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Since 2006, DIVA has been a message board and online forum for fans of Emmy award-winning actress Robin Strasser. DISCLAIMER: Expressed views, video uploads by the DIVA board administrator represent support for the actress and do not by association or inclusion represent endorsement of projects or shows that feature Ms. Strasser. Posters on this board are free to express whatever they choose as long as Robin Strasser is respected. Lastly, opinions are those of the individual posters and independent of the actress.

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The Pulse - Melissa Ethridge

Strasser tweets on 1 year anniversary of Pulse night club murders: LIGHT A CANDLE-say a prayer-Whatever
you do, please take the time to remember the good people lost to the devastation and horror of hate!

Strasser: "...I'm 100% certain 99% of my 17.2 (twitter followers) are #BetteDavisFans"


"ROBIN STRASSER - One Life to Live - Clip#2 1983"
"ROBIN STRASSER - OLTL - Dorian's Temper"

One Life Many Voices Sample Tracks

READ: Turning Leaves v3 + Lady in Red Short Stories
Unsavory Alliances + Make It REAL (Give Me Your Heart)

Celebrating 10 YEARS of DIVA.... On Twitter, Strasser announces home purchase; she keeps a home NYC, will be bi-coastal.... Prospect Park Lawsuit Dismissed... ABC Regains Rights to Canceled OLTL and AMC...Strasser Sells THOUSAND OAKS, CA Home... Currently residing in New York... A We LOVE Soaps special series: READ the story of AW's Steve, Rachel and Alice... The DIVA Board Salutes ROBIN STRASSER for her 50 YEARS in Daytime.... Strasser on 1.19.15: If being truthful means loss of friends or opp to spin I'll keep telling it straight-NO net-this is how birds fly:)... VISIT the My Big Fat Unasked For Opinion page on the "Official Website of Robin Strasser" .... Robin offers some marvelous inexpensive beauty tips.... Check it OUT!!! ... DIVA board GUESTS are invited to sign in: "GUESTBOOK"... FOLLOW Robin on TWITTER, call ROBIN's HOTLINE: 212-414-5300... Brilliant & Intimate: The Robin Strasser Official Website: ""... Read latest "FAN TALK interview"... Also, READ fan fictions "Make It Real" (Dorian/Ray), "The World They Never Saw" (Dorian, Addie and Melinda fan fiction) and "Unsavory Alliances" (Herb, Dorian, Mel).

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 Welcome to my new board...
Posted: Apr 25 2006, 10:18 PM


Group: Admin
Posts: 14,288
Member No.: 1
Joined: 22-April 06


The board will be opened shortly! (Edited on May 07; Board now OPEN!) This board was a labor of love and show of support to a Diva who has provided entertainment to me since childhood and to others for more than 40 years. It is a tribute to Robin Strasser and her work. I hope that me and my collaborative partner, RSRocks, aka Christy, do her justice by showcasing her work and providing a forum for her fans. Viva la Diva!

Edited by Cheryl on 5.13.06 to note that guests are permitted to READ ONLY. The exception was the window before and slightly after Robin's birthday to allow for birthday greetings.

Read further if you want to find out more details about the board; or, just skip this section and see for yourself!

TOP of the BOARD:

To get to the Portal go to the top left below the banner. It's the first page many visitors see. It helps you navigate the board and contains the board's latest discussions (left side) and topics in the "Curtain Call" forum (right side). You can also check to see if you have any personal messages. *Edited on 5.16.06 ... A Home Page has been added. The link is located next to "Portal." On 5.27.06 a Walk of Fame (WOF) page was also added. It's a stroll down memory lane with a look at recent events and fan favorites. On 7.04.06, The Gallery was added. These links are located below the banner.

My Control helps you control a lot of things to make your board experience more personalized. It's a place to send personal messages to board members, customize your avatar and signature, set the time to your time zone, etc.

The Calendar is just what it says. It is located to the right of the board. It's where you will find events of note related to Robin Strasser and board members. It is maintained by rsfan83, aka Beth.


Diva Rules is a forum that has the board rules. Please read it before posting. The moderator is cher62 (aka, Cheryl).

Curtain Calls is where you will find important board announcements. Be mindful that the opening lines of posts in this forum are visible on the Portal page, too. A write up on the "Site of the Month" and the "Feature of the Month" will be pinned in this forum.
The moderator is cher62 (aka, Cheryl).


