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 Daddy's Little Girl, Story Preview and Chapters 1-77 (end)
Posted: Dec 23 2008, 12:26 AM

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With the post about writing a storyline for Dorian...this made me think about all the ideas that have been brewing in my head for years. Nevertheless, I am going to try my hand at writing a fanfic huh.gif This will be my first time ever attempting something like this but I am going to try and have fun with it! This is the overview of the storyline that I would like to write.... any opinions or feedback will be appreciated.


Characters Involved initially....

1. Dorian Cramer Lord
2. Herb Callison
3. Mel Hayes
4. Cassie Callison
5. Karen Wolek
6. Victoria Lord
7. Gigi Manasco

Even though Mel is not one of my favorites for Dorian, for storyline purposes, I would not mind him being brought back from the dead. It could be revealed that he was held captive or had amnesia and was returned to Dorian. Of course, Dorian would be so ecstatic and she and Mel would resume their “wonderful” marriage. However, during their reunited bliss, Herb Callison returns with an obvious hidden agenda that doesn’t involve Dorian. Herb appears to have changed since he left Llanview. He is not the upstanding citizen that he was prior to leaving Llanview...he seems to have a darker and more ambitious side. Since Herb has always been one of the loves of Dorian’s life and we all know that she cannot stay away from him when he is in Llanview, this will cause an extreme problem for Dorian and Mel. Dorian loves Mel but she also has a deep love and respect for Herb that has never went away. Dorian makes it her mission to find out why her ex-husband is in Llanview. He makes it clear that it doesn’t concern her, which in turns makes Dorian jealous and worried about Herb’s welfare. Unbeknownst to Llanview citizens, Herb is in Llanview to try to find out about his daughter. Unbeknownst to Herb, Gigi Manasco is his daughter by Karen Wolek. Apparently, during one of Dorian and Herb’s argument, Herb got drunk and slept with Karen who was also upset about an argument she had. As a result of the one night stand, Gigi was born. Karen never told Herb because of his pull toward Dorian. Also, she did not want to experience the wrath of Dorian for not only sleeping with her husband, but having his child. Therefore, Karen left Llanview and never breathed a word of this to anyone….except Viki. This also causes more problems for Dorian because Herb knows that Viki knows information about his daughter so this causes him to spend a lot of time with Viki. In the meantime, Mel and Dorian’s relationship is rocky because of her obsession with Herb. Not only is he threatened by her obsession but her professions that Herb is a good friend and that they share a bond- Cassie. Mel notices that Dorian is emotionally attached to her ex-husband. He suggests that they move away from Llanview. He tells her that he talked to Adrianna in Paris and he think that it would be a great idea for them to move to Paris for a while. He suggests to Dorian that this would be a great bonding time for Dorian and Adrianna. Dorian tells him that she cannot leave Llanview because she is needed by her Cramer girls. After noticing that Herb is indeed in some type of turmoil, Dorian contacts Cassie in hopes of trying to discover what is going on with Herb. Cassie arrives in Llanview and accidentally discovers the truth….Gigi is Herb’s biological daughter. For long time viewers, it was always known that Cassie was Herb’s pride and joy. Therefore, Cassie is not happy about this discovery. She begins to show evidence that she is indeed Dorian’s daughter and tries to block the path to this discovery. Even though Cassie is an adult, she is still not comfortable with the fact that she will have to share her father with Gigi; especially since she really don’t like her for some reason. Cassie doesn’t initially reveal the secret to Dorian. Cassie realizes that Dorian and Herb’s marriage was a thing of the past but she still doesn’t want her mother to know that he had an affair. She knows that this information would devastate her mother even after these many years. Cassie also loves the bond that her mother and father still share after so many years. Cassie appears to be able to block Herb’s discovery…..but there comes a problem. Karen Wolek arrives in Llanview and brings danger and secrets along with her which will affect several citizens of Llanview including Dorian.

O.k....I know it's long but I was trying to include all the details because many fans may not be familiar with the characters and their history.
Posted: Dec 23 2008, 01:05 AM


Group: Admin
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Simply excellent my dear! I'm a sucker for Herb and Dorian. And while it's clear that Mel is the center of Dorian's affections, I could very much see her being jealous of anything that pulls Herb from being drawn to her like he has been in the past. Should be interesting when she learns that he had an affair with Karen. I can hear the lines from her now. Sounds really good and I can't wait to read it.

"I've worked with many a fine actress in the course of my journey, but none more remarkable than Ms. Strasser. Brilliant and utterly brave, with the work ethic of a warrior. I would love to come back and work with her again." - A Martinez, OLTL Examiner, 12/09
Posted: Dec 23 2008, 03:07 PM

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I LOVE IT!!!! Anything with Dorian and Herb in it is fabulous in my opinion but this story might just break the mold. I do hope you write as you will be guaranteed at least one dutiful and faithful reader.

user posted image
Posted: Dec 23 2008, 09:45 PM

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Chapter 1- Daddy's Little Girl

Setting- Llanview, Pennsylvania

Background- Mel was presumed dead after a plane crash. However, he was discovered in the Bahamas with amnesia. After his recovery from amnesia, Dorian and Mel resumed their happy marriage. Dorian caught him up on all the latest happenings in Llanview including the addition of Langston to the Cramer fold. As chapter one begins, Dorian and Mel are in the kitchen discussing the latest happenings in Llanview.

Chapter 1

Mel- (looking at the Banner headlines about Todd’s trial) You can’t help but feel sorry for poor Marty. (waits for a response from Dorian)

Mel- I am going to assume that you didn’t hear my comment.

Dorian- Well, I guess I will assume that you didn’t make the comment and we can start this conversation over about a different subject.

Mel- Dorian, you can’t possibly not feel sorry for this girl. She was raped and tortured by Todd Manning during college and now years later, the whole sad story has been retold again. I understand your loyalty to Blair but….

Dorian- Look Mel, I do feel sympathy for rape victims and I detest Todd but Marty is not one of my favorite conversations….and yes, I do have loyalty to Blair and all my girls. (gives Mel a glaring look)

Mel- (he laughs)

Dorian- What is so funny!

Mel-(he gets up and puts his arms around her) I can’t believe I could have forgot such a beautiful and fiery woman. (he kisses her)

Dorian- Yes you did forget me….(returns his kisses) so now you will have to spend the rest of your life making it up to me!

Blair walks in the kitchen

Blair- o.k. you two…cut it out! You have been making out in every room of the house. I am going to have to start knocking before I enter any room in the house (laughs)

Dorian- Well, Blair, Mel and I have missed out on so much of our lives and we are devoted to making sure that we cherish each day. (Mel smiles as he looks at Dorian lovingly)

Blair- I know Dorian….I am just kidding with you two…You know I am so happy that you have found each other again. Also, we needed some male opinions in this house. Jack’s opinion doesn’t really count yet.

