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Since 2006, DIVA has been a message board and online forum for fans of Emmy award-winning actress Robin Strasser. DISCLAIMER: Expressed views, video uploads by the DIVA board administrator represent support for the actress and do not by association or inclusion represent endorsement of projects or shows that feature Ms. Strasser. Posters on this board are free to express whatever they choose as long as Robin Strasser is respected. Lastly, opinions are those of the individual posters and independent of the actress.

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The Pulse - Melissa Ethridge

Strasser tweets on 1 year anniversary of Pulse night club murders: LIGHT A CANDLE-say a prayer-Whatever
you do, please take the time to remember the good people lost to the devastation and horror of hate!

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 How to USE the DiVa board, Recommended for board users
Posted: May 10 2006, 05:50 AM


Group: Admin
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Joined: 22-April 06

Using the Board-Part 1

Navigation menu

At the top of the board below the banner, visit any number of venues by clicking on the featured links to go to places like: "The Portal", "Home Page", "Walk of Fame (WOF)", "The Official Robin Strasser Website","One Life Many Voices","Chat Room," "The Gallery," etc. The Shout Box (an area for chatting) is just below this.

On the bottom left of the board is a navigation drop menu. The first site listed is the Portal for the board, then,, etc. This navigation drop-box contains general OLTL sites.

Look at the black news/affiliate box at the bottom of the board. Inside this box there is a scroll of pictured links. Click on any one of those for RS/Dorian related sites. You can pause the scroll by placing your cursor on it.

Also, there is a LINKS forum that contains all of these sites and a few more. This is all to make it easy for you to navigate your way from place to place while on the Net. Let me know if you would like me to add a site to the list.

Avatar gallery
What is an avatar?

An avatar is an image (of 80 x 80 pixels on this board) that follows you from post to post appearing with your screen name.

How can I get one?

Click on the link below the banner header that says "Gallery." Instructions are provided on the "The Visual Arts Gallery" page. (7.17.06: VAG has been expanded to include videos and signature banners) 12.1.09 no longer available. Avatars and signatures at request. Contact your board adminstrator.)

If you like using ones that you make, you are free to do so by uploading them from your computer. Remember the maximum size is 80 x 80 pixels. If you would like a certain avatar, I can try and make it for you. Just let me know under this topic or email me.
Posted: May 10 2006, 06:06 PM

Group: Members
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Joined: 29-April 06

Thanks Cheryl!!! That navigation menu was genius!!!
Posted: May 13 2006, 11:31 AM


Group: Admin
Posts: 14,288
Member No.: 1
Joined: 22-April 06

Using the Board- Part 2

The Portal

On the far left below the header you will find the word, "Portal." It's the homepage for the site. (Edited to add a Home Page for the Diva site was added on 5/14) Click on it. You'll see that it's an information center for the site that offers the latest goings on. Just wanted to point it out to you in case you wanted to make it a first stop.

Once there, look under site navigation and click on forum to return to the message board.

How to use the "My Controls Panel"

I don't pretend to know everything about this board but there is a support forum that I consult with for assistance. OK, this may come off as jargon to some (so skip it--learn as you go) but I wanted it to be available should it help anyone in anyway. This will explain the various elements of using these areas of the "My Controls" panel--seperated into individual sections. _______________________________________
My Controls - your personal control panel
When you click on it, it will display Your account summary and Your messenger summary.
You will also notice Your personal note pad. This enables you to store anything you like, viewable to only you.

On the left hand side, you will see several sections. I will go into these one by one

Go to Inbox - This is where your Personal Messages (PM's) are received. You can also jump to the Sent Items folder or another if you have created another folder (more on that later).
You can also Move your messages or delete them.

Compose New Message - Here you can compose your PM to send to another member.
Choose the member from your address book or type in the members name. Next enter a title, then what you want to say.
If you want to keep a copy in your Sent Items folder, ensure there is a tick next to Add a copy of this message to my sent items folder.
You may also choose to Track this message? so you know when that member has read the message.
Lastly, you can choose to Send, preview or Save the message to send later.

PM Buddies/Block List - for adding members to your address book and choosing which members, you do not want to allow to PM you.

Edit Storage Folders - Here you can add/remove personal custom folders.
By default, Current Virtual Directories, will list Inbox and Sent Items.
You could add a folder, say Archive and then once you have finished with your PM's, move them to it. This would make using the archive feature easier (see below).

Archive Messages - The archived messages will be compiled into a single file and emailed to your address as an attachment of your choice.
Simply select the folder you want to archive and choose the options for archiving you want.
You will be sent an e-mail with an attachment of the messages you have archived, in HTML format or importable ms excel datafile.

