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 Make It REAL (Give Me Your Heart), Dorian and Ray fan fiction
Posted: May 6 2014, 08:04 PM

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Somehow finally just read the latest chapter. Great chapter! Especially the R.J. & Dorian stuff. wink.gif


Thanks, J
I love RJ and Dorian. I'm glad that you enjoyed the chapter. Cheryl

user posted image
Posted: May 24 2014, 05:11 PM


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Chapter 125

Angel Square Hotel
Natalie is in Brody's apartment. He throws his keys on the dresser. He says, "I guess we can count ourselves lucky that Roxy's in New Jersey for a couple of days." Natalie stares at the bed. Brody gets a soda from the refrigerator and asks Natalie if she'd like one. She declines. He pops the can open and takes a sip.
Natalie (deep sigh): And John, John's not around either. I guess this is as safe a place to talk as any.
Brody: Maybe it wasn't the smartest idea to come here. (He stares at the bed.)
Natalie: No, you're wrong. (awkward pause.) It was a good idea to come here... to prove to ourselves it was nothing.

"Right." Brody looks around and seems self-conscious of a few of his clothes scattered around the room on furniture. He grabs a pair of jockey shorts and socks off the floor, a t-shirt on a chair, and places them in a drawer. "Sorry the place is a mess."

Natalie: Nevermind. It's OK, Brody.
Brody: Is it really, OK? (They stare.) You and me?
Natalie: Yes. It has to be.

Brody: Hey look, I'm still not sure that I'm doing the right thing by saying anything at all about this.
Natalie: Look we've been through this. Do you want me to leave?
Brody: No. You know I don't. I just.... This is just more difficult than I thought.
Natalie: You want my help with this? Whatever it is?
Brody (pauses): I don't know.
Natalie: Fine then. I'll leave.
Brody (grabs her arm; she looks at his hand on her arm and he releases it): No. Stay. Jessica's getting suspicious.
Natalie (nervous): What?
Brody: No not about us. I think she may be getting flashbacks about what happened with Robert Ford, other than the rape, but she's not sure if what she sees is real or imagined.
Natalie (sits on the bed): What kind of flashbacks? (They exchange a stare. She stands, folds her arms.) Wait, why don't you start at the beginning?
Brody: The beginning. I'm not sure where this starts. Things just kinda got crazy.
Natalie walks toward him. "Brody did Jessica murder Robert Ford? Are you covering it up?"
Brody begins to pace. Natalie looks worried by his reaction.
Brody (long pause): Langston. This all started with Langston. She, she asked me to meet her at Hallowed Grounds. I don't know. Maybe a day before her graduation or whatever.
Natalie: Wait, the day before the high school graduation, that's, that's when Jessica told me she remembered the rape.
Brody: Yeah, well, I didn't know that at the time. I was with Langston at Hallowed Grounds. Langston told me that she had gotten accepted into Yale. I congratulated her. She also told me that Ford was hounding her, blackmailing her into sex. He filmed it.
Natalie: Boy that must have been an awkward conversation.
Brody: She needed help from someone who might know how to handle this kind of thing.
Natalie: That certainly seems manipulative given that you're Jess' boyfriend.
Brody: What do you mean?
Natalie: You told me earlier that Langston told you that Ford attacked my sister. Well Langston knew you'd be upset about her reveal. I think her real motive was to use you to take action against her manwhore of a boyfriend. Did she confess to attacking Ford and nearly killing him on the night of the prom?
Brody: No. She didn't confess to anything. (sighs) You may have a point. To tell ya the truth I wasn't sure why she'd come to me with her boyfriend troubles. And then she said, she said having him you know Ford alive was a danger to everybody. Strange, you know? I asked her what she meant by that.

user posted image

Langston: Ford told me something. I, I'm not even sure if it's true. But I had to tell someone. You seem to be the logical person.
Brody: Langston before you continue, I have to say, I'm not sure how I can help you.
Langston: It's about Jessica.
Brody: Jessica? What does Jess have to do with you and Ford? (They stop talking for a little while as the waitress brings their coffees and then leaves.)
Langston: Ford told me that he, he took advantage of her, Jessica, I mean.
Brody: What are you talking about, took advantage of her? How?
Langston: The night of the prom when Jessica wasn't in her right mind, she was with, with Ford.
Brody: Go on.
Langston: She went to his apartment, not to see Ford but Cristian. Cristian wasn't there.
Brody(concentrating): OK. She left the prom that night. She, she was upset about Cristian and Layla.
Langston: It started that way--well, according to Ford's story. Jessica was upset. She was devastated that Cris might be engaged to Layla. Ford consoled her and well, you know one thing led to another.
Brody (shakes head with a look of confusion and shock): No I don't know what you mean! Hah! Why don't you just tell me what you mean?
Langston: I don't know the details.
Brody: What did Ford say happened?
Langston: All I know is what Ford told me. He was angry with me so at first I thought maybe he was saying things to try and hurt me, except why should I care, you know?
Brody: Good question. Let's get back to Jess.
Langston: We're not together anymore. I wanted him to know that I was going to leave Llanview and that I was moving on with my life. That's, that's when he told me about him and Jessica, that they, they had sex.
Brody: Sex. You gotta be fucking kidding me! (twists and turns. Pounds table with fist)
Langston (leans toward him to whisper): It occurred to me, what if something really did happen that night--between Jessica and Ford? The people in Jessica's life deserve to know the truth. (Brody looks to be almost in a trance, embroiled in anger.) Ford shouldn't be allowed to get away what he did, right?

Brody crushes, tosses his empty soda can into the trash.
Natalie: Wow--so, you knew. So the day before the graduation, while Jessica was confiding in me, Langston was spilling her guts to you at Hallowed Grounds. You didn't say anything to anybody--why?
Brody: Do you even have to ask --guilt.
Natalie: Guilt?! Brody what happened to Jess wasn't your fault. It was that pig Robert Ford's fault!
Brody: You're wrong about that.
Natalie: Seriously Brody, how am I wrong? How am I wrong?
Brody: I pushed her too hard that night, that night of the prom. I was trying to get her to remember what happened with Mitch. I was hoping she would snap outta the state she was in. But it all backfired. (long pause) I slept with you that night.
Natalie: Brody.
Brody: I know. I know.
Natalie(annoyed): We said that we weren't going to bring that up again.
Brody: You're right. I'm sorry. It's just that everything goes back to that--the lies. Everything that happened that night had a lot to do with how I handled hearing how Ford took advantage of Jessica.
Natalie: How? How are we responsible for Ford's actions? I don't know maybe it's because you're a soldier but you have this thing about being a damn martyr. Well I guess I'm just not that righteous.
Brody: Maybe it is a thing with me. I take responsibility for what happened.
Natalie: My God it was a mistake!
Brody: I know that!
Natalie: If John finds out what I did... Brody you've got to promise me--
Brody (holds her at the shoulders): No--nobody will know, especially Jess.
Natalie: Or John. (He drops his hands)
Brody: Or John.
Natalie: So where did you go? What did you do after Langston told you about Ford?
Brody: I, I, I had to go back to work. I was covering for Axel. And then later...
Natalie: Later--what?
Brody: Look, I just couldn't face Jess. I was confused. I stopped at the Backstreet.
Natalie: So you got drunk?
Brody: I was still stewing, trying to get a handle on everything. I had too much to drink, which was dumb. I know. The rage began to build again. I kept picturing that pig on top of her. I wanted to murder Robert Ford for what he'd done to Jess, to both of us. And then, there in the bar, was the solution to my problem right there, staring at me in the corner of the room. I saw Enrique Soto.
NatalIe: Ah Soto.
Brody: He noticed the state I was in. He told me for the right price he could take care of my troubles.
Natalie: Troubles. That's an understatement. You arranged to have Ford murdered?
Brody: How 'bout I told him to get lost! He scribbled his number on a piece of paper and told me to call him if I changed my mind.
Natalie: Did you... call him?
Brody: Not at first. I mean after I thought about it, it occurred to me that maybe nothing happened. Ford could have been lying to Langston to upset her you know. I needed answers. I needed to know if he was telling the truth or just trying to make Langston upset.
Natalie: So what'd ya do?
Brody: I decided that I needed to confront Ford. I went to the university. I'd heard that he had moved into his office after he was booted from Cris and Layla's. When I got to LVU I saw him with some woman, laughing, acting carefree. It made me angrier, as if that was possible, you know? I wanted to confront him right then and there but something held me back. I knew that it just wasn't the right time. I drove off. I came here to sleep it off, hoping that the next day I'd be able to come up with a plan to deal with all this. You can imagine--I didn't sleep very much that night. The next morning, I went into work as usual, except nothing was the same. On duty, I saw Soto in Angel Square.
Natalie: Was he following you?
Brody: No, I don't think so. He was dealing, pot I think. He was caught in the act and I didn't say anything. He didn't say anything, but we both knew whatever was bothering me wasn't going away. He also knew that I'd turn a blind eye to his dealing in the park that day.
Natalie: Ugh. OK so Jess didn't suspect anything was wrong with you?
Brody: I was afraid she would notice things weren't right. So I kept my distance. I didn't see her. I made up excuses about work. And I guess Jessica was preoccupied. She had already confided in you that she'd remembered what happened between her and Ford with the rape.
Natalie: This whole thing is a nightmare!
Brody: It's a nightmare alright. There's more.


Downstairs, Roxy has returned from her trip earlier than planned and is in the backroom office area when she hears the bell at the front registration desk. When she appears, she smiles at the handsome visitor.
Roxy: You're Ray, Ray Montezuma. (Points her finger.) I saw you, you and Mayor Dorian getting hot and heavy at the highfalutin Palace Hotel in that photo in The Sun. And now you're slumming here?
Ray reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out Benjamins from his wallet and glides them across to Roxy who takes the money and stuffs it into her bra. Ray says, "You've never seen me."
Roxy (nods): I can play deaf, dumb and blind real well. It's like you don't exist in my world man. (grins with a laugh) Like one of them acid trips from the 60s.
Ray: Eddie Ford. Where can I find him?
As Ray mentions his name, Eddie descends the stairs. The intensity of the stare between the two men makes Roxy nervous. "Hey why don't I leave the two of you alone to settle up your affairs or whatever." Roxy passes Eddie as she heads up the stairs and he approaches Ray in the lobby.
Eddie: I see you decided to do business my way.
Ray: A business opportunity if you will. An opportunity Mr. Ford for you to save your life.

Llanview Hospital
user posted image

A nurse thanks the attendant as he leaves after cleaning the bed. She escorts Pete Stiles into the room. He is holding his arm and is groaning in pain.
Nurse: I just need to get some information. Do you have insurance?
Pete: F-you! Owah! (He throws his wallet at her with his other hand.) Do whutevas.
She retrieves his ID and related information and says, "I'll get you something for the pain. Try to relax. I'll be right back."
RJ is lurking in the hallway. After the nurse leaves, RJ looks both ways and pulls back the privacy curtain. Pete and RJ exchange a stare.
Posted: Jun 11 2014, 09:49 AM


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Chapter 126
The Pier

Cassie is deep in thought as she stares at the moving water along the Llantano River's edge. She hears a voice call, "Cassie." She turns around and immediately runs into the arms of a man in his 40s, who has blonde hair and is about 6 feet two inches.

"Hunter," Cassie says before they kiss. "It's so good to see you."
Hunter: I was worried about you. I had to see you.
Cassie: On your way back from Washington? Are you going to be in town for long? (They begin to walk along the pier)
Hunter: No, I'm headed back to New York.
Cassie: In other words, things didn't go very well with your father, right? (Hunter stops and turns to face her.)
Hunter: Your mother?
Cassie: I'm sorry. I didn't broach the topic. The timing couldn't be worse.
Hunter: Any news on your sister?
Cassie: I just came back from mother's office at City Hall. Langston used an alias and seems to have boarded a flight to Paris.
Hunter: Paris?
Cassie: My youngest sister is very ingenuitive.
Hunter: Is that a word?
Cassie: It is now. But no word yet on where she went from there. We're a fine pair, huh?
Hunter: Yes. (hugs her)
Cassie: Thank you. I needed that reassurance.
Hunter: I'm sorry about your sister.
Cassie: I'm not quite sure what to do next.
Hunter(jokes): Make out?
Cassie(grins and caresses his chest): As if families aren't complicated enough, why do things have to be political? My mother's not exactly an easy person to get along with.
Hunter: Maybe you're taking it too seriously.
Cassie: You mean I'm overreacting.
Hunter: Who cares what anyone else thinks? (They walk.)
Cassie (shrugs): Point well-taken. My mother's never approved of anyone I've been with anyway.
Hunter: Why's that?
Cassie: Well--she thinks no man is good enough for her daughter.
Hunter: You've been married? Once, twice?
Cassie: Four times --one of which my mother had annulled.
Hunter: That was Kevin, right?
Cassie: Yes.
Hunter: Who is in London with your cousin Kelly?
Cassie: They aren't necessarily together. (Hunter frowns at her somewhat defensive response. Cassie stops and asks him to smile. He does so while she points the camera at the two of them and takes a selfie.)
Hunter (cautiously): Not for social media?
Cassie: No--Blair. Anyway, mother and I have a very complicated relationship. We tend to get along better from a distance. (They are about to walk, but Hunter hesitates, squeezes her hand and looks into her eyes.)
Hunter: Does this mean you're going back to Savannah?
Cassie: I don't know yet. I came for my sister and cousin's graduation.
Hunter: And now?
Cassie: That's over but Langston's disappeared and my family is in turmoil.
Hunter: Your mother, she seems to need you.
Cassie: Maybe.
Hunter: She's not the only one who wants you to stay.

