty! (Her fingers trace the lines on her face.)

Dorian: Time changes us all.

Sonya: With your demands, with your distractions!

Dorian: I was a child. Children have needs. They deserve attention.

Sonya (walks away from the mirror and sobs): Oh Melinda got attention from everyone! They said she had talent but it was mine! She stole it from me!

Dorian: She inherited it from you! Youíve got something to be proud of!

Sonya (collapse on the piano stool): Your father loved music. He fell in love with me because of my music but then you came, the three of you and you took his attention away and you drove my teacher (the imaginary muse behind her talent) away and without my teacher the music was gone! And you made so much noise it was like broken glass in the air! (She sobs)

Dorian (with a hurt look): Thatís why you turned us against each other. You made Addie hurt me. You tried to make me hurt Melinda. So that you would have an excuse to send us away and be rid of us?

Dorian is shaken by her memory. She calls home to see if Adriana is there. Adriana picks up the phone. Dorian tells her: ďI love you. . . . Because you're my daughter, that's why and there's no one like you in the whole world. How was school today? You did? Addie gets confused about things sometimes. Well, I'm glad the meeting went OK. Yes, Yes. Tell David, I may be a little late getting home. I love you, too. Ē


The Manning Penthouse, evening

Blair is in her bedroom. She is holding Jack, kisses him and says, ďMama loves you,Ē before handing him to his nanny, Hettie. Blair instructs, ďNow, Iíve cleared it with Dorian and so youíll be, be with Starr and Jack over at LaBoulaie for a few days. In fact, why donít you go ahead and take Jack over there. Adriana's home and she loves playing with Jack. Starr should be headed back from a field trip soon and I'll have time to talk to her about this trip and then drop her off before heading to the airport.Ē Hettie agrees and stops so that Addie can dot on Jack before Hettie leaves the room.

Addie sits in a chair staring at Blair.

Blair: So, have you made up you mind about what you want to do?

Addie: Youíre going to find Todd arenít you?

Blair (stops what she is doing): Mama, itís going to be fine. Donít worry about me. Now do you want to go to Dorianís?

Addie: No, no. Dorianís upset with me for telling her the secret.

Blair (sighs): I told you Dorianís not upset with you.

Addie: Yes she is. Everyoneís mad at me.

Blair (sits on the bed): Mama, when I came to visit you at St. Anneís, well you said something strange.

Addie: Iím a strange person.

Blair: Youíre different, thatís all. Weíre all different.

Addie: Thatís what makes the world beautiful.

Blair: Right. Mama, well, you said that Grandma Sonya had a miscarriage.

Addie: She was so upset, Blair. She locked herself in a room and played the piano. She wouldnít eat. She didnít want to see me. Miss Stonecliff blamed Papa.

Blair: You said that she changed after that.

Addie: She cried. She was sad. She didn't want me around.

Blair: Was the miscarriage before or after she gave birth to Dorian?

Addie (looks askance): Dorie is a part of our family, now. She is our sister.

Blair (takes a deep breath): I know that Mama. You keep repeating that. Dorian is your sister and Melindaís sister. I'm sorry. I should be more patient.

Addie: You're worried about Todd.

Blair: Yes, I am. Now's not a good time to talk about all this. (Blair stands and continues to pack.)

Addie: Todd's always getting into trouble. Blair?

Blair: What is it, Mama.

Addie: I told Melinda about a time before she was born when I overheard Miss Stonecliff and Papa arguing about an affair he had with a woman. (Blair looks keenly interested. She encourages her mother to continue.) The, the woman was Mama's cousin. Papa and this woman had a baby together. Then, the baby came to live with us. Miss Stonecliff told Mama her baby never died. This was her baby and she didn't have to be so sad anymore. I told Melinda what I he..heard. Melinda told Mama what I said, the, the, the secret

Blair (stops): My God! Dorian?

Addie (is nervous): Dorian is Papaís little girl but not Mamaís. Mama got so angry, Blair. She told Melinda that I was a liar. (Addie begins to cry.)

Blair moves to the floor and beside her mother. She kisses Addieís hand and holds it to her cheek and consoles, "Oh Mama don't cry! I'm sorry that I brought any of this up."

Addie: Mama made me lock Dorian in the well house. Dorian was so scared. She was there for a long time. I, I had to stand in the corner and SAY IT, SAY IT hundred times: Dorian is our sister! Dorian is our sister! Dorian is our sister!

Blair (stands and then pulls her mother into embrace): Stop it, Mama! Stop it, Mama! Please!

Addie: Dorian was missing! She was missing for a day and half! Mama said I couldn't go back to save her. You were a bad girl! You can't go back! Everyone thought that Dorian had drowned. They dragged the lake before Miss Stonecliff found Dorie in the well-house.

Blair (is stunned, crying): And, and, you were, were, sent away after that. I am so sorry Mama! Dorian, youíve never told Dorian any of this.

Addie begins to scream. Blair calls out, ďMama! Mama! (Turns Addieís face to look at her) Please tell me what to do?Ē

Addie then begins to repeat: Dorie is our sister! Dorie is our sister! (Blair panics and picks up the phone to call for help.)
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Chapter 20

Somewhere in Canada,much later that night

Todd awakens in a bed. His images are a blur. He sits up, rubs his head and his eyes. He makes out that a man is standing and watching him at a door.

Todd: What the hell?

The door opens and another man Todd has never met walks in. It is Manuel Santi.

Todd: Are you Tomas? (He looks closer with a squint.)No, no, no wait a minute! Wait a damn minute! You're him! The dead guy? But you're not, you're not dead!

With a nod, Manuel ( looks like the actor Michael Nouri)says something in Spanish to the guard, who then leaves the room.

Manuel (offers his hand): I am Manuel Santi.

Todd(looks with disbelief): You're dead! I'm not shaking hands with a dead guy! I must be dreaming!

Manuel: I assure you I am real.

Todd(hops from the bed and past Manuel to the door. Todd opens the door and two large men block his exit.) OK, I guess this is real.

Manuel: Make yourself at home Mr. Manning. It will be a short stay. I apologize for the initial rough treatment and abduction but you would not have come willingly. I mean you no harm. Afterall, you are family.

Todd (gives him a strange look): What the hell do you mean we're family? I'm no relation to you!

Manuel: Ah, but we share much in common. We are both connected to Cramer women.

Todd (walks toward and resides in a chair): You brought me here because of Dorian, didn't you?

Manuel: You arranged a meeting with Tomas, a known enemy of mine, who was prepared to feed you lies that might endanger her life and the life of my Adriana.

Todd: So, you left the messages at the hotel in New York that redirected the meeting to Chicago?

Manuel: I have my sources. I also have many enemies. Someone close to me wanted me dead. It is possible that it is a member of my family.

Todd: Who--Dorian?

Manuel (sits down and howls): Ella es el fuego!

Todd: I guess that was funny?

Manuel: My former wife is quite fiery.

Todd: Yeah, I'd say it's a family trait.

Manuel: A little about me. I do not tolerate disloyalty, Mr. Manning.

Todd: Tell me, why should I be loyal to a Puerto Rican drug lord involved in money laundering and the selling of illegal arms. I don't owe you anything.

Manuel: You have a wife and children, no?

Todd: Listen, we can talk about Dorian all you want. In fact I prefer that we do. But my family is none of your damn business!

Manuel: Which is why you are here. Your love of family. You are fierce when it comes to protecting them. You would give your life in order that they remain safe.

Todd (looks angry): Is that a threat?

Manuel: No contraire. It is an opportunity for you to prove your loyalty to your family, a loyalty that must be extended to mine.

Todd gives him a curious look.

The Capricorn, late night

Jill Scott's "A Long Walk," is playing in the background:

You're here, I'm pleased
I really dig your company
Your style, your smile, your peace mentality
Lord, have mercy on me
I was blind, now I can see
What a king's supposed to be
Baby I feel free, come on and go with me

Lindsay and RJ are sitting at a booth when John enters and spots them.

Your background it ain't squeaky clean
Sometimes we all got to swim upstream
You ain't no saint, we all are sinners
But you put your good foot down and make your soul a winner

Lindsay: Oh great! Look who just arrived?

RJ: Stay cool. (RJ stands.) Mr. McBain.

John: Ms. Rappaport, Mr. Gannon. Please sit down. (RJ remains standing.)

Lindsay: Am I allowed to go back to the gallery now?

John: It's a crime scene for at least 24 hours. (Looks at RJ.) Please sit.

RJ: I got a club to run.

Or maybe we can see a movie
Or maybe we can see a play on Saturday (Saturday)
Or maybe we can roll a tree and feel the breeze and listen to a symphony

John: And I got a murder to solve, the murder of a dear friend.

RJ: Well now, I heard your good friend had gone bad!

John (steps close to RJ, who stands his ground): If I found out you had anything to do with the bastards who took her out--

RJ: What you'll make perspire? Do I look like a sweaty swine? I don't take well to threats, especially from people who are sworn to protect.

Or maybe cry to the blues
Or maybe we could just be silent
Come on, Come on

John(steps back and then addresses Lindsay) : Do you have any idea why Katherine was at the gallery?

Lindsay (glances at RJ): No idea at all.

RJ: We've already been over this at the police station. She spent the night with me, at my place above the club.

John(looks at RJ): So you're her alibi?

Lindsay: Am I being charged with something?

RJ: I'd say, not.