Mel- I have a suggestion. Why don’t we all go to Carlotta’s diner for breakfast? I have a taste for those wonderful pancakes.

Dorian- sounds like a plan! I’ll go get changed…..

At Carlotta’s diner

Mel- I hate that Starr and Langston decided not to join us.

Blair- You know how teenagers are….it is not cool to break bread with the older crowd.

Dorian- Well, I wouldn’t consider myself the older crowd (laughs). The girls and I have wonderful outings together.

Mel- Well, I think that the problem is me. Langston appears to be having a hard time getting adjusted to my presence in her life and in Dorian’s life.

Dorian- Oh Mel, Langston does not have a problem with you. She has just gone through a lot with losing her parents and gaining a new family. She is also very protective of me. Once you and her find the time to bond, she will love you just as much as I do……(she veers from her conversation as she notices Viki walk in with a gentleman)

Blair- Dorian, what is wrong?

Mel- (looks back at the entrance to see what Dorian is looking at) Oh, I see what is wrong…Viki Davidson. Dorian, you really need to stop letting Viki get to you so much. Baby, we are here trying to enjoy each other’s company.

Dorian- I am not letting Viki spoil our time. I was just noticing that she has walked in with a gentleman other than Charlie…I am just curious, that’s all! Blair can you tell who it is?

Blair- It is probably someone that she knows from the Banner….I am sure everything is fine with her and Charlie. I really can’t tell who it is because his back is turned…oh they are walking this way….Oh my God! (Dorian looks up)….it’s Herb Callison!

(Dorian drops her fork and Herb and Dorian’s eyes meet)
Posted: Dec 23 2008, 10:04 PM


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Don't know if I was supposed to laugh but you have Mel Hayes pegged when it comes to the dialogue and his relationship with Dorian. And Viki walks in with Herb? Should be fun!
Posted: Dec 24 2008, 01:33 AM

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Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 - Daddy's Little GIrl

Chapter 2

Blair- (Blair gets up and hugs Herb) Herb, I didn’t know you were in Llanview. I just talked to Cassie last night and she didn’t mention that you were here.
Herb- Blair, it is wonderful to see you. I am ashamed to say that I have not informed my daughter that I was in Llanview. I will call her as soon as I get a chance; but Blair, you look wonderful as always. (Herb turns toward the table and extends his hand to Mel as he glances at Dorian’s expression) Hello Mel, how are you doing?

(Blair talks to Viki while Dorian glares at Herb)

Mel- I am doing excellent considering what I went through..... (noticing Dorian’s expression)
Herb- Dorian informed me of your experience… must have been horrible to have your memory distorted for years.

Mel- Yes, it was but the love of my wife helped me to remember my life.

(Viki talks to Mel while Herb talks with Dorian)

Herb- (turning toward Dorian) Well, speaking of your wife....Hello, Dorian (bends to kiss her on the cheek)how have you been?

Dorian- I’ve been wonderful….I have my husband back and my girls under one roof….I couldn’t be happier. (Herb appears uncomfortable)

Herb- Well, Viki are you ready to find to find a seat?

Viki- Sure….and Mel, I will get with you later on the feature story for the Banner.

(Dorian, Mel, and Blair table)

Blair- (noticing the tension at the table) These pancakes are delicious, Mel. I am glad that you suggested for us to come here this morning.

Mel- (looks at Dorian) Well, I am not so sure that Dorian share your gratitude.

Dorian- Mel…why would you say such a thing! This was a wonderful suggestion. The breakfast was excellent.

Mel- How would you know Dorian….you barely touched it.

(Viki and Herb table)

Viki- You still have feelings for her don’t you?

Herb- I assume you are talking about Dorian….so I am going to answer you honestly and say yes. We have history…we share Cassie…regardless of the fact that she is adopted, I love her as if she was my biological daughter. (laughs) Actually, I sometimes forget that I didn’t raise her from a baby. (watches Dorian as they leave the diner)
Viki- On the phone, you mention that it was important that you speak with me this morning and asked for my confidentiality….What is this about, Herb?

Herb- Viki, what I am about to discuss with you cannot be repeated. Viki, do I have your word that you will keep this between me and you.

Viki- (looking concerned) Herb, you know I would do whatever I can to help you…please tell me what is going on?

Herb- When was the last time you spoke to Karen Wolek?

Viki- It’s been years

Herb- How many years?

Viki- Herb, where is this conversation leading?

Herb- I think you already know where this is leading? I need to get in touch with Karen! I need you to help me.

Viki- Honestly, I don’t know where Karen is; the last conversation I had with her was many years ago. She was living in Paris…..

Herb- (abruptly) Did she mention her daughter…did she mention the daughter that we had together? (Viki looks surprised) Is that a look of surprise that I know about the child or a look of surprise that I knew that Karen told you about the affair?

Viki- (hesitantly) Karen did tell me about the affair and the pregnancy. Herb, I begged her to tell you about the baby. I knew that you would want to be a part of the child’s life….I wanted to tell you for years but Karen felt that she was making the right decision. I had to support her decision as a friend. Herb, I am so sorry…I hope that you can forgive me.

Herb-Viki, I am beyond the point of being mad or upset….I have been through those emotions when I found out…..I wish things would have been different….I wish a lot of things would have been different but I can’t change the past but I can have a say so about my future….that is why I am here. Will you help me, Viki?

Viki- I will do what I can. I am going home and will do my best to locate every address or phone number I have for Karen. I will also contact Larry…he may have heard from her recently. (she puts her hand on his) We will find your daughter!

Chapter 3
(At LaBoulaie)

(Mel is sitting at the desk typing on the laptop)

Dorian- (kisses him on his neck) Are you going to work on that story all day or are you going to give your wife some attention?

Mel- I didn’t give you enough attention last night (smiles) honey, I would love to make love to you all day long but I really have to get this story ready to meet the deadline.

Dorian- fine then…I think I will go do a little shopping…it is definitely time for a new pair of shoes.

Mel- (looks at her questionably) after you shop, are you going to see your ex-husband?

Dorian- (looks shocked) Mel! Why would you think that?

Mel- Dorian, you don’t have to be so shocked that I would ask you that. I know that you and Herb share a special relationship. Remember, you told me this when we first met. My memory did return (smile). It is obvious that you two are friends because I have heard your phone conversations…not that I was purposely listening, but you are fond of each other…I can’t deny that; sooo, if you are going to see him, I would like for you to be honest with me about it.

Dorian- I guess I need to thank you for your understanding….but no, I am not planning on looking him up; anyways, he is busy with Viki. (Mel gives her an unbelieving look and continues with his story….he stares at her as she walks out the door)
Mel- (after Dorian leaves, Mel stares into space) Herb Callison, what are you up to?