City Hall

Despite the situation with Langston, news stops for no one. Neither does politics. At Dorian's request, the mayor's office has scheduled a press conference tomorrow and has also released a statement in regard to Pennsylvania's ban on gay marriage being overturned by a federal judge. This after an earlier ruling by the Supreme Court struck down key provisions of the federal Defense of Marriage Act. Amelia Bennett and Nicholas Chavez were amongst the picketers and vocal lobbyists in Harrisburg pushing for gay marriage legalization in Pennsylvania in light of the Supreme Court's ruling on DOMA.

An interview with Officer Oliver Fish and Kyle Lewis has been playing over and over again on the Banner News Channel. Their interview along with related stories, including Reverend Andrew Carpenter officiating over mass gay weddings in Angel Square, is being broadcast on the TV screen in Dorian's office.
user posted image

Playing on Dorian's TV at City Hall:

U.S. District Judge John E. Jones III called the plaintiffs — a widow, 11 couples and one couple's teenage daughters — courageous for challenging the constitutionality of the ban passed by lawmakers in 1996.

"We are a better people than what these laws represent, and it is time to discard them into the ash heap of history," the judge wrote in his ruling.

The judge declined to put his ruling on hold for a possible appeal by Republican Gov. Tom Corbett, so it went into immediate effect. The governor, who opposes gay marriage, has issued a statement indicating he would not appeal the federal court decision. However, his state party chairman complained that an "activist" judge has usurped the power of the Legislature.

Dorian's back is to the door and TV to her office as she sits in her desk chair with Bluetooth earbuds in her ear. In her hands are notes to prepare for her press conference but she is staring out her skyscraper window at the vast town of Llanview that she has for months been able to call her own. "Thank you, Bo," Dorian says before she ends her call and removes her earbuds. She sighs as she turns around and sees Addie in the doorway. Dorian asks, "How long have you been standing there?"

Addie: Long enough to know there's been no news on Langston and that you are preparing to resign from office as mayor.

Dorian: Rumors. No dear sister you are misinformed. I am preparing for a news conference on the federal court decision regarding gay marriages. (She glances at the photo of her and Langston that sits on her desk)

user posted image

Addie: I saw Winston leave.

Dorian: He was just touching base. Chamber of Commerce business. A prominent Texas company is interested in opening an office in Llanview.

Addie(closes the door): Delphina says that you are resigning.

Dorian: Ha! Delphina--the same psychic who did not tell me that my daughter was in trouble when she and Starr came to visit her?

Addie: Dorie, are you blaming Delphina?

Dorian: She told me Langston is using an alias! (throws hands up) Quelle surprise!

Addie: You're not angry with Delphina. You're angry about the decision you're being forced to make about being mayor.

Dorian: I suppose you're a psychic?

Addie: Don't get nasty with me because you're upset about Langston. I miss her too! And I'm worried. More to the point Cramers aren't quitters! You went to jail to fight for your belief in same sex marriages and even married a woman, well to win votes. But you stood up for your beliefs even when it landed you in a jail cell across from that cultist and serial killer Mitch Laurence!

Dorian: Puh! What difference did that make?

Addie (frowns): What do you mean? (shakes her head) It made a lot of difference!

Dorian: Really? Did you forget who won the election?

Addie: I see. So is this self-pity?

Dorian: You're off base.

Addie: Am I? Despite your best efforts, the bottom line is that you're not good enough. Is that it? Some powerful people want Viki as mayor.

Dorian: She's weak. She's quit--twice.

Addie: You're ignoring all those who support you, Dorian Cramer! Why are you quitting?

Dorian (stops shuffling the papers in front of her): Where's Lola?( glimpses her watch)

Addie: She's with Cassie, Blair and Starr at the Pier restaurant. You didn't answer my question.

Dorian: Question or an assertion based on the readings of a neurotic psychic?

Addie: Delphina and Amelia are friends to the Cramers. Besides, there's been no denial on your part.

Dorian: Read the headlines. (Dorian grabs the clicker on her desk to turn off the TV) I thought you'd be pleased at the knife being stabbed in my back.

Addie: You're being intentionally mean to throw me off the topic and the headlines are not why you are quitting.

Dorian: I'd prefer it if you wouldn't use that word.

Addie: Quitter! Quitter! Quitter!

Dorian stands and is angered to the point of nearly striking her sister, who boldly proclaims, "I stand my ground!"

Dorian walks away from her and looks out the window again. "Leave Addie. If you're going to make this difficult for me--leave."

Addie: What's gotten into you, Dorie?

Dorian turns to look at her sister. "I don't owe you an explanation for my actions!"

Addie: No you don't. I ask out of love. (Dorian looks at her with a hint of vulnerability) This isn't like you at all. Is this because of Langston? Ray?

Dorian: No it's not about Langston or Ray.

Addie: You wouldn't quit because of the headlines or some silly citizens' action group petitioning for your removal. You are quitting because of someone you love.

Dorian: Addie, please.

Addie: Tell me, Dorie.

Dorian: All right. I've told too many lies. Satisfied?

Addie: You're being blackmailed?

Dorian: In a manner of speaking.

Addie: Well that's more your style. But, what else?

Dorian: I don't want to talk about it. It's politics. You wouldn't understand.

Addie: I wouldn't understand--because I'm not as smart as you? Don't underestimate me.

Dorian: I'm not.

Addie: I'm not crazy, either-- not any crazier than you.

Dorian (sits): Addie is this going to be another argument between us? I'm not trying to have you recommitted, OK?

Addie (sits): You believe my sanity with the little blue experimental pill is temporary. So do the doctors.

Dorian: Addie, I--

Addie (interrupts): You don't have to answer that. It wasn't a question. I want you to be happy Dorian.

Dorian: For now, for this moment, but not always. You are angry with me. I've tried my best to protect you for my entire life! I don't understand your resentment or passive aggressive tendencies. Is this some sort of unresolved remnant from our childhood?

Addie: You think that I'm angry?

Dorian: Yes!

Addie (pauses): OK, jealous--at times, of your relationship with Blair and my grandchildren. I think that's understandable, don't you?

Dorian: And where did marrying David fit into your need for my understanding?

Addie: You're being a bitch.

Dorian: No that would be marrying the man with whom your sister is in love.

Addie: Who you dumped for Ray.

Dorian: It's my business not yours.

Addie: I understood how David felt.

Dorian: That's a pretty lame excuse for your betrayal.

Addie: I resent that you don't respect my opinions. It annoys the hell outta me!

Dorian: How can you say that? I treat you as an equal!

Addie: Equal to the other underlings! I don't know if you're lying to me or yourself. You make decisions for me. You don't trust me as a mature sane woman. You're bossy and controlling!

Dorian: That about covers it. It's my responsibility to take care of this family. It always has been.

Addie: Out of love?

Dorian: Out of love!

Addie: How can you profess your love for anyone if you don't trust them?

Dorian: I've lost track. Who am I being accused of not trusting?

Addie: You allowed yourself to trust Mel. (Dorian looks at her with acknowledgement of her words) Mel is dead. I'm sorry for that. Not trusting others protects you from hurt, disappointment, I suppose.

Dorian (speaks while Addie is talking): I assume there's an accusation in there somewhere.

Addie: You sabatoge your relationships. Your love is on your terms. If you don't open your heart to pain, (Dorian remarks, "and you're speaking over me!") you won't feel the true depth of love.

Dorian: And you're such an expert on men!

Addie (pauses): No, I'm not. I don't know what it's like to have a man love me.

Dorian: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. I'm sorry.

Addie: I know better than anyone what caused you to close your heart to trust and love.(leans toward the desk and Dorian) You are letting people down who believe in you.

Dorian: It's not me that they want--not really. I've been miscast. I, I am no one's heroine. I do bad things, Addie. I always have. It's who I am--the real Dorian Lord.

Addie: It doesn't have to be who you are. I was violent and declared mentally insane. People change.

Dorian: I'm not going to change. I'm Dorian Cramer Lord and proud of it! Don't condemn me for who I am and who I've had to become. It's led to our family's survival. (Addie is silent. They both know it to be the truth.) I need your support, not your condemnation. I don't want to fight, not on my turf, not with my sister. You either support me or get the hell outta the way!


Angels Square Hotel

Roxy is banging on Brody's door. Natalie's eyes stretch. "That's Roxy!" She covers her mouth. Brody notices the door knob turning. He quickly rips off his shirt and rushes to the door to prevent Roxy from opening it. Roxy cracks it slightly. She is standing outside the door with clean towels and asks, "Can I come in?"

Brody: I'm not exactly dressed Rox.
Roxy (grins): Is that supposed to discern me from entering?
Brody (glances at Natalie, who shakes her head frantically): Roxy this isn't a good time.
Roxy: Hey, who you got in there? Somebody you hiding? (squints eyes) Somebody other than Jessica?
Brody (reaches for and takes the towels): Thanks, Rox. (Closes the door.)
Outside the door, Roxy has a look of suspicion.
Brody listens at the door. He signals for Natalie to remain quiet.
Brody (hears Roxy walk away from the door): Boy! That was close.
Natalie: Too close. (phone rings; she looks at the caller ID and sees that it is John.) I gotta leave. I'll just pretend that I came to see John.
Brody: Roxy won't be suspicious?
Natalie: Of course she'll be suspicious! That's what Roxy does.
Brody: All right so what do you suggest?
Natalie: I don't know? Why are we acting guilty?
Brody: You're right. It's crazy. Nothing happened. Nothing will happen ever again.
Natalie: No it won't. It can't. Brody, what happened with Jessica and Robert Ford? Did my sister murder him?

Angel Square Hotel, downstairs

Ray: Don't worry I didn't come here to kill you. (He walks toward the registration desk)
Eddie (watches him but keeps a distance): That's a relief! (nervous chuckle)
Ray (slowly reaches into his jacket pocket, which causes Eddie to jump. Ray smiles as he pulls out a pen and reaches for a notepad on the counter.) My weapon of choice--is a pen. (He tears a piece of paper from the notepad on the registration counter and he writes down information. He gestures for Eddie to take it. He nods.) Go here.
Eddie (looks at the paper): What is this some kind of locker number, a safety deposit box?
Ray: At the train station. You're going to pack your things. And then, on your way out of town, you will leave the original digital recording of my niece and your son. (Takes out his phone, dials for phone information and speaks to the operator) Llanview, Pennsylvania, connect me with a cab service. Doesn't matter which one. He pauses and then continues with Eddie.) You will also destroy any copies of that garbage. (Speaks into phone.) Hello I need to have a taxi cab at the Angel Square Hotel in 15 minutes, please.)
Eddie: Why, ah, why would I do as you ask willingly? It's worth mucho dinero to keep that tape from going viral. I've got the upper hand in this.
Ray: Indeed. (Speaks into the phone again.) Ah the address? (Ray looks at the address on the notepad and gives it to the taxi service. When he is finished, he speaks to Eddie.) You will find money in the compartment at the train station. (Retrieves key from his jacket and gives it to Eddie) I'm sure that you will find the payment adequate to suit your needs.
Eddie: Right. Why didn't you just bring the money with you? How do I know this isn't a set up?
Ray: You don't. Take it or leave it, Mr. Ford. I'm done doing business with you. I have, how you say, been pushed to extremes. I know my limits. (Ray begins to walk toward the door; he stops and turns) Oh and if I find that you have leaked the recording to anyone, I will kill you. (Ray leaves just as Roxy is walking down the stairs.)
Roxy (watches Ray leave): I didn't hear anything. I didn't see anything either. But I smell minutia.
Eddie: Summin bigger! (Takes a whiff of the air with a grin) Sweet justice Roxann! (kisses her cheek as he heads up the stairs.)
Llanview Hospital