John: No. This is an open investigation. A federal agent was found murdered in your gallery. Don't leave town. Oh and if you hear from Paul Cramer, well you know what to do.(He gives a look at RJ and then back at Lindsay before he leaves.)

Lindsay(collapses her face into her hands): Great, now I'm mixed up with the mob and a federal investigation! Damn David! (She looks at RJ with pause) Have I been sleeping with the mob?

RJ (stares): Listen, you can stay here for the night. I gotta go take care of business.

Lindsay: How deep into this are you, RJ? Am I going to regret getting involved with you?

RJ: I was your friend before I was your lover. Do you regret that?

Lindsay: No, of course not. But then again, maybe I should.

RJ: I gotta go. You're welcome to stay. (He leaves the table.)

Just as RJ leaves Lindsay's table, Nora and Evangeline enter the night club. RJ and Evangeline exchange looks before RJ goes behind the bar.

Evangeline (sees Lindsay): Look Nora, I didn't even want to come here.

Nora: C'mon, don't let Lindsay win. (She escorts her toward Lindsay's table.) Lindsay.

Lindsay: Hello ladies.

Nora plops down in a seat and pulls Evangeline to sit beside her. Evangeline looks back at RJ, who frowns and watches them.

Lindsay: Look, I just saw John. I don't think I have anything more to say.

Nora: Certainly not without an attorney present. And look you have two of them.

Lindsay: I don't know anything about why Katherine showed up at the gallery and I'm absolutely mortified that she was murdered there!

Nora (looks back at RJ): What about RJ? Does he know anything?

Evangeline: Yeah, what about RJ? Are the two of you involved in something illegal?

RJ approaches the table. He pulls Lindsay into his arms for a dip and passionate kiss. Nora and Evangeline watch with their mouths agape. RJ retorts, "Why ladies I think it's the first time I've rendered you speechless." (He escorts Lindsay from the table.)

Let's take a long walk around the park after dark
Find a spot for us to spark
Conversation, verbal elation, stimulation
Share our situations, temptations, education, relaxations
Elevations, maybe baby, maybe we can save the nation
Come on, Come on

Evangeline: Well I guess that answers our question.

Nora: Not really. It was a ploy designed to stop us from questioning Lindsay. (Sees that Evangeline seems distracted.) I'm sorry. Maybe it was a bad idea to bring you here.

Evangeline: No, I like the Capricorn. RJ and I are over. Llanview's a small town. We still have to learn to coexist.

Nora: So what's bothering you?

Evangeline: Todd Manning is missing.

Nora: What?

Evangeline: Nora, for now let's keep this strictly confidential.

(A bartender comes over with drinks. The two ladies glance at RJ and Lindsay, who smile and wave from the bar. They raise their glasses.)

Nora: I think I'm going to throw up. But not before I enjoy my drink. (She sips her vodka.)

Evangeline: Back to Todd. Through an intermediary, I arranged for him to meet with a member of the Tomas family, well it could even have been Tomas himself.

Nora: What are you nuts? No--is Todd nuts? No, I know the answer to that, go on.

Evangeline: He was supposed to met in New York. But then, he got a message when he arrived at the hotel in New York that the meeting place had been changed to Chicago. He checked into the Swissotel Chicago, yesterday. Blair called me this morning. His rental car was discovered at cabin near Lake Michigan. Todd's missing.

Nora: My God! Blair must be beside herself?

Evangeline: An understatement. I think she's headed to Chicago.

Nora: Why would Todd get involved with members of the mob?

Evangeline: He's a complex guy but from what I could tell he wanted to find out more about Dorian's involvement with the Santi family.

Nora: That sounds like Todd, trying to get dirt on Dorian, and having things backfire.

Evangeline: Nora, I'm really worried about this one. I warned him. He knew about the danger he was facing but he was determined to see it through. He wanted to interview this guy, who promised to give him dirt on Dorian.

Nora: Well if it helps. Todd's his own worst enemy. Trust me, I know what of I speak. I've never met a person more determined to self-destruct. The best thing to do is to move outta the way and let him take the fall without bringing you down along with him.

Evangeline: He's got a beautiful wife. Kids who adore him. I just hate the thought--

Nora: The thought that he could end up dead?

Evangeline: Yeah.
Chapter 21

Next morning at St. Anne's

Dorian, David and Blair are in the family waiting area. Blair is pacing. Dorian and David are on the sofa and Dorian is leaning on David's shoulder.

Dorian: Blair, you're wearing the carpet thin. You've got to get some rest, honey. You didn't get any rest last night.

Blair (stops pacing for a moment): Neither did you.

David: I think the both of you need some sleep.

Blair looks toward the entrance to the room and beams at a presence. David and Dorian turn to look. Blair runs into Cassie's arms.

Dorian stands and she and Cassie look at each other.

Cassie: Mother.

Dorian (tears up and walks slowly to her daughter and collapses into her embrace): I'm glad you're here.

Cassie: Blair called me in New York, last night. Well you know that Andrew and I were with River visiting Julliard.

David (stands): You must be proud of him for earning a scholarship?

Cassie: I am. (Cassie approaches David and gives him a hug.) Thank you for being here for the family.

David: I wouldn't be anywhere else.

Cassie: Where is Adriana?

Blair: She's at LaBoulaie with Hettie and the kids.

Cassie: Blair, have you heard anything from Todd?

Blair (looks upset at the mention of his name): No, not really. I've spoken to police in Chicago. They haven't turned up anything.

Dorian: It was really foolhardy for him to get himself mixed up in something so dangerous.

Cassie: Mother please you're not helping!

David: And you're not helping things by yelling at your mother!

Dorian: David, please.

David: No, I'm tired of her rudeness toward you! And, your son--good riddance! He should be as far away from Adriana as humanly possible!

Dorian(addressing David, who is glaring at Cassie): Sweetheart, youíre cranky.

David: No, Iím irritated. Thereís a distinct difference.

Dorian: It doesnít matter. This isn't the place.

Cassie: No it isn't.

Dr. Holliman, Addie's psychiatrist, enters. The family members surround him and rush him with anxious questions.

Dr. Holliman: Why don't I just speak with the primary custodian for Miss Cramer in my office. (Blair and Dorian look at each other.)

Dorian: My niece and I will go together.

When they leave, Cassie and David give each other looks that convey their discomfort with and dislike of each other.

In Dr. Holliman's office, Blair and Dorian sit down and listen as the doctor questions the circumstances leading to Addie's relapse.

Blair: It's my fault.

Dorian (takes Blair's hand): It's no one's fault.

Dr. Holliman: Dr. Lord.

Dorian: Vickers.

Dr. Holliman: Excuse me, Dr. Vickers.

Dorian: It's Doctor Lord-Vickers.

Dr. Holliman: Ah yes, the new Chief of Staff of Llanview Hospital. Well, Addie seems deeply distressed in connection with you. She keeps mentioning your name. Can you--

Blair (stops him): Doctor! I need to speak with my aunt privately. But here is not the place.

Dorian (curious look): Blair?

Blair: I just need assurances before we leave that my Mama's going to be all right.

Dr. Holliman: Well, she's sedated. She's going to be asleep for awhile. We'll know more when she's alert.

Blair (stands): Can we see her, please?

Dr. Holliman: I don't recommend that. Let her get her rest. We'll give you a call when she's more alert.

Blair: All right then. OK.

Dorian: Fine. You have the number for La Boulaie.

Dr. Holliman: What?

Blair: It's the name of Dorian and David's residence.

Dr. Holliman (walks them to the door): It's easy to tell that the two of you love her very much.

Dorian: I'm leaving my sister in your care, Dr. Holliman. You make sure nothing bad happens to her.

Dr. Holliman (taken aback by her assertiveness): We're professionals here, Dr. Lord Vickers. Otherwise you would never have admitted your sister to our care. It's been several years now hasn't it? Long before I even started here.

Dorian: I'm sorry. You're correct. My sister means the world to me.

Blair: We're both tired.

Dorian and Blair shake his hand before leaving and returning to the family waiting area. David and Cassie meet them.

David: What happened? (Embraces Dorian.)

Cassie: Is Aunt Addie going to be all right?

Blair: She's sleeping for now. Why don't we all head back to LaBoulaie?

Dorian: Why are you being tight-lipped about what happened before Addie's relapse?

Blair: Please, Dorian. (Blair looks at David.) I think that it's best if we all get some rest, sit down and discuss this as a family.

Dorian: There's something wrong. I can see it in your eyes.

David (with a steady eye on Blair, he addresses Dorian): C'mon let's get you out of here. I'm sure the doctor's going to let us know when we can visit with Addie. (Dorian is resistant but he manages to usher her forward with persistence.)

Blair and Cassie are left briefly in the room.

Cassie: This is about mother, isn't it? I could sense the urgency when you called me in New York.

Blair: Cassie, Dorian's going to need your support so just put aside whatever differences you have with her right now. She's going to need us all in her corner.

Cassie: You're scaring me Blair. This is serious.

Blair: C'mon, let's get outta here. We'll talk about it at LaBoulaie (They leave.)
Chapter 22

"seeker of truth" by e.e. cummings

seeker of truth
follow no path
all paths lead where
truth is here

LaBoulaie, same day a few hours later

Emotions are high. All agreed that food, rest and showers were needed before engaging in serious conversation. Hettie and Starr have taken Jack to the park. Dorian and David are upstairs in their bedroom. Outside by the pool, Adriana and Cassie are clearing plates from the table. Blair stares into the pool. When Adriana and Cassie return, Blair has just hung up the phone.