(Buchanan Palace…Herb Callison suite)

Herb is sitting on the sofa looking through some papers when there is a knock at the door. He hurries and places the papers in the drawer before answering the door.
Herb- who is it?

Dorian- it’s me

Herb- (opens the door) Dorian, what a surprise! (attempts to hug her but she pushes him away)
Dorian- Oh, similar to the surprise I got at the diner this morning! I talked to you a couple of days ago…you did not mention to me that you were coming to Llanview; but apparently you mentioned it to Viki!

Herb- Dorian, I was…. (Dorian interjects)

Dorian- and also, what reason would you have to sneak into Llanview and take Viki of all people to breakfast…you do know that she is involved with a guy named Charlie….I am sure she failed to tell you that….Herb, you really need to start making your choices in woman more wisely. Really Herb, you are a prominent senator…you cannot be flouncing around town with people like Viki…..the tabloids will have a field day….front page news…Senator Callison seen on date with Viki or was it Niki…could have been Jean….

Herb- (smiles) I’ve missed you!

Dorian –(looking confused) you missed me?

Herb- Yes, I have…can you please have a seat (Dorian sits) I was not planning to come to Llanview but I had some serious business to discuss with Viki. Therefore, I hopped a plane and contacted her to meet me at the diner so we could discuss the business. As I told Blair, I didn’t even notify Cassie that I was coming…I really wasn’t trying to hide my visit from anyone…especially you. (he sits down next to her…she moves over on the sofa) Does Mel know that you are here?

Dorian- Why would you ask me a question like that? Mel does not dictate where I go!

Herb- So he doesn’t know that you are here.

Dorian- What business do you have with Viki?

Herb- Oh, just political stuff…nothing for you to be concerned about…so how is Mel doing since he been back?

Dorian- He is doing fine…all his memory has returned and our marriage is just wonderful.

Herb- You already told me that your marriage was “wonderful” at the diner this morning. I am happy for you (Dorian looks at him disbelieving) Really, I am happy for you. Don’t get me wrong, Mel is not one of my favorite people, you know that…I did not like how he forced you to face your past in Canton but I do believe he loves you very much….and that you love him.

Dorian- you do know if there is something you need done in the political arena, I could do that for you. I have always been a big help to you in the past.

Herb- (laughs) oh yes, you have been a BIG help in my past political endeavors.

Dorian- Oh, why are you laughing. I realize that you are now considered the great, powerful Senator but I know how you made it to the top. Remember, I know things that you have done to make it to the top! You have made some very questionable connections along the way….ambition is no longer a dirty word to you. (smile) I keep up with my ex-husband.

Herb- (he walks over to her and places his hand on her face) I am glad that you keep up with me…because I definitely keep up with you. I will always be there for you and the girls…don’t ever forget that. (With his hand on her face, she moves closer to him….just at the moment her cell phone rings…she looks at it and it reads “Mel Hayes”)
Posted: Dec 24 2008, 09:52 AM


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I like the way that you've immediately gotten into the meat of the story. Also, I could just feel Dorian's annoyance as Herb spoke to Blair and Mel before acknowledging her presence. Mel wasn't fooled by any of it as he knows Dorian and so does Herb apparently. And, it was a stroke of genius to have Herb legitimately needing to involve Viki. Really enjoying this so far. It's compelling because I think that you've pegged the relationship Herb and Mel have with Dorian.
Posted: Dec 24 2008, 08:56 PM

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Chapter 4

Dorian- Herb, I have to get home….I have so much to do….I forgot I suppose to look over some paperwork for Langston and….. (Herb grabs her arm)

Herb- It’s o.k. I understand that you have to go home to your family. You are married now and you being here can cause problems in your marriage.

Dorian- I doubt very seriously that me being here would cause problems in my marriage. My marriage to Mel is stronger than its ever been. We love each other very much.

Herb- (smile) If its not a problem, why didn’t you answer the phone?

Dorian- (snatches her arm away from him) Look, I do not owe you any explanations regarding how I handle Mel…..remember, you are no longer my husband so I am not obligated to you. (she begins to walk to the door)

Herb- Dorian, just wait a minute…. (Herb phone rings)

Herb- (answers the phone with frustration) Callison speaking

Viki- Hi Herb did I catch you at a bad time….you seem upset

Herb- (notices Dorian glare at him so he walks a distance from her) No, Viki, not at all…I assume this call must mean you have some information for me.

Viki- Well, I can’t say that it will help but I have a few addresses and phone numbers for you. I can email the information to you if you like.

Herb- That would be great….I am sure you have the email address.

Viki- Yes, I do….Herb, again, I want to apologize for the pain this secret has caused. I should know better than anyone that keeping secrets causes more problems.

Herb- I agree (looking at Dorian) I am going to follow up on the information and I will let you know the results. Thanks Again
(Dorian stares at Herb)

Dorian- What is going on?

Herb- What are you talking about?

Dorian- In case you’ve forgotten, I know you very well….this is not political stuff that you are discussing with Viki and even if it was…why would anything be so major that you would have to abruptly come to Llanview to meet her?

Herb- Dorian…just to remind you of your statement….I am no longer your husband which means my business is exactly that….my business. Now, if I am not mistaken, I believe you said that you were leaving. (he walks toward the door)

Dorian- Fine, I am leaving……(turns toward him and their eyes meet) I see it in your eyes; you are troubled about something.

Herb- (sighs) There is no need to be concerned. I am a big boy…I can take care of myself. (smile)

Dorian leaves. Herb immediately pulls out his laptop and checks his email. Viki emailed the addresses. Only a few of them are new to him. He then pulls out the papers from the drawer that he was reading before Dorian arrived. The front page of the papers are titled “Corelli International Organization, INC.” He decides that he must seek help from his “questionable” connections to find his daughter.

(At Laboulaie)

Dorian walks in

Blair- Hi Dorian, where have you been?

Dorian- Oh, just doing a little shopping. Where’s Mel?

Blair- He is at the Banner…he had mentioned something about trying to meet a deadline. You know, for a person that has been shopping for hours, apparently you didn’t find much.

Dorian- why would you say that? (appearing unconcerned about conversation)

Blair- You don’t have any bags Dorian….. Are you alright? Is there something you need to talk about?

Dorian- of course I am all right (Blair gives her an unbelievable look) O.k. Blair, sit down….What I am about to tell you cannot go further than your ears.

Blair- come on Dorian….you know that I would not breathe a word…what is wrong?

Dorian- I went to see Herb today….Something is not right with him….He says he has some type of so-called political business with Viki but he is not telling me the truth. He basically lied to me in my face.