RJ: Time is short. (glimpses his watch) You have less than 12 hours to find dirt on Hunter Truman.
Pete (winces in pain): Bullshit! I don't know if I want to do business with you on the counta your connections with the mayor. Truman--so this is about the mayor.
RJ (leans toward him): You got roughed up a little. (grins with a glance at his arm.) I think you'll do as I ask and you won't say a word to anyone. (chuckles)
Pete (stares): I want payment in full--cash.
RJ moves away from him. "Get me the information. I'll make it worth your while."
The curtain is pulled back. Kyle Lewis walks in and pauses before he comments to RJ. "Excuse me. This is a private area for the patient and immediate family." RJ looks at him and then walks out.
Kyle gives a pill in a cup to Pete, who takes it along with the water that is offered to him.
As RJ walks down the hallway, he hears his name called. He stops, turns around, has an awkward smile. "Vivian."
Vivian: RJ. What are you doing in ER?
RJ: What am I doing in ER? You're in ER.
Vivian: Really, are you going to pretend that you're here to see me?
RJ: Can't I surprise you?
Vivian: The real surprise is that you feel the need to lie.
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Chapter 127
Llanview Hospital
RJ: I'm sensing distrust.
Vivian: A decidedly ambiguous response.
RJ: Where's this coming from?
Vivian: Look nobody knew I was in X-ray in ER.
RJ: All right. I stopped by your office. You weren't there.
Vivian: So you assumed I wasn't on rounds with patients and you came here instead of calling or having me paged?
RJ (looks around): Chop! Chop! The sister says wielding her axe to grind a brother down. (Vivian stares at him and pauses with a mixture of anger and hurt.)
Vivian: Deflection--one of your signature moves. I've seen you use it on others to avoid a sticky situation. Or let's call it what it is, your attempt to worm your way out of being caught in a lie. (Vivian's beeper goes off. She looks at him and says, "I can't deal with this. Not now. I'm hurt, disappointed.")
RJ: Going on the offensive.
Vivian: You're lying.
RJ: It's business.
Vivian: So I'm supposed to butt out?
RJ: I have not been dishonest with you.
Vivian: RJ you're at my job! You need to figure out where we stand.
RJ: You're coming on hella strong. I don't like ultimatums.
Vivian: I'm not giving your one.
RJ: Your hostility is not needed or welcomed.
Vivian (moves closer to him): Then don't play me for a fool. (She turns and walks toward the nurse's station. He watches her before glancing at Pete's ER cubicle. Kyle is leaving the cubicle and walks toward the nurse's station. He has a conversation with Vivian. RJ snarls, turns to approach the open nearby elevator. Oliver is in the elevator. They look at each other but don't speak. After they pass, Oliver turns around with a stare, trying to figure out where he has seen RJ. RJ enters the elevator. Once the elevator takes him to a parking garage, RJ exits, looks around and pulls out his phone to make a call. "Yeah. The reception? Hey I'm ah, I'm at the hospital... parking garage. I can call you back. You can hear me? This is fucked up but he'll do it. What's fucked up about it? Where do I start?" He enters his car.

Angel Square Hotel
The unassumingly dressed man with hat and dark shades, carries his saxophone case with him as he walks through Angel Square on an overcast day that threatened to cancel the day's events with earlier rain. In this section of the park, there is food cooking, art on display and musicians playing. Several Llanview residents, including Layla and Cristian are present. However, no one turns their head to notice this man, who easily fits into the crowd. Shortly after passing through the park, he enters the Angel Square hotel. At the door opening, which introduces sounds and smells from the park, Roxy calls "Hey!" but it's to the man's back as he already heads straight up the stairs. He walks down the hallway, stops at Room 102, gives two knocks on the door. Quamay opens the door. There is no exchange of pleasantries or display of recognition. The man enters, sits the instrument case on the bed. Without words or a glance at the visitor, Quamay opens the sax case. It reveals a Beretta 92FS. He gently removes and keenly examines the gun before pause to reach for the 9mm silencer, which he secures in its place to the weapon. Next, Quamay gets a call on his cell phone. He checks the caller ID before he answers with reply. "Everything's in place."

Nurse's Station
Vivian hangs up the phone and looks upset.
Kyle: Patient?
Vivian: No. No. It's not about the page. It's nothing.
Kyle: Nothing? C'mon Vivian we're friends.
Vivian: I know. My brother's in town.
Kyle: His name is Quamay, right?
Vivian: Long story. I don't want to get into it.
Kyle: OK. Going back to what I was saying earlier, be careful.
Vivian: Why?
Oliver approaches them and gives Kyle a kiss on the cheek. "What's up?"
Vivian: Hi Oliver. I've already said this to Kyle but congratulations to you as well. The two of you have fought hard to have your relationship legally recognized.
Oliver: Thanks, Vivian. (Looks at Kyle) What's wrong?
Vivian: Nothing's wrong.
Kyle: You were in an argument with RJ.
Vivian: A disagreement. Can't we just drop it?
Kyle: No. (Oliver seems uncomfortable) I walked in on something nefarious. (He nods in Pete's direction. Pete is being wheeled into X-ray.) There was tension. You could feel it. (Kyle offers the chart in his hand to Vivian.)
Vivian looks to see the name of the patient. "Pete Stiles? Is this supposed to mean something to me?"
Oliver: Pete Stiles, Pete Stiles.
Kyle: You know him?
Oliver: If it's the Pete Stiles I'm thinking of, he's a PI.
Kyle: With a broken arm.
Vivian: Why would RJ be talking to a PI?
Kyle: Ask him.
Oliver (to Kyle): You ready?
Kyle (to Vivian): Thanks for covering for me.
Vivian: You'd do the same for me.
After Kyle and Oliver leave, Vivian calls her brother. He doesn't answer.
Angel Square Hotel

Natalie is descending the stairs and attempting to head toward the front door unnoticed. "Hey!" Roxy yells."Ain't anybody gonna listen to me?" Natalie stops. "Rox, what are you doing here?"
Roxy: That's what I was just about to ask you. And then I catch ya sneaking outta here.
Natalie (approaches the registration desk): I'm, well, (clears throat). First of all sneaking? There's no sneaking around. I thought that you were in New Jersey.
Roxy: Well I'm not.
Natalie: I see that. I, I, I, went upstairs. I thought I might see John, but (shrugs) No John.
Roxy: On a counta he's working. But you twos keep in constant contact with each other so you should know that Johnny's workin'.
Natalie: Yeah. Well, if you must know... not that I want you to know everything about our relationship, but I left something in his room--a surprise.
Roxy: So earlier when you told me you were here to see him, you were lying to me?
Natalie: Roxy, why do you have to make a big deal about everything!?
Roxy: And you only do that when you're in deep minutia.
Natalie: Shit, Roxy!
Roxy: Back atcha. Does Johnny know about it?
Natalie: Oh my God! Where do you come up with these things?
Roxy: I can tell. A mother knows. All right so I'm not your biological mother but I raised ya.
Natalie: Barely.
Roxy: You're trying to hurt me by throwing that back up in my face? It doesn't matter. I'm on to something.
Natalie: You are not on to anything!
Roxy: Is this about Johnny?
Natalie: No, John doesn't have anything to do with this!
Roxy: So there is something?
Natalie: Roxy, I'm going. I'm going! (As Natalie turns to leave, John walks into the hotel.) John!
John: Natalie.
Roxy: Talk some sense into her about lying!
Natalie(grimaces at Roxy before addressing John): What are you doing here?
Roxy: He lives here.
John (nods with a smile at Roxy): I tried to call you. You weren't at the police station. (glances at Roxy) Something wrong?
Natalie: No, why would you say that?
John: Because you're here.
Roxy: She wanted to surprise you. So she said.
John: Surprise me?
Natalie: Butt out, Rox!
John: Look, you'll tell me later. (kisses her.) Rox, Eddie Ford upstairs?
Roxy: As far as I know. But I, I, don't hear nothing, see nothing or anything like that.
John (frowns): I need to go up to see him.
Natalie: Eddie Ford--is this about Robert Ford's murder? Any leads?
John: You could say that. (John glances at Roxy before talking to Natalie again) but I thought we'd get together. Maybe later.
Natalie: You're not going to tell me? (John frowns.) Yeah, yeah. Sure. Whatever. I have to get back to the police station. (John kisses her and then walks up the stairs. Natalie glances at Roxy and disapprovingly says, "Unbelievable," before she leaves. Roxy remarks, "That's you alright baby girl. Just what are you trying to hide from Johnny?")
Llanview Police Station
Bo is throwing darts in his office. Nora is on her cell phone and ending a call from Matthew.

Nora: I miss him.
Bo: Band camp will be over and before you know it, he'll be home bugging us to death about money.
Nora: I'm hoping that he'll get a job. Clint mentioned an internship at BE.
Bo (removes darts and then sits at his desk): We'll see about that. This isn't going to work.
Nora: What?
Bo: Trying to avoid doing something I don't want to do. I got this bad feeling, you know?
Nora: A knot at the pit of your gut. Kind of like my reaction to seeing Councilman Truman.
Bo: That blowhard. I'm not Dorian's biggest cheerleader but the guy's a jerk.
Nora: You won't get a disagreement from me. I think what really bugs me, what really bugs me is I'm not sure of his agenda. (Sees Bo is preoccupied.) So what are you trying to avoid -- Langston's disappearance?
Bo: No. We got a lead and maybe a dead end for now. She's using an alias. She's in Paris or was in Paris.
Nora: I'm sure that's going over well with Dorian. Is Langston OK?
Bo: I don't know. Reporters are swarming around City Hall. You heard about this news conference?
Nora: How could I not? You think she's going to resign?
Bo: I don't know. I think that she would have shared it with some of us if that was a likelihood. But this is Dorian here. She's full of surprises.
Nora: So what case is it that's on your mind? Robert Ford?
Bo (picks up the file on his desk and studies the name on it): The bludgeoned lothario. I have to talk to my niece again ... about his murder.
The Pier Restaurant

Blair, Lola and Starr are dining at the restaurant. Starr has excused herself from the table and is nearby on her phone with Marty, checking on Hope. Blair is on her phone checking Langston's website for updates. Blair grins when she is interrupted by a photo being sent from Cassie of her new beau. She smirks with a brow raised with approval. Lola is looking at the menu.

Lola (to the waitress): I'm sorry. I don't know what I want. I'm upset to eat. (to Blair) Any news?

Blair: No messages. Nothing on the website. (The waitress asks, "Can I take your order?")

Lola: Where did Cassie go while I was in the ladies room?

Blair: She got a call and had to leave. She'll catch up with us at LaBoulaie. (To the waitress) You know what --we'll be just a moment. Can you come back please, when my daughter returns? For now I'll just have a water with lemon. (The waitress leaves.)

Lola (to the waitress): An ice tea. (to Blair) I'm just going to say this. Just, just blurt it out. (Blair has a look of dread.) She doesn't take the pills because she wants to be in control of her destiny!

Blair: Her destiny? I'm lost.

Lola (continues): I, I, I watch her very carefully when I can. I don't want anything bad to happen to her.

Blair (frowns): Momma? Are we talking about Momma here?

Lola: You know Dorian upsets her.

Blair: Lola, the pills, if -- (Blair stops when she sees Starr, who is approaching the table with a shocked expression.) Starr?

Starr: I heard from her.

Lola: Who?

Starr: Langston.
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Chapter 128
Angel Square Hotel
user posted image

Eddie Ford greets John at the door. Eddie pauses with his face frozen with a sudden smile.
John: I see you're surprised to see me. (Eddie reacts with a nervous chuckle.) Any reason you're not going to let me in? (Eddie allows him in and John immediately notices Eddie's packed bags.) You going somewhere?
Eddie: Yeah. Memorial services in Ohio for my son. The taxi's on it's way.
John: I see. (John shoves his hands in his pockets.)
Eddie: So? I've got a taxi service on it's way so....
John: Yeah, you said that.
Eddie: Look why don't you just tell me--
John(cuts him off): The university did an inventory of the equipment loaned out to your son from his film class. By the way, did your son tell you he was fired?
Eddie: What does.... I'm confused.
John: For having an affair with a student. (Eddie seems flustered.) There was a missing IPad and some expensive camera equipment.
Eddie: I don't know anything about that.
John (stares): I understand. (Walks, looks around the room.) No one's making an accusation here. Things are missing, which may provide clues on who murdered your son. When you spoke to the commissioner and me at the police station you said Ford may have been blackmailing Langston.
Eddie: She assaulted my boy in his apartment. Shouldn't she have to pay?
John: You mentioned he thought the money could settle a debt with the guys who roughed up your other son James... yeah, debt to someone anxious to get paid.
Eddie (cagey): Look it's my problem.
John: Not if you have evidence that could solve this investigation.
Eddie: I got nothin!
John (raised brow): Maybe.
Eddie: Oh I see. I see. You think I have something else on that Wilde chick that could be used that could be used to blackmail her family.
John: You tell me.
Eddie: I want that bitch buried for what she did to my son! Look detective--
John: I know--you've got a taxi on its way--the memorial service.
Eddie: You find that Wilde cunt and you'll find Bobby's murderer!
John: I kind of figure the items missing from your son's apartment may be evidentiary.
Eddie: I, I, I wouldn't know about that.
John: Call.
Eddie: Call?
John: You find anything, let us know. Again, my condolence on the loss of your son.
Eddie: Thanks, detective. (John glances at the bags and then leaves. Eddie is sweating but quickly finishes his packing. Outside the door, John stuffs gum in his mouth. The man who gave Quamay a gun bumps into John as he moves along the narrow hallway. "Excuse you," John snarks.)
Llanview Police Station