Cassie: You're thinking about Todd?

Blair (folds her arms): I just got off the phone with the Chicago police again. God, I'm going nuts!

Cassie (rubs her shoulder): I know it, honey. Why don't we sit down and talk about what we're going to say to mother when she comes down? (Cassie glimpses her sister's worried look.) Don't worry. Mother's strong.

Adriana: I hope you're right Cassie. But, I'm scared. I mean look what happened to Addie. Blair, I'm sorry if what I did hurt your mother.

Blair: Honey, what you did is going to help us heal. Cassie, I really want to tell Dorian, first. It's just really important that we all support her.

Kelly (enters poolside): Hi everybody. Blair I got your call. (Glances and notices Cassie.) It's really good to see you.

Cassie: Where's Ace?

Kelly: He's with Kevin. Blair, I called mother in California. Ace and I are going out to visit her after all this is over. I want to tell her what's going on in person.

Cassie: Kevin's not joining you?

Kelly: No. Just me and Ace. She hasn't met the baby, yet.

Cassie: I see. River told me that you and Kevin were having problems. Hope that you can work things out?

Kelly (sighs): Well thanks. If you really mean it.

Cassie turns and walks away.

Blair: Look you two, duke it out or suck it up! Whatever--I don't care how you handle it! Just get rid of it! When Dorian comes downstairs, I don't want to hear any of this! Cassie, you got me?

Cassie (turns): Of course.

Kelly (looks at Cassie): Fine.

Adriana (shrugs): I don't really have a problem with anyone.

Blair: And that's the way it needs to be!

Upstairs in the bedroom, Dorian and David have showered and changed clothes. Dorian isn't wearing any make up. Dorian is brushing her hair as she sits in front of her vanity mirror. David walks behind her and caresses her shoulders.

David(as he looks at her reflection in the mirror): You're beautiful without all that make-up.

Dorian (kisses his hand on her shoulder and holds it to her cheek): I love you. But just a little lipstick. (She quickly glides lipstick across her lips before David pulls her to stand and takes her into embrace for a kiss.)

Dorian (taps his shoulder): David you've smeared it!

David: I don't care. (Caresses her face and looks into her eyes.) I just had to do that. (Rubs her hand.) You ready to go downstairs and meet the family?

Dorian (heavy sigh): As ready as I'll ever be.

When David and Dorian come downstairs, they hear laughter. As they turn the corner into the living room, they see Cassie, Kelly and Adriana on the sofa flipping through a family album. Blair is standing behind the trio in back of the sofa.

Dorian: Well hello! There's a sight. (They each take turns giving a hug to Dorian before she and David have a seat on the other sofa.) I'm a little nervous here ladies. Is this going to be anything like what happened with Canton?

Blair (firmly): No Dorian. Nobody's trying to hide anything from you. We're here now, to tell you what we know of the truth.

David places his arm around her shoulders. She glimpses him and reaches for his other hand. He gives her hand a gentle squeeze.

Adriana walks over to them and gives her mother the picture of Alexandra and Lou.

Adriana: I found this upstairs in the attic.

Dorian (takes the picture to study it): This, this is the photo I was looking for! When did you find it?

Adriana (looks at David, who gives her a gentle nod to continue. She sighs.): I found it after you and David went back to your bedroom that night.

Dorian: But why didn't you tell me, sweetheart?

Adriana (begins to tremble slightly): I also found this one.

Dorian (looks at the second picture and compares it with the other): Is it my mother in both pictures? No, no, I don't think it is. Who's the baby?

Kelly and Cassie surround the sofa to look at the pictures. Blair stands as an observer at a distance almost like a guard dog ready to pounce at any sign of Dorian becoming upset.

Dorian passes the pictures to Cassie who then passes them along to Kelly. Dorian notices that Blair and David don't bother to look at them. She keeps the observation to herself.

Cassie (compares the two pictures side by side): The pictures are of the same woman, I think. It looks like those photos that I saw in Canton of grandmother when she was young.

Kelly (leans to glance): And the one picture must be of Addie, Melinda or of you as a baby.

Dorian (looks at Blair and then David): There's more than just pictures.

David: Go ahead, Adriana. You're doing fine.

Adriana (shakes as she pulls out the letter and hands it to her mother): I also found this.

Dorian (looks at Adriana with a frown): Adriana?

Adriana (begins to cry): I'm sorry Mom! Please don't hate me!

Dorian (wipes the tear from her daughter's cheek and hugs her): Don't cry. I love you and you did nothing wrong. (Dorian pushes her daughter back to look into her eyes.) I love you and nothing will ever change that.

Blair folds her arms and watches Dorian more carefully.

Dorian (begins to read the letter):

My Darling Lou, It is unbearable what I must do but these people will not leave me alone. (Kelly and Cassie frown and exchange glances.) I have again been imprisoned and fired from my job. (Dorian's voice begins to crack.) Iíll explain everything when we meet. I have enclosed a picture of me and Dorian. All my love, Lexie

Dorian (is stunned, silent for a moment and then stands, glances at everyone): Is this the secret? That my father was sleeping with some slut! Who am I?

David hops up and takes Dorian into his arms. Blair immediately assumes position in back of Dorian and hugs her. Dorian is trembling and fighting back tears. Adriana stands and looks bewildered at what to do. Cassie walks over to her and simply holds her and assures, "It's going to be all right." Cassie looks at Kelly who comes over and joins her in comforting Adriana.

Dorian utters a gut-wrenching wail: "David!"

Blair backs away.

David (caresses and comforts her): I'm right here. I'm not going anywhere. I love you. Ssh.

Adriana reacts, "Mom! Mom!"

Blair moves, takes Adriana's chin and looks her in the eye. "Nothing's going to happen to your mother. WE will not let anything happen to Dorian." She pulls her into her arms and hugs her while watching a stunned Kelly and Cassie, who stand to the side of Adriana.

Blair (directs): We need to leave David and Dorian alone for awhile.

Adriana: No I don't want to leave, Mom!

Cassie (looks at Blair and supports her): You need some fresh air, honey. We'll just be outside, huh?

Kelly looks at David, who is holding Dorian tightly in his arms. She points toward the terrace. He nods before Dorian's nieces and daughters leave the living room.

Dorian (collects herself, looks at David): My whole life has been a lie.
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Chapter 23

Still at LaBoulae

Beauty is truth, truth beauty - that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.

John Keats

David and Dorian are inside the living room. They are sitting on the sofa. Adriana, Blair, Cassie and Kelly are outside by the pool.

Cassie (looks from the distance through the glass panels of the french doors at her mother on the sofa with David) : Mother is strong. (Turns to look at Blair) But is there more that she has to hear?

Blair (is pacing): Yeah, she's gotta hear what Mama told me before she had a relapse and had to go back to St. Anne's.

Kelly: Well maybe you should tell us Blair so that we can be better prepared before we go inside with Dorian! I've had enough of the secrets in this family!

Blair: Shut up, Kelly!

Adriana: It has something to do with Lexie, doesn't it?

Blair: You all know what you need to know for now.

In the living room, David brings Dorian a glass of water and asks, "Better?" before he resides beside her.

Dorian(sips water): Hmm, getting there. (She picks up the picture of her and her mother that is on the coffee table.) So this Lexie is my mother. (She brushes her hair back from her brow.) I feel so weak and tired, David.

David: I know. And, it's completely understandable if you want to go upstairs and pretend this is all a dream for while.

Dorian: Except when I wake up, things will be the same. I have a mother, who may still be alive.

David: And, you know, I see that as being something positive. Sonya was cruel to you Dorian. She didn't deserve to have a wonderful daughter like you.

Dorian: Thank you for those kind words.

David: Well, I wasn't just saying them to make you feel better. I really mean it.

Dorian: But, the fact remains, my mother gave me away. (She stands, paces, sighs.) It's a history that I repeated with both of my daughters. I don't know maybe it's a part of my DNA?

David: Stop it! That's nonesense!

Dorian: Now, I know how it feels.

David (walks over to her, places his hands on her shoulders and looks into her eyes): Look at me! I'm not going to allow you to be down on yourself. You did what you thought was right to protect your daughters. And they both turned out pretty terrific because of it.

Dorian: On the outside, maybe. A daughter needs her mother.

Dorian walks away from him and toward the French doors. She observes her nieces and daughters gathered in a circle and seemingly involved in intense conversation.

Dorian: I'm sure my mother had her reasons for giving me up to that madhouse with my father. My father, such a gentle and kind man. I can't imagine him being less than faithful to my mother, well Sonya.

David: Really Dorian, it would be tough for any man to stand living with someone like that.

Dorian (shrugs): Maybe. My mother couldn't have known the hell I would go through. (Shakes her head at a realization.) No wonder Sonya hated me. I was a constant reminder of my father's infidelity. But, you know, David. I don't understand why the woman in that picture looks so much like Sonya Cramer. Do you think they were related somehow?

David (approaches her and places his hands on her shoulders): I don't know. Why don't we go outside and see what Blair has to say?

They walk outside. Cassie and Adriana immediately approach Dorian.

Cassie: Mother are you OK?

Dorian (pats Cassie's hand): I'm fine. (Dorian lifts Adriana's downward chin.) And you, it took a lot of courage and strength to pull that one off. I'll never forget what you did for me because you love me.