Blair- He doesn’t exactly have to tell you the truth, Dorian…..I understand that you two have maintained a certain understanding as friends but you are no longer married…..

Dorian- (frustrated) Blair, I realize that our marriage is over but I can still care about him! (she stands up and walks to the glass patio door)

Blair- (stands beside her) Dorian….you are still in love with him, aren’t you? (silence) For the sake of your marriage to Mel, you are going to have to let Herb handle his own problems. I realize that it is hard when you really care about someone but your concern for Herb is going destroy Mel.

Dorian- Mel doesn’t know that I seen him today so if you can just keep that between us….

Blair- no problem….and I will talk to Herb for you…maybe do a little investigating myself…He is Cassie’s father and he has helped this family out a lot so I don’t mind seeing if I can return the favor while making sure my Aunt Dorian's marriage stays intact…

Dorian- (smile) I’ve taught you well (they laugh)

Chapter 5

Angel Square Park

Herb sits on a bench reading a newspaper. A gentlemen sits down beside him.

Herb- Marco Dane….I am glad that you decided to meet me.

Marco- You really didn’t give me a choice….I am fighting a losing battle here Herb….I either have to face the Corelli crime family, the feds, or a corrupt senator. All of you want my head on a platter.

Herb- well I am glad that you thought I was the safer haven.(smiles) Marco, I need to find my daughter…to do that, I need to find Karen…where is she?

Marco- Herb, man, I told you that I do not know…

Herb- Why do I think you are lying? Why do I feel in my gut that you are holding something back?

Marco- Look, I know that this whole situation is messed up….but remember, I am the one that gave you the information that you already have so why would I be holding any more information.

Herb- Marco, do you think I am a fool….you did not willingly give me the information. I saved your ass from being killed by the Corelli crime family and then I gave you a million dollars to replace the money you stole from the account. So, you did not give me the information, I paid for the information! If I find out that you are lying to me, I will gladly pick up the phone and notify all parties involved that I know your whereabouts.

Marco- Well, you won’t have to do that because I have told you everything that I know! Look, Herb, if I find anymore information regarding Karen or your daughter, I will let you know.

Herb- I will be in contact....that's a guarantee

(Looking annoyed, Marco leaves)

(The Banner, Viki’s office)

Mel- Viki I am finish with the feature story….read and give me your opinion so I can go home to my wife.

Viki- Mel, I trust your judgement…if you feel as if it is ready to published, it must be ready to be published so you go ahead and go home. If there is a problem, I am sure we will be able to handle it. Have a good night.

Mel walks toward the door…then turns around

Mel- Why is Herb Callison in Llanview?

Viki-(shocked) Mel, I am not at liberty to discuss Herb’s personal business with you. To be honest, it doesn't concern you. If you are that curious, you ask him yourself.

Mel- If it is concerning my wife, it is very much my concern. I know that this man still have feelings for Dorian.

Viki- (takes off her glasses) Mel, I do understand that you are concerned about their past but I can guarantee you that Herb’s reason for being in Llanview does not have anything to do with Dorian.

Mel- Time will tell….Time will tell

(At Laboulaie)

Dorian is laying in bed. She thinks about her conversation with Herb.

Dorian- (wonders out loud) What kind of information could Viki be sending Herb?……there’s only one way to find out! (Dorian gets out of bed and get’s her laptop) Hmm, let me see how well I know my ex-husband. (smiles)

Dorian accesses Herb’s email provider website and tries to figure out what his username and password could be.

Dorian- hmm, let’s try Cassie….Cassandra…..I bet it’s Cassandra (starts typing)

Mel- what has you up on the computer this time of night?

Dorian- (shocked) Mel!!!!
Posted: Dec 26 2008, 12:57 AM

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Chapter 6

Dorian quickly closes the laptop

Dorian- Sweetheart, you scared me….(she gets up to kiss him) I didn’t expect you home so soon. Did you finish the story that you were working on?

Mel- Yes, I finished…Viki said that if there was anything that needs to be done, she would take care of it.

Dorian- Saint Viki to the rescue (sarcastically)

Mel- So, what is so interesting that have you on the computer this time of night. Actually, I never seen you using your computer for leisure activities so what were you looking at?

Dorian- Oh, I was just looking online for gift ideas for Langston. Her birthday is coming up and I want to make sure I give her the perfect gift. I really want to do make this birthday special…the girl has went through so much.

Mel- I am sure it will be special Dorian. You have already done so much for her…You gave her a family. (smile) It just makes me love you even more if that is possible. Oh, how was your shopping trip? I don’t see boxes of shoes laying around so that must mean it didn’t go well (laughs)

Dorian- Very funny Mel…I did a lot of window shopping (yarn)

Mel- Sweetheart, you seem tired…I was going to ask you to join me in the hot tub but I can take a rain check.

Dorian- (kisses him) That is one check you will definitely have to cash Mr. Hayes

(Next Day…Llanview High School Career Day)
Langston, Starr, Markko, and Cole are at the Llanview High School Career Day. The school has booths` set up and has invited professionals from different careers to attend the career day. Since Senator Callison was in town, he was invited to attend career day.

Markko- Wow, it is so many different careers….I guess I never really thought of which path I would take after high school.

Langston- Actually I have….I always wanted to be a lawyer. I use to watch all these law shows with my parents. L.A. Law was my favorite show.

Markko- I feel bad….I never knew that about you.

Langston- That’s o.k., after my parents died, I never really talked about it…I think when I talk about it, I think about them. I had thought about talking to Nora about the profession but I don’t feel comfortable talking to her after what she did to Dorian with signing over of Cramer Enterprises. Anyway, I feel as if the idea of me becoming a lawyer is so far-fetched….I don’t think I have what it takes to go through the struggle of law school.

Starr- I think you are selling yourself short, Langston.....wait a minute…I think I see the perfect person for you to talk….Senator Callison…he is over there talking with the group of kids. (Starr points to the group)

Cole- Senator Callison…you know him personally?

Starr- Yes, he is a friend of the family. He was married to my Aunt Dorian a long time ago but they are still good friends.

Langston- Oh yeah, he’s Cassie’s father. I’ve heard Dorian talk about him a lot. I can tell that Cassie adores him.

Starr- Come on…let’s go over there and talk with him….(pulls Langston and approaches Herb)

Starr- Hi Herb

Herb- Starr!! Oh gracious…you have grown into such a beautiful young lady. I haven’t seen you in a couple of years…I think the last time were when you and Jack were visiting Cassie in Atlanta. (he hugs her) I am so happy to see you!

Starr- I am happy to see you too…Oh, I want to introduce you to my friends, this is Cole, Markko, and Langston. I am sure you have heard a lot about Langston (Herb smiles) Anyway, Langston was just telling us that she has always aspired to be a lawyer and I thought the best person to talk to would be you.