Saved (Unsent) PM's - Messages you have decided to send later.
You can choose top open the message for edit (if needing to alter) and sending. You can also delete it without sending by puttin a tick next to the message and then pressing delete.

Message Tracker - For tracking PM's
If you selected Track this Message when you composed the message, you can see if the member has read the message. You can also choose to stop tracking the message.
There is also the ability to see unread messages to which you can also delete it before the member has even read it.

My Controls - your personal control panel


View Topics - Topics that you have subscribed to.
Here you will find topics, seperated by forum, of topics you have either:
Started or replied to - if you have set this to happen in Email Settings (covered later), or;
Clicked Track this Topic whilst viewing a topic.

You have the ability to stop tracking individual topics or all topics by putting a tick in the appropriate area and clicking on Unsubscribe.

View Forums - Forums you have subscribed to.
Here you will find forums, seperated by category when you have clicked Subscribe to this forum whilst viewing a forum.

You have the ability to stop tracking individual forums by clicking Unsubscribe or all forums clicking on Unsubscribe from all forums.


My Controls - your personal control panel
Edit Profile info - Optional information you can provide including contact options.
Simply enter the information you want to provide to be viewable by other members.

Edit Signature - A personal signature to be displayed underneath your posts.
Enter some text and/or use the [ IMG ] tag to display a picture. For example:

user posted image

Note: Please keep your signatures small. Ideally a signature should not be bigger than your average post length.

Edit Avatar Settings - A personal avatar that will be displayed under your member name in a post.
You can either choose a Pre-installed avatar or link to your own avatar on your own server space. On the Diva board, you may choose an avatar from the "Visual Arts Gallery." Click on the link that is below the banner header. If you do not want to use an avatar, select I don't wish to use an avatar (remove all current). (Note: As of 7.17.06, the VAG now includes signature banners and videos)_______________________________________________
My Controls - your personal control panel

Email Settings - Privacy and Preferences.
Privacy Settings
You can choose to have members to be able to e-mail you or not and if you wish to receive updates from the forums administrator.

Board Preferences
The 1st option is to receive a copy of the 1st post when tracking a topic. With the 2nd option, you can choose to receive an e-mail if a member has sent you a PM. The last option allows you to automatically be subscribed to a topic that you have started or replied to (you will receive only 1 email per topic until you visit that topic again).

Board Settings - General board options.
You can customize the time zone in relation to where you live and also adjust for daylight saving mode.
The next options are to set if you want to be able to view signatures, images and avatars in posts aswell as being able to have a pop up window being displayed if you receive a PM (although you will see if you have any PM's at the top of the page i.e 1 new messages
Do you wish to hide your session id in the links?
(Note: Your computer must be able to receive temporary cookies to use this feature)
Choosing 'no' may cause problems when sharing links with people on the same proxy as you.

This option will make your links in your browsers address bar smaller, by hiding the letters and numbers after the s= part.
If you can receive temporary cookies, I would set this to Yes.
Lastly you can choose how many posts there are per topic page and how many topics there are to each forum page if you don't like the default option.

Skin and Languages - Translation and altering the look of the forums.
At present there is only the English language installed.
Currently, there is only one skin to choose from. When skinning is enabled, you will be able to choose from a variety of skins.

Change Email Address - Self explanatory.
When you change your e-mail address, you will be sent an e-mail to your new address as you will need to validate your account again.

Change Password - For the security minded.
Although not necessary unless you want to change your current password.
You will need to enter your old password and then type in your new password twice.

Using the Board - Part 3

Forums, Topics, Posts
This link listed at the bottom of the post will take you to an overview of what various icons mean. Some of the original icons were boring so I changed them to make them more identifiable with the DiVa board. So as you follow the link at the bottom of the post for more information, keep the following changes in mind.

user posted image New topics/posts in this forum since you last visited the forum.

user posted imageNo new topics/posts in this forum since you last visited the forum.

user posted imageNew posts in subforum(s) since you last visited the forum(s).

user posted imageNo new posts in subforum(s) since you last visited the forum(s).

user posted imageAdd Reply

user posted imageNew Topic

user posted imageNew Poll

user posted imageQuick Reply

"I've worked with many a fine actress in the course of my journey, but none more remarkable than Ms. Strasser. Brilliant and utterly brave, with the work ethic of a warrior. I would love to come back and work with her again." - A Martinez, OLTL Examiner, 12/09
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