Adriana: I do love you.

Dorian (walks over to Kelly): Don't let any of this frighten you.(She turns to look at each of them and then raises her fist with a triumphant smile.) This ladies is a testament to our strength and survival! We are Cramer Women and we will endure!

Kelly (smiles): Oh God, another Cramer Women speech!

Dorian (walks over to Blair): And my rock. (She grabs her hand and squeezes it.) Todd has nine lives.

Blair (shakes her head): And when I find him, I'm going to kill him. (Gives Dorian a serious look.) There's more that you need to hear, Dorian, but only if you think you're ready for it.

Dorian: Blair, tell me what happened with Addie?

Blair looks at the others, who move closer. Dorian and Blair sit. David sits on the other side of Dorian.

Blair: Mama told me that Grandma Sonya was traumatized by a miscarriage. Well somehow we got to talking about it the other night. The miscarriage must have happened, I'm thinking, after you were born Dorian. Miss Stonecliff brought you home and assured Sonya that she'd never lost her baby.

Kelly: That's sick! This family is sick! (She folds her arms and walks away.)

Cassie: Miss Stonecliff was nuts all right but she loved grandmother, um, Sonya.

Dorian: So, Addie knew about all of this and she kept it buried in her mind. (David rubs her back.)

Adriana: So who is Lexie?

David (looks at Dorian): Are you OK?

Dorian: Yes, I want to hear the rest of it.

Blair (sighs): Well according to Mama, Dorian, your mother's name is Alexandra. She is Sonya's cousin.

Dorian: And, therefore the strong family resemblance.

Cassie (shakes head): Our legacy that cousins should fall in love with the same man! Unbelievable!

Kelly: With this family, it is believable. Look at us, we're all sick and demented.

David: Well, I think someone by the name of Kevin had a lot to do with this family's problems. (Kelly glares at David. He smiles.)

Blair: Well, um, one day, Mama told Melinda the family secret. Melinda told Sonya.

Dorian: And, Sonya forced Addie to punish me.

Blair: How'd you know?

David: She unfortunately knows from first hand experience how Sonya thinks.

Blair: Dorian, that's when, that's when Mama locked you in the well house.

Dorian: What? Of course I had no idea what led up to it. Poor Addie, she was sent away to a mental institution after that.

Blair: And before that, Sonya made her stand in the corner and repeat, "Dorian is our sister," over and over again.

Dorian: My poor sister. That's why she fell to pieces having to relive the trauma in her mind.

David: What about you?

Dorian: Me--well, I suddenly have some clarity now why things happened. Why the woman I thought was my mother hated me more than my sisters.

Adriana: Mom, do you still want to go to Canton?

Dorian (looks at Cassie): Yes, and I want my daughters to help me find my mother.

Cassie: I don't know, Mother. I don't know if I can relive what we went through in Canton.
Chapter 24

The same day. It is late in the evening.

Blair is at St. Anne's to see Addie since her doctor recommended a visit with only one family member.

Cassie and Kelly are in the living room at LaBoulaie. Starr is upstairs in a bedroom on the computer and emailing Travis. David has left on an errand. Jack is asleep.

Adriana is taking a dip in the pool. Dorian greets her daughter with a large towel as she gets out of the water.

Dorian: Exercise releases stress.

Adriana (dries herself off): It helps me relax and clear my head. Today was really an important day for all of us, but most especially you.

Dorian: Yes it was. (They both walk to the table beside the pool to sit.)

Adriana: Mom, what happened today has made me feel closer to you.

Dorian (takes her hand and pats it): I feel it too.

Adriana: I think it will help you to find your mother. I want you to have that same kind of bond.

Dorian: I just have so many questions about it all. (Adriana frowns.) What is it?

Adriana: I don't understand why Cassie won't support you when you need her the most. I'm very angry about that but you just accepted her decision not to go with us to Canton.

Dorian: That's why you went for the swim. You were angry.

Adriana: I wanted, I wanted to shove her into the pool!

Dorian (laughs): And you would have been the first to help her out of the water, well before she pushed YOU in!

Adriana: I don't like holding on to that kind of anger but I don't understand how my sister could be so selfish!

Dorian: Oh sweetheart, it's complicated. (Dorian stands and paces for a bit.) For Cassie, it all hits too close to home. Finding out my mother gave me to my father, well it's exactly what I did to Cassie when she was an infant. It's painful for her to relive it. I'm not so sure it has anything to do with our going to Canton. And frankly, she's a bit jealous of the relationship that the two of us share.

Adriana: Us--why? We've only just begun to know each other.

Dorian: You don't appear to be angry with me for what I've done and the circumstances that led to me having to give you up when you were a baby. I don't know, are you?

Adriana: I don't really know the exact circumstances under which you gave me away, other than the fact that you thought it was to keep me safe.(Dorian has a guilty expression.) But I know that you love me and I'm sure that you did what you thought was right. No, I'm just not that kind of person. I don't harbour that kind of hate within me. At least I don't think so. It's a waste of energy and takes away from your enjoyment of life and living in the present. When I look at you, I'm just thankful that I have my mother and that I'm finally with her.

Dorian: Oh (holds back tears.) I believe you. You're so smart and I'm so very proud that you're my daughter. Having you back in my life has filled this gaping hole that I've had in my heart ever since you've been away.

Adriana: But Cassie hates you for giving her to David? That was his name, right--David?

Dorian: Yes, David Renaldi. Hate is a strong word but I think there is some resentment. I guess it's like the anger that I have toward my mother for abandoning me when she gave me to my father.

Inside in the living room, Kelly and Cassie are talking. Cassie is pouring tea and gives a cup to Kelly. They are sittiing across from each other on the sofas.

Kelly: Thank you. (Takes a sip of tea.) You know Cassie, I understand why you don't want to go back to Canton.

Cassie: Good because I really don't understand it all myself, except that I just get overwhelmed with acute anxiety at the thought of it. I don't know, maybe it's just avoidance. (Sees Adriana and Dorian sitting outside the pool.) But mother has Adriana.

Kelly: You're kidding?

Cassie: What?

Kelly: You're not jealous of Adriana, are you?

Cassie: Of course not! Just that she's the perfect daughter to mother that I'm not.

Kelly: Cassie, Dorian loves you.

Cassie: Right, that excuses everything. Why should I have resentment? I mean mother gave her away, the same as she did me. (She picks up the picture of Dorian and Alexandra then looks at Adriana and Dorian.) I mean look at them outside there by the pool. My son loves Adriana. Mother loves her and is now eternally grateful to her for helping uncover the family secret.

Kelly: Dorian wants both of her daughters in Canton with her. She's not choosing Adriana over you.

Cassie (shrugs, sips tea): I'd just feel out of place. Besides, Andrew and I need to help River get situated in New York for the summer.

Kelly: I don't think Andrew would mind your being there for Dorian.

Cassie: Why, why are you even showing me any empathy? We hate each other, don't we?

Kelly: Of course we do. But we also love each other. We're even sitting here having tea together. We're family, Cramer Women. Those bonds remain no matter what man comes between us.

Cassie: Well I guess the Roskova side of us is a little different. It sounds like the familial bond between Alexandra and Sonya was severed over their love for Lou. (Long pause) How about you? Are you ready to see Melinda? I know that it's always been awkward for you.

Kelly: Yeah well, I'm just going to have to deal with it. I'm going to clear it with mother's doctors before discussing any of this with her, what happened today. Mainly, I want her to have the opportunity to meet her grandson.

Cassie: You're able to put aside differences with you mother and the fears for something that's more important? How do you do that, Kelly?

Kelly(smiles): Honestly, I need to get away from Kevin for a few days.

Cassie (laughs): Well, I can certainly understand that.

At St. Anne's, Blair is outside her mother's room. Dr. Holliman stresses caution at upsetting Addie. "It's going to be important for you to just listen. Let her lead in the conversation," he says before opening the door to Addie's room.

Addie's in bed and her back is to the door as Blair and Dr. Holliman walk in. Addie slowly turns and sees Blair. She looks confused.

Dr. Holliman (mutters to Blair that she's fairly lucid but still a little confused about a few things): Agatha, I've brought someone to see you. Do you know who this is?

Addie (addresses doctor): My friends and family call me Addie. Are you my friend? (Addie offers her hand.)

Dr. Holliman (takes her hand and pats it): I forgot. You've told me that before. Of course I am your friend Addie. Is it all right if your visitor holds your hand?

Addie: That's not a visitor. That's my daughter, Blair and I want to hug her.

Blair rushes toward her mother to embrace her. Dr. Holliman says before leaving: "Just a short visit. I'll be outside." Blair nods.

Addie: Are you OK, Blair? You look upset. Is it Todd?

Blair: Mama right now, I want to focus on you and make sure that you're OK.

Addie: I'm a little fuzzy. They gave me medication.

Blair: Yes they did.

Addie: The last thing I remember is being at the penthouse and playing with Jack. Where are Jack and Starr?

Blair: They're at LaBoulaie, right now.

Addie: LaBoulaie, that's where David and Dorian live. Dorian has another daughter now. Her name is Adriana.

Blair: Yes.

Addie: I think that I met Adriana.

Blair: Yes you did.

Addie: She looks like Dorie. (Blank stare.) Dorie looks like her mother, Alexandra. (Pause) I remember being in your bedroom. You were packing. You were going to see Todd.

Blair: I'm not going anywhere until I make sure that you're all right.