Herb- First of all, I am glad to meet all of you and Langston my dear….I think becoming a lawyer would be a wonderful profession for you and it is never to early to learn about it.. I tell you what, I am going to give you my card and also if you wait here, I have some information in the car which has details about the different types of lawyers, law schools and internships. After you look over the information, just give me a call anytime. I will be more than happy to help you!

Langston- Thanks so much, Mr. Callison!

(Later in the Day, Laboulaie)

Mel and Dorian walk into the living room.

Dorian- I can’t believe that the painters messed up like this, Mel! That is not the correct pink.

Mel- I really don’t see the problem

Dorian- How can you not the see the problem Mel! The walls are not rose petal pink….it is more a salmon pink. That is not what I asked for and that is not what I paid for. I am going to call them and demand that I get my money back or they come and redo my walls. I don’t care if they have to come at midnight.

(While Dorian is ranting, Mel picks up a card from the living room table and looks upset. He sits down on the sofa)

Dorian- What is the problem? What are you reading?

Mel- I am sure you know what I am reading because it belongs to you.

Dorian- What are you talking about Mel (Dorian takes the card out of his hand and reads it) This is Herb’s card (looks confused) I did not bring this card here but if I did why is it such a big concern to you.

Mel- I think an ex-husband coming back to town to rekindle a relationship with his ex-wife who is now MY wife is a big concern for me!

Dorian- Herb has not made any indication that he has come to Llanview to rekindle any type of relationship with me and if he did, I would have to be a willing participate.

Mel- Well, are you?

Dorian- I can’t believe you are saying this to me…Mel, you are being ridiculous. Why do you have such a problem with Herb but not Clint Buchanan or even David Vickers. I don’t mean to bring up things that occurred while you were presumed dead, but I were in relationships with both of those men…..but you are throwing out accusations about a relationship I had that was many years ago. Herb has been living in Washington….Llanview has not been on his political radar. My God, Mel, you need to think about the situation….

Mel- For some reason Dorian…your relationship with Herb has always been different than the others and you know it. I saw the way you looked at each other in the diner and I’ve seen the way you look at Clint. Believe me, the looks doesn’t compare.

Dorian- Mel, I am not going to stay in a relationship where I am being accused of being unfaithful. Herb has been in Llanview for two days and has become a regular conversation in this house….(sighs) Mel, we have been apart for years…we have found our way back to each other and we agreed to cherish each day…is this how you want to cherish our days…by arguing about Herb until he leaves Llanview.

Mel- Dorian….I am sorry….this is crazy…I am crazy. You have not given me any reason to not trust you. I guess I am struggling with your closeness with another man. Dorian, I don’t want to lose you again and the thought of it makes me sick inside.

Dorian- Mel, you are not going to lose me. (she hugs him) I can promise you that.

Chapter 7

(Buchanan Palace, Herb’s suite)

Herb hears a knock at the door

Herb- who is it?

Blair- it’s Blair

Herb-Blair, I am glad to see you (hugs her) but I am little surprised at the visit. Is everything o.k.?

Blair- I don’t know Herb…you tell me?

Herb- Let me guess! Dorian sent you over here.

Blair- Actually Herb, I volunteered….My aunt is worried about you; she’s very worried but her worry about her ex-husband is going to cause a problem in her marriage. Mel and Dorian have been through a lot to get their marriage back on track and I don’t want to see her go through any type of turmoil.

Herb- Blair, I did not come to Llanview to cause Dorian any problems. I care about her very much….Is Mel good to her?

Blair- She seems to think so?

Herb- I sense some resistance in your voice…what is wrong?

Blair- I tell you what….if you tell me why you are in Llanview, then I will tell you why you sense some resistance (smile)

Herb- (laughs) you are definitely Dorian’s niece! Blair, I came to Llanview to get some important information that I need. Once I get the information, I will happily head back to Washington to resume my political duties. Hopefully, my business here will be handled quickly which should subside everyone’s worry. I can assure you that there is nothing to worry about…..I have had bigger problems in Washington…Please tell your aunt that everything is fine.

Blair- You did not meet your end of the deal so I can not meet mine (smile) However, I will reassure my aunt that everything is fine.

Herb- I appreciate that

Blair- (Herb walks Blair to the door) Saving Dorian’s marriage is not the only reason I am here…you have always been there for our family for legal advice or just to give support so if you ever need us, just let us know.

Herb- Thanks Blair…that is good to know.

(Blair leaves and before Herb can sit down, there is another knock at the door)

Herb-(opens the door) o.k. Blair what did you forget? (looks surprise, it is not Blair)

Sonny Corelli- Herb, I need to talk to you!

Herb- What the hell are you doing here….especially in my room? We cannot be seen together!

Sonny- I need some legal assistance…I have been trying to contact you but you have been avoiding my calls.

Herb- I have not been avoiding your calls….I have been trying to handle some very important personal business. I do have a life besides assisting the Corelli Crime Family in expanding their financial empire. Whatever the problem you have will have to wait till I get back to Washington. I can’t believe that you would follow me to Llanview.

Sonny- Herb, you owe us! Do you realize what type of financial asset that our family has been to you? Do you realize the millions of dollars that we have paid you for your services?

Herb- The key word is services. I provided services to your family and was paid for those services!

Sonny- come on Herb….don’t act like those services were legitimate. You are a United States Senator who works closely with a crime family. I don’t think that will look good to your constituents. You have also used your financial assets to set up dummy corporations to force hostile takeovers in billion dollar companies… helped your ex-wife to do a hostile takeover of Buchanan Enterprises. Herb, your hands are dirty….there is no way you can deny it…so are you going to help me or not?

(Before Herb can respond, several gunshots are shot through the window of the suite. Herb and Sonny fall to the floor)

(Buchanan Palace Lobby)

(Blair is stopped at the door and told she cannot leave. The hotel is on lockdown.)

Hotel Security- Maam, you have to remain in the lobby. You cannot leave until the premises are clear.

Blair- Why, what happened?

Hotel Security- Apparently there has been a shooting in Suite 1204

Blair- 1204….1204…Oh my God…That’s Herb’s suite!
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Chapter 8

Blair- Sir, is the senator alright…I need to go up there and see…

Hotel Security- (pushing her back) Maam, you are not allowed to leave this area and we are only allowed to provide information to family.

Blair- (frustrated) I am….I am…family….I mean he is a good friend of my family and I need to know if he is o.k.

Hotel Security- Look Maam…I apologize but I don’t have further information for you…please follow security orders and as soon as we get more information, I will let you know.

