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George Reinholt
(Steve Frame, Another World); (Tony Harris Lord, One Life to Live)

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robin strasser @ robinstrasser on Twitter:
LET HIM EAT CAKE:) #GeorgeReinholt #JacquieCourtney & me:) c. 1967?
The LOOK OF LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON:) #GeorgeReinholt well, 2 words: George Reinholt We all had crushes on him Reinholt, Strasser, Courtney
31 December 2017

"I am shocked and very upset and disturbed," actor George Reinholt, commented at We Love Soaps after learning of longtime screen partner Jacqueline Courtney's death. "I know death comes to us all but I think she died too young. Much too young. I loved her. Truly. She was wonderful to work with. And I think of her often." Courtney died on December 20, 2010 at 64 from metastatic melanoma. Reinholt's on-screen relationship with Courtney began decades earlier when he played heartthrob Steve Frame and Courtney played heroine Alice Matthews on NBC's Another World. Soap aficionados consider them one of the most famous romantic pairings in daytime television with the triangle that included Rachel, one of most memorable in the history of soap opera. Robin Strasser originated Rachel, who later was played by Victoria Wyndham.

Reinholt played the self-made millionaire character on Another World from 1968-1975, when he and Courtney were fired from AW, supposedly for storyline purposes (Reinholt allegedly clashed with those in charge, including the show's producer Paul Rauch, and writer Harding Lemay.) Still, Courtney and Reinholt were so popular it was considered a coup when they were snagged by ABC on rival soap One Life to Live where Reinholt was paired again with Courtney from 1975-1977. Reinholt played Tony Harris Lord; Courtney, Pat Ashley.

Reinholt was born in Philadelphia. He said in People magazine (1975) that his mother was worried about him after he lost his job with AW, and landed the job on One Life when he didn't appear on the show one afternoon. She called and asked him if he had been fired again “because you have a big mouth.” The writer of the article observes "Mrs. Reinholt’s anxiety was not entirely a mother’s overreaction, for despite her boy’s top-ten ranking in the popularity polls of the daytime-TV pulp press, George has become the Savonarola of soaps."

In a 1971 New York Times article, Reinholt compared himself to his character on AW.

"He's aggressive, but not to the point of hostility - until he's crossed," Reinholt said. "I'm like that - very much so. He's plagued by his dishonestly and that I understand because I dislike myself terribly when I don't deal with myself honestly. I despise dishonesty - that and intolerance. These are the big fire alarms with me."

After retiring from acting Reinholt appeared briefly in AW's 25th anniversary show in 1989. He considered returning in the mid-1990s.

After earlier fame, his jobs became more difficult to acquire. In 1997 he placed an ad as an escort in a Florida newspaper offering his services to take women to parties or other events. As noted in the We Love Soaps article (2013):
Some of the press implied he was selling himself as an escort, in a sexual manner. Reinholt was furious and appeared on the Sally Jessy Raphael talk show to clear up the record.

Reinholt began as a theater actor; he appeared in the original cast of "Cabaret," as well as "The Grand Tour" on Broadway. Other roles include G.B. Shaw's "Misalliance," the original production of "Fortune and Men's Eyes" at the Actor's Playhouse, and an Off-Broadway production of Eugene Ionesco's The Bald Soprano. He began teaching acting in 1988 with fellow professional actor, Jeanette Hartunian, at Interboro High School and the Barnstormers Theatre in Ridley Park.

“What’s important is never finalizing any situation" he said in the People magazine interview (1975). "You must leave cliff-hangers. The tiring evening shows give you all the answers in one hour. How often are absolute conclusions derived in real life?”

On November 11, 2013, Reinholt died of cancer at his home in Essington, Pennsylvania at the age of 73.

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