Addie: I love you, Blair. I don't want you to worry. Todd makes you worry. You'll feel better when you find him. You need him to make you happy.

Blair (hugs her mother): I've gotta go, Mama. You need your rest. Good-bye, Mama. (Kisses her brow and then walks toward the door. She turns to look at Addie. Addie rolls over in her bed and mutters, "You find Todd, Blair. Todd makes you happy.")
Chapter 25

At Carlotta's Diner, same day that night

Marcie, Michael, Natalie and Jessica are at a booth.

Jessica: Right, right. I'm worried and angry with him.

Natalie: Jess, just drop it.

Marcie: No, no, let her talk about it if it's bothering her.

A waitress comes over with their order.

Jessica: Well, he arranged this interview and now he's disappeared.

Michael: Sounds like it was something dangerous.

Marcie: You think something has happened to him?

Natalie: We don't know. (Natalie's cell phone sounds and she excuses herself from the table.)

John walks in with Antonio, who is holding Jamie. Antonio gives the baby to her grandmother. He then notices Jessica while John sees Natalie on her cell phone in the restroom area. John waves at his brother and the women at the table and then wanders in Natalie's direction.

Antonio (walks over to the table with Michael, Marcie and Jessica): Hello. (There are awkward stares before everyone greets him back.) You know Jessica, Jamie misses you?

Jessica(sighs): I don't want to fight again, Antonio. I'm tired. My mother needs me. End of discussion.

Antonio: I know. How's your mother doing?

Jessica: Better. It's going to take time for her to heal.

Antonio: I'm sure that she's glad that you've decided to move in for awhile. Anyway, well, what I was just going to say, um, why don't you spend some time with Jamie? (He turns, looks at his mother.) It's OK.

Jessica smiles and then quickly leaves to approach the counter and hold Jamie. Antonio joins Marcie and Michael.

Antonio: So what's going on with you two?

Marcie and Michael look at each other and shrug. They simultaneously reply: "Work!" Marcie adds, "And well, you know school. (Long pause.) I'm glad that Jessica's spending time with Jamie. She could really use some cheering up right now."

Antonio: Why--is something else going on with her that I should know about?

Michael nudges Marcie.

Marcie: Oh no--I mean, um, nothing at all! Well you two, um, she's upset because of what's happening between the two of you!

Antonio (suspicious look): I see.

Natalie gets off the phone and bumps into John.

John: Was that Paul Cramer?

Natalie: That's my business.

John: It's police business. He's wanted for questioning.

Natalie: What, you want to question him about our relationship?

John: Relationship? Natalie, this is just stupid. The guy's in a lot of trouble. Katherine's dead.

Natalie: So now you're calling me stupid?

John: No, I. Look if you know where he is or you're aiding him in anyway--

Natalie: You'll have me arrested? Paul had nothing to do with Katherine being murdered! (She walks away from him. He watches her rejoin others at her table before his phone rings.)

David walks in. He is looking at a small calendar and talking on his cell phone. "Great! Then, it's set!" (Hangs up phone.)

"Carlotta!" David greets with a wave as he sits at the counter. Carlotta hands Jamie to Jessica who takes her back to the booth. David looks around and spots Antonio and John and remarks, "Looks like this is not a good time."

Carlotta: What do you want David?

David swipes a piece of apple pie from the pastry holder and takes a bite. Carlotta quickly gives him a plate, napkin and fork.

David: Thank you. I came back for the cross that Adriana gave to you.

Carlotta: What?

David: She did something that took a lot of courage today so I want her have her father's cross. It means a lot to her.

Carlotta: Well, I'm sorry. You can't have it.

David: Look, if it makes you upset for her to wear it for some mysterious reason that only makes sense to you, I'll return it to her on the condition that she keeps it in her jewelry box.

Carlotta: Why is this so important to you?

David: This isn't about me. It's about Adriana. Seriously, what do you think is going to happen to her if she wears it?

Carlotta (fidgets with her bracelet on her wrist): The cross is a very distinctive piece of jewelry made by my father. Manny gave it to me. I gave it to Adriana. Since his death, it's worried me that Manny's enemies may recognize it somehow.

David (notices her fiddling with her bracelet): Is there something about that cross that would make MANUEL'S enemies want to have it?

Carlotta: I just don't want to endanger Adriana.

David: You keep saying that. Look, I promise to make sure nothing happens to Adriana. She's my daughter in every way that counts.

Carlotta: I know that, that the two of you are close.

David: Yes, and you saw how upset she was to give it back to you. At least let her have it, even if she doesn't wear it. Carlotta, Adriana needs to feel connected to your brother. Wouldn't he want that?

Carlotta considers what he has said and then she retrieves the necklace from her pocket and gives it to David. She says a prayer in Spanish. Antonio approaches the counter.

Antonio: So what are you giving him, Mami?

David: Pie and conversation.

Carlotta: Nothing, I have to go take care of customers! (Leaves the counter.)

Antonio: What are you up to Vickers?

David: About six feet and two inches and you? (He stands, looks down at him before he leaves.)

Antonio glances across the room at his mother with customers and mutters, "What are you hiding, Mami?"
Chapter 26

Somewhere in Canada, same day, late at night

Todd and Manuel are talking in a room inside a home on a large estate. Manuel has spent much of the day discussing his childhood in Puerto Rico, his ascension in the mob world, his relationship with Dorian in Mendorra, even his supposed death.

Todd: So, you're not sure if your son Tico or your adopted daughter Sonia is out for your blood?

Manuel: Money has a way of turning family against each other.

Todd: You told me Tico spent most of his childhood in boarding schools overseas. So the two of you aren't close.

A scene is shown with Tico on the phone with Sonia. He is on a private jet and she is at the Hook Up with Sara, her club manager. He is asking if Sonia has been in contact with Manuel.

Sonia (waves for Sara to leave. Once Sara is gone, Sonia whispers): We don't speak, Tico. He trusts no one, except maybe you, a son he does not know.

Manuel: My son and I are close by blood but not by affection. He sees me as the reason that he lost his mother and brother. But he will do as I ask. It is a matter of respect.

Todd: What about Sonia?

Manuel: My Sonia resents that I have denied her what she sees as her rightful place.

Todd: She wants to run the business?

Manuel: She is smart but not strong. She is not a daughter by blood but a Santi in every other way.

Sonia is shown making a call home.

Her nanny answers the phone and comments: He is fine. He is on the computer like he always is.

Sonia: Tell him to go to bed. I will stop in to see him when I get home tonight.

Todd: You believe one of them wants you dead?

Manuel: I received disturbing news before I was to take a flight to Italy that if I board, I will not make it to the rising sun.

Todd: You didn't take that flight and no one knows were you are?

Manuel: No one knows where I am going.

Todd: How exactly am I suppose to help you?

Manuel: You have interviewed me and I am very much alive. What I have told you of my suspicions will shake up the family were it to be exposed in print.

The outside of a home is shown. There is a man dressed in black with a ski mask who is looking in either direction. He quickly picks the lock to the home. Once inside, he turns on a flashlight and directs it around the room until he casts the light on the stairs and he heads in that direction.

Todd: Are you nuts? I might as well put a loaded gun to my head! Who's going to believe that you're alive and that I had an interview with you?

The man is shown outside the door of a bedroom. He enters. The woman in the bed is Carlotta and she screams. The man quickly moves to cover her mouth. He insists, "I don't want to hurt you! Get me the Santi jewelry!"

Manuel: Good question. Who will believe that I gave you this interview? The people who know that I was never killed, the people who are after my money and control of the organization. Juan Pedro!

Carlotta's bedroom is shown. She is shaking, crying. At her promise not to scream, the man removes his hand from her mouth. She is speaking to the intruder in Spanish. She tells him she does not know what he is talking about. He takes out a gun and points it to her brow.

A man, Juan Pedro, walks into the room with Todd and Manuel. Manuel says something to him in Spanish.

Carlotta very slowly walks from her bed to her jewelry box. She gives him the bracelet. She says,"This is all that I have." He grabs the bracelet and insists with pointed weapon: "There is more!"

Manuel: You will be seen with Juan Pedro in Llanview. He will verify this interview to interested parties. And, you may take a picture of me, holding a copy of today's paper.

Todd: This is wild!

Carlotta drops to her knees and prays. She pleads with the man not to kill her and that she is telling him the truth. While she has her eyes closed and is praying, the intruder leaves.

Manuel again says something in Spanish and Juan Pedro leaves the room.

Manuel (leans close to Todd and whispers): For your loyalty, you will be rewarded.

Todd: I don't want anything from you, except OUT. I want to call my wife.

Manuel (gives him a map): I will be observing from afar. You will be killed if you betray me. However in the event of my death, the map will help you. Keep it safe, along with those whom I love. (Manuel stands.) Sleep well. Tomorrow you may call your wife.

At LaBoulaie, Adriana is shown in bed. She is fast asleep with hand touching the cross necklace around her neck.

After Manuel leaves, Todd looks at the map, shakes his head, rubs his brow.

Still late night, LaBoulaie in Dorian and David's bedroom

Dorian is freshening up in the bathroom and David, wearing a robe, is looking through her jewelry box with an occasional glance to see if she is approaching.