Blair- What do I do…Oh God….Cassie….Dorian….Please let Herb be alright…Do I need to call Dorian? Well, I guess I need to call before it hits the news… (Blair takes her cell phone out of her purse)

(At Laboulaie)

Mel and Dorian are sitting on the sofa when the phone rings. Mel answers the phone

Mel- Hello

Blair- (excited) Mel…where’s Dorian? I need to speak with her!

Mel- She’s right here…hold on Blair (hands the phone to Dorian with a very concerned look)

Dorian- Blair…what’s wrong?

Blair- Dorian…I hate to call you with this but I wanted to prepare you before it hits the news but there has been a shooting at the Palace!

Dorian- A shooting! Well are you o.k.?

Blair- Dorian, I am fine but it happened in Herb’s room….I….I….don’t know if he is hurt or…..I don’t know….they have the hotel on lockdown and they won’t tell me anything. Dorian….Dorian…are you still there?

Mel- Dorian….what is wrong? (he rubs her shoulder)

Dorian- (looks at Mel) Blair, please call me as soon as you find out any information on Herb. I am not going to call Cassie until I know some details about her father.

Blair- o.k. I will

(Dorian hangs up the phone and walks over to the patio door….it is obvious that she is upset)

Mel- Dorian, do you mind telling me what is going on?

Dorian- (shaky) apparently there has been a shooting at the Palace…in Herb’s room. Blair is at the Palace but she is fine…they are not giving out information on Herb. I don’t know what to do about Cassie….I need to call her but…

Mel- (turns her around) (sighs) Dorian…if you want to go, I will go with you…..

Dorian- I am sure that they are not letting anyone in….

Mel- I have a press pass so I am sure they will let me in so let’s go.

(Buchanan Palace)

Dorian walks in anxiously before Mel….she finds Blair amidst all the reporters and police
Dorian- Blair, honey, are you alright (she hugs her)

Blair- Yes, I am but I still haven’t heard anything about Herb.

Mel- I just talked to the other reporters and they said that the police have been tightlipped…probably because Herb is a senator.

Dorian- wait…there is Bo…I am sure he will tell me something…..Bo…where is Herb…how is he?

Bo- (hesitantly) Dorian….I really can’t…..he is fine.

Dorian- what do you mean, he is fine? Is he hurt? Can I see him?

Bo- Against my better judgment….I will allow you to go up with me but just for a few minutes Dorian….We don’t need you getting in the way of police business but I know Cassie is worried sick about her father.

Dorian- (turns to Mel) Mel, are you o.k. with this?

Mel- Sure…I’ll be here.

(Herb’s suite)

Dorian enters the hallway and see’s federal agents and police walking around. She holds her breath before Bo opens the door to Herb’s suite. When she walks in…she feels faint when she notices a chalk outline of a body on the floor. She hears someone call her name

Herb- Dorian!

Dorian- (she runs and hugs him) Oh my God….you have blood all over you! Herb, what happened…who was this? You could have been killed!

Herb- shhh (puts a finger to her lips) I’m o.k….everything is o.k. (he hugs her) Have you talked to Cassie yet?

Dorian- No, I wanted to find out more information before I called and upset her.

Herb- Good…let me call her before this get in the media!

Bo- Herb, before you call…I need you to answer a few questions for me….The first one is why was Sonny Corelli, one of the head men of a mafia ring, in your room?

Herb- Dorian, while I talk with Bo, can you call Cassie for me? Tell her I will talk with her as soon as things settle down.

(Hotel Lobby)

Mel notices a Banner reporter in the lobby.

Mel- Hi Chance…what are you doing here?

Chance- I am covering this story for the Banner…this is going to be a front page story here…

Mel- I left a message on Viki’s answering machine that I would cover this story!

Chance- Mel…she told me to tell you that she thought it would be better for me to cover the story because you had a conflict of interest…

Mel- A conflict of interest…how dare her think that I am not professional enough to separate my personal life from my job as a reporter.

Chance- Look Mel..I am just doing my job…..and this one is going to be a doozy…you do know who was in the room with Senator Callison?

Mel- No…I know that the man is dead but who was he?

Chance- Sonny Corelli….one of the head men of the Corelli family mafia organization….

Mel- Hasn’t Callison been linked to them before?

Chance- Yes, but he is a smart man….nothing has never been connected….until now!

(Herb’s suite)

Herb- Dorian, have you talked with Cassie?

Dorian- Yes, but she is terribly upset..I told her that you were all right but she doesn’t understand any of this….and I don’t either!

Police officer- Senator Callison…would you like an escort to the hospital to get checked out….

Herb- No….I am fine….just a little flesh wound…the paramedics already patched me up. If I need any further care, I have a doctor standing right beside me…thanks.

Dorian- Mel and Blair is waiting for me in the lobby. I just wanted to make sure you were in one piece (smile)

Herb- Well, thanks for coming to check on me but I am fine.

Dorian- No you are not fine….we have always been able to confide in each other but things have really changed. I always wanted you to be the best that I knew you could be but I never realized that I would lose your friendship in the process.

Herb- you haven’t lost my friendship, Dorian…just like you said…things have changed….You are married to Mel….I have always kept a distance from Llanview because I never wanted to interfere in your relationships….especially your marriage to Mel. I had to finally realize that I had my opportunity with you but I didn’t fight hard enough to keep you so now you are happy with someone else….but it doesn’t mean that I will ever stop loving you. I have always been a phone call away…you know that!

Dorian- It’s amazing that when you were in Washington….you seemed so close to me but since you’ve been in Llanview, you have been so distant…..(silence) If you need a friend, you know where to find me.

(Dorian leaves. She goes back to the lobby)

Mel- Is Herb o.k.?

Dorian- Yes he is fine. He has a flesh wound from one of the bullets but he is lucky considering what could have happen.

Mel- Why was Sonny Corelli in his room?

(Blair looks at Dorian and Mel’s interaction)

Dorian- Can you let your job duties go for a moment? Herb could have been killed and you’re worried about a front page story for the Banner!

Mel- How can you say that….Herb is Cassie’s father and I would never denigrate his life for a story…I can’t believe you would think that I would do such a thing!

Blair- Look…I think we are all just a little emotionally upset…this has been a rough day…Let’s just go home and get a good night sleep.

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Divafan, this is a kick-ass story. Can't wait to read the next chapter. I love the interaction between Dorian and Herb, the fact that Blair is protective of Dorian, Viki is involved in a way that makes it interesting and I can't wait to see Cassie. Also, you showed how important the relationship is between Herb and Cassie. Thank you for writing this story.
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Thanks for reading it! I am having so much fun with it..I actually didn't think I could do it...but watching all those old clips (especially the mitch lawrence murder trial) motivated me to write a fan fic involving my favorite characters...Thanks again for the feedback...that motivates me biggrin.gif Also, Cassie is coming up in the next chapter...she is going to be true to form just like in the 80's..that's what I am going for anyway!
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Chapter 9

At Laboulaie- Langston’s room- Langston is reading the material about the legal profession that Herb gave her.