"Thanks doc. I'd also like to see a list of her visitors," Bo says with his desk phone in one hand and his smart phone in the other. He is checking messages. "I'll be by to visit my niece tomorrow." He notices a text from Nora about Matthew's soon-to-be summer job working at BE and then he receives a knock at the door. "Yeah, c'mon in!" he yells toward the door. The police officer escorts a long-bearded man, Silas Wells, into Bo's office. Bo stands to shake the hand of the man with gray scraggly facial hair and then the officer leaves. "Hello Silas."
Silas: Commish. (Bo gestures for him to have a seat. Silas does so before Bo sits at his desk.)
Bo (leans back in his chair; it squeaks.): How are things at the Backstreet?
Silas(adjusts his wiry gray glasses on his sharp nose): You know the answer.
Bo: No troubles, eh? OK, what's the deal?
Silas: Why don't I tell you what you want to know?
Bo: You've got information? Give it to me.
Silas: One of your officers-- I believe his name is Brody Lovett-- was seen at Backstreet with that guy, the one who hung himself in his jail cell.
Bo (leans forward): The deceased was Enrique Soto. That's quite an accusation against one of my men. Are you sure about that?
Silas: He was there. He seemed outta sorts, upset about something. He was talking to Soto, according to Al.
Bo: Al?
Silas: My bartender on duty that night.
Bo: Here's a question for ya. Why didn't you or the bartender come forward earlier? I mean, why now?
Silas: We have an arrangement when it comes to the police and the club. I've done my part.
Bo: Anything overheard in that conversation by this Al?
Silas (stands): I got nothing else. You'll need to talk to Alberto. He works tonight.
Bo: An officer will speak to him. Thanks for the tip.
Silas: It didn't come for free. We're even. (Gives a stare before he leaves.)
Bo nods and says, "Agreed, if the lead pans out."
As Bo opens the door for Silas to leave, he sees Brody enter the police station. Brody greets, "Silas," as the bar owner passes him. Silas nods and keeps walking to the station exit. Bo stands in the doorway of his office, which is directly across from Brody. He waves Brody into his office.
After Brody enters, Bo closes his door. Bo sits at his desk and gestures for Brody to sit in the chair in front of him.
Brody: This seems serious. What's Silas doing here?
Bo(evasive): Brody, I respect you--a lot.
Brody: The feeling's mutual. You gave me chance, despite my history of post-trauma after my tour of duty as a Navy Seal in Iraq.
Bo: You fought for our country, like I did. We have that in common.
Brody: This is about Jessica?
Bo opens his file cabinet and slides a file to Brody. "That guy in the folder, Salvador Soto, turned informant on a federal case in south Florida against an international drug trafficker.
Brody (opens the folder and reads it): Yeah, I heard about this case, read about it in the newspapers. It was on TV. Jimenez?
Bo: A federal agent and the informant were killed in connection with the case.
Brody: You sharing this with me for a reason?
Bo: The informant mentioned in that case file, Salvador Soto, nicknamed Cuban, was Enrique Soto's older brother.
Brody: Any connection to Soto hanging himself in his cell?
Bo: Could be. The hanging was suspicious. Lab results were inconclusive as to whether Enrique's death was by his own hands. (Bo leans back and folds his arms) I just can't figure why DNA from Enrique was discovered on Robert Ford's body. I mean what's the connection?
Brody: Is that a question for me? Because the answer is I don't know.
Bo takes the folder and remarks, "You and Jessica claim to have been together at Llanfair during the time of the Ford murder."
Brody: So you're questioning that account again?
Bo: When Wes was found murdered, and you didn't have an alibi for the night, Jessica lied to Det. Vega. She told him that you were with her.
Brody: I didn't ask her to do that.
Bo: My point is she felt the need to protect you. My opinion--you would do anything in your power to protect those you love. You said you didn't know about Ford's assault on Jess until after Ford was murdered.
Brody (stands): Am I being relieved of my duties, sir?
Bo: No. However, your case has been referred to Internal Affairs.
Brody: I see. Then with all do respect, I have nothing else to add from my previous statement.
Bo gestures toward the door and says, "You're excused Officer Lovett." Brody hurriedly leaves. Bo has a look of concern.
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Chapter 129
Truman's Estate
Ira Truman stares at the huge painting of his father that is just above the fireplace mantle. Yet he is not so lost in his thoughts that his son's sudden but expected presence to his back is lost to him. "Your grandfather and Victor Lord were rivals." Ira turns to look at his son. "They were as brothers ... in a Shakespearean play. Each staked claims to Llantano County. Each staked claim to a legacy of decadence."
Hunter glares at his father. "Why was I dragged back here? To hear about our family's moral debauchery, to which I've witnessed and rebelled. I didn't ask to be a part of this family. It was nature's call, not mine."
Ira: Yes you are more of your mother's flesh but of my prodigal blood.
Hunter: What's this about?
Ira: I need you here in Llanview.
Hunter: This is about you. I have not interest.
Ira: I don't have much time left.
Hunter: What kind of game are you playing old man?
Ira: One of life and death -- I'm dying.
Hunter sustains a look of disbelief.

City Hall, Charlie's office

Charlie is bespectacled and at his desk. He doesn't notice when Viki enters. She waits and he looks up. Charlie drops everything and greets his wife with a kiss. He asks, "You said you had an important meeting. How'd it go?" Viki replies, "Fine, darling. Well if you must know--it was with Ira."
Charlie: Truman.
Viki: You know he seems dead set on me becoming mayor again. I really do not know why it is so important to him.
Charlie: You said his father and your father go way back.
Viki: No, no there is more to it. I just cannot put my finger on it. Charlie, any news?
Charlie sighs before returning to his desk. "Not really. Staff is meeting tomorrow before the press conference. Everyone is tight-lipped about the outcome but most suspect our mayor is stepping down from office." Viki raises a brow.
Viki: Deputy Mayor Rita Sulzberger would assume office in the interim.
Charlie: That is what the Banner is reporting.
Viki: On very good authority. (pauses) Charlie, what is it?
Charlie (shrugs): What's what?
Viki: What is bothering you? Is it Dorian? Work?
Charlie: It's like I told you before, I've got a lot on my plate.
Viki: Something is different. I think it is related to your job.
Charlie: Just regular pressures. Things are moving forward with the housing grant, City Hall renovation. Despite issues with public trust, Dorian's done a lot for Llanview in a short amount of time.
Viki: I am not talking about Dorian anymore. I am talking about you and whatever it is you are choosing to hide from me.
Charlie: Viki, I'm not hiding anything. Now can we drop this and go home?
Viki: I love you Charlie B.
Charlie (is emotional): Viki, I love you--more than anything, anyone.

Cassie is in the foyer on her cellphone and speaking to River. She glimpses into the living room and sees Starr, Dorian, Addie and Lola gathered for a family meeting. "Honey, for right now, Autumn and the baby are your priority.... Yes well, Andrew and I want the best for you. She's in Paris. That's what the flight information revealed and she sent a message to Starr so we all assume that she is safe. OK then, love you." Cassie hangs up with her son and is at the foot of the stairs and texting Hunter on her smart phone. She doesn't hear Blair and Eli enter from the kitchen. Blair whispers, "Hey good lookin'. Whatcha got cookin'?" Cassie glimpses her with a girlish grin. Eli gestures that he is continuing into the living room where others are gathered for a family announcement. Blair gives him an adoring look as he saunters into the room; she fails to notice Cassie speaking to her.

Cassie: Blair? Blair!
Blair: Stop yellin'! What?
Cassie (steps toward her cousin to whisper): You didn't tell anyone about us did you?
Blair (chuckles): You mean about you and Hunter? (Cassie hits her on the arm.) No, I didn't tell Dorian or anyone else.
Cassie (sighs): That's good. Good. Mother's dealing with enough right now.
Blair (folds arms): And she'd have a cow if she knew you were dating the son of the man who is campaigning to strip her from office.
Cassie: Dad said the petition against mother .... (Cassie stops at hearing the door open.)
Ray uses his key and enters LaBoulaie. He greets Cassie and Blair before going into the living room. Blair questions, "Did you notice the key?" Cassie replies, "Uh-huh. It looks like things are changing around here."
Lola, who is on the patio with Dorian and Addie, bolts toward her father when he enters the room. Dorian is on the phone but her eyes nonetheless meet Ray's. The expressions on their faces show that they are relieved to see each other. Eli approaches Ray and comments, "I assume you got word about Langston."
Ray: That my niece sent a message from Paris to Starr.
Lola: She is safe, Papi. (Clings to his arm.) There is no need for any of us to worry.
Ray: Si mija. (slight smile to reassure her as he caresses her arm.)
Eli: And the newspapers (glimpses Lola with caution at he watches his words--not sure how much Ray has involved his daughter in the public ruse to disguise an affair with Dorian.) Things have gone public with, you know?
Ray: You mean about me and Dorian. Lola is aware that we continued our relationship.
Dorian ends her call. Ray excuses himself from Lola's side, which causes a look of annoyance from Lola.
Eli: You disapprove of your father's relationship with Dorian?
Lola: You are Dorian's attorney.
Eli: And your father's attorney.
Lola: As you said, it's my father's relationship--not mine. (Lola walks away from him.)
Ray takes Dorian into his arms. With Ray at her side, she looks around the room to see who is gathered. Addie, who is nearby, asks, "Who are you expecting?" Dorian answers, "Just immediate family." The doorbell rings and Starr leaves the room to go answer the door. It's RJ. Starr shows him inside and walks with him into the living room. RJ and Dorian exchange a stare. Eli notices. Blair watches the interactions between the two men.
Dorian (squeezes Ray's hand): First thing's first. Thank you all for your support in the matter of Langston's disappearance. (Dorian's hand is placed to her heart and she pauses before continuing.) Everyone has been tremendously, tremendously supportive on this mauvais jour.
Cassie: Langston is my sister. We all want her back safely mother.
Dorian: We do indeed Cassie. Starr thank you for assisting with the information website.
Starr: Well it was really Dad and Jack's idea.
Addie (searches the room): Where is Jack?
Blair: He's with Todd.
Dorian: And to Cassie, Addie, Blair and Lola for doing whatever I needed when I needed it; Eli for your legal expertise and my darling Ray, for, for everything.
Ray: She is my niece. It goes without saying that I would do anything I could to find her.
Dorian: Indeed. We continue to await any new developments but at least for now, for now she has communicated through Starr that she is safe. (Dorian's voice cracks revealing the emotional strain despite her display of physical strength. Ray observes this and caresses her shoulder.) It is of small comfort but of some comfort. We would all prefer to have her presence, but we must all come to terms with the fact that she wanted to leave. She wants to be left alone.
Starr (stands and turns to address everyone): She asked that we all give her the time and that space she needs to gain clarity.
Addie: Whatever that means?
Dorian: I'm with you, Addie. Having said that, our quest to find her exact location in Paris or in Europe, to at least know exactly where she is, where she is staying, even if we never let her know, will not cease today.
Ray whispers, "Nunca jamás."
Dorian: Langston is a Cramer and a Montez. This will always be her home. Now to other news.
Addie: Yes, Dorie. You lied to me earlier.
Dorian (confused): About what Addie?
Addie: You're stepping down from office.
Dorian: I'm getting to that Addie.
Addie: We're waiting.
Blair: Momma, please.
Dorian: I've called a press conference for tomorrow. I've decided to take a leave pending my decision on a resignation.
Starr: Why?
Lola: Don't you read the papers?
Blair whispers, "Ssh! Let her finish."
Addie: I think Dorian is asking that we support her in her decision to slip away from her duties never to return.
Dorian glances at RJ. "Thank you Addie for your interpretation however mistaken."
Addie: We both know that I'm right. You may be very good at it, but there is no reason to lie to your family.
Dorian: I think that in a short amount of time, I've allowed my record and commitment to the taxpayers to speak for itself. In truth to you my family, I don't really want to relive a very unpleasant part of my life to remain in office. It is not worth the personal sacrifice.
RJ: Llanviewites ...a peculiar people, jealous of good works.
Dorian (looks straight ahead at RJ): I have nothing left to prove and I don't want such a scandal (she looks at Ray) to overshadow what I've done for the city of Llanview.
Addie: So why not just resign? It's not quitting Dorian. This leave is just a disguise for your true intent to leave office. Stand up to your accuser--unless you are guilty of the claims that you bribed a judge. (She glances at RJ.)
Dorian: I may just do that Addie. It's under consideration. All I know for sure is that I am declining the continuation of my job as an active mayor.
Cassie: Is this because of the petition (looks at Ray), because of your relationship with Ray or because of what happened with Jessica?
Dorian: Cassie, what can I say? (Shrugs) All of the above. I'm under investigation, dominating every major headline on news stations and in print.
Lola: Doesn't quitting make you look guilty?
Cassie: Forgive me mother, it feels as though something is missing from your story. Maybe the truth.
Blair (whispers): And maybe you should stay outta this, cousin.
Cassie (considers Blair's remark): Yes well. (hesitates) Whatever ... you feel up to sharing.
Dorian: Whatever I feel up to sharing? (Dorian smiles) That doesn't sound like my investigative reporter daughter, who's often times my worst critic. Present company excluded, Addie. (RJ smirks and mutters, "That's because of who your daughter's dating.") There is more. (She glimpses RJ) You want truth? I will now be open and honest about my relationship with Mr. Montez and if anyone doesn't like it, they can go straight to hell! (Blair smiles. Lola looks surprised.) It's my life! I'm no longer invested in appearances for the sake of politics. I have nothing else to say to you all, except that you'll be seeing more of Ray at La Boulaie and I'll be free to do as I damn well please!
RJ begins to clap. Heads turn toward him. RJ adds, "Mr. Montez and I are partners in Capricorn."
Blair: What?
Lola: Para que?
Cassie: When did that happen?
Blair: It's a good thing. Congratulations to you both.
RJ: Thanks, Blair.
Eli: It just became official, actually.
Lola: But--you didn't mention this to me, Papi.
Ray (to his daughter): I want a new beginning, a fresh start, for both of us. Maybe then, I won't be looked at with a mal de ojo. (evil eye)
Starr's phone rings. "It's Cole," she says as she leaves the room. Lola asks, "Are we going to be leaving the penthouse?" Ray replies, "We will discuss that in private, mija. I've made plans for us. I must speak to Dorian, as well."
Dorian: The doors are always open here at LaBoulaie for you and Lola.
Lola: Are we moving back here, Papi? (Ray glimpses his daughter without reply. Addie looks at Lola with concern.)
Cassie has crossed the room toward Dorian and she hugs her mother. "I just want you to be happy mother. Whatever that means for you."
Dorian: So does this mean you're returning to Savannah now that we've had news about Langston?
Cassie: I-I didn't say that. Well we'll see.
RJ has approached them and questions, "Well now Dorian you're a mother but not the center of attention in Cassie's life."
Cassie: Hello RJ.
Dorian: Sounds like you know more than I do about my daughter.
Cassie: Oh no, conversation over. Good luck tomorrow, mother. (She kisses Dorian's cheek and then turns, grabs her purse from the sofa to leave. Blair asks, "Where ya goin'?" Cassie waves at her and whispers, "I can't right now," before she hugs Addie and soon leaves.
Dorian: I'm curious about the mysterious man Cassie has been seeing.
Ray kisses Dorian's cheek and says, "Excuse me my love. Lola and I need to talk." He nods, "RJ." RJ nods back at him. Alone with RJ, Dorian asks, "You got anything on the councilman?"
RJ: This has everything to do with what the outcome will be at the press conference.
Dorian: This has everything to do with politics and more.
RJ: Intel has begun on his son Hunter.
Dorian watches across the room as Ray joins Addie and Lola. "Congratulations are in order to you and Ray."
RJ: Thank you. You're staring at them and it's obvious.
Dorian: If there's one thing I know for certain, RJ, it's that our children are our weakness.
RJ: Are you talking about Ray, yourself or the councilman?
Dorian: All of the above.
RJ: Addie and Lola are very close.
Dorian: Indeed. On that topic, my sister believes that I have trust issues.
RJ (chuckles): Are you trying to say that you doubt that assessment?
Dorian: She thinks that it interferes with my ability to love. She's wrong.
RJ: Because you love Ray, right?
Dorian: I trust you.
RJ: We're not exactly lovers, Dorian.
Across the room, Addie to Ray asks, "Will you be at the press conference with Dorie tomorrow since you will have the freedom to flaunt your relationship in public?"
Ray: You do have a way with words. Dorian and I haven't decided. Maybe not.
Ray's phone rings. He sees that it is the call he has been waiting for and he steps from the room to answer it. Lola comments, "Mr. Gannon is Papi's new business partner. Who is this man to Dorian?" Addie replies, "You already know the answer to that question. Don't you? RJ is a very close friend."
In the hallway, Ray hears from an associate tailing Eddie Ford that the police caught him with the video and stolen items at the train station. Ray hangs up with a worried look.
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Chapter 130
Philadelphia, Harbor Lights
Late Night