He finds the brooch and he studies it. He flips it over and sees numbers engraved in back of it. He gets anxious, checks for Dorian. Then he pulls out a small piece of paper from his robe pocket along with a tiny magnifying glass. The paper has numbers scribbled on it. He mutters, "And these numbers combined with the ones from the cross necklace. Let's see what we have?" David uses the magnifying glass to examine the numbers on the back of the brooch. He quickly writes them down.

A robe-clad Dorian enters the room and asks, "David what are you doing?"

David quickly slides the paper and magnifying glass into his pocket. He stands and walks toward Dorian. He kisses her along the neck and replies, "I'm taking care of you, baby."

Dorian (looks at him suspiciously): Then, what are you hiding?

He reveals the brooch in his hand and responds, "I'm not hiding anything but you are."

Dorian: You've seen the numbers on the back of the brooch. I wondered how long it would take you to find them.

David: I'm sure that you had you reasons for keeping it a secret. That trust thing between us, right?

Dorian (holds her hand out): May I have it?

He gives the brooch to her and she returns it to her jewelry box. She turns and looks at him. She asks, "Do you love me, David?"

David (frowns): What kind of question is that? I know that you've had an emotional day. Is that what's going on here? Finding out about your mother has made you unsure about love?

Dorian: I'm sorry, David. I don't know why, I don't know why I said that. Except, where were you this evening?

David: I stopped by to see Carlotta.

Dorian: And what you did in returning the cross to Adriana was very touching.

David (walks over to Dorian and takes her into his embrace): I don't want you to have to worry about anything. I'll take care of our family. (He kisses Dorian gently and then takes her hand.) And right now I want very much to take care of you. (Kisses her hand and then guides her toward the bed.)

At Carlotta's house, she opens the door and sees Antonio. The sobbing mother, collapses into her son's arms. She speaks to him rapidly in Spanish.

Carlotta (takes deep breath with a hard swallow): Adriana, 'Tonio. The, the, necklace. She could be in danger!
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Chapter 27

Next morning, LaBoulaie

The doorbell is ringing. David is sitting on the living room floor with his back against the sofa. He is working on a laptop and there are papers covering the coffee table and sofa. He groans at the doorbell ringing before he finally leaves his research to get the door.

David: I'm coming! I'm coming! Hold your horses! (He opens the door and sees Antonio.) So you wake up with that cheerful face?

Antonio: Can it Vickers! I'm here to see Adriana.

David (moves so that Antonio can walk inside): Well you just missed them. Dorian has taken Adriana shopping in New York City.

Antonio: Shopping. New York City. It's a big city.

David: Excuse me do I hear an echo and a statement of the obvious?

Antonio: It's very important that I speak with Adriana immediately. I'm afraid that she may be in possession of something that could place her in danger. I can't say I like her being in New York City.

David: Like mother, like son. Is this about the cross necklace that belonged to Manuel Santi?

Antonio: What if it is?

David: What if it isn't?

Antonio: I don't have time for games here Vickers!

David: OK then, why don't you tell me why it's so urgent that you speak with Adriana?

Antonio: It's police business and now it's PERSONAL.

David: Fine. (He proceeds to walk toward the living room.) Don't let the door hit you on your way out, Antonio!

Antonio (pauses and then follows David into the living room): So you have any idea when they are expected back?

David(moves papers, sits on the sofa): I just tried phoning Dorian. She forgot to recharge her cell phone so I couldn't reach her. She doesn't confide things in me like when she might be returning from an impromptu shopping trip. (He mutters, "In fact she seems to have a lot of secrets.")

Antonio: What was that about secrets?

David: It's no secret that a smile gives one a more youthful appearance. You should try it. (Antonio sits across from David and stares with a smile that he quickly deletes.) How pleasant, you've decided to stay? (David chuckles.)

Antonio: You think Adriana has that necklace upstairs in her room?

David: I don't know. You'll need to find that out from her when she returns from that trip with her mother.

Antonio (stands, looks at the papers on the table, picks up one as David reaches for it. Antonio reads): "Manuel Santi, aka El Toro, had many hideaways in Puerto Rico where he could have stashed his allusive millions." Interesting reading.

David: Manuel is Dorian's ex-husband and Adriana's father so, I'm checking him out.

Antonio: Right. You'll tell her that I was here.

David (stands. Walks him toward the door):Hey Antonio give my best to your mother. Seriously, I really appreciate her giving me that necklace to return to Adriana. Adriana was very touched.

Antonio (is at the door, turns to address David): I suppose you'll find out about this soon enough. My mother was attacked last night by someone who we believed was looking for pieces of Santi family jewelry. So it's not some game Vickers! Mami and I are worried these same thugs could harm Adriana!

David: Or any of us at LaBoulaie! I'll keep trying to call Dorian in New York just in case she recharges her cell phone. I'm glad that you were straight with me. Is there reason to believe there is a particular significance to the jewelry, aside from it being a family heirloom?

Antonio: I'm not sure. (Long pause, curious look.) I just want to make sure that Adriana is safe. I also want to take a look at the necklace.

David: Sure, Sure. (Antonio leaves.) I guess I'm not the only one who's figured out there's a combination on the back of the Santi jewelry.

He walks into the living room to call Dorian. The phone rings.

David: Hello, LaBoulaie?

The person on the other end of the phone is Paul Cramer.

Paul (looks around nervously, appears to be in a restaurant): It's me! I've got it! I've got it! I've got a map! Get here and bring plenty of money!

David (sighs): Paul I'm getting sick of your demands! But I am pleased with your discovery. (Smiles.) Good work except the timing couldn't have been worse. Dorian's going through a lot right now. Hey you should know about this since it's your family. Your Grandma Sonya isn't Dorian's mother. Turns out old Grandpa Lou was having an affair with Sonya's cousin, Alexandra, who is Dorian's real mother.

Paul: I'm really sorry to hear that.

David: I feel your pain. Dorian was pretty torn about it.

Paul: Well, if you can't make it right now, that's fine. I need you to get some money to Natalie. She knows how to get it to me.

David: More? (Hears a beep.) That must be call waiting. It could be Dorian. Hey listen, I haven't made any gains on this end but I'll touch base with Natalie. Looks like we've struck the mother load!

Paul: Just remember if you try and double cross me with the police--

David: Yeah, I know, the usual, more threats. Good-bye, Paul. (He switches to his waiting call.) I told you to change that front page of Craze! It's not going to work. We need something subtle. Something, something less obvious.

Mid-morning, cafe' at the Swissotel, Chicago

Herb Callison, Dorian's ex-husband, stands and waves toward Blair. They hug before Herb pulls the chair out for her to sit.

Herb: It's good to see you. I'm glad that you interrupted that boring meeting in the conference room with your call. How's your family? And, Dorian?

Blair: My family, not so good, including Dorian, but I'll tell you about that in a bit. Herb, I didn't know who else to call. I don't think the Chicago police are leveling with me about what happened with Todd.

Blair begins to tell Herb of Todd's disappearance when they are distracted by two women who are approaching their table. It is Alexandra and Margaret, who recognize Blair from the family photo that was in Todd's car. Everyone offers a greeting: "I'm Margaret Laurence. We spoke on the phone," "Of course, I'm Blair Manning," "I'm a close family friend of Mrs. Manning," "I'm Alexandra Roskova." Herb invites the women to join them but Margaret quickly notes they are on their way to an interview. Blair frowns and asks, "Excuse me, excuse me did you say, Alexandra Roskova?"

Alexandra: Yes. Have the police given you much information on the whereabouts of you husband?

Blair(shakes head): I'm sorry, you asked a question. I was distracted. There's just something familiar about you.

Alexandra: Your husband, I was wondering if you found out anything.

The waitress interrupts to take an order for Herb and Blair and then they resume discussion.

Blair: Todd is still missing. (Long pause.) Excuse me for being so dense here. You're Ms. Roskova? You are the well-known feminist, Ms Roskova?

Alexandra: Yes, you seem puzzled at meeting me.

Herb: Blair, are you OK?

Blair (has a blank stare): Listen, um, listen, hey, I'd like to talk to you about what, about what happened with my husband. Your, your finding his abandoned car.

Margaret: Yes of course, but there's really not more to add.

Blair: I'm an editor for Craze Magazine. (She pulls out her card.) I believe Jessica Buchanan is looking to do an interview with you, Ms. Roskova.

Margaret (takes card): Yes. (Turns to Alexandra.) She's Victoria's Davidson's daughter. Well, we're staying at the hotel, for awhile. I've spoken to Victoria about an interview when we visit Llanview. By the way, we did locate the owner of the cabin and we're hoping to make a purchase.

Blair (stares at Alexandra): You must be happy?

Alexandra (gives her a curious look): What do you mean?

Blair: About the cabin. It's what you wanted, right?

Alexandra: Yes. (Extends her hand.) Good luck in locating your husband. (Shakes hands with Blair and then Herb, who graciously stands before they walk away.)

Herb: You want to tell me what that was about?

Blair (watches Alexandra and Margaret leave): I don't know for sure yet, Herb. But, it's like I was telling you earlier, Todd's in trouble but so is Dorian.

Herb looks at her with an expression of interest and worry.
Approaching noon, New York City

Dorian and Adriana are at a restaurant table with shopping bags. Cassie enters, sees them and approaches the table. They exchange quick greetings.

Dorian: How's River?

Cassie (sits down): He's fine but you're welcome to ask him yourself. He and Andrew are both here in New York. (Rubs Dorian's hand) Mother, how are you?

Dorian: Better.

Adriana: We went shopping.