Starr- Langston, have you heard about the shooting at the Palace?

Langston- No, what happened!

Starr- My mom said that there was a shooting that occurred in Herb Callison’s room but he was fine. The other man that was in his room was killed.

Langston- Oh God! What was the shooting about?

Starr- Mom doesn’t know but Aunt Dorian and Mel went over there to check on Herb.

Langston- Woah…..I had just talked to him earlier about meeting me at the library tomorrow to discuss some questions I had about becoming a lawyer. I guess I need to call him and cancel; I am sure he won’t answer but at least I could leave a message….I am sure he probably will forget about this meeting anyway after almost being killed.

(Langston gets the card he gave her and calls him)

Herb- Callison speaking

Langston- Mr. Callison…..Hi this is Langston…First of all, I am so sorry for bothering you but I heard what happened and I am glad that you o.k. I am sorry about your friend though.

Herb- Thanks so much Langston…that is sweet of you to call

Langston- Well, I was calling to cancel our meeting tomorrow. I guess I was foolish to think that you had time to meet with me about some silly aspiration when you have so much more important things to do…especially since the shooting….I know that you are going to be busy with the investigation.

Herb- Langston…I am a man of my word…Your aspirations are important to me. I will see you at the library tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. I hope you don’t mind a secret service agent that may be with me…but I will be there.

Langston- Thanks Mr. Callison…I will see you tomorrow

Starr- He is still coming to the meeting?

Langston- (amazed) Yeah…..yeah he said he was still coming...I know what they say about politicians being self-serving and dishonest but he seems to be different. He reminds me kinda of my…

Starr- I know that you miss your parents….

Langston- Don’t get me wrong…I love Dorian so much and she is the best thing that could have ever happened to me… but yes, the memories of my parents will always be there. I am just thankful that Dorian understands that…that is why our relationship is so strong. I just feel so bad that I can’t develop a relationship with Mel…that would make her so happy.

Starr- Mel is a good man….it will come in time.

(Two Days Later- Llanfair)

Viki is sitting in her living room looking through some papers. Dorian walks in

Dorian- Viki, we need to talk

Viki- How did you get in here?

Dorian- I use to live here…did you forget that?

Viki- How can I forget….you reminds me every time you get the chance! How can I help you today Dorian (sarcastically)

Dorian- I need to know what business you have been discussing with Herb.

Viki- I think you need to discuss that with Herb…

Dorian- I’ve tried….it didn’t work so I am discussing it with you. Viki, believe me, if I wasn’t concerned, I would not be asking you…..he has been very distant since he has been in Llanview and the hotel shooting does not ease my mind. The only person that he has talked to has been you so maybe you can give me the answers I am looking for.

Viki- Yes, the hotel shooting was devastating…I was very concerned about Herb….actually I am very concerned (Dorian gives her a discerning look) Why are you looking at me that way?….Herb may be your ex-husband but I consider him a very good friend….I’ve known him just as long as you have and I do not want to see his life in danger!

Dorian- So you are beating around the bush too…What secret are you two hiding?

Viki- Dorian…let me give you some advice…If you want your marriage to Mel, you need to back away from Herb while he is in Llanview. He will be leaving Llanview soon so just give him his space while he is here….

Dorian- who are you to tell me to back away from Herb….What has Mel told you?

Viki- He asked me about Herb the other day….he thinks that he is here to pursue a relationship with you and you are not making his claims unjustifiable by constantly hunting up some secret that you think that Herb has….

Dorian- Herb is a friend and Mel understands that!

Viki- Are you sure he understands that? (Dorian looks puzzled)

(At LaBoulaie)

Dorian walks in and sees a room full of roses.

Mel- Surprise….my lovely wife (he kisses her)

Dorian- Wow…it is not my birthday….what have I done to deserve this? Roses, candlelight dinner….

Mel- Just have a seat and I will be your servant for tonight.

Dorian- I love the sound of that!

(Mel serves Dorian food and they sit down to enjoy their dinner)

Mel- I talked to Adrianna today.

Dorian- Oh, how is she?

Mel- She says she is doing great…Although, I kind of feel as if she could use a little mothering.

Dorian- Mel, I sort of got that feeling the other day when I talked to her. I think I am going to make plans to visit her soon.

Mel- Well, I think a visit is o.k. but I think a move would be even better.

Dorian- (looks up with a shocked expression) Mel….are you suggesting that I….we move to Paris?

Mel- Well I have been thinking since I been back that maybe moving would not be such a bad idea. However, when I talked to Adrianna today, I decided that moving to Paris would be beneficial to everyone…I mean we could have a beautiful start in Paris and you and Adrianna will be able to bond with each other. I think it would be beautiful. We would be surrounded by romance…the midnight walks, the food, the music…

Dorian- (Dorian gets up) Mel I never knew you were thinking about moving…..I, um, I think Paris would be a great place to move but I am not comfortable leaving Llanview right now. My girls need me…..I made a choice to adopt Langston and I wouldn’t want to put her through a change again. Also, Blair and Starr are not in a stable situation right now with Todd on a mental rampage….I mean you never know what the man’s next move will be….Like I said, I am planning on visiting Paris but if Adrianna is having problems, she knows that she can always come back home….Mel, I am sorry but moving is not an option right now. I hope that is o.k. with you, darling.

Mel- (He kisses her and caresses her back) Of course it is o.k….As long as we are together, it don’t matter where we are….how about I show you another surprise in the bedroom.

Dorian- Oooh, I have a feeling I am going to Looove that surprise (laughs)

(Dorian’s bedroom)

(Dorian wakes up and notices that Mel is sleep. She slips on her robe and goes downstairs)

Dorian- (looks at the phone) Viki is right..I am going to have to back away from Herb. (Dorian dials the phone)

Cassie- Hello

Dorian- Cassie sweetheart…did I wake you?

Cassie- No mom…I was up…is everything o.k.?

Dorian- Well Cassie….I am worried about your father.

Cassie- Yeah, I am too…the shooting did not make me happy at all.

Dorian- Well, it’s the shooting and a lot of other things….apparently, he came to Llanview for a reason…a reason that has him being real distant and secretive.

Cassie- Do you think the shooting is related to why he is Llanview?

Dorian- I don’t know….I think I could get him to talk about it but I don’t think that it is appropriate for me to spend so much time with my ex-husband. Mel is really having a problem with our friendship so I am keeping my distance. Therefore, I was wondering if you could talk to him or maybe you knew what was going on with him.