Eli enters and sees RJ in the dark corner of the night club in the location RJ had previously described. He greets on approach. "RJ."
RJ nods and Eli sits. RJ asks, "Drink?" as the waiter approaches. Eli answers, "Double single malt Scotch whisky." The waiter leaves as RJ drinks from his glass of Courvoisier. RJ to Eli remarks, "It's fair to say we don't like each other."
Eli: Accurate. We're both invested in doing a job.
RJ: I think we could also agree it's a little more than that. What's in it for you, hombre?
Eli: Isn't it obvious? Same as you. (The waiter returns with drinks.)
RJ: Well I stand to get my club back.
Eli: Quit the bullshit! We both know there is more at stake (he searches the room for safety to speak before he leans forward to whisper) with Montez involved.
RJ: Yeah. Yeah. When I heard of your involvement, I wondered how much of this you shared with Blair.
Eli: Why would I do something like that and risk blowing our cover? Blair doesn't know about any of this.
RJ: Keep it that way or risk broadcasting the news to Dorian Lord, herself.
Eli: You mean the former mayor Dorian Lord. Word is Montez may have reconnected with some associates. You know anything about that?
RJ: I know that a man gets desperate when it comes to the whereabouts of his family and their safety.
Eli: So they did legwork to find Langston. Maybe more? Any names?
RJ: No.
Eli: No? I see. You're scoping me out.
RJ: I'm sorry about your partner. The one who got offed in Miami. You're a former G-man.
Eli: You've got sources. McBain?
RJ: Does he know that you're meeting me here?
Eli: Not unless you told him.
RJ: No.
Eli: Maybe we can help each other if necessary.
RJ: To protect our common interest. A man who thinks like I do.
Eli: Shit, I wouldn't go that far.
RJ: Trust.
Eli: Just that an alliance between us could be to our mutual advantage.
RJ: An alliance--to a point. I don't know you that well.
Eli: You don't trust me. Whatever, man.
RJ: Yeah. Whatever. So, ah, you sound certain that Dorian's calling it quits.
Eli: Wouldn't she step down to protect herself and let's be frank, to protect you? (Takes a drink.)
RJ scoffs at the inquiry before his phone vibrates and he sees it is an expected call. RJ excuses himself.

Truman Estate

Father and son are on the patio. Hunter places the file folder with medical information he has reviewed on the table. He comments, "Seems to verify your story."
Ira: Why would I lie?
Hunter: Why do you do anything? Does mom know?"
Ira: No. And I forbid you to tell her. Despite everything, I can't. I'd rather...
Hunter: Despite everything? The other woman who ended decades of a marriage is the everything. (long pause.) But it all meant something, the marriage, the commitment to you. There was something that even you couldn't completely destroy. She loves you. Even after all the unforgiveable humiliation, your meaningless affairs, she loves you. She deserves better.
Ira: I know.
Hunter: Do you? She deserves to hear about it--from you that the cancer has returned.
Ira: Well, I'm not going to go through treatment again, make us all go through that hell again. (Ira turns and reenters the sitting room.)
Hunter(follows): You've resigned yourself to dying?
Ira: We all die. There is strength in acceptance.
Hunter: No--I'm confused.
Ira: Then let me make it clear for you. I want you to be Llanview's next mayor.
Hunter: And then you'll fight for your life? Is that what you're saying?
Ira: No. I might be a smarmy bastard but I'm not that cruel--not to whom I love more than life.
Hunter: I thought you wanted Victoria Lord to be the next mayor?
Ira: I needed to be sure she was no longer interested. You were always the desired candidate.
Hunter: Why is this so important to you? I don't understand.
Ira: I failed your grandfather. I need to leave this earth knowing that you are on the right course.
Hunter: You mean a future in politics birth in the land of my forefathers? I'm sorry father. The answer is no. Conversation over. (Hunter begins to leave when Ira calls him and he stops.)
Ira: This has to do with your stubbornness and your new found relationship with Cassandra Callison.
Hunter: She has nothing to do with this.
Ira: Which means that she does. She won't blame you, you know? For what happened to her mother. She'll see it as most do. That Dorian's fate had more to do with her criminal nature.
Hunter: Which you were determined to bring to light.
Ira: Am I really the guilty party here? Should I be blamed for that charlatan's past that makes her unworthy to be elected? Her daughter will not blame you for any of this.
Hunter: Cassie loves her mother.
Ira: And you son, you love your family. Is it really that different? Hunter--you are my only son. I am asking you to do this for our family.

The next day

Dorian and Ray are in a limo that is about to cross the bridge. Dorian is looking out the window as the car comes to a stop to await the infrequent opening for a vessel passage. The interruption gives pause for Dorian to look at the coastline of Llanview as she has done many times from the vantage point of the top-floor window of the Mayor's office at City Hall. Ray caresses Dorian's hand and she squeezes with a firmness that brings her comfort and strength. He looks at her with affection and worry before his phone rings. Ray sees that it is an associate, Tony. Ray answers, "Yeah. I can't talk right now."

From the window of his office at the police station, John observes Natalie and Brody in conversation. He is on the phone with a security guard who is at the train station. "LVU's not pursuing any charges. We released him after questioning. Thanks for your assistance. He really was headed to Ohio for memorial services for his son. We released him to attend." John hangs up but continues to stare with curiosity at the intense interaction across the room between Natalie and Brody. Next, there is a knock on the door. He turns and sees Bo as he enters. John nods in the direction of Natalie and Brody and asks, "What do you suppose is going on between the two of them?" Bo replies, "John, don't read too much into it. Let's review the video found on Eddie Ford, the poor bastard." John and Bo go to John's desk and he and the commissioner watch the video of Robert and Langston having sex.
user posted image

John: Gives Langston more of a reason to have killed Ford like ol' man Ford has been saying.

Bo: You mean he blackmailed her. Maybe. Maybe--not.

John: You think Dorian knew about this?

Bo: I don't know. (glimpses his watch) We've got the press conference in a half hour.

John: Yeah. That's right. What do you think is going to happen?

Bo: Whatever you don't expect.

Inside the limo, Dorian turns to look at Ray with interest in his phone conversation. He (to the caller) replies, "Gracias," before he promptly hangs up, slips the phone into his jacket.

Dorian: You look upset. News about Langston?

Ray: No. (Dorian seems disappointed. Ray moves to kiss her cheek, lingers, and whispers in her ear.) I enjoyed spending time with you in your home, no hiding our relationship.

Dorian (meets his eyes): I needed you (caresses his face and kisses his lips) close.

Ray: Me too.

Dorian (suddenly switches gears as she feels an implosion of rising impatience at waiting for passage): Ugh!

Ray: What's wrong?

Dorian: You know what--of all days--that damn bridge!

Ray: Understood. Ships have the right of passage honey. Be patient. Let's look on the bright side of things.

Dorian: What bright side?

Ray: It gives us more time to be alone.

Dorian: You're right. (She pauses.)

Ray: So, what did RJ tell you that upset you?

Dorian: Were you eavesdropping?

Ray: No, but I saw a change after the phone call. Does it have to do with your decision to be mayor?

Dorian: Yes. So I've answered your question with the truth. Are you going to tell me who you were just talking to on the phone a moment ago?

Ray: No one... who as important to me as you are. (Dorian gives him a lukewarm smile.)

Dorian: So we both have things that we don't want to talk about. Is that going to work for us?

Ray: I don't know.

Dorian: Now that I know the truth about why you really left Llanview, we--

Ray: I promised I wouldn't lie to you--not like that.

Dorian: We've both made promises. Perhaps that was too high a standard. I told you if you lied to me that would be the end of us.

Ray: I recall vividly.

Dorian: Sometimes the truth.... Ray, those words were said out of passion, hurt.

Ray: Love. I don't want to ever hurt you again, Dorian. Not like that. (glances at her notes that are in her lap). You didn't spend much time reviewing your notes about what you're going to say.

Dorian: You didn't give me much time to review my notes about what I was going to say.

Ray (grins): Should I apologize?

Dorian: For loving me or me loving you--never.

Ray: I don't even know what you're going to say. Have you decided?

Dorian: It's not that I don't know. I'm having trouble with the way that I feel. (The drawspan of the bridge slowly closes to allow passage.)

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Chapter 131
Morning, RJ's Apartment
RJ is feeding fish in a 30 gallon aquarium that is newly stocked and listening to a version of "Red House," played by Prince, with Maceo Parker and Johnny Blackshire. The fish were a gift from Dorian and ones of his choosing. RJ's dreads are pulled back in hair tie as he leans and whispers to his aquatic friends before he is interrupted by his door bell. He sighs, slightly annoyed by his visitor before he approaches the door, asks who it is.
"Vivian," comes a reply. "It's Vivian. Can I come in?" RJ pauses before he opens the door. They exchange a look then he backs up and invites her inside. She sees the fish tank and continues, "So you finally did it - the aquarium? You finally got the fish for it." RJ responds, "The fish and I --we're sharing space. I had to feel right with my selection. May I ask what brings you into my space when you made it clear that I was no longer welcomed in yours?"
Vivian: Indeed. I came to clear the air.
RJ: The air?
Vivian (pauses to listen): Red House. Prince does Hendrix.
RJ: Red and Blue make Purple. I don't think you're here to discuss the music.
Vivian: No. I decided that I was really upset with my brother and took it out on you.
RJ: Is that your apology?
Vivian: No. It is my explanation for the abrupt tone that I took with you.
(RJ gestures for her to sit. She does. He sits across from her.)
RJ: You still think I was lying to you?
Vivian: I'm not sure what to think. I'm inclined to think there's more to the story, OK?
RJ: This is about your brother, Quamay. I mean your ah willingness to approach things with an open mind instead of going full barrel shotgun on me. As you so astutely pointed out a moment ago, I'm not Quamay.
Vivian: You're not.
RJ: You want to talk about your brother. Something happen?
Vivian: Thanks for the offer to discuss Quamay. Have you seen him?
RJ: Not recently--why?
Vivian: Doesn't matter. This is really about you, the man I consider my lover, my friend. My friend, RJ, which means that you should trust me. We should be talking to each other, not at each other.
RJ (pauses with recall at Dorian's recent conversation with him, that she could trust him): Is that where we are with our relationship?
Vivian: Right, our relationship. Truthfully, it's good sex, companionship but I had hoped we could have a friendship. We haven't really given that part of our relationship a chance to thrive.
RJ: I don't know if I can live up to your expectations in this friendship or even that I want to.
Vivian: You're still hurt by my words at the hospital?
RJ: Hesitant.
Vivian: Why don't we just talk and see where it all leads? (RJ gestures for her to continue, asks if she wants coffee. She declines.) You weren't in ER to see me. (RJ moves to turn off the music. She pauses before he returns to the sofa.) You were there to see Pete Stiles.
RJ: Is that what the good doctor told you?
Vivian: You mean Kyle? Kyle cares about me --as a friend.
RJ: And your friend sees me as trouble. Is that it?
Vivian: Are you going to deny that you were really in ER to see Pete?
RJ (long pause): Mr. Stiles and I know each other. We spoke, end of story.
Vivian: He had a broken arm. He had other injuries. He claimed it was from a fall.
RJ: You don't believe him.
Vivian: My guess is that he had an accident with someone, with someone's who roughed him up.
RJ: Mr. Stiles is a PI, Vivian. It happens. Is there a question in your statement?
Vivian: There is --why don't you just tell me how you knew where to find him?
RJ: Mr. Stiles and I have a common acquaintance. Did I cause his injuries--no. Do I know who did -- I have my suspicions. If that means that you can't see me because of my associates, it is what it is.
Vivian: Are you in danger?
RJ: No. And, neither are you.
Vivian: This is about your club? (RJ doesn't answer) RJ it wasn't easy for me, taking care of my brother, going to medical school. I can't put myself into a situation where I could lose it all. I enjoy being with you or I wouldn't be here.
RJ (stands and walks toward the balcony): You sound like my brother, Hank. (He turns around and looks at Vivian.) Hank was going to law school and had a little brother who was in trouble with the law. I'm no one's little brother, Vivian. I'm a man.
Vivian (approaches him and strokes his beard): You're not Quamay and I'm not Hank. Are we in agreement?
He looks at her with desire and they kiss. RJ says, "Just a moment ago you said that you enjoy me. The feeling is mutual." Vivian asks, "Can we get to know each other better beyond the physical relationship?" RJ quickly glances his watch which causes Vivian to frown and ask, "What is it?" He moves toward his TV and turns it on as he answers, "Damn the timing. It's Dorian, the news conference." Vivian joins him in front of the TV and remarks, "She's very important to you."
RJ: Yes. She doesn't judge, well not me anyway. It's rare.
Vivian: What do you think she's going to do?
RJ: I don't know.

Town Hall Press Room

The platform in the front of the meeting room with the state and national flag is illuminated by television camera lights beaming at the mahogany podium. Center stage, the podium has a gold circular government seal and a metal plate engraved with, "Mayor Dorian Lord, Town of Llanview." In the audience, reporters read an advanced just-released press statement by the Mayor's Office to the Town Council. The journalists whisper and sit in wait with notepads, readied pens, microphones and recorders. Some of them are on their cell phones before the spokesperson for Town Hall steps up to the mike.

A short distance away, Dorian in blue Gianni Versace suit exits through the double doors of a Town Hall conference room where she has addressed members of her staff. Stoic and without conversation, she walks down the hallway and toward the press room flanked by head of the Town Council Frank Rich and the Deputy Mayor Rita Sulzberger.

Throughout Llanview, television sets are tuned into BNC for updates scrolling across the bottom of their screens that threaten to interrupt regular programming with news of the mayor's plans related to office. At Town Hall in the mayor's office, Ray is watching the conference with Charlie, who has returned from Dorian's meeting with staff. Cassie has just read a text message: "Thinking of you. Let's talk," from Hunter. She puts her phone away and joins Addie and Blair, who stand with arms folded near a small conference table with eyes glued to the TV screen. "There she is!" Addie says. They pensively watch as Dorian enters the stage, and then approaches the podium. She looks into the television cameras and at the sea of reporters. She smiles as if on cue to airtime countdown.
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Chapter 132
Town Hall

"To the people of Llanview, (sighs deeply as she reads from the monitor) let me first start off by saying thank you for the opportunity to serve as your mayor for the past year." She gives pause again with a thought that curses unsuccessful eye surgery that still makes her dependent on reading glasses. She continues, "It has been a robust time that has included a federal housing stimulus that has promoted jobs in our construction industry along with providing homes for many of the economically challenged in Llantano County. (There is applause from Rich and Sulzberger; in Dorian's office, Charlie stirs uncomfortably. Ray notices and asks, "You OK, man?" Charlie replies, "Yeah, Yeah.") Dorian adds, "I have also been fortunate to effectively garner jobs with renovation of this beautiful government building that also houses a community center for our town's youth. Having said all that, it is with pause and considerable reflection, that I must step down as mayor before the end of my tenure."

At Carlotta's Diner, she stops from pouring coffee for Quamay to say, "I'm sorry that it's come to this Dorian." He cryptically replies, "We don't always get what we want." Carlotta stares at him briefly. Quamay's parole officer walks in, looks around the room, spots and then joins him. John enters the diner and sits at the counter. Carlotta greets him.

At Ira's office a few blocks from Town Hall, Ira accepts a phone call from a reporter. "This is good news for our town, Jerry," the council man remarks. "We can now move forward for the betterment of Llantano County without the distraction." In Dorian's office, Addie says, "I'm proud of you Dorie. You did the right thing." Viki watches the television monitor in silence at the Banner. At St. Anne's, Jessica stares at the TV in the recreation room before she feels a hand on her shoulder. She turns and looks into her father's compassionate blue eyes.

Dorian continues, "I was well aware that my taking the position of mayor would place me and my family in high profile and under considerable public scrutiny. However, in recent weeks, my position of mayor has carried the burden of distraction from the necessary governmental business and priorities. I cannot in good conscience allow that to continue. Having addressed my staff, I have submitted my letter of resignation to the Town Council to step down from office effective immediately. Town Councilman Frank Rich and other members of the council have supported me in my decision and expected to approve my resignation from office. Deputy Mayor Rita Sulzberger will assume office for the remainder of my term after which time it will be up to the citizens of Llanview to vote for the town's new leader. Before I conclude my comments, I would like to thank those in the community who supported me in my vision and who allowed my actions to speak for themselves. In truth, I have never lied to the constituency about my colorful past and who I am. I am proud of who I am, of my family, of the job that I have done for this great town. I will not be taking questions. Thank you.

Despite shouted questions from reporters, "What about Ray Montez?" "Are the accusations that you paid off a judge...?," Dorian takes a deep breath and exits the staged area. Councilman Rich and Deputy Mayor Sulzberger approach the podium to field questions.

Soon Dorian is in her office. She is immediately surrounded by her family, Ray, Charlie. Cassie asks, "Are you OK mother?"

Dorian responds, "Of course I am, especially surrounded by each of you, my family, Charlie."

Charlie remarks, "I don't know what I'm doing here except that I wanted to promise you that I'm gonna continue with what we started." He gives Dorian a hug while Dorian replies, "Thank you, Charlie," before he leaves.

Blair: Dorian we'll go if you want or stay. Your call.

Dorian: I'm not fragile.

Addie: Don't be defensive.

Cassie: Mother we know that you're not fragile. Dad called and said that you can call him later if you'd like.

Dorian: I told Herb that I wasn't a quitter and today I quit.

Addie: Because it HAD to be done. You are strong Dorie.

Dorian: Thank you. I think I'd just like some time, some time to collect myself. Go--I'll be home later. I'm OK.

Blair: Dorian are you sure?

Dorian (nods): Yes, please--go. I just need a moment.

As the women leave, Dorian pulls back Ray as the last Cramer woman leaves and closes the door. He hugs her for awhile. He then asks, "You quit because of me?"

Dorian replies, "Not entirely. I also did it because of RJ."

Ray: RJ?

Dorian: Don't tell me you're surprised.

Ray: So he did pay off the judge so you wouldn't have to go to the stinkin clinker?

Dorian: In a manner of speaking. RJ paid off the judge with money that I gave him. Instead of spending the money on himself, he paid off the judge to spare me.

Ray: The man cares deeply for you.

Dorian: I owe him and if you love me Ray, you'll honor your commitment to be a true partner in the club.

Ray: You doubt me.

Dorian: Should I?

Ray: Dorian I don't want to get into this with you--not now. Let's focus on you honey.

Dorian: Then go.

Ray: No.

Dorian: Leave!

Ray grabs her and holds her. Dorian says, "No." Ray whispers, "No voy a dejar. I'm not gonna leave you."
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Chapter 133
user posted image

Starr and Cole's Apartment
Cole and Hannah enter the apartment. Cole is carrying Hope. Hannah says, "You know she doesn't look anything like you?" Cole replies, "No? Well you know that's probably a good thing, huh? She's beautiful, like her mom."
Hannah: Yeah... I guess that's one way to look at it. Of course I think you're pretty handsome so maybe she did get her looks from you.
Cole: Yeah well that makes me feel kind of awkward. (Hannah frowns) Hearing that from you and everything. Maybe we should just stick to the books. It's time, Hope, I mean, it's time for her nap. I'll be right back, OK?
Hannah shrugs as Cole leaves to place his daughter in her bed. Hannah wanders around the apartment, sits on the sofa, notices the remote and then clicks on the TV. Cole returns and notices what's on the channel. "Dorian's resigning. Starr's with the Cramers, right now," he says before joining Hannah on the sofa. "She's always with them. We hardly see each other."
Hannah: I' m sorry Cole. It shouldn't be like that.
Cole: Oh-no. Don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining. It just makes things difficult sometimes when it comes to us being together and raising Hope. (Hannah is staring at him.) Why am I talking to you of all people about me and Starr? Let's just finish this paper. I'll go grab the laptop. (He leaves to go to a desk in the room.)
Hannah smirks as she watches him and replies, "You know you can tell me anything. I don't see why we have to stick to just the books. What happened between us is in the past, isn't it?
Cole: I don't know if that's a good idea. I don't even think it's a good idea for you to be here.
Hannah: Markko's gone. You seem like you could use a friend. I won't share what you say to me if you don't want me to. It can be private. Unless you think it will cause problems between you and Starr.
Cole (pauses): Starr doesn't really like you.
Hannah (as Cole joins her on the sofa): Right, she didn't want us to be partners. But we are and nothing's happened. She doesn't control what you say or really what you do.
Cole: No she doesn't. You know you can tell me whatever is happening in your life, too. Like, I'm just curious, do you have a boyfriend?
Hannah: A boyfriend?
Cole: Sorry, you don't have to answer that.
Hannah: No--there's no one. I'm just going to school.
Cole: Ford--he messed you up didn't he?
Hannah: A little. Being with you, having a friend, makes it better.
Cole (smiles): I'm glad that I could help. Well, let's finish this (turns on the laptop. Hannah pulls out notes. She touches his hand. Cole glances at her before he slowly removes it.)

St. Anne's in the gardens
Clint (walking with his daughter along pathway): So you ready to come home yet?
Jessica: It's been good for me to be here.
Clint: That' not the question.
Jessica: Ok here's a question. Do you really hate her?
Clint: Who?
Jessica: Dorian.
Clint: What the hell does she have to do with what we are talking about?
Jessica: Nothing. I just wonder. Your paths seem to always cross and you seem to get a perverse pleasure at seeing her having to resign.
Clint: Well you know that position is rightfully your mother's and (face shows strain as he decides to gesture with his hands rather than complete the sentence.)
Jessica: and?
Clint (heavy sigh): You know the rest. Do I have to say it?
Jessica: You can say her name Dad. Megan was your granddaughter.
Clint: Maybe I don't think she ever paid for what she did to my grandchild, your baby.
Jessica(terse): No she didn't but you slept with her anyway. Dad, I-I said... I don't know why I...
Clint: Because it's how you feel! I made a mistake and it came back to bite me in the ass! Jesus Jessie, are you angry with me?
Jessica: No. Dad--I-I don't think it's anger. I don't know what it is.
Clint: I wouldn't blame ya. Hell fire thing for me to do to ya. I'm sorry.
Jessica: I just wish sometimes that I wouldn't relive what happened that night, when I stupidly stepped into the road, like an idiot!
Clint: Jessie?!
Jessica: I should have been more careful! Nothing seems to make it better! The fact is she could never pay enough because it wouldn't bring Megan back to me. (tearful) I guess seeing her lose something she wanted didn't effect me because I still don't have Megan.
Clint: And I'm sorry for that, Jessie. I wish I could change it all and bring Megan back. Haven't you been in this God forsaken place long enough?!
Jessica: Dad this is a sanctuary.
Clint: So you're hiding? Is it bringing you any peace?
Jessica: Hiding? I'm facing the truth, hard truths. Dad I'm remembering things.
Clint: What does that mean?
Jessica (hushed tone): I have to tell someone.
Clint (stops to look at her): What's going on Jessie?
Jessica: Maybe I had something to do with Robert Ford's death.
Clint (pauses with a serious expression): Well if you did. I don't give a damn. It stays here.

RJ's apartment
user posted image user posted image

RJ exits the bathroom with his white towel tied at the waist; grabs his phone off the dresser. Vivian, wearing his blue bathrobe, follows behind him, throws her arms around him and kisses him on his cheek. She licks her upper lip, bruised by his facial hair from her rough, assertive kisses. She asks, "Important?"
RJ: Text from Dorian.
Vivian: She OK? I mean as OK as she can be given the circumstances.
RJ: Yeah. She says that everything's fine. She's with Ray.
Vivian: Why do you seem worried? (sits on bed)
RJ (sits beside her): She's a friend.
Vivian: She's a friend. Okay... I'm listening.
RJ: You're listening. You're my lover, not my shrink.
Vivian's phone buzzes and she reaches to grab it from the nightstand. "Quamay." She reads the message.
RJ: Bad news?
Vivian: I don't know. He's meeting with his parole officer. (Sighs and squeezes his hand) You know a moment ago you said that we were lovers, which is true. I'm also your friend.
RJ: Hey look, I know.
Vivian: Do you?
RJ: Yes. I really do.
Vivian: Can I tell you something as a friend?
RJ: What is it?
Vivian: I want to tell you something--something I've only shared with my brother.
RJ: I can tell that it upsets you. What is it?
Vivian: I had an abortion ... I was a teenager. Say something.
RJ: I'm not sure what to say. You want to talk about what happened?
Vivian: I'm doing that with you now. (he squeezes her hand tighter.) It's hard. I don't share anything about it. I've buried it...what could have been.... because it's painful. I was a child. I had no one, except for maybe my brother. He was just a kid himself.
RJ: The baby's father?
Vivian: The baby's father (clears throat) He was, was killed in a shooting. It blocked ... I blocked it all out. I focused on school, a career. (stiffens her back) I never looked back. I try not too.
RJ: How's that working for you?
Vivian: It works most of the time.
RJ: What makes you mention it now?
Vivian: I want you to know more about me, who I am. Who I really am. Sometimes what happened comes up in my mind and it causes me problems.
RJ: I get it.
Vivian: Same as you.
RJ: Same as me?
Vivian: Yes.
RJ: I-I've done things that were for the good, as far as I'm concerned, that might not be perceived that way.
Vivian: This has to do with your brother, Dorian?
RJ: Birds of a feather, so to speak. We've both done things. She and I. (Vivian nods at realizing he is talking about Dorian) I tried to protect her but I may have hurt her in the end.
Vivian: The judge and all that happened years ago with the accident and Viki's granddaughter, right?
RJ (looks at her): That's all that I'm at liberty to say.
Vivian: You've told without saying.
RJ: I've said more than I intended to say. I let my guard down with you.
Vivian: RJ why do you feel the need to protect her? What is it?
RJ: I don't know if I can explain it. We...because she would do the same for me? Maybe it's more, but it can't be put into words. It's a connection. You and I... I would do the same for you. (caresses her cheek). I don't feel that way about everyone. It's difficult to trust.
Vivian (kisses him): I love your loyalty.
RJ kisses her as they fall backward on the bed and into each other's arms.
Vietnam, countryside
Vietnam is ahead of Llanview by
12 hours so it is approaching nighttime in Philadelphia and morning in Vietnam

Langston is riding on a motor bike with a tour guide who is taking her along a requested path. She is mostly silent along the way until she yells, "Dừng! Dừng!" The tour guide slows down before coming to a stop. He stares at Langston as she leaves the bike and gravitates toward the edge of the cliff. He warns in broken English, "It ... dangerous. Many accidents. Must not stay!" Langston ignores him as she continues walking. The guide curses as he abruptly hops off his bike and grabs her. "Crazy American! You want die?!"
Langston: Die.
Tour guide (shakes her): I leave you here... trouble for me. Come!
Langston stares at him as he repeats, "Come!" Langton pulls away and mutters, "No! This is where they died. I want.... I want to be with them." The tour guide looks at her with confusion. "Come," he says more gently as he offers his hand. Langston places her hand in his as he leads her toward the motor bike. She slowly sits on on the seat while he sits in front of her. She is silent as she was for most of their travel as they continue along the dangerous path that claimed the life of her parents in an auto accident and left her an orphan until Dorian came along and she became a Cramer.
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Chapter 134
The following day...
Llanview Hospital

Lab area
"Mayor Dorian Lord Resigns", The Banner headline announces in bold letters on the front page of the newspaper Addie is holding. The sister of the former mayor folds the newspaper, walks to the trash can and tosses it before returning to her chair, which is next to her beloved niece, Cassie. Cassie reads her text message and remarks, "I can't believe it." Looking at the tall man who is standing at the receptionist counter, Addie replies, "That we'd be looking at Ira Truman's backside in front of us?"
Cassie: No. (Cassie sees Ira.) Although that is unbelievable as well. "No, I'm talking about mother and Ray."
Addie (concerned): Why--what's wrong?
Cassie: It's a good thing, really. Just not something I imagined happening the day after mother steps down from office. (She smiles) Ray has talked mother into going to a Phillies game.
Addie (somewhat surprised): Really?
Cassie: I'm sure Mel is somewhere in Heaven getting wicked pleasure out of it.
Addie: Good for them although Dorie hates baseball. (She keeps staring ahead of her at Ira and listening to his exchange with the receptionist.) And you know Mel didn't die in that plane crash over the Bahamas.
Cassie(shakes head): Come again?
Addie: He survived the plane crash but he unfortunately died in capture somewhere.
Cassie: What? Where are you getting this and don't you dare tell mother any of it!
Addie: According to Delphina....
Cassie: Addie stop it! Don't repeat it!
Addie: All right. I also won't tell anyone about you and Hunter. (Cassie shakes her head as her aunt continues) I know how to keep secrets. Secrets are why I ended up in a mental institution for most of my life. But now I'm on the pill--the blue one that keeps me sane.
Cassie: A secret, a secret isn't the same as a lie.
Addie: It's a truth that hasn't seen light of day--it's a lie of convenience--and I'm the one getting my head examined. You shouldn't be so critical of your mother for lying when you choose to do the same.
Cassie: Aunt Addie I love you. I will never be my mother. She is in a league of her own when it comes to lies.
"Do you know who I am young lady?" Ira yells at the medical receptionist, who stumbles over her words in reply. He adds, "Then make it happen!" The nervous lady excuses herself and disappears through a door. Addie who is waiting for her X-ray appointment laughs out loud. Cassie smirks and lightly scolds, "Addie!" Ira turns and studies Addie, who stares back at him. "Ha!" she remarks.
Ira (accusingly): You look familiar.
Addie: You know my sister. Now you've met me.
Ira: Your sister?
Addie: Yes--I'd rather be with her and not here. But I wasn't given a choice. Yelling at that poor woman isn't going to get you anywhere. Haven't you heard--be kind, it gets rid of the lines and it will make you feel good too.
An X-ray technician comes out and announces, "Miss Cramer." Addie gets up as she says, "That's me--ahead of you." She looks pointedly at Ira. "Do you know who I am?" Cassie kisses Addie's cheek before her aunt leaves.
Ira sits beside Cassie. "Cramer." He looks at his watch. Cassie responds, "Yes--Cramer. Your health is important, you know? You raise your blood pressure when you yell at people. It's a scientific fact."
Ira: You sound like my son.
Cassie: Your son. Right. Hello I'm Cassie as in daughter of Dorian Lord.
Ira: It took me about two seconds but I know who you are---you're seeing Hunter.
Cassie (hard swallow): I don't know what you're talking about.
Ira: He told me.
Cassie: He told you. OK--not common knowledge but you seem to know already, so yes.
Ira: Hey I'm not gonna spill the beans to your Momma. You know that's something I don't get--why are the two of you keeping it a secret from your mother? You're adults.
Cassie: You're right and it's complicated. Right now, I want simple.
Ira: Simple. Are you afraid of your mother's reaction? (He leans in) What's she going to do--disinherit you?
Cassie(looks him in the eyes): She doesn't like you and for good reason I might add.
Ira (moves back): I was instrumental in getting her booted outta office. It's politics.
Cassie: Politics? It wasn't a game for my mother. Yesterday, she had to walk up to that podium in front of TV cameras and give up an important part of her life, Mr. Truman. It seemed personal. It is personal. It affected my mother and likewise our family.
Ira: Cassandra Callison. I admired your father. Herb is a good man.
Cassie: On that we agree.
Ira: He should have been governor for the long run. You must have been in your teens when he had to step down after winning the election. From what I recall it was due to his accepting illegal campaign contributions.
Cassie: What does what happened with my father decades ago have to do with anything?
Ira: You come from a family of politics. You should understand. Sometimes it means sacrifices along the way. You and I both know that your mother will be fine.
Cassie: Yes she will. My mother is a very strong woman.
Ira: This will be all but a faded memory in the near future. Time marches on if we able to live through it all.
Cassie: I don't know about that. Some things are difficult to forget. But, when things settle down, I'll share the news about Hunter, who isn't interested in a political future by the way.
Ira (laughs): Is that what he told you?
Cassie: What makes you laugh?
Ira: Nothing-a personal joke.
Cassie: I don't get the humor and it's rude. Hunter and I we've talked--not about politics specifically, but it's obvious that he is bothered by your actions and being your only son.
Ira: Now whose being rude. You don't really know my Hunter--what he wants. But I'll give you this, he has good taste in women. Beautiful and smart. I can see why my son is so taken with you.
Cassie (folds her arms): Thank you--I guess. I'm not sure I should care after what you've done to my mother--
Ira: Dorian did all those things to herself.
Cassie: You pursued ending her term in office and you know it. You're getting tests? Is everything OK?
Ira: That's right--you're a reporter.
Another technician approaches. She apologizes for the wait. Ira is polite in his interaction with her. Cassie remarks, "Better. It's better--your attitude, I mean." He replies, "It must be the company." Cassie raises a brow and watches as Ira leaves.