Cassie: Adriana, I never figured you for the type to be into the latest fashions. Did mother twist you arm to get you to New York?

Adriana: No, not at all. I wanted to come to be with her.

Cassie: I see. Putting aside your wishes to make mother happy. Well you see Adriana, this trip was just a ploy to convince me to join the two of you on your trip to Canton, wasn't it mother?

Dorian: Cassie, maybe we should order.

Cassie: Yes, but before we do, there's something I need to say.

Dorian (sighs): Yes?

Cassie: I'm willing to give it a try, to find out who we are, who your mother is.

Dorian beams and quickly grabs her for a hug.

Cassie (wipes the tears from her eyes): I've smeared my make up.

Adriana: You're still beautiful.

Cassie: So are you on the inside and the outside, no matter what your wear!

Dorian looks at both her daughters and smiles. The waitress comes to take their orders. Adriana feels for her necklace. She panics at discovering it's missing.

Adriana: Mom, what am I going to do? You told me not to wear it.

The three women search through the bags and around the table. A man sits at a table across the room and watches them. He makes a call, "I have found her. She's in New York."
Chapter 28

Chicago, Herb's townhouse, afternoon

Blair is on one phone and Herb is on the other. Todd is their topic of conversation. They pace, hang up at the same time and look across the room at each other. They begin asking a question simultaneously. Herb gestures for Blair to go first.

Blair: You find out anything?

Herb: Sorry. I mostly struck out. I spoke with a couple of friends at the Chicago PD. Seems Todd checked into the Swissotel using an alias.

Blair (sits): He was planning to meet with some mobster who told him he had information on Dorian and Manuel Santi's millions.

Herb: I know there is bad blood between Todd and Dorian but it's not worth the risk. (Herb brings her cold tonic water with lime. She accepts it, thanks him, sips and then places the beverage on the coffee table while he sits across from her.)

Blair: Todd sees this as a way of protecting his family from Dorian.

Herb: He's putting himself in danger for a piece of yellow journalism.

Blair: You were once involved with a federal investigation of Cassie's father, David Renaldi, weren't you?

Herb: Ancient history, why?

Blair: Just wondering if you still know any Feds who might be able to help us find Todd.

Herb: I made that assumption. Didn't get anywhere with my connections.

Blair (shrugs): Worth a shot.

Herb: Todd doesn't understand your aunt. She'd die before she'd let any one hurt her girls.

Blair: The irony is that Todd and Dorian are a lot alike but they hate each other. (Drinks tonic.)Todd believes Dorian knows where the millions are hidden and that she is endangering the lives of family members by keeping the money from the gangsters who are looking for it.

Herb: What do you believe?

Blair (stands,sighs): That $100 million is a helluva lot a money. (Blair's cell phone rings and she quickly answers.) Hello. Todd? Todd!

Herb nods with a smile and a "Thank Heavens for miracles!"

Blair: Where the HELL are you? What? I'm in Chicago. But what? Todd? Yes, I'm here. It's so good to hear your voice. No. I'd kill you but I'm so happy that you're alive. I kept, I kept thinking the worst. And you'd better explain what the hell is going on when you see me! Philadelphia. Yeah, OK. What about this mobster you were supposed to meet? No, I-I. Fine. I'll catch a flight out. Todd? Stay safe. And, I love you. (She hangs up.)

Herb (stands and approaches): Good news for a change.

Blair: The best! (Hugs Herb, pauses to look at him.) Wait should I trust that call?

Herb: How'd he sound?

Blair: Strangely calm.

Herb: Did he give you the expected time of his plane arrival?

Blair: No, just that I should take the next flight out to Philly.

Herb: Then, let's get you outta here.

Blair: Thanks for your help with everything.

Herb: Ah me? I did nothing.

Blair: You did. You supported me. No wonder Dorian married you.

Herb: Dorian--how is she?

Blair: You've spoken with Cassie? You know some of what's going on?

Herb: Some. She called. We talked lot about River. I'm supposed to be flying to New York next week for a business trip.

Blair: That's right. Cassie said that she and Andrew were helping River get settled into Julliard.

Herb: I'm very proud of that grandson of mine.

Blair: Cassie going to be in New York when you arrive?

Herb: No--we talked last night about her joining her mother on that trip to Canton. Mostly, I just listened.

Blair: She told Dorian she didn't know if she could handle going with her.

Herb: Hmm, she'll go. Cass loves her mother. She won't let her go through something this difficult without being at her side. And, Dorian's husband, David Vickers, will he be joining her?

Blair: I don't know. (Grabs purse, starts walking with Herb toward the door.) To tell you the truth, this thing with Dorian hit us like a ton of bricks. Look, I'm flying back. I'll know more when I'm in Llanview. God Herb, I'm just so thankful that my husband is safe. Well, I was going to say I'll call you when I've had a chance to see Dorian in Llanview but why don't you call her?

Herb: It's better if I'm not involved.

Blair: I understand.

Herb: I'm here if she needs me. Excuse me before you leave, let me take care of this for you. (Picks up phone and makes a call) Hello Connie, need you to book a flight for a Mrs. Blair Manning from Chicago to Philly. No, um, Connie. No, Connie, she's my ex-wife's niece. (Blair laughs.) Look, I'll let you speak with her.( Blair smiles and whispers thank you as she takes the phone from him.)

"You bet," Herb says before leaving her with the phone and walking toward a table. He opens his brief case. He has a file in it on Manuel Santi.

En route from NYC to Llanview, somewhere on the interstate, evening

Dorian and Adriana are in the back of a limousine.

Dorian: Shopping has a way of lifting your spirits. (Sees Adriana is distracted.) Well at least we got you out of school today, right?

Adriana: We're done with most of the important stuff anyway.

Dorian: And, the best news of all--Cassie will be joining us when we leave for Canton in a few days. She left Llanview last night in such a haste, we didn't get to talk. I mean really talk. But no matter, it's all worked out for the best! (Takes Adriana's hand.) You're still upset about losing the necklace, aren't you darling?

Adriana: There's nothing I can do about it. I don't know how I'm going to face Carlotta.

Dorian(pats hand): Don't you worry. I'll tell Carlotta that I have the necklace for safekeeping.

Adriana: Mom, you don't have to lie for me.

Dorian: Truthfully, I'm not.

Adriana: What?

Dorian: And before you get angry with me young lady,I asked you to leave the necklace in your jewelry box, did I not?

Adriana: Mom--but.

Dorian: No buts! The saleslady noticed that you'd dropped it on the floor and she handed it to me. I decided it would be best if I kept it.

Adriana: Carlotta gave it to me because I am a Santi.

Dorian (holds her chin): And you are a Cramer! Your father was a vicious dangerous mobster! I love you and I don't want you hurt!

Adriana: I have nothing from him except blood.

Dorian: It's best that way.

Adriana: How could you deny me what's mine?

Dorian: Adriana, there are things you are too young to understand.

Adriana: Why did you even marry him?

Dorian pauses at the question.

The next scene is of Manuel Santi flying on a plane. He looks out of the plane window into the clouds as he thinks back to a time in Italy with Dorian. They are at a chateau on a mountain top. He is chasing Dorian. They are both out of breath when he finally catches her and they collapses to the ground. They look into each other's eyes momentarily before Dorian pulls him in for a kiss. He caresses her face and tells her: "I love you." They kiss again before he looks at her once more and asks, "Will you be my wife?"

Before she can answer they are approached by two of Santi's men. He stands and then pulls Dorian up to her feet. The men speak to Manuel in Spanish. He appears angered and turns to apologize to Dorian. He tells her they must leave Italy at once.

The next scene cuts back to Adriana and Dorian in the limousine.

Dorian (has curious look): Wait a minute, the car is slowing down. The driver is pulling off to the side. (Dorian presses a button to talk to the driver; there is no response. She hears the driver's door slam. Dorian attempts to get out of the car; the door is locked. Simultaneously, Adriana notices the same is true on her side. Dorian takes a deep breath. She takes her daughter's hand and squeezes it.) It's going to be OK, baby. We'll get you outta this.

Adriana: What, what do you think is going on? You think it's just car trouble?

Dorian: My cell phone. (She reaches into her purse for her phone when she recalls that it hasn't been charged.) Dammit! The front car door sounds as if it opens and then closes. The engine starts and the car swerves back on to the interstate.

Adriana: Mom?

Dorian tries again to communicate with the driver. There is no response. Dorian embraces her daughter. "We'll be all right."

After a brief ride, the car stops. The driver leaves the car and Dorian and Adriana hear a conversation between him and two men. They are speaking Spanish.

Adriana tells Dorian: They want my necklace.
Chapter 29

Somewhere en route from NYC to Philly, just off the interstate in a wooded area. It is in the evening.

Adriana and Dorian are inside of a limousine. The driver, Jesus, has pulled into a secluded location. He is outside the vehicle and speaking to two other men (Carlos and Hector) in Spanish. The door to the back passenger seat on Dorian's side opens. Dorian witnesses a gun pointed at her and she shields her daughter.

Dorian: What happened to our driver? (She doesn't get a response.) What do you want?

Adriana: Please, we don't have the necklace!

Dorian: Adriana, ssh!

Jesus is holding a weapon and he nods for both women to step out of the car. As they cautiously do so, from a distance another vehicle can be spotted on approach. Outside the limousine, Carlos, Hector and Jesus excitedly converse in Spanish. Dorian is embracing Adriana, who tells her mother that the men are concerned about the vehicle that is headed in their direction. The vehicle stops. While Jesus keeps a close eye and a pointed weapon on Dorian and Adriana, Carlos and Hector approach the new vehicle. When Carlos and Hector reach the car, it is not long before they get into an argument with its driver, who eventually exits with raised hands.

Dorian squints in that direction. "RJ?"

RJ (nods as he approaches. Carlos follows him with a pointed gun while Hector lags behind them): Hello Dorian, Adriana. (He gives a glance to Jesus, who is holding a gun on the two women and then glances in back of him at Carlos.)

Dorian (raises brow): Well what's that saying about keeping your enemies close?

RJ: C'mon Dorian, I'm not your enemy. Far from it! I just told the boys here that you'd give them a fight. (Chuckles) Somehow they took my word for it.

Dorian: I'd fight to the death for my daughter!

RJ: Dorian, it's not worth it. (Glances back at Carlos, who steps closer to him with the pointed gun.) They want the necklace.

Dorian: Are you connected with these people RJ?

The three accomplices speak in Spanish. They appear annoyed. Adriana tells her mother they are impatient with the delay.

Adriana(says in Spanish): The necklace was lost in the city while we were shopping.

Dorian: What did you just say to them?

Adriana (not answering Dorian continues): Search us! You will not find the necklace here!

Jesus tells Carlos and Hector that the limo driver, whom he accosted, recalled seeing Adriana wearing the necklace this morning. Hector searches the bags in the car. Carlos pokes a gun into RJ's back.

RJ (with head tilt toward Carlos and an eye on Jesus): Listen, brief word with the lady. (Jesus nods and Carlos removes the gun while he keeps a watchful eye on RJ, who takes a step toward Dorian; Jesus maintains aim with his weapon): It's not in the bags. Right? (RJ glimpses her bosom and chuckles.) Be careful, Dorian. These men aren't afraid to take drastic measures.

Dorian (with a determined look): Let them try! (As she is speaking with RJ, Carlos shifts and quickly manuevers Adriana away from Dorian's side. Dorian moves toward her daughter and Jesus wields his weapon and yells for her to halt. RJ blocks Dorian.

Dorian (resists RJ as she witnesses Adriana suck it up to prevent tears): What are you doing, RJ? That bastard has my daughter!

RJ (in her face): Dorian! He also has a gun! Use your head so that she can stay alive!

Hector reports that his search of the limousine has come up empty.

RJ: They will kill your daughter, Dorian, unless you give them what they want.

Dorian steps away from RJ's hold and very carefully reaches into her bra. Adriana shouts, "No, Mom!" Dorian pulls out the cross necklace and tosses it to the ground. Carlos yells in broken English for her to pick it up while pointing the weapon at Adriana's temple. Dorian slowly retrieves the necklace and demands, "Remove the gun from my daughter or I'll toss the necklace into the bushes!"

Carlos: Bitch! (Carlos lowers the weapon and shoves Adriana into RJ's grasp. Jesus keeps a watchful eye and a gun on Dorian, RJ and Adriana.)

Dorian: So, you speak English? (Hector snatches the necklace from Dorian. Dorian opens her arms and Adriana flies into her mother's welcoming embrace.)

RJ talks to the men and insists that they allow the women to return to Llanview with him. He insists, "You've got what you want!" Carlos inspects the necklace and nods agreement.

Dorian (to RJ): I don't know if I trust you anymore than I do these gunman.

RJ (with a stare): You should. These are Santi's boys. I'm connected to an associate aligned with his enemy. I am in the middle of damn near nowhere arguing with you! Furthermore I just risked my life to save you and your daughter! (After some convincing, RJ escorts Dorian and Adriana toward his car before Dorian stops.)

Dorian: Wait! We need to get our purses and shopping bags from the limousine. Those are designer garbs!

RJ: Dorian. (She gives him a look.) Fine!

Adriana tells the men in Spanish that they must get their things from the car.

Dorian: Adriana, you wait here with RJ. (Dorian approaches the limousine. She demands that the men assist her with the shopping bags. The men shake their heads. Jesus instructs a reluctant Hector to follow her command.)

RJ then speeds off with Dorian, Adriana and the packages. Santi's men drive away with the cross necklace.
Atlantic City, NJ, late evening.

David has a cell phone to his ear and mutters: "Dorian when are you going to charge your damn cell phone? I've been trying to reach you all day." He has a worried look. He finally hangs up and glances around the casino where he spots Natalie at a pool table. Next, he sees Roxie at the roulette wheel.

Natalie is bending over the billiard table with her pool stick when David approaches her. She jumps at his surprised presence and misses her shot. Before Natalie can comment, David maneuvers her into a nearby hallway. In the background Roxie can be heard screaming and clapping at a win.

David (pulls out an envelop, whispers): This is for Paul. Tell him it's all that I've got. And whatever you do, don't let your mother see it. What's she doing here anyway?

Natalie: She overheard part of my conversation with Paul.

David: So she knew you were headed to the Boardwalk.

Natalie: You got it.

David (looks around): You planning to join Paul?

Natalie: I don't know what my next move is. What about you?

David: Paul tell you why he's in Puerto Rico?

Natalie: To hunt for the $100 million. He said that you were working on getting the combination to the safe from Dorian. Any luck?

David: No.

Natalie: You aren't lying are you?

David: You'd never know the difference.

Natalie: If you try and double cross him--

David: Please enough with the useless threats. Why would I double cross him when we're in this together? Even if I had the combination, I can't get the money without the map to the vault.

Natalie: I don't know. You're a con. Maybe you think that you can get your hands on the map by tracking Paul and then go after the loot for yourself.

David: What a brilliant idea? Too bad I didn't think of that.

Natalie (gives him a stare): Good-bye David. (She leaves and joins Roxie at the roulette table. She glances back and witnesses David leaving the casino.)
O'Hare Airport, Chicago, late evening

Blair is in the boarding area on her cell phone. She hangs up with her mother and makes another call.

Blair: Hello this is Mrs. Blair Manning. Has Ms. Roskova returned to her room yet? What? Did she get my message? I see. What about, what about, Margaret Laurence? Maybe I misunderstood. I thought they'd be in Chicago for awhile. Well, they haven't checked out yet, right? Thank you.

Blair hangs up the phone and then it rings. It's Starr.
Chicago Hospital, still late evening

That afternoon, Alexandra was rushed to the emergency room. She'd returned to the Swissotel after her interview and then passed out in the lobby of the hotel. At present, Alexandra is in waiting in ER for a hospital bed after having spoken with a doctor about an overnight stay. Margaret is at her side.

Alexandra: Oh damn hospitals! For once, I'm too exhausted to fight it!

Margaret: I should have known something was wrong earlier when you turned pale after speaking to Mrs. Manning.

Alexandra: So much, so much is happening at once, Maggie. And now, things have changed. I want you to talk to the doctor, again. This is a reputable hospital. I've decided to have my surgery here if possible.

Margaret: My Lord, Alex, you're impossible!

Alexandra: Demanding is the word. Make it happen.

Margaret (heavy sigh): Very well. I have a life aside from you, you know?

Alexandra: I know.

Margaret: I'll do my best. Why is it so important that you have your surgery here?

Alexandra: Chicago is were life began for me. If anything were to happen, well, I'd like to die where I was born.

Margaret: Oh stop it! Nothing will happen to you.

Alexandra: Really? What happened today was an omen.

Margaret: Rubbish! It was a sign of your exhaustion. I didn't want you to do this interview, a'tall! But damn if you're not the most obstinent woman I've ever met! You have more pressing matters in New York. You agreed to the surgery and treatment. Arrangements have already been made for you in New York City.

Alexandra: Well change them. On another matter, I'd like for you to follow my instructions.

Margaret: Fine. Anything--what?

Alexandra: In my small luggage, I have a picture and a letter inside an envelop. The envelop is addressed to Dorian.

Margaret: What are you talking about?

Alexandra: Stop asking questions and LISTEN to me! You know that I have a daughter, Maggie.

Margaret: What?

Alexandra: Shut up and listen! Her name is Dorian, Dorian Lord Vickers. She lives in Llanview.

Margaret: Llanview? (Sees Alexandra's annoyed expression.) All right, I'm listening.

Alexandra: If anything happens to me on that operating table, make sure Mrs. Blair Manning receives the envelop. She'll understand what to do with it.

Margaret: This is so abrupt. I am compelled to ask questions that I need not ask in your state but don't you wish to see this woman who is your daughter?

Alexandra (becomes upset): I am afraid, afraid Maggie, more afraid than I am of this cancer. I am afraid to see how much I've hurt my baby. It would kill me to see the pain in her eyes and know that I am the cause of it. What type of mother would abandon her child only to acknowledge her at facing death? Dorian needs to know about me, but only after I am gone. Am I a coward? Yes. The letter explains everything. My daughter needs to know how much she was loved.

Margaret: Well then, once you've overcome this particular hurdle with your surgery, you can tell her yourself. More than anything, your daughter deserves to hear her mother tell her that she loves her. (She gets up to leave.)

Alexandra: Where are you going?

Margaret: I've got to search through luggage to find that picture you were talking about. Until we get your daughter here in the flesh, you're going to need that photo to remind you of what you have to lose if you leave this earth.

Alexandra: Maggie, thank you.

Margaret gives a reassuring look before she leaves. Alexandra closes her eyes and mutters, "Lou."
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