Cassie- Mom…I’ve noticed uneasiness in his voice lately also. I am going to tie up some loose ends here and schedule a flight to Llanview this week. I’ll call you and let you know what day. Maybe once I get there, I can find out what is wrong with dad.

Dorian- Oh Cassie, when you get here…please don’t mention this conversation. I really don’t want anyone to know that I called you….

Cassie- Don’t worry mom…I won’t tell Mel (laughs)

Dorian- see you soon baby…good night
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I laughed throughout this chapter. Boy, if this isn't DORIAN! You knew it would drive her nuts for Viki to know what was going on with Herb. Too funny. And then there is Mel trying to control Dorian... And so Dorian gets Cassie to do her investigating... but she can't tell that Dorian put her up to it. Great chapter!
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Chapter 10

(Next Day- Police Station in Bo’s Office)

Bo- Herb, you and I go back a long way but I am really having a problem with this investigation. I need you to give me some information to close this case. I am trying to help you here….

Herb- Look Bo….I know that it did not look good for Sonny Corelli to get killed in my room…..That is why I am holding a press conference today to try to clear all the misconceptions about the shooting. Believe me, I have been seeing and reading the media…they are having a field day with this.

Bo- What are you planning on telling the media at the press conference

Herb- The truth….I know the Corelli’s from my past as a criminal lawyer….Sonny came to me to discuss a case but never got a chance to reveal the information. It’s simple…

Bo- Herb, I really hope that the Corelli’s are in your past. You know as well as I do that the Corelli’s equal trouble. Do you remember Marco Dane….his brother Gary Corelli…Herb, they are trouble. You have done so much in the political field…I hate for this to destroy your political future or worse, land you behind bars.

Herb- Don’t worry Bo…

Police officer- Excuse Me…Chief but there is a Dorian Lord Hayes who insist that she see you…she is filing charges against some painters who refuse to give her a refund. I have told her that she needs to go to the civil department but she demands to see you.

Dorian pushes her way in

Dorian- Bo…you really need to get better help around this station because….(looks and see Herb) Herb, what are you doing here?

Bo- Dorian…Officer Wiggins was correct in telling you that you need to make your complaint in the civil department.

Police Officer- Excuse me again chief but you’re needed in squad….

Bo- Herb, can you excuse me for a moment?

Herb- Sure Bo…I need to talk with Dorian anyway.

(Bo leaves and closes the door to his office)

Herb- How are you?

Dorian- I am fine….I assume you are o.k. I haven’t heard about anymore shootings in your suite.

Herb- I am going to consider that a joke. Oh by the way…Thanks for coming over after the shooting to check on me.…it meant a lot.

Dorian- (she grabs his arm) Herb, how deep are you? Were the mafia gunning for you or Sonny?

Herb- I think they were gunning for Sonny…but I am not sure.

Dorian- I’ve been reading the papers.....people are really questioning your connection to the mafia. Please tell me that you have everything covered; This is not good for your political future.

Herb- Honestly, I don’t care about my political future. It is not like I would ever want to run for President of the United States. I feel satisfied in my political and financial accomplishments. I believe I have set aside a very secure future for Cassie. From the legal standpoint, I am owed a lot of favors so I will be alright.

Dorian- Does this sudden no care attitude about your political future have anything to do with the “business” that brought you to Llanview? (he lowers his head) Herb, there is obviously something that is bothering you….please let me help you...

Herb- (he grabs her hand) Sweetheart, I’ve made some mistakes and I have to deal with them….

Dorian- What mistake have you made that is so bad that you can’t confide in me…Herb, I have been with you every step of the way…I already know about the people that you are “connected” to…I know about your business transactions…I have even profited from some of those transactions…I really can’t imagine what you could have done to make me think less of you or our friendship.

Herb- (sighs) Dorian…sit down (she sits down and he kneels down and holds both of her hands) During the course of our marriage, I wasn’t the husband to you that I should have been….I let my jeolousy of your feelings for David Renaldi overtake me…I wasn’t thinking rationally…..

Dorian- Our marriage…the resolution of our marriage was not your fault and I am not going to let you blame your self for it. I made mistakes….I hid the fact that David Renaldi was Cassie’s biological father…I developed feelings for an old flame while I was married to you….I was wrong….I was so wrong….So I am not going to let you sit here and say that you were not a good husband…you were a great husband….

Bo walks in….

Bo- Herb, we are going to have….oh, did I interrupt something?

Herb- No, we, um was just having a discussion…what were you about to say?

Bo- I was saying that something came up and we have to continue this conversation later…if that is not a problem.

Herb- No….it is not a problem…I need to get ready for my press conference anyway…

In the police lobby

Dorian- Good Luck on your press conference….just remember, always refer to all the wonderful things you have done since you been in office …try to stay away from issues relating to the shooting..

Herb- (laughs) I’ll be alright……Promise

(Later in the day at LaBoulaie- Langston comes downstairs)

Langston- Hi Dorian….is Senator Callison’s press conference on yet?

Dorian- When have you started keeping up with the political arena…especially that of Senator Callison?

Langston- Well Dorian…I haven’t really been keeping up but Mr. Callison told me what was going on with the media and that he would have to do a press conference to calm some rumors so….

Dorian- (shocked) You have been talking to Herb?

Langston- Uhh….yes; Dorian I hope that is o.k. I realize that is your ex-husband but I thought you two were friends….if it is a problem than I won’t

Dorian- No, honey….that is wonderful! I am just surprised because you haven’t mentioned it to me. What brought this interaction between you two on?

Langston- I have always wanted to be a lawyer and he has been helping me decide on what route to pursue (excitement) He even have told me that once I make a decision, he would help set up an internship for me during the summer. This will help my chances of getting into a good law school.

Dorian- (smile) You do know that lawyers sometimes have to set aside their morals…it is a difficult profession.

Langston- Yeah….I know…Mr. Callison told me about all the cases that he has been involved with…especially the murder cases he had to deal with in Llanview as the D.A. and so many others. He also told me about the cases that he was involved with since he left Llanview….Did you know that in one of the cases he won, he received 20 million dollars….that was just one case, I think it was a corporation that was being sued.

Dorian –(laughs) This is one of the first times I’ve seen you so excited…..Well, is there anything I can do to help you make this decision for your future…or does Herb have it all under control (laughing)

Langston- (smile) I like him….he’s pretty cool…

Dorian- ooohh…he’s pretty cool….you’ve never told me I was pretty cool but you can just meet Herb and say he’s pretty cool….I am offended!

Langston- (laughing) You are not just pretty cool…you are super cool!

(Unbeknownst to Dorian and Langston, they are being watched by a stranger outside the window. He calls someone on his phone)

Stranger- Hey boss….I’m at the home of Mel Hayes…there is no sign of Mel. Don’t worry boss….this will be the last story Mel sticks his nose in…..

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