St. Anne's Day Room
Bo enters the room and from the opposite side, Clint enters from the atrium. "Bo," he greets with a surprised look. "Whatta ya doing here?"
Bo: Hello big brother. I came to see Jess. I was told that she was here. (Looks around the room).
Clint: Well she was. Not anymore.
Bo: Yeah, apparently. (His hands glide into his pockets as he sighs).
Clint: You mind me asking--this a personal call or police business?
Bo (frowns with a pause before he speaks): Can you tell me where I can find Jess?
Clint: When you answer with a question it tells me all I need to know. She is your niece.
Bo: This maybe isn't a good time to see her.
Clint (irritated): Try never is a good time. She doesn't need to be questioned about that bastard.
Bo: I understand where you're coming from, Clint. She's family. I also have a job to do.
Clint steps toward his brother. Whaddaya think Pa would say?
Bo: He wouldn't approve. But then again the ol' man didn't approve of much I did so it makes no difference.
Clint: I mean it--leave Jessie alone Bo! She fighting to get her head straight after Mitch and this bullshit with Robert Ford!
Bo: Clint--
Clint: If you care about her, you'll leave her at peace. At peace! Whoever killed that rapist is a hero!
Bo: I'm inclined to agree with you--personally.
Clint: Yeah, yeah, yeah, but you've got a job to do even if it destroys your niece!
Bo: Ever figure, ever figure..... what I'm doing might just be what gives her peace?
Clint: You're talking like she's guilty of something. You think she had something to do with his murder?
Bo: I didn't say that.
Clint: Are you making an accusation here?
Bo: This is an open investigation Clint. I can't answer any questions.
Clint stares before he replies, "Jessie's coming home. She'll be protected by her family and if need be, an attorney."
Bo: I see. I have to ask big brother, why do you feel Jessica needs your protection?
Clint: My protection--you'd do the same for Matthew if he was under siege.
Bo: Under siege? Under siege. I'm just following an investigation. I'm not accusing Jessie of anything.
Clint: She's my child and she's trying to get her head straight. She can't do that when she's being badgered by the police.
Bo: Clint--
Clint: Enough! She's not answering any more questions, Bo. She told the police everything she can remember. Your questioning her dredges up memories--bad ones!
Bo: You see, that's what confuses me. Isn't she here to deal with those memories? I'm not trying to make matters worse.
Clint: Oh no? If you want to figure out what happened to that ratbastard, if he is more important that Jessica, I suggest, I SUGGEST you find another way to nurse your suspicions! (Clint brushes his brother's shoulder as he storms off)
A nun enters and remarks, "Commissioner, I'm sorry to have misdirected you.
Bo: My niece, right?
Nun: Jessica Brennan is in her room. She is preparing to leave as a matter of fact.
Bo: So I've heard.

Seaside, New Jersey
Its raining.

Outside condominium rentals, Natalie and Brody are running to a car and getting soaked along the way. Natalie hops into the car and remarks, "Dammit! This was a bad idea!" Brody as he climbs into the driver's seat, comments, "We're soaked."
Natalie: Yeah, yeah. (She leans into the backseat and grabs a towel that she uses on her hair.) So much for my idea to get away.
Brody: Wasn't a bad idea. (Natalie hands him the towel but he returns it.) A good rinse. I'm good. We needed to get away, to talk.
Natalie: Brody (touches his wrist as he has his hand on the ignition to start the car. Brody turns to look at her.) I promise. What you've told me doesn't go any further. I promise on Bree's life.
Natalie's cell phone rings. She looks at the caller ID and picture that appear. "It's John." She answers, "Hello." Brody starts the car, turns on the windshield wipers as Natalie continues in conversation. "Yeah, I know the thunder and rain. I'm on my way back to Llanview. Driving? Am I driving? (She and Brody exchange a glance.) OK. I'll be safe. I'll see you when I get back in Llanview. Oh wait, wait, wait. John? Yeah. I love you. Me, too. Good-bye."
Brody turns on the radio at low volume. He asks, "Did you tell John you'd be away at Seaside?"
Natalie: Yeah, he knew I was coming here to check out rental property. (Notices his expression) What?
Brody: I hate that you're in the middle of all this. That's it.
Natalie: I demanded to know--everything. Brody, is it, everything?
Brody pauses. "Yes--what more could there be? He's dead--end of story."
Natalie: It's the in between that has to do with how he got that way. Are you telling me everything about what happened that night?
Brody: Nat--I need you to trust me.
Natalie: I am trusting you. C'mon, I'm putting my relationship with John on the line. I'm putting my job on the line.
Brody: I know.
Natalie: John's a good detective.
Brody: I know that.
Natalie: I think he is suspicious of us anyway.
Brody: Why--did you tell him anything?
Natalie: No--I don't know. Maybe I'm just paranoid.
Brody: No--I feel that way, too. Guilt that you're keeping secrets.
Natalie: He has a way of seeing right through me, you know?
Brody: I feel the same way about your sister. (His phone rings. He looks at the caller ID and says, "It's Jess." (He let's the call go to message.)
Natalie: Why didn't you answer her?
Brody: It's becoming harder and harder to hide the truth.
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Chapter 135
Angel Square Hotel

"It's Quaa-mAy," Roxie's hotel guest corrects as she gives him an envelop with his name on it.
Roxie: Yeah, I think I got it. (She watches as Quamay heads toward the stairs, John enters the hotel. He greets, "Hey," as they nearly bump into each other at the entryway. "Yeah," Quamay acknowledges before he continues up the stairs.)
John (as he walks to his mailbox): Man of few words.
Roxie (leans over the counter): Like someone else I know.
John (slight smile): Rox
Roxie: Hey Johnny, you heard anything from Nat?
John: Yeah. She's headed back from Seaside.
Roxie: Good -- on account of the weather.
John (sorts through mail): Yeah. Hey Rox, I gotta question.
Roxie: Shoot! Not really shoot with the sidearm you carry but you know what I mean. (she chuckles)
John (tosses the junk mail on his way to the desk): No-I didn't think that's what you meant. You ah heard anything from Brody?
Roxie (frowns): Brody?
John: Yeah. He took off for the rest of the day, like Nat.
Roxie: So? I asked about Nat. You asked about Brody. I don't get how the two are connected.
John (frowns): They aren't--unless they are. What do you know?
Roxie: Nat had property business to take care of. I don't know anything about that.
John: About what?
Roxie (grins): I get it. You're trying to confuse me to get me to say something.
John: Should you say -- something?
Roxie: Huh?
John: We are talking about something here Rox--aren't we?
Roxie (pauses): Whatever is going on between Brody and Nat is up to Natty to say.
John: Right. When was the last time you saw Brody?
Roxie: Is he under investigation for something cause you know I don't discuss the personal lives of my guests.
John: Come on Roxie--it's me and it's really about Nat isnt' it?
Roxie: Look, I'm not claiming there is anything going on. I saw him, Brody, this morning before he left for the station. I haven't seen him since.
John: Got it. Nat say anything to you about him?
Roxie: You know Nat. She don't gotta say nothun. But you can sorta tell that something's not right.
John: Yeah.
Roxie: That's why you asking.
John: About Brody.
Roxy: Brody--he's under some sorta investigation because of what happened to some guy who hung himself in the clink. I overheard talk about it.
John: Yeah. I can't say much.
Roxie: Nat ain't got nothing to do with that, Johnny.
John: I don't thing so either. (smiles) That's sort of what I love about her. She's not as good as she thinks she is when it comes to keeping secrets.
Roxie: She's kinda like me even though I didn't give birth to her.
John: Yeah but you raised her.
Roxie: I could have done better. I drank too much. Sometimes I think she cares about her other mother more than me.
John: I don't think that's true. She turned out OK.
Roxie: So you think something's up between Nat and Brody? (pauses) She ain't foolin' around behind your back Johnny. Nat's crazy about you. I'm not lying.
John(long pause): I never thought that your were. Thanks Roxie. (John walks toward the door. Roxie yells, "You forgot your umbrella! I hear rain's coming!")

Dark clouds begin to hover over the crowds in the stands. While some begin to exit, others stay as the players are still on the field and at bat. Dorian and Ray are in the stands. Ray is up on his feet and yells obscenities. Dorian stands too in support of what she thinks is going on before she and Ray sit down together. She is wearing a blue Phillies baseball cap and tossing popcorn into her mouth. She takes a sip of Coca Cola through a straw that is planted in a huge cup filled with soda and ice. She swallows and asks, "Your team is winning right?" Dorian leans in to hear Ray's response over the crowd of yelling and vociferous fans. Ray looks at her and smiles. "Yeah. You having fun yet?" She answers honestly. "Watching you brings me joy." He responds with a grin. "You look cute." Dorian yells into his ear. "I'm afraid the game may be called off, honey." She looks into the skies and points. "How about we move to our plan B?" He kisses her cheek and then responds, "Faith. The game will be over before it rains." He directs his attention to the field. Suddenly, Ray whips off his blue Phillies cap, stands and shouts, "You're OUT!" and then, he whistles before he returns to his seat. Dorian sighs and squeezes his thigh. He caresses her hand. Dorian's phone buzzes. She glimpses to see it's a text from Cassie who is taking Addie and Lola out for a late lunch. Ray leans toward her and asks, "Everything OK?" With elevated voice over the noise, she answers, "Cassie and Addie are taking Lola to a late lunch!" Ray replies, "Good, good," before again standing abruptly. Dorian looks at her watch and reminds herself that tomorrow will be her day to plan what they do together as a distraction. Her anxiety is building with the threat of rain. She takes a deep breath and practices her relaxation techniques she learned in yoga. She lets her mind take her away and thinks of Mel. She questions in her thoughts why she's attracted to men who have a passion for baseball. She considers Mel is no doubt laughing with a roar at her spending the day following one of the most humiliating days of her life in the baseball stands listening the cracks of balls on bats. So far it's kept her from thinking--almost, but that is the point. Dorian checks her phone for the weather and notes that it is raining in New Jersey. She looks at Ray and his focus on the game and she ignores her fears at being surrounded by people. The slow deliberate breaths aren't working as her thoughts create tension. She squeezes her phone tightly in her hand. Dorian glides her finger across the screen and does a search for movies showing at her favorite theatre dedicated to old films. She is pleased at what she sees. Ray steals popcorn from her box. "Hey!" Dorian admonishes. "Get your own!" They exchange a loving gaze. There is thunder. The couple look ahead at the dark clouds and then glance away to avoid the falling raindrops. Some of the fans begin to scatter; others remain with rain gear. After a wait and harder rain, the umpire waves the players off the field and the ground crew covers the field with a tarp. "Should we go honey?" Ray asks, knowing the answer. More people from the stands begin to move toward the exits. Dorian is glued to her seat. Rain beating on his face, Ray grabs her hand and questions, "Dorian?" She is frozen. He wipes the rain from his eyes and repeats, "Dorian?" Worried he touches her wet cheek. "Honey?" Dorian holds his hand on her face and closes her eyes. Ray urges, "We should leave! I don't think the rain is going to pass! C'mon!" Dorian is rigid, looks at him and then closes her eyes again. More people pass them. "What's wrong?" Ray questions as he feels the tremble in her fingers. He stands and immediately guides her from her seat with a firm pull that continues with momentum as he moves swiftly with others toward the exit aisle. Annoyed, he speaks in Spanish as they come to a halt; he impatiently pushes and maneuvers through lines of people. Moments later they are finally outside. "We are parked over there!" he yells and points. "Ready?" he asks Dorian to prepare her. Dorian nods. "C'mon!" Ray demands with a pull as he squeezes her hand. They run toward the car in the downpour. When they arrive safely and get inside the car, Ray looks at Dorian and caresses her hand. "You are safe." Dorian replies. "What?" Ray starts the car engine. "I'm sorry... I should have... What was going on back there?" Dorian removes the Phillies cap and dismisses, "I'm fine," as she runs her fingers through her wet hair. Ray glances before turning on the wipers. "You are?" There is momentary silence before Dorian speaks. "Ray?" He replies, "Yeah?" He turns on the radio and lowers the volume. Dorian answers, "I-I, ah, I don't want to talk. But.. let's get away. Go away. I mean escape." Ray is slow to respond. "Anything ... anything you want, honey." Dorian clarifies, "No I mean really. I want to go to Morocco." Ray frowns and questions, "Morocco?"

A few hours later, the sun has set and it is dark. It is still raining but no longer the relenting downpour from earlier. Dorian has soda in her hand again and this time, Ray holds the popcorn. The seats are nearly empty, which seems to suit the pair just fine in the tiny theatre with big stars delivering famous dialogue. Most importantly for Dorian and Ray, they are incognito from public scrutiny and able to relax. Dorian's eyes are glued to the screen. She has changed into a comfortable shirt and jeans--they both are wearing jeans. Ray says, "The beauty should dump him. Don't you think?"
Dorian: What? No--she loves Rick but she's worried about Laszlo.
Ray: Who is Laszlo?
Dorian: Are you watching this? Are you listening to what she's saying? Victor Laszlo is her husband. She needs Rick to help Laszlo escape.
Ray: Oh.
Dorian (sighs): She can't bear to leave Rick a second time.
Ray: She left him before? I'm confused.
Dorian (exasperated): Ray!
"Shh!" a nearby patron admonishes. Tears stream down Dorian's cheek before she wipes underneath her eyes. With a flash of light from the screen, Ray notices and offers her a napkin. "How many times have you seen this?" he whispers. "I've lost count." He places his arm around her as she snuggles at his side. He kisses the side of her brow. "You're right," he acknowledges. Dorian questions, "About what?" Ray whispers, "He loves her. They love each other." Dorian asks, "You've never seen this movie have you?" The nearby patron moves to another seat.
Ray replies, "Parts." Dorian retorts, "It doesn't take much to see that the problems of three little people don't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world." Ray grins and replies, "That's from the movie." She pokes at him. "You've seen this!" Ray laughs. "Here's looking at you, kid."

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Find out re: "CHARITIES" supported by Robin Strasser. For music videos, episodes of Robin as Dorian, tributes, special appearances & video playlists, visit the "DIVA Gallery"
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