Show Stoppers is where all the talk will be about Robin's performances.

Look just below the Show Stoppers banner, within this forum there is a subforum called Diva Dorian that is devoted entirely to Dorian Cramer Lord, the character Robin plays on OLTL. Remember to visit both places. The moderator is RSRocks (aka, Christy).

Viva la Diva is where you will find discussions about Robin that involve her life outside of show performances. She is involved with many causes. There are pinned topics here for her Hotline calls, her SOS Menopause project and OLMV fundraising. If it's more on the diva's personal side, involves her family, etc., this is where you'll find discussion. Robin's personal interviews of note will be in this section, as well.
Moderated by RSRocks (aka, Christy)


Headline Grabbers is a place to post upcoming events or PR media coverage of special happenings. Robin's appearances will be announced here. This is kind of a press page. If it relates to OLMV, please post in the Viva la Diva section under the pinned topic. The latest news will be at the scroll at the bottom of the page.
Moderated by RSRocks (aka, Christy)

Picture Perfect is a forum for select pictures and video captures.
Moderated by RSRocks (aka, Christy) She is the video guru and she has her own site at user posted image
If it relates to that medium, she's the ONE!

La Muse is my personal favorite forum. I enjoy writing so you will find stories and other creative writings here. I have invited other writers to this section so you will soon see various stories from others besides me. If you would like to post a story here, just add to the thread in the "Oh the Drama!" subforum with the Cramer Women banner. Again, no profanity filter but don't get carried away.
Please note the stories are "READ ONLY" and are identified as such. There is a pinned area called, "Puppet Master" for reader comment.


There are several sites of note that are in some way connected to Robin. (The American Cancer Society is one that I personally identify with and so it is included). This page is not limited. If you are interested in being added, contact me. Many sites will be visible on the scroll at the bottom of the page.


Just has information about who's visiting the board; also featured are birthday announcements, special note of upcoming events on the board calendar and lastly board stats.


Had to put the latest Robin news some place eye-catching! Does it look OK? I could not make up my mind about this box! I didn't want the top of the board to get too visually cluttered so I put the news box at the bottom of the page. If you'd like, you can scroll there first to find out what's happening. Also, there are sections that point to the "Feature of the Month" and the "Site of the Month." Finally, clicking on a scrolling banner at the bottom of the page will take you to the site indicated on the icon.


This is a perk available to Diva members only. You will find the icon to enter the chat room in the navigation bar below the banner. Once there you will need to complete a simple registration so that you can log in for a chat. Chat times will be announced via email so check for messages. EX: My Controls Inbox (2) (This indicates 2 messages are in your inbox) NOTE: The first chat will be during the airing of SOAPOGRAPHY.

Shout Out Box added on 5.12.06

It's just a another place to chat with fellow posters or leave messages. The shout out box is available to post for members only. You may also hide it from display, just click hide.

Looks like this below the header:
user posted image

The new forum post icon for "Diva Rules" will indicate an unread message when a new post is in the Shoutbox. IMPORTANT: Click "Show" next to Shoutbox to read reply.
The Shoutbox is moderated by cher62 (aka, Cheryl)

Thanks for visiting and WELCOME to the DIVA board!
JvD Rocks!
Posted: Apr 29 2006, 04:06 PM

Group: Members
Posts: 1
Member No.: 6
Joined: 29-April 06

Nicely done. Thanks for the special invite. And bday wishes to Robin for a fun, fab year . . . on-screen and off!
Posted: Apr 26 2009, 08:26 PM


Group: Admin
Posts: 14,288
Member No.: 1
Joined: 22-April 06

DIVA's Guestbook
On 4.26.09, a guestbook was added to the DIVA board at a remote site hosted by Please note that all posts require administrator approval before they will appear visible. UPDATED 12.01.09 now available through

DIVA's Guestbook

user posted image user posted image
You are certainly free to browse the site as much as you like with anonymity. For your pleasure, I've constructed a guestbook where you will be allowed to post. It is the ONLY place on the board where guests are granted that privilege. There are guidelines. Basically, be respectful.

DIVA Guestbook

This post has been edited by cher62 on Jan 23 2014, 05:04 AM

"I've worked with many a fine actress in the course of my journey, but none more remarkable than Ms. Strasser. Brilliant and utterly brave, with the work ethic of a warrior. I would love to come back and work with her again." - A Martinez, OLTL Examiner, 